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Drawstring Waist Dress
March 14, 2018

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Total of 855 Entries
Congratulations to Kaitlin Wouters, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the High Tied Dress!

Summer easy
Michelle Bak
 [03/15 6:36:00PM]

Sanding on my Own Dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:57:02AM]

Sun Sand and Sea Dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:56:11AM]

On the go cinch
Laura Dyer
 [03/15 8:55:38AM]

My Yacht Or Yours Dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:53:22AM]

Why Yacht Dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:50:05AM]

Silhouette dress
Megan Coffey
 [03/15 8:48:21AM]

Classically "Drawn" Dress
Sheryl Kuiper
 [03/15 8:48:02AM]

Shore My Favorite Dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:47:32AM]

Pool time
Adrienne Andersen
 [03/15 8:46:16AM]

summer breeze
joanne maclellan
 [03/15 8:46:13AM]

The Go Anywhere Dress
Wendy Cooper
 [03/15 8:46:11AM]

Summer Soul Dress
Amanda Worden
 [03/15 8:46:01AM]

Yacht Your Average dress
Nikki Weightman
 [03/15 8:45:44AM]

Light & Leisure dress
Heather J Arnold
 [03/15 8:41:49AM]

Boathouse Chic Dress
Erin VanderMolen
 [03/15 8:29:20AM]

Seasons change Dress
Lisa Smit
 [03/15 8:22:05AM]

Seaside slip
Sarah Taylor
 [03/15 8:18:33AM]

Get stringy with it dress
Angela Lim
 [03/15 8:10:17AM]

Strings attached dress
Angela lim
 [03/15 8:09:30AM]

Don’t String Me Along Dress
Kristin Marchand
 [03/15 8:06:35AM]

It's A Cinch
Angela McLellan
 [03/15 8:05:36AM]

Sail through the day
Mary burt
 [03/15 8:03:00AM]

KNOTical Breeze; String Me Along; Easy Breezy; Casual Cruise; Drawstring Dream
Susan Constantine
 [03/15 7:57:11AM]

Summer Stunner
Crystal Lycan
 [03/15 7:55:59AM]

Beachside stroll dress, Beachside Dress, Only at the beach,
Shannon Mulligan
 [03/15 7:50:44AM]

The Strings attached dress
Mackenzie thomson
 [03/15 7:49:13AM]

Step Into Spring Drawstring Dress
Marie Hall
 [03/15 7:42:06AM]

Drawn to You
Magen Swift
 [03/15 7:41:43AM]

The Spring Fling Drawstring Dress
Levenka Perissinotti
 [03/15 7:31:28AM]

Dress it up at the beach
Kayli gagnon
 [03/15 7:25:00AM]

Sail Away
Kandis Boddez
 [03/15 7:24:42AM]

Tie One On Dress
Leanne Bohme
 [03/15 7:20:21AM]

Shirt Slim Waisted Dress
Sandy Roberts
 [03/15 7:14:05AM]

Melissa Fletcher
 [03/15 7:10:21AM]

Easy like a Sunday morning Dress
Hannah Poulin
 [03/15 7:10:17AM]

Crush it
Tracy Wilson
 [03/15 7:09:34AM]

Sleek and sassy
Lynn Burton
 [03/15 7:09:10AM]

Ready Set Go Dress
Tasneem Saloojee
 [03/15 7:06:12AM]

Nautical Nadia
Samantha Behrmann
 [03/15 6:56:52AM]

Knot too shabby dress
Kelly Courtney
 [03/15 6:54:16AM]

Spring drawstring fling
Melissa Kennedy
 [03/15 6:54:00AM]

Draw me into spring
Melissa Rich
 [03/15 6:51:35AM]

Sail Away with Me Dress
Nancy Monchka
 [03/15 6:49:48AM]

Spring Breeze
Heather Rudover
 [03/15 6:44:55AM]

Weekend getaway dress
Justine Sawers
 [03/15 6:42:25AM]

Draw me closer
Dawn Tate
 [03/15 6:38:07AM]

Waist me knot dress
Jaime Hebert
 [03/15 6:36:31AM]

Shoreline Sensation
Leanne Jose
 [03/15 6:34:34AM]

Dressing is a Sinch!
Sherrilynn Calhoun
 [03/15 6:28:33AM]

A Different Prespective Dress
Kelly Hagel
 [03/15 6:23:39AM]

Spring string
Jenn Wallace
 [03/15 6:19:50AM]

Springtime Fling
Chris Koe
 [03/15 6:17:17AM]

Summer must have
Wendy sexton
 [03/15 6:15:11AM]

Spring Fling, Sweet Summer, Beautiful Me
Michelle Boschman
 [03/15 6:14:25AM]

Nautical beach dress
Debbie Lafrance
 [03/15 6:11:22AM]

knot your average dress
Hazel Wind
 [03/15 6:10:24AM]

You had me at drawstring dress
Gayle Hood
 [03/15 6:09:39AM]

“Sail Me Away”
Janna Poole
 [03/15 6:00:58AM]

Tasty Waisty (the draw string allows different waist looks for different shapes and sizes!)
Vanessa Hann
 [03/15 5:58:28AM]

The Weekender, Casual Vibes, Comfy Chic
Krysta Ahlers
 [03/15 5:57:12AM]

Here comes summer
Cathy murray
 [03/15 5:57:05AM]

Life’s a cinch
Celeste Kallis
 [03/15 5:54:51AM]

Free flow summer dress
 [03/15 5:51:32AM]

Spring Fling Drawstring Dress
Shelley Bird
 [03/15 5:45:46AM]

The Weekender dress
Megan Rogers
 [03/15 5:45:44AM]

String me along
Holly Salimaki
 [03/15 5:43:32AM]

Dianne Legault
 [03/15 5:42:45AM]

Styling and comfort dress
Michelle Hodgson
 [03/15 5:27:48AM]

Cinched at the Waist; Outlook Dress; View Point Dress; Make a Stance Dress; Sure Thing Dress; Cinch Dress; Waspie Cinch
Kelly Hagel
 [03/15 5:27:27AM]

Spring fling dress, Nautically nice dress, Play All Day Dress,
Lindsay Crown
 [03/15 5:26:37AM]

Sitting on the dock of the bay dress
Leanne Dyck
 [03/15 5:21:55AM]

Julie roy
 [03/15 5:18:44AM]

Lakeshore (since it has nautical stripes!)
Sarah Johnston
 [03/15 5:14:52AM]

Linda Foster
 [03/15 5:14:07AM]

Easy traveller
Nicole Turenne
 [03/15 5:12:57AM]

Casual Chicness
Cheryl Anderson
 [03/15 5:11:40AM]

Sunday Funday
Kelly Blanchard
 [03/15 5:09:23AM]

Cruise Casual
Kristina Thomas
 [03/15 5:08:32AM]

Waist me wonderful
 [03/15 5:08:31AM]

Relaxed Sunday Funday dress
 [03/15 5:07:57AM]

Knot your average
Sarah Hayward
 [03/15 5:05:48AM]

Walk with me
Sarah Hayward
 [03/15 5:04:26AM]

The Ariel
Sarah Hayward
 [03/15 5:03:55AM]

Sail away with me dress
Erin Lendvoy
 [03/15 5:02:55AM]

Line in the sand
Sarah Hayward
 [03/15 5:02:48AM]

Sarah Hayward
 [03/15 5:02:16AM]

Meet you at the beach
Leanne Dyck
 [03/15 4:58:07AM]

Fun, Flirty and Fantastic
Tracy Henderson
 [03/15 4:54:32AM]

Fun and Flirty
Tracy Henderson
 [03/15 4:53:42AM]

Cinch an inch
Barb Laurin
 [03/15 4:52:49AM]

In a Cinch
Lauren Paradis
 [03/15 4:35:28AM]

Draw me in!
Crystal Garton
 [03/15 4:35:27AM]

Anytime is fine dress
Shana allen
 [03/15 4:31:15AM]

Draw Me In
Loes Breuers
 [03/15 4:20:42AM]

Sunshine string waist dress
Khyati Vora
 [03/15 4:04:59AM]

beautiful pleasure
linda assiginack
 [03/15 3:57:29AM]

Footprints in the sand dress
Charlanne Sarrazin
 [03/15 3:41:13AM]

Strings of Summer Dress; Spring Catch Dress; Spring into Summer Dress; Casual String Dress; String into Summer Dress; String it till Fall Dress
April Hunt
 [03/15 3:36:14AM]

By the shore dress
Charlanne Cremona
 [03/15 3:34:33AM]

Bohoho and a bottle of rum ;P
Nancy Twist
 [03/15 2:38:00AM]

Nancy Twist
 [03/15 2:36:22AM]

By the Shore Dress
Emily Colucci
 [03/15 2:30:32AM]

Summer Lovin'
Alyssa Thorne
 [03/15 2:15:09AM]

Drawstring Wonder Dress
Trish Bichon
 [03/15 2:05:47AM]

Luck Of The Draw
Sarah Hulse
 [03/15 12:41:37AM]

Playin Jane Dress; Not-so-Plain Jane Dress;
Richelle Maser
 [03/15 12:33:04AM]

Daniela savio
 [03/15 12:20:50AM]

Summer evening dress
Saylor Payne
 [03/15 12:15:36AM]

Casual Spring Fling Dress
Justina Leanne Ziemer
 [03/15 12:00:24AM]

Carefree “dress”ing
Danielle Powers
 [03/14 11:55:41PM]

Free like a bird!
Jessy gladue
 [03/14 11:18:59PM]

City Chic & Country Casual
Lee Ortynski
 [03/14 11:18:56PM]

String Me Along
Mary Whitmore
 [03/14 10:50:43PM]

Chic & Breezy, Easy Breezy, Hot summer nights
Lenore Warner
 [03/14 10:49:49PM]

A Cinch So Simple
Shelli Schwanbeck
 [03/14 10:46:45PM]

Step into Spring Dress, spring in line dress, to play or to dine dress
Weronika Dubois
 [03/14 10:06:59PM]

Fit to be Tied summer sexy
Kaley Gacek
 [03/14 10:06:47PM]

Flirty Weather
Rebel White
 [03/14 9:59:16PM]

Darlin’ Drawstring Dress
Danica Goosney
 [03/14 9:57:54PM]

Sexy but sweet
Bryna Evans
 [03/14 9:51:56PM]

Fit to be tied
Nicole Sletto
 [03/14 9:48:44PM]

It's a cinch, In a cinch, Just cinching around, Don't be Nauti (looks nautical)
Lindsay Gibson
 [03/14 9:47:59PM]

All tied up
Nicole Fossheim
 [03/14 9:46:54PM]

Linda Trimper
 [03/14 9:44:01PM]

Nautical “Knotty” Shift
Dianna Korol
 [03/14 9:43:51PM]

Freedom Trail
Amanda dudley
 [03/14 9:41:27PM]

Pull the strings, No strings attached, Strings for Spring, Spring's Strings
Lindsay Gibson
 [03/14 9:39:00PM]

You had me at comfort
Celeste Kallis
 [03/14 9:36:06PM]

Eye Candy
Angela Dube
 [03/14 9:35:43PM]

Hey Sailor, Mai Tai Tunic (my tie)
Lindsay Gibson
 [03/14 9:35:32PM]

Stringing you along dress , String into spring, meet me at the beach dress
Julie Leepart
 [03/14 9:32:30PM]

Little bit of sass
Donna lee
 [03/14 9:12:50PM]

Cinched in Style
Lindsey Kimmett
 [03/14 9:11:47PM]

Ease Into the Day Dress, Michelle's Favourite Dress, Ease Into Summer Dress, Come Play with Me Dress, Happy Daze Dress
Judy Thue
 [03/14 9:09:04PM]

“Being me” dress or “Me Time” dress
Tammi Hanowski
 [03/14 9:08:49PM]

the One
Liz Becker
 [03/14 9:06:33PM]

Ready or knot
Melanie Gagnon
 [03/14 9:02:59PM]

Draw me in dress
Lindsay Zaik
 [03/14 9:02:38PM]

Life’s a Beach Sundress
Lindsay Zaik
 [03/14 9:01:31PM]

City Chic Dress
Leah Bryant
 [03/14 8:56:17PM]

Knot without me
Danae Lowes
 [03/14 8:54:55PM]

Drawing comfort dress
Carrie-Anne Lunn
 [03/14 8:53:21PM]

Catherine green
 [03/14 8:53:07PM]

Draw You In Dress
Taneill Selinger
 [03/14 8:50:30PM]

Summer fling
Michelle Phillips
 [03/14 8:47:45PM]

It’s a draw
Christina Sawatzky
 [03/14 8:44:54PM]

Ocean Tied
Michele Jamieson
 [03/14 8:43:52PM]

Comfort Only Dress
Ashley Strome
 [03/14 8:43:24PM]

Sun Times
Shari MacLellan
 [03/14 8:38:19PM]

Beach Bound
Shari MacLellan
 [03/14 8:33:37PM]

Ashley pike
 [03/14 8:32:32PM]

Banana string
Marie green
 [03/14 8:31:02PM]

Say it ain’t so
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [03/14 8:30:50PM]

Draw near to me dress
Kristin Casebeer
 [03/14 8:30:19PM]

'Spring in my Step' Dress
Twyla McLellan
 [03/14 8:30:14PM]

Drawn to You
Michelle Berezowski
 [03/14 8:26:27PM]

Go with the flow
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [03/14 8:26:11PM]

Cathy Landry
 [03/14 8:20:34PM]

The Hepburn
Rebecca Carlson
 [03/14 8:20:26PM]

Toni klassen
 [03/14 8:19:26PM]

Harbour Dreams, Down by the Bay
Lesley Norman
 [03/14 8:18:57PM]

Draw the line dress, walk the line dress, all drawn up and no where to go dress
Robyn hollohan
 [03/14 8:13:55PM]

Spring draw; spring thaw; Luck of the draw; Weekend Getaway; The weekender;
Susan Constantine
 [03/14 8:12:21PM]

Fit to be tied; Sea la Vie;
Susan Constantine
 [03/14 8:01:25PM]

The Weekender
Jerelyn Davis
 [03/14 8:01:02PM]

Spring Sensation
Christina High
 [03/14 8:00:59PM]

You’ve got me by the ‘heart’string
Jina Clarke
 [03/14 8:00:45PM]

Draw Me Close Dress
Heather Vita
 [03/14 7:58:55PM]

Simply Drawin' Dress
Echo Morasch
 [03/14 7:57:20PM]

Just cruizin dress
Fiona Schonewille
 [03/14 7:56:45PM]

Down by the bay dress
Fiona Schonewille
 [03/14 7:55:03PM]

The Elizabeth
Ashley L'Heureux
 [03/14 7:49:29PM]

Nautical Chic
Line Lloyd
 [03/14 7:42:06PM]

Free to be you
Gabriela vincens
 [03/14 7:38:54PM]

The One and Only, The Only Dress You Need,
Valerie Gudmundson
 [03/14 7:38:03PM]

Mid Summer tease
Renee Deslaunais
 [03/14 7:37:21PM]

Nautique Chic
Line Lloyd
 [03/14 7:33:21PM]

Tie up the boat neck dress
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:32:43PM]

First Mate Dress
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:31:44PM]

The Jill of all Trades dress
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:30:43PM]

Tie it all on the line dress
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:27:18PM]

Dear Melody Dress
Jess Nieuwenhoff
 [03/14 7:27:03PM]

Life's a Beach
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:26:15PM]

Hook Line and Sinker
Mandy Gacek
 [03/14 7:25:22PM]

Ties a Waisting to spring ahead!
Erin Perozak
 [03/14 7:24:27PM]

Summer loving dress
Danielle Pelan
 [03/14 7:23:08PM]

All tied up
Harper kettle
 [03/14 7:23:01PM]

Spring fling dress
Jennifer Lachowich
 [03/14 7:20:32PM]

Slip into spring dress
Jennifer Lachowich
 [03/14 7:19:42PM]

Easy breezy drawstring dress
Kelsey Caston
 [03/14 7:19:05PM]

The Celeste
Amy Bergeron
 [03/14 7:18:35PM]

The Weekender
Charlene Wojcicki
 [03/14 7:17:12PM]

Fit to be Tied
Ashley Windsor
 [03/14 7:17:09PM]

Work it out dress
Michelle Collins
 [03/14 7:15:14PM]

Waters Edge Dress
Krystal Lance
 [03/14 7:14:56PM]

Spring Fever
 [03/14 7:13:55PM]

Summer Fling
 [03/14 7:11:50PM]

Low tide dress
Lisa Smit
 [03/14 7:11:41PM]

Sail Away Dress
Lisa Smit
 [03/14 7:11:00PM]

Spring Fling
Carrie Schmid
 [03/14 7:09:46PM]

Save the day dress
Adaure osuala
 [03/14 7:09:22PM]

Summer lovin'
Brandy mackenzie
 [03/14 7:08:09PM]

Drawstring you in
Chantalle Gauthier
 [03/14 7:07:48PM]

Nautical Knot Dress
Lisa Smit
 [03/14 7:07:39PM]

Chic Sailor
Sherilyn Wiens
 [03/14 7:07:22PM]

Tie it up Dress
Christina Dymond
 [03/14 7:03:25PM]

Striking vacation dress
Joyce Fast
 [03/14 7:02:02PM]

Pull it together
Cheryl Weir
 [03/14 7:01:14PM]

Why Wait Dress
Stephanie Smith
 [03/14 7:01:09PM]

True Love
Sarah Malcolm
 [03/14 7:00:32PM]

It's a cinch
Janice Gagne
 [03/14 6:59:53PM]

Summer bliss dress
Jennifer gunn
 [03/14 6:59:26PM]

It’s a cinch dress!
Paige McConnell
 [03/14 6:58:53PM]

Draw Me In!
Christina Rivard
 [03/14 6:58:38PM]

Summer breeze dress
Jennifer gunn
 [03/14 6:58:37PM]

Summer Lovin’
Christina Kane
 [03/14 6:58:18PM]

SPRING on the sunshine dress
Toni Lewis
 [03/14 6:56:57PM]

Tie One On!
Christina Rivard
 [03/14 6:55:15PM]

Janice Klein
 [03/14 6:54:40PM]

Love to draw dress
Jenna Hill
 [03/14 6:53:48PM]

Erika scholten
 [03/14 6:53:32PM]

It's a Cinch!
Christina Rivard
 [03/14 6:52:34PM]

Summer love
Beckie brawn
 [03/14 6:51:43PM]

Sexy summer drawstring dress
Melinda Pearce
 [03/14 6:49:55PM]

Leah jones
 [03/14 6:47:38PM]

Sailor drawstring dress
Brenna Hrycyshyn
 [03/14 6:45:42PM]

Nautical wonder
Jenna Freiburger
 [03/14 6:45:27PM]

Beach to Babe Dress
Natashia Schwarz
 [03/14 6:45:12PM]

All strings pretty
Krista Hagel
 [03/14 6:43:54PM]

The go to dress
Leah Jones
 [03/14 6:42:05PM]

Draw Me In dress
Corrinna Penfold
 [03/14 6:40:35PM]

Simplicity, Draw your attention
Mia Kalmo
 [03/14 6:40:02PM]

The Charlie dress
Sarah Stewart
 [03/14 6:38:29PM]

Summer Breeze Dress, The Go-To Dress, Classic Chic Dress, The “Forget Your Little Black Dress” Dress
Meaghan Salvatore
 [03/14 6:37:36PM]

The Spring Fling Dress
Renee Davis
 [03/14 6:37:07PM]

Drawn in the sand dress; drawn to deliver dress ; dreamy and drawn dress
Louise van Beek Rogers
 [03/14 6:35:46PM]

Easy Go dress
Emily MacIver
 [03/14 6:35:10PM]

Sea Side Stripes Dress
Taylor Osiowy
 [03/14 6:32:51PM]

Carefree summer vibes dress
Joanna Sutton
 [03/14 6:32:22PM]

Drawstring fling dress
Leah jones
 [03/14 6:27:12PM]

Pursue the shoreline
Kyle macdonald
 [03/14 6:26:02PM]

By The Shore Dress
Meaghan Salvatore
 [03/14 6:25:54PM]

Strings attached dress
Leah jones
 [03/14 6:25:32PM]

Tie One On
Andrea Charlie
 [03/14 6:25:10PM]

Holi-yay Bliss Dress
Angela Martin
 [03/14 6:20:38PM]

Sail away with me
Stephanie Lacoursiere
 [03/14 6:18:07PM]

Beach hair don’t care
Stephanie Lacoursiere
 [03/14 6:16:45PM]

Luck of the draw
Ashlee Murray
 [03/14 6:12:49PM]

You "Draw" Me In
Amy Atherton
 [03/14 6:11:59PM]

Hop into summer
Samantha Beaudette
 [03/14 6:09:53PM]

Drawn to Me
Kim Freeman
 [03/14 6:05:59PM]

The Skipper
Kelly Goettsch
 [03/14 6:04:26PM]

Sail away dress
Crystal Meier
 [03/14 6:02:54PM]

Flirty Fun
Jenn Brown
 [03/14 6:02:22PM]

ONLY Beach Vacay dress
Kristin Donovan
 [03/14 6:01:23PM]

For every gal dress
Marie Coste
 [03/14 5:58:35PM]

In a pinch
Sarah Crann
 [03/14 5:58:26PM]

Jessica Bourgeois
 [03/14 5:57:30PM]

Cinch it to win it, walking the Beach dress, timeless sails, strings at sea, sweet beach dress
Kayla Nayanookeesic
 [03/14 5:56:30PM]

The Calm - Lines in the sand
Michelle McCarthy
 [03/14 5:56:07PM]

Happy Spring Dress
Nicole Nadeau
 [03/14 5:55:44PM]

Sings of Spring dress
Natalie Smith
 [03/14 5:55:15PM]

Walking the Plank Dress, Pier Pressure Dress, Boardwalk Beauty Dress
Melanie Fost
 [03/14 5:52:06PM]

Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Dress
Terra Greenfield
 [03/14 5:51:15PM]

Summer Sail Dress
Stephanie cossette
 [03/14 5:50:54PM]

Spring has Sprung!
Melissa Greene
 [03/14 5:49:52PM]

Boho Tres chic
Sherri Wight
 [03/14 5:45:57PM]

Down by the Boardwalk Dress or Beach Vibes Dress
Terra Greenfield
 [03/14 5:43:01PM]

It’s a Cinch
Brooke Burke
 [03/14 5:38:15PM]

All tied up
Dorothy Nielsen
 [03/14 5:33:52PM]

Draw me in Sunshine
Tanya Reshkoff
 [03/14 5:33:05PM]

Summer set
Nadine wickens
 [03/14 5:31:22PM]

Getting Stringy With It
Lynn MacGregor
 [03/14 5:29:47PM]

Ready already dress
Robin Holding
 [03/14 5:29:19PM]

Draw the day
Lee Cross
 [03/14 5:29:18PM]

The flirty/casual dress
Mireille doucette
 [03/14 5:28:45PM]

Dtaw thee day
Lee Cross
 [03/14 5:28:39PM]

Simply undemanding or Simply Tasteful
Darlene Hildebrandt
 [03/14 5:26:24PM]

Summer solstice
Shauna krawchuk
 [03/14 5:24:57PM]

Eazy Breezy Everyday Drawstring Dress
Carly Brewster
 [03/14 5:24:10PM]

Casual Cutie
Kathleen Stewart
 [03/14 5:19:45PM]

Drawing a line in the sand Dress, Not a wave in sight Dress, Set Sail with Me Dress, Shady Seas Dress, Meet me at the Boardwalk Dress, Yacht to be Sailing Dress, Sea me Cruising Dress, Toe the Line Dress, Taking the Helm Dress, Sea the Shoreline Dress, Sea you on Shore Dress
Melanie Fost
 [03/14 5:18:48PM]

rawing a line in the sand Dress, Not a wave in sight Dress, Set Sail with Me Dress, Shady Seas Dress, Meet me at the Boardwalk Dress, Yacht to be Sailing Dress, Sea me Cruising Dress, Toe the Line Dress, Taking the Helm Dress, Sea the Shoreline Dress, Sea you on Shore Dress
Melanie Fost
 [03/14 5:18:08PM]

Farmers Market Dress
Angel Baker
 [03/14 5:16:44PM]

Easy breezy
Torri Lamash
 [03/14 5:14:31PM]

Sail La Vie Dress
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/14 5:13:36PM]

[I wear my]Heart on my sleeve
Michelle Masters
 [03/14 5:12:03PM]

Pleasantly poppy
Casey stainbrook
 [03/14 5:11:35PM]

Down by the bay dress
Isabelle Varney
 [03/14 5:10:46PM]

Boat Babe
Shawna Rousseau
 [03/14 5:09:24PM]

Blue lagoon
Casey stainbrook
 [03/14 5:08:57PM]

Knot-i-cal dress
Kristin Heerema
 [03/14 5:07:58PM]

Ruby red
Casey stainbrook
 [03/14 5:07:15PM]

It’s a Cinch; In a Cinch; I Cinch You Knot; Go With the Flow; Summer Dreamin’
Melissa Koski
 [03/14 5:06:14PM]

Patriotic dress
Kristin heerema
 [03/14 5:05:14PM]

Canadian classic
Kristin heerema
 [03/14 5:04:34PM]

Lorelei Dress
Jasmine Agnew
 [03/14 5:03:05PM]

Luck of the draw
Nancy Steinkey
 [03/14 5:00:59PM]

Knot your average dress
Lyndsey baker
 [03/14 5:00:24PM]

the weekend dress
Tracy stewart
 [03/14 4:58:40PM]

My Heart on a String Dress!
Wendy Sutton
 [03/14 4:52:00PM]

‘Draw’ dropping dress, won’t go to waist dress, let’s watch the tied dress. String you along dress
Lacey roberts
 [03/14 4:49:18PM]

Summer dreams
Heather Liddle
 [03/14 4:47:58PM]

It's a Cinch on a Summer Day
Meadow Rose Keatley
 [03/14 4:44:09PM]

Brandi Mcnay
 [03/14 4:41:24PM]

-Fit to be tied dress -Drawing near summer
Stephanie Pittao
 [03/14 4:40:38PM]

-Fit to be tied dress
Stephanie Pittao
 [03/14 4:38:48PM]

You Had Me At Summer Dress
Jennifer Klassen
 [03/14 4:37:55PM]

The Comfy Draw Dress
Sarah Walter
 [03/14 4:36:18PM]

Summers Dream Dress
Jennifer Klassen
 [03/14 4:34:27PM]

Tidal Dress
Marie Tichborne
 [03/14 4:34:12PM]

Fancy-Free Dress
Tanis Nielsen
 [03/14 4:33:41PM]

Be Comfortable & Look GOOD dress
Lisa Mann
 [03/14 4:32:21PM]

COver my bits
Jody mynio
 [03/14 4:32:20PM]

Sassy and classy
Victoria hacetoglu
 [03/14 4:31:05PM]

'Drawing' your attention, 'Drawing' serious attention
Leanna Worthing
 [03/14 4:28:40PM]

'Drawing' for attention
Leanna Worthing
 [03/14 4:27:06PM]

Dip into Spring Dress
Aimee Bryant
 [03/14 4:25:55PM]

Draw Winter to a Close Dress
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 4:25:44PM]

Not Only Comfort Dress
Tina Robidoux
 [03/14 4:25:27PM]

Draw in the summer sun, Live Love Draw, Draw your own dreams, Drawstring dreams, Dreams are made on drawstrings, drawing out your dreams
Gillian Duignam
 [03/14 4:25:26PM]

On the money
Sandra Sturgess
 [03/14 4:24:22PM]

What’s Knot to Love Dress
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 4:23:37PM]

Dreamin’ Drawstring Dress
Sarah Gagne
 [03/14 4:23:11PM]

Northern Comfort
Melissa Blow
 [03/14 4:22:02PM]

Cinch my Lasso dress
 [03/14 4:20:12PM]

Comfy with Class Dress
Andrea Pollon
 [03/14 4:18:02PM]

No Strings Attached
Marla Brackenridge
 [03/14 4:12:45PM]

Out and About
Kim Furlong
 [03/14 4:08:55PM]

Knotty and nice
Leanna Worthing
 [03/14 4:05:58PM]

Play Date Dress
Carolyn deVries
 [03/14 4:05:01PM]

Sarah Anderson
 [03/14 4:03:49PM]

String me along dress Nautical "tide" dress Cinch me into summer dress
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [03/14 4:02:22PM]

Just a spring fling dress, high or low tide dress, sun salutations dress, somewhere on a beach dress
Jennifer Alexandrov
 [03/14 3:59:37PM]

Beachy vibes
Amber Gibson
 [03/14 3:57:23PM]

Drawn To You Drawstring waist dress
Jillian Porter
 [03/14 3:56:54PM]

Hardly a waist dress
Andrea Graham
 [03/14 3:56:37PM]

All tied up, spring strings, Everyday dress, casual daze dress, string you along
Gina Bergman
 [03/14 3:55:32PM]

Leanne Jekabsons
 [03/14 3:55:06PM]

No time to 'waist'
Leanna Worthing
 [03/14 3:52:47PM]

Cloudy Summer Daze Dress
Raylene Butt
 [03/14 3:52:00PM]

Shades of summer dress, dreaming of summer dress, sun kissed dress,
Karen devouge
 [03/14 3:48:44PM]

Basically a cinch dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:47:36PM]

Just 'string' me along
Leanna Worthing
 [03/14 3:45:59PM]

Touch of spring
Erin Espejo
 [03/14 3:45:11PM]

In a cinch dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:45:10PM]

It’s a draw dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:42:10PM]

Summer nights
Terra dawn pothier
 [03/14 3:41:49PM]

Beauty on a drawstring budget dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:41:08PM]

Summer lovin dress, by the seashore dress, ocean breeze dress, beach day getaway dress,
Karen Devouge
 [03/14 3:40:23PM]

Beachtime fun, sunshine scorcher, sunshine funtime, live simply....just draw, drawing in the sun, summer sensation, drawing for fun, ready steady draw
Gillian Duignam
 [03/14 3:39:35PM]

4 Seasons dress
Christie paterson
 [03/14 3:37:18PM]

Spring simplicity dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:36:19PM]

Chill and draw dress
Gillian Duignam
 [03/14 3:35:05PM]

Chillax to the max dress
Gillian Duignam
 [03/14 3:34:24PM]

Fun in the sun dress
Karen devouge
 [03/14 3:33:28PM]

Draw Me a Dress
Kellie Hagan
 [03/14 3:32:58PM]

Drawing out the fun
Gillian Duignam
 [03/14 3:31:41PM]

Pulling Strings
Janet M McCormack
 [03/14 3:30:26PM]

Costal cutie dress, spring is in the air dress, draw strings to my heart Dress, casual comfort dress
Michaela Barcena
 [03/14 3:29:44PM]

Summer Lovin’
Jody Wieler
 [03/14 3:27:01PM]

It’s a Breeze dress
Paige Stirling Fox
 [03/14 3:26:21PM]

Waist no time dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:23:57PM]

Tied the Naut Dress, Warm Breezes Dress
June Weiss
 [03/14 3:23:35PM]

You had me at drawstring dress
Aleah wilson
 [03/14 3:22:59PM]

Sea side pullover, beachy tunic, sunnyside dress
Marissa cutforth
 [03/14 3:22:43PM]

Tied in Knots
Melissa White
 [03/14 3:22:07PM]

Beachside Breeze Dress
Nicole Kropelin
 [03/14 3:21:27PM]

Pull me in to Sunshine dress
Paige Stirling Fox
 [03/14 3:21:26PM]

Summer Lovin' Dress
Braelyn Taks
 [03/14 3:21:04PM]

Don't go breaking my heart
Tamara Lomas
 [03/14 3:20:38PM]

Sun Kissed
Tessa Fleck
 [03/14 3:19:20PM]

Beachside beauty dress
Kimberly Oldenburg
 [03/14 3:19:18PM]

Kenidi's Summer Sunset Dress
Terry Dechaine
 [03/14 3:19:13PM]

Drawstring perfect
Erin reid
 [03/14 3:19:09PM]

Strung along
Tessa Fleck
 [03/14 3:18:48PM]

Cinch Up Summer dress
Allison Richardson
 [03/14 3:17:04PM]

Beauty at the Beach dress
Louise Vukas
 [03/14 3:17:01PM]

Sea Breeze
sarah Kennedy-Dicks
 [03/14 3:16:20PM]

Lakeside dress
Louise Vukas
 [03/14 3:14:22PM]

High Tide (or tied) ;)
Sarah McEnaney-Ditchburn
 [03/14 3:13:37PM]

Summer Sunshine
Tara Bone
 [03/14 3:13:02PM]

Jersey Girl
Samantha Hermans
 [03/14 3:11:39PM]

Stringin' for spring dress
Jennifer bibeau
 [03/14 3:11:31PM]

Capturing Cove
Jaime Gooden
 [03/14 3:11:00PM]

Hug Your Curves
Lisa Bond
 [03/14 3:09:30PM]

Drawn to you
Samantha Hermans
 [03/14 3:09:22PM]

Water's Edge drawstring dress
Jaime Gooden
 [03/14 3:09:14PM]

Sweet Sophistication
Tanya Nascimento
 [03/14 3:07:01PM]

Seashore Sophisticated
Pamela Lasell
 [03/14 3:06:55PM]

Fit to be tied
Carina Woykin
 [03/14 3:03:52PM]

Nautical Ties , ships ahoy
Diane Vandoorn
 [03/14 3:02:26PM]

Once upon a drawstring
Gina Colombe
 [03/14 3:00:21PM]

String Along Drawstring Dress
Laura LeBlanc
 [03/14 3:00:02PM]

Trendy drawstring dress
Gina Colombe
 [03/14 2:58:30PM]

Caress Spring Dress
Rhonda Wilson
 [03/14 2:58:26PM]

Cinch it dress ; Drawn Into dress ; easy like cinch dress
Renee Deleseleuc
 [03/14 2:57:09PM]

Breezy day. Or To-market-to-market.
Megan Miller
 [03/14 2:56:13PM]

Beat the Heat Dress
melissa kowalczyk
 [03/14 2:55:34PM]

Reach for the Beach
Ashley Syrek
 [03/14 2:54:53PM]

Sail Away
Allison Vieth
 [03/14 2:53:34PM]

All occasion summer dress
Cheryl McGee
 [03/14 2:52:53PM]

Summer breeze
Erica Wilson
 [03/14 2:51:44PM]

Beauty summer breeze dress
Laura Skjelmose
 [03/14 2:51:10PM]

Sail Into Summer Dress
Erin Roussin
 [03/14 2:50:07PM]

Relax it's spring
Nirs Mjolsness
 [03/14 2:48:52PM]

Spring Fling
Amy Westcott
 [03/14 2:46:27PM]

In A Cinch
Karen Carvell
 [03/14 2:46:22PM]

The Sailor dress (or just sailor)
Sarah Misiuda
 [03/14 2:46:01PM]

Sassy summer wear
Francine Fowler
 [03/14 2:45:38PM]

Footloose or Don't Waist a Minute Dress
Sarah Canney
 [03/14 2:44:54PM]

Sailors Delight
Ashley Bell
 [03/14 2:44:39PM]

Ready in a Cinch Dress
Becky Barthelette
 [03/14 2:42:18PM]

Just for me
Michelle Jesso
 [03/14 2:40:17PM]

Christan Rasmussen
 [03/14 2:40:05PM]

Everything dress
Michelle Jesso
 [03/14 2:38:21PM]

The Weekender
Melissa Ferreira
 [03/14 2:38:19PM]

Simply casual tie dress
Brittany Duncan
 [03/14 2:31:21PM]

Runaway With Me Dress
Jamie Miller
 [03/14 2:31:07PM]

Classy and casual
Brittaney landry
 [03/14 2:28:14PM]

Summer Cinch Dress
Laura Penny
 [03/14 2:27:49PM]

Sweet 16 again
Linda Beamish
 [03/14 2:19:19PM]

Drawing the Line; Three-quarters to Sunset; Drawn To It
Mel Gray
 [03/14 2:19:02PM]

Livin' Easy
Sandi Black
 [03/14 2:18:39PM]

Wandering Dress
Janette Armstrong
 [03/14 2:17:45PM]

“Fall into Spring” Drawstring Dress
Kara Robinson
 [03/14 2:16:39PM]

Drawn to Summer
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 2:15:44PM]

Casual Confidence
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 2:14:28PM]

Spring Fling Dress
Melissa Kennedy
 [03/14 2:12:19PM]

The Whole Nine Yards Dress
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [03/14 2:11:46PM]

Stripe it right dress
 [03/14 2:11:19PM]

Making waves dress
Bree Mcmullen
 [03/14 2:10:03PM]

Draw me close to spring
Melissa Kennedy
 [03/14 2:07:10PM]

Fun and Flirty
Sandra Pritchett
 [03/14 2:06:29PM]

Classy and carefree
Cristy Brien
 [03/14 2:06:09PM]

Beach bum tie dress, Tie this dress on me, Drawn in dress, This dress draws me to the beach
Megan’s kirkley
 [03/14 2:05:09PM]

Walk in Casual Confidence
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 2:05:06PM]

Just Another day in Paradise dress or Ease into the ocean breeze dress
Michelle Fowler
 [03/14 2:04:23PM]

Beauty on the Boat
Tina Barrett
 [03/14 2:02:56PM]

Dressed in a cinch
Kelli wiebe
 [03/14 2:01:58PM]

Walking on Sunshine
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 2:00:06PM]

Tie the waist dress
Jennifer Wilson
 [03/14 1:56:59PM]

'Berry' Me in Comfort
Ana Kalanj
 [03/14 1:56:33PM]

Just Breeze (babe)
Nikki tayleo
 [03/14 1:56:25PM]

Pretty Woman Dress
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 1:55:39PM]

Spring chillin
Maranda House
 [03/14 1:51:54PM]

All the Right Feels Dress
Sarah Snable
 [03/14 1:51:45PM]

Pull Me Close
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 1:49:56PM]

String into style
Amanda Sauvé
 [03/14 1:49:33PM]

Hot String
Sarah Daley
 [03/14 1:49:20PM]

Strolling into Summertime
Tiffany Crawford
 [03/14 1:49:13PM]

Drawing Me In
Lesley Skinner
 [03/14 1:49:12PM]

Nautical Necessity Dress
Karlene Mushumanski
 [03/14 1:48:47PM]

Lookin’ Hot, Beach Bound, Dress to Impress
Nicole Cabot
 [03/14 1:48:32PM]

Summer Vibe
JoAnne Novakwski
 [03/14 1:47:53PM]

Sunscape Dress or Sunseeker Dress
Tanya Ness
 [03/14 1:47:23PM]

Free Fallin
Shelly Rowsell
 [03/14 1:45:57PM]

Beach bound
Karen Leith
 [03/14 1:45:46PM]

Beach Bod dress
Samantha Baron
 [03/14 1:45:44PM]

Drawn to beauty
Tanya Ness
 [03/14 1:44:58PM]

Be pulled into spring dress
Jennifer janes
 [03/14 1:44:48PM]

Beach Me Now
Lori Shewan
 [03/14 1:44:10PM]

Just Breezy Dress
Nicole Philpot
 [03/14 1:44:03PM]

String Into Sunday
Jessica Agnew
 [03/14 1:41:07PM]

Pull it together tunic, Simply Tied tunic, Tied and True tunic, Caught in the Middle tunic
Angela Smiley
 [03/14 1:37:58PM]

Spring Sleez, Casual Colour, Beautiful Breeze.
Kierstan Pasychnyk
 [03/14 1:36:29PM]

Bounce into spring dress
Jennifer Janes
 [03/14 1:33:11PM]

Draw Me In Dress
Janet Walker
 [03/14 1:31:52PM]

Tide to the Beach
Andrea Wiedemann
 [03/14 1:30:52PM]

Call me maybe dress
Tanya Slessor
 [03/14 1:30:21PM]

Casual Spring Breeze, Lakeside Lovers Dress, Seaside Spring Dress
Cindy Jacquard
 [03/14 1:29:34PM]

In a cinch; innocinch dress
Lindsay Laur
 [03/14 1:29:12PM]

Easy Breezy Dress
Andrea Wiedemann
 [03/14 1:28:38PM]

Tide to the Water Dress
Andrea Wiedemann
 [03/14 1:27:33PM]

Draw me closer
Allison McFarlane
 [03/14 1:26:50PM]

Drawn to the Sun
Asha Parmar
 [03/14 1:24:15PM]

Tie the Knot Dress
Andrea Wiedemann
 [03/14 1:24:15PM]

Daylight savings dress
Jen saulnier
 [03/14 1:23:51PM]

The Knot Only for Spring Dress
Mandy Doherty
 [03/14 1:19:37PM]

Spring Lounge Lover
Andrea Wiedemann
 [03/14 1:19:15PM]

Drawn to It
Sarah Hollingsworth
 [03/14 1:18:25PM]

Draw me into sunnier days
 [03/14 1:18:01PM]

Go anywhere
Diane McGee
 [03/14 1:17:21PM]

Beach Vibes dress, sunshine vibes dress, sunnyside beauty dress
Olia Chapman
 [03/14 1:17:02PM]

Coastal Dress, Going Coastal Dress
Marjy Sneep
 [03/14 1:16:22PM]

Drawn To You or Drawn To Dressy
Nicole Wright
 [03/14 1:15:20PM]

Summer Lovin’ Dress
beverly Lewis
 [03/14 1:14:55PM]

Sun Kiss Dress or By The Bay Dress
Casandra Benner
 [03/14 1:13:48PM]

Ouu la la dress
Denise oliver
 [03/14 1:13:38PM]

Cinch Me I'm Dreaming Dress
Katie Storvold
 [03/14 1:12:37PM]

Give the Romp a Rest Dress
Alexander Frank
 [03/14 1:10:06PM]

The Seasider, Draw Me Close Spring Fling Dress, Seaside cincher,
Wendy Sargent
 [03/14 1:09:12PM]

Strings Attached Dress
Raena Baker
 [03/14 1:08:03PM]

Weekender draw string dress
Whitney Mathews
 [03/14 1:06:21PM]

Draw in that waist dress
Samantha Young
 [03/14 1:06:08PM]

Adorbs Dress
Krista Hagel
 [03/14 1:02:56PM]

Drawn to You
Vanessa Doell
 [03/14 1:02:31PM]

Say Yes To The Dress Romper
Deidre Frank
 [03/14 1:02:02PM]

Spring fling
Valerie Schneider
 [03/14 1:00:22PM]

Simply Beau-tie-ful
Allison Riopka
 [03/14 12:59:37PM]

Timeless Tunic
Natasha MacDonald
 [03/14 12:58:48PM]

Sunshine on a cloudy day dress
Erin Levesque
 [03/14 12:58:00PM]

Strung up for Summer
Pamela Wood
 [03/14 12:56:57PM]

Baseball tee dress
Tanya Hardisty
 [03/14 12:56:43PM]

Go Play dress
Paula McLaughlin
 [03/14 12:56:12PM]

Draw in the Sun Dress
Melissa Bongalis
 [03/14 12:55:19PM]

Knot to be Waisted Dress
Stephanie Enright
 [03/14 12:54:13PM]

Drawn to you, Spellbinder, Beach Bound, Bound to You, All Tied Up
Melissa Morrison
 [03/14 12:52:01PM]

Spring has Sprung Dress
Desiree Veness
 [03/14 12:51:31PM]

Just stringing along
Vicky McCahon
 [03/14 12:51:01PM]

Fabu causal
Susan Peckford
 [03/14 12:50:13PM]

Sinched up and ready to go!
Lennie Dolinski
 [03/14 12:49:41PM]

My tigger dress
Laverne Bargen
 [03/14 12:48:45PM]

The Bay Side Casual Comfort
Stacie Huot
 [03/14 12:47:07PM]

Sunshine seeker dress
Anne-Marie Gauthier
 [03/14 12:44:50PM]

Flirty and fun dress Fun in the sun dress
Sharon Piercey
 [03/14 12:44:00PM]

Draw it forward dress!
Amber Dubitz
 [03/14 12:43:16PM]

Comfort dress
Melissa lainey
 [03/14 12:43:09PM]

Draw you in dress
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [03/14 12:40:35PM]

Draw them in
Danielle Everson
 [03/14 12:38:35PM]

Draw-String Your Way Into Spring
Krysta Romaniuk
 [03/14 12:36:56PM]

Spring Lovley
Jodie Saubak
 [03/14 12:35:57PM]

Spring Breeze
Krysta Romaniuk
 [03/14 12:35:46PM]

Bombshell Breeze
Krysta Romaniuk
 [03/14 12:34:48PM]

Drawstring me to the beach
Larissa Tress
 [03/14 12:33:38PM]

Speechless comfort dress
Karen McCarville
 [03/14 12:32:54PM]

Draw-string me to along
Larissa Tress
 [03/14 12:32:54PM]

The larkin
Amanda emon
 [03/14 12:32:20PM]

The carefree dress
Jlynn Wilkinson
 [03/14 12:31:18PM]

Cottage Bound, Small Town, Homeward Bound
Jamie Munday
 [03/14 12:31:05PM]

Beachside tide dress
Katrina Burden
 [03/14 12:30:33PM]

Summery Soft
Christine Cumming
 [03/14 12:30:16PM]

Spring Fling Dress
Stacey Oldfield
 [03/14 12:29:48PM]

In With The Tide Dress - or even - In With The Tied Dress
Shannon Demers
 [03/14 12:28:43PM]

Flirty and Fab
Elizabeth Cormack
 [03/14 12:25:07PM]

Sailors Delight Dress
sheelah tomljanovich
 [03/14 12:24:24PM]

Lakeside Gather Dress
sheelah tomljanovich
 [03/14 12:23:20PM]

What a cinch
Keri Nisbet
 [03/14 12:22:51PM]

Spring Forward, Summer Fun
Jamie Munday
 [03/14 12:21:16PM]

Red dress .... in the name of love
Tonya lee griffiths
 [03/14 12:20:39PM]

love me anywhere
Julie Harder
 [03/14 12:20:11PM]

spring fling
Michelle Levac
 [03/14 12:20:05PM]

Oops, I forgot my pants!
Jill Roy
 [03/14 12:20:00PM]

Spring fun
Tammy skinner
 [03/14 12:19:25PM]

Easy does it Dress
Keri Nisbet
 [03/14 12:19:19PM]

all aboard sailor dress
Michelle Levac
 [03/14 12:19:15PM]

Knotting around (the beach)
Danielle Pelan
 [03/14 12:19:13PM]

Sassy and classy dress
Victoria hacetoglu
 [03/14 12:18:53PM]

Life’s a Cinch Dress
Raquel Weinmaster
 [03/14 12:18:36PM]

Easy Breezy
Jamie Munday
 [03/14 12:18:19PM]

Sunday Brunch
Taeja campbell
 [03/14 12:17:55PM]

String Along, or Stepping Out
Jennifer Durasin
 [03/14 12:16:50PM]

summer fling
Michelle Levac
 [03/14 12:15:03PM]

Loved you cinch
Stacey Sambirsky
 [03/14 12:14:51PM]

string fling
Michelle Levac
 [03/14 12:14:20PM]

Beach Bomb
Cheryl Priestley-Walker
 [03/14 12:10:11PM]

Snazzy spring dress
 [03/14 12:08:20PM]

A cut above the rest dress, string of happiness dress, i
Susan Almais
 [03/14 12:07:15PM]

“Undercover”... or “ Chic at the Beach
Lynn Goodman
 [03/14 12:06:50PM]

The In Betweener Dress, Casual,Cool and Chic Dress
Trish Schram
 [03/14 12:06:23PM]

Angela Beauregard
 [03/14 12:04:10PM]

The 'Tying in summer' dress
Jennifer Laframboise
 [03/14 12:02:02PM]

Sassy Romper
Anyla traquair
 [03/14 12:01:54PM]

Fun Dress
Wendy Ackeral
 [03/14 11:59:02AM]

The Heidi
Heidi Isherwood
 [03/14 11:58:48AM]

Slip into Spring
Christina Holland
 [03/14 11:55:56AM]

draw me close dress
Vanessa King-Seivwright
 [03/14 11:54:47AM]

New little black dress
Teri penner
 [03/14 11:54:27AM]

Simply spring
Amanda Grant
 [03/14 11:54:03AM]

Drawing attention dress, or It’s a cinch dress
Cara Bell
 [03/14 11:53:47AM]

Anytime, anywhere, anything tunic
Jessica Hutchinson
 [03/14 11:52:47AM]

Drawing attention dress
Cara Bell
 [03/14 11:52:37AM]

Step into spring dress, spring in your step dress
Amanda Don
 [03/14 11:52:01AM]

Kelly Knowles
 [03/14 11:51:37AM]

Spring crush
Sheila Bock
 [03/14 11:51:36AM]

Weekend escape, lake front relaxer, casual cool
Shannon arnaud
 [03/14 11:50:41AM]

Summer Love Casual Dress
Janice Murphy
 [03/14 11:50:25AM]

The No Stress Dress, or The Relax To The Max Dress
Jessie Dempsey
 [03/14 11:48:56AM]

Classy Crissy
Ashley Valad
 [03/14 11:45:10AM]

Cara beach dress
Caralee Ellis
 [03/14 11:44:57AM]

String into Summer
Crystal Schouten
 [03/14 11:43:09AM]

In a sinch, daytime casual, sinch me up dress, casual comfort dress
Lacey Johnson
 [03/14 11:43:04AM]

Knot Your Average Drawstring Waist Dress
Lindsay Elliott
 [03/14 11:42:45AM]

Sassy Spring Cinch Dress
Stacey Palen
 [03/14 11:42:31AM]

ONLY You dress, Quick Draw dress, For You ONLY dress.
Holly Beck
 [03/14 11:42:09AM]

Lakeside Lasy
Amanda McMillan
 [03/14 11:42:08AM]

Draw’in me in dress
Condie Grohs
 [03/14 11:41:35AM]

Draw Spring me into Summer
Melody Duncan
 [03/14 11:40:02AM]

All Cinched up
Kara Forest
 [03/14 11:36:54AM]

Pina Colada
Nola Schaffer
 [03/14 11:36:40AM]

naturally drawn to you
lee-ann therrien
 [03/14 11:36:32AM]

Sail away with me
Carrie Dokis
 [03/14 11:35:44AM]

Come Sail Away
Carrie Dokis
 [03/14 11:35:13AM]

Easy Breezy Dress
Vanessa David
 [03/14 11:33:51AM]

knot just another pretty dress
megan madge
 [03/14 11:31:52AM]

Classy sassy waist dress
 [03/14 11:31:16AM]

Draws you in
Nola Schaffer
 [03/14 11:30:14AM]

Chill vibes
Alicia Savory
 [03/14 11:28:18AM]

Just chillin Dress
Alicia Savory
 [03/14 11:27:35AM]

Drawn to perfection
Janelle Drockner
 [03/14 11:27:11AM]

Strings of time
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [03/14 11:24:32AM]

Making Me Feel Pretty Dress
Nikki Webber
 [03/14 11:22:38AM]

Travel Comfort Dress
Nicki Fortin
 [03/14 11:22:16AM]

Better at the Beach
Janice Andrusiak
 [03/14 11:20:50AM]

Tie me up dress
Janice Robinson
 [03/14 11:19:12AM]

Meet Me On Long Island
Robyn Thurston
 [03/14 11:17:57AM]

"The Bella" Bella is Latin and when translated from italian means "Beautiful"....and this dress is certainly beautiful
Meghan Lonner
 [03/14 11:16:22AM]

Summer fun no strings attached
Suzanne Duguay
 [03/14 11:15:47AM]

Tara's Beauty
Darlene Baker
 [03/14 11:15:33AM]

String into spring
Michelle Gilbert
 [03/14 11:15:18AM]

Fit to be tied
Tanja Saario
 [03/14 11:15:02AM]

The weekender
Francine James
 [03/14 11:15:01AM]

“get in my closet dress”, “yes honey I need all 4 colors”
Tara Robertson
 [03/14 11:14:57AM]

Simply gorgeous!
Nicole Smith
 [03/14 11:14:19AM]

Comfy Casual
Debbie Koch
 [03/14 11:12:58AM]

Just Chillin Dress
Carla Weatherald
 [03/14 11:11:55AM]

Simple beauty
Breesie McCrudden
 [03/14 11:10:32AM]

Seaside escape dress, effortless boho dress, cozy style dress, drawstring escape dress, strolling style dress, lets go sailing dress
Heather miousse
 [03/14 11:07:28AM]

Sunday Stroll
Rhonda Ings
 [03/14 11:06:35AM]

Summer lovin
Haylie Bacon
 [03/14 11:05:57AM]

Draw you in dress
Amanda Ste Croix
 [03/14 11:05:26AM]

The “my walking is talking” dress
Paula Elias
 [03/14 11:04:30AM]

Sail into Spring Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [03/14 11:03:41AM]

Spring fling
Louise Vukas
 [03/14 11:03:17AM]

Not Waisted
Trisha Scheck
 [03/14 11:02:30AM]

Draw me in
Erica french
 [03/14 11:01:53AM]

All Sails Away
Lisa Mercer
 [03/14 11:00:26AM]

Slip into summer
Jill Fox
 [03/14 10:59:41AM]

Set Sail Dress, Sailing into Spring Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [03/14 10:56:28AM]

Take Me Away Beach Dress
Elena DesLauriers
 [03/14 10:56:19AM]

Summer Breeze Dress
Kyra Holt
 [03/14 10:53:25AM]

The Nautica dress
Brenda Akerman
 [03/14 10:53:18AM]

Tracy Brodniansky
 [03/14 10:53:15AM]

Classic Simplicity
Anna Pascuzzo
 [03/14 10:52:48AM]

Sail Away Dress, Sunsailing Dress
Amanda jones
 [03/14 10:52:09AM]

Jody Cleminson
 [03/14 10:50:23AM]

Draw the line dress, spring ahead dress, casual cutie dress, spring sensation dress, sleeve it to me dress, drawn to me dress, sunset dress, sunset on the beach dress, drawing destiny dress.
Courtney barrett
 [03/14 10:48:39AM]

String me around drawstring dress
Kelsey price
 [03/14 10:48:31AM]

A Frock in the Park
Julia Richarson
 [03/14 10:47:07AM]

Run away with me
Brianna Cooper
 [03/14 10:46:56AM]

Fun in the Sun Dress
Terri Grey
 [03/14 10:46:48AM]

Draw Me Closer
Mary Ellen Walker
 [03/14 10:45:32AM]

Summer vibes dress
Marie-Ève Michel
 [03/14 10:44:47AM]

Tied to the beach dress
 [03/14 10:44:45AM]

Beach all Daze
Jayne Erickson
 [03/14 10:44:36AM]

Sweet & Sassy
Lori Law
 [03/14 10:44:35AM]

Summer Lovin
Lindsay Dahlen
 [03/14 10:44:09AM]

Draw it like its hot
Carly O'Handley
 [03/14 10:44:07AM]

Simply Chique
Margaret Beaulieu
 [03/14 10:43:53AM]

High Tides Dress; (When) Beauty Calls Dress; High Tides Dress; Subtle Sublime Dress
Tricia Friesen
 [03/14 10:42:09AM]

Clarissa Dress
Erin Dragon
 [03/14 10:41:44AM]

Sunday by the sea or barefoot in the sand
Sarah Grayman
 [03/14 10:40:05AM]

Endless summer dress
Leanne Dyck
 [03/14 10:39:21AM]

String into fun
Linsey Demontigny
 [03/14 10:38:21AM]

The summer casual
Denise Chouinard
 [03/14 10:37:18AM]

The Weekender
Nydia Oliver
 [03/14 10:36:34AM]

"Miss Independence" Dress
Jeri Phillips
 [03/14 10:33:53AM]

Drawn To Comfort
Marla Brackenridge
 [03/14 10:32:31AM]

Waist Knot, Want Knot Dress
Tricia Friesen
 [03/14 10:30:40AM]

Striped tease
Ashley Robbins
 [03/14 10:30:38AM]

Tuck and Roll
Katrin Bizier
 [03/14 10:28:48AM]

Summertime Fun
Kerri Deane
 [03/14 10:28:33AM]

The Beachy
Louise Burden
 [03/14 10:26:51AM]

slip into this
Shelley brown-tisler
 [03/14 10:26:24AM]

The Elizabeth Dress - As in Princess Elizabeth from Paper Bag Princess - it reminds me of a paper bag dress, but looks so cute and like you're the boss like she was in the story!
Sam Schneyder
 [03/14 10:26:24AM]

Life's a beach dress
Melissa Martineau
 [03/14 10:26:00AM]

Draw shift me to the beach
Shirley koehler
 [03/14 10:25:21AM]

Nautical Escape Dress
Lisa Ginn
 [03/14 10:24:44AM]

Carefree Knot Dress
Cheryl Holly
 [03/14 10:23:28AM]

It's a Cinch
JoAnne Novakowski
 [03/14 10:20:46AM]

Draw me in dress
Amanda Chantelle Desbiens
 [03/14 10:18:31AM]

The go anywhere dress
Emillie Mercier
 [03/14 10:17:06AM]

Free and Flirty Dress
Melissa Blake
 [03/14 10:16:27AM]

Find Your Balance Dress, Salutations to the Sun Dress
Amanda Durrant
 [03/14 10:16:17AM]

A little draw into Summer
Jessie Brewer
 [03/14 10:16:16AM]

Waist knot
Melanie Samis
 [03/14 10:15:58AM]

Drawing into Summer
Jessie Brewer
 [03/14 10:15:34AM]

Draw the Line Tunic
Jennifer Oxford
 [03/14 10:14:57AM]

Miss Congeniality dress
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/14 10:14:34AM]

Joanne Wardekker
 [03/14 10:14:18AM]

Draw me Away Dress
Jennifer Oxford
 [03/14 10:14:00AM]

Heather Reesor
 [03/14 10:13:57AM]

Draw me A
Jennifer Oxford
 [03/14 10:13:21AM]

Go with the flow , Go with the row , beach vibe , beach time ,summer vibes ,summer time fun ,
Hailey pratt
 [03/14 10:13:12AM]

Spring fling
Karie brazeau
 [03/14 10:12:28AM]

Dreamboat Babe
Daphne Letwin
 [03/14 10:10:29AM]

Vickie Freiburger
 [03/14 10:10:07AM]

Tie A Knot In It Dress; ONLY a Knot Dress; ONLY Eyes For You
Michelle Barron
 [03/14 10:09:45AM]

Easy Breezy Dress
Sara Sidders
 [03/14 10:09:32AM]

Draw the line dress
Kelsey Hansen
 [03/14 10:09:17AM]

Feels like spring
Amber Gibson
 [03/14 10:09:12AM]

Easy Breezy Tunic
Kari-Ann Schoetz
 [03/14 10:08:40AM]

Drawn to spring
Amy Pare
 [03/14 10:08:36AM]

Cottage Chic dress
 [03/14 10:07:59AM]

Spring into summer dress
Amanda Heggelund
 [03/14 10:07:53AM]

Drawn to Perfection
Melissa Farmer
 [03/14 10:07:28AM]

Drawn To Curves
Marla Brackenridge
 [03/14 10:06:53AM]

In a Cinch
Carmen Hartgerink
 [03/14 10:06:47AM]

Knot Without You; Knotty Time Dress; Nautically Knotty; Knot Your Average Beach Dress
Julie DuPlessis
 [03/14 10:06:28AM]

lovestruck; lovestruck at the beach; draw me away
Brittany Matis
 [03/14 10:05:50AM]

The Castaway
Kat Flannery
 [03/14 10:05:02AM]

Stringing you along
Melissa Wright
 [03/14 10:04:44AM]

Spring Break Dress
Sherry Nickle
 [03/14 10:04:41AM]

Weekend Casual Dress
Melanie Lee
 [03/14 10:04:31AM]

Sail Away; Clear Sails; Ocean Front; Spring Fling; Ocean Air
Dena Francis
 [03/14 10:04:28AM]

Office to Beach Dress
Crystal Kjernisted
 [03/14 10:03:17AM]

Sail Away Drawstring Dress*
Jessica Boquin
 [03/14 10:02:00AM]

The Only Dress to Draw You In
Jaime Pendergast
 [03/14 10:01:40AM]

Donna Lee
 [03/14 10:01:34AM]

Summertime Shift
Marg Harper
 [03/14 10:01:24AM]

Spring Fling Dress
Amanda Heggelund
 [03/14 10:01:12AM]

A dreamy day dress
Julie forgie
 [03/14 10:01:11AM]

Walk on by dress
Tracy Chapin
 [03/14 10:00:44AM]

Draw you into summer
Kylie Drew
 [03/14 10:00:40AM]

Tied on Flattery
Diana Murray
 [03/14 10:00:21AM]

Sail Away Dress
Jessica Boquin
 [03/14 9:59:35AM]

Drawn To The Beach
Marla Brackenridge
 [03/14 9:59:25AM]

Summer Fun
Jennifer Kutcher
 [03/14 9:58:40AM]

Draw me to summer
Sheri Andrews
 [03/14 9:54:30AM]

lake side
Kelsey Jones
 [03/14 9:54:29AM]

Draw the line dress, Ties that bind dress, Tie me up for summer dress
Christine Riddell
 [03/14 9:54:15AM]

Summer Love Cover
Pamela Wood
 [03/14 9:53:14AM]

Step into Spring or Drawen to Radience
Kendra Fossheim
 [03/14 9:52:37AM]

A beach affair
Lauren Emily
 [03/14 9:51:58AM]

Tie That Binds Dress
Emily Buss
 [03/14 9:51:41AM]

Spring is in the Air Dress
Sheri Hanson
 [03/14 9:51:34AM]

Sweet Summer Ties Dress
Pamela Wood
 [03/14 9:51:15AM]

Waist no time
April berry
 [03/14 9:50:19AM]

Pretty little thing dress, missguided dress
Jessica gale
 [03/14 9:49:30AM]

Draw Slip Dress, Slip into summer, Drawn to Summer, Drawn to you, Drawn to the Sun
Naomi murray
 [03/14 9:49:25AM]

Ready for Spring dress, Spring to Summer dress
Alissa Neilsen
 [03/14 9:48:31AM]

The Outshine Dress
Erica Bysterveld
 [03/14 9:48:22AM]

Draw me Closer
Justine Navarro
 [03/14 9:48:06AM]

Summer sensation
Maureen Young
 [03/14 9:48:04AM]

Now you sea me drawstring dress
Jenna Campbell
 [03/14 9:46:54AM]

Explorer Dress, Walk-on-the-Beach Dress, Hot-Buns Dress, Summer Adventure Dress, Beach Adventure Dress
Marla Jones
 [03/14 9:46:54AM]

High Tied,
Kaitlin Wouters
 [03/14 9:46:25AM]

Waist Me Away
Brittany Penner
 [03/14 9:44:58AM]

Drawn to summer, Tied to summer, Drawn to the beach, Tied to the beach, Summer Vibes, Summer Time Tie,
Victoria Harrison
 [03/14 9:43:57AM]

Waistline silhouette dress
Renee Piette
 [03/14 9:43:17AM]

Cute summer drawstring dress
Sharon Van Doran
 [03/14 9:41:08AM]

Beach Babe; Summer Fling; Tie One On; Summer Simplicity; Beach Vibes
Haley Boland
 [03/14 9:41:02AM]

Beauty and the beach dress
Diana Mazzuca
 [03/14 9:40:44AM]

Pull it together
Kristi Jackson
 [03/14 9:40:42AM]

Dina Parker
 [03/14 9:40:36AM]

String me along
Jenn Bennison
 [03/14 9:40:30AM]

Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [03/14 9:40:19AM]

Sand & Soul Dress
Kayla Schofield
 [03/14 9:40:11AM]

Beach Chique Dress
Genevieve Valleau
 [03/14 9:39:56AM]

casual class
Gerri Toews
 [03/14 9:39:42AM]

knotty but nice
Gerri Toews
 [03/14 9:38:55AM]

Shirtzy Skirtzy
Andrea Burnett
 [03/14 9:38:50AM]

Yacht Clubber
Kyla Bailie
 [03/14 9:38:39AM]

Draw the line dress
Jessi McGibbon
 [03/14 9:38:35AM]

Summer Chic Dress in (nautical navy, nautical red, perfectly purple and roses are red)
Tanja Powell
 [03/14 9:37:07AM]

Tied and True
Kyla Bailie
 [03/14 9:36:51AM]

Light flow dress
Hannah Lynn Miller
 [03/14 9:36:44AM]

“No time to waist” dress
Heather Harrison
 [03/14 9:36:43AM]

Drawstringing at my heart
Kelsey wiseman
 [03/14 9:36:30AM]

Drawn to you Dress
Kathryn Graveline
 [03/14 9:36:16AM]

Draw me in dress
Alysha Marie MacEachern
 [03/14 9:36:12AM]

Sharon Van Doran
 [03/14 9:36:02AM]

Drawn to me
Amber Gibson
 [03/14 9:35:42AM]

Naut Your Average Nautical
Kyla Bailie
 [03/14 9:35:25AM]

Spring fling
Shawn Stevens
 [03/14 9:34:42AM]

Summer dayz, simply cinch, string style , all about the dress, spring fling dress,
Tracey Marcil
 [03/14 9:34:38AM]

Comfort Is Key Dress
Taryn Tuttle
 [03/14 9:34:02AM]

PretTIED Up Dress, Knotically Yours Dress, Too Busy Living Dress
Katrina Keeling
 [03/14 9:33:59AM]

Chic summer tied up
Shawna Brill
 [03/14 9:33:43AM]

Drawn to You Dress
Fleur Nelson
 [03/14 9:33:13AM]

Summer heat
Angela Mark
 [03/14 9:33:02AM]

Spring Drawstring, Stress Knot Dress, Easy Peasy Dress So Breezy
Eunice Tiesma
 [03/14 9:32:40AM]

Tied Up at the Beach
Daina McGowan
 [03/14 9:32:21AM]

Beach n strings dress
Elizabeth Antao
 [03/14 9:32:12AM]

Draw me in
Sarah Unruh
 [03/14 9:32:00AM]

Feel good dress
Kelly Cresswell
 [03/14 9:31:29AM]

String me Along
Gerri Toews
 [03/14 9:31:21AM]

Oh So Sensual You!
Judy Conrad
 [03/14 9:29:17AM]

Forget me knot
Megan Macinnes
 [03/14 9:29:03AM]

Knotty Dress
Andrea Rose
 [03/14 9:29:03AM]

All tied up, drawn to you, spring on a string, can’t tie me down
Lisa Vos
 [03/14 9:28:27AM]

Babette Dress, Waist Not Dress, Transition Dress, Horizon Dress
Shawna Klassen-Roth
 [03/14 9:28:14AM]

Fit to be tied dress
Megan MacInnes
 [03/14 9:28:08AM]

Meet me at the Beach Dress
Amy Rosson
 [03/14 9:26:57AM]

Pulling at your heartstrings dress
Leaha Woods
 [03/14 9:26:47AM]

Beach Please Dress
Angela Grocholski
 [03/14 9:26:33AM]

All Tied Up
Barbara Quibell
 [03/14 9:25:44AM]

Nauti by Nature, Shoreline Sweetie, Hot Nauti, Seacret Love, Cool Coastin’, Ahoy with My Heart, Shipliner, Smooth Sailing
Kristi Pianka
 [03/14 9:25:40AM]

Sunny Daze Dress
Jenna Domalik
 [03/14 9:25:35AM]

Draw me in close dress
Megan Macinnes
 [03/14 9:25:29AM]

Pulling my heart strings dress
April warden
 [03/14 9:25:25AM]

Draw Me In Dress
Joelle Bakker
 [03/14 9:25:19AM]

Anytime anywhere dress
Sabrina O’Connor
 [03/14 9:25:07AM]

Spring Fling dress
Angela Grocholski
 [03/14 9:24:59AM]

Knotical Dress, nautical, hook line and sinker, casual flair dress, dawn dress, sunset dress
Samantha Chartrand
 [03/14 9:24:33AM]

Caught You Looking Dress
Chandra Gusikoski
 [03/14 9:24:09AM]

Tied with Style
Suzanne Pasjack
 [03/14 9:23:59AM]

To Tie For!
Emily Hadary
 [03/14 9:23:50AM]

Strings Attached
Sara Vigh
 [03/14 9:23:39AM]

Waisted in love
Megan MacInnes
 [03/14 9:22:57AM]

Kristin fields
 [03/14 9:22:41AM]

Sunny Ties dress
Natalie Baikie
 [03/14 9:22:29AM]

Sail away with me
Brandy MacDonald
 [03/14 9:22:28AM]

Tied Up Beach OR Kelsi's Lazy Beach Dress :D
Kelsi-Lee Davison-Handley
 [03/14 9:22:16AM]

Drawn to you dress
Nicole Johnson
 [03/14 9:21:48AM]

Draw Me to Summer Dress
April Durksen
 [03/14 9:21:42AM]

Drawn To You
Martha van Dyke
 [03/14 9:21:32AM]

Beach Day Dress, Perfect Summer Dress, Blissful Day Dress
Wietske Woordman
 [03/14 9:21:31AM]

Anytime, Anywhere Dress
Marie Hartman
 [03/14 9:21:28AM]

Drawn to Those Summer Vibes
 [03/14 9:21:26AM]

It pops just like a night off dress
Marie-Ève Michel
 [03/14 9:20:30AM]

Summer Cinch Sensation
Kandace Kennedy
 [03/14 9:20:12AM]

Tie One On, Stringing along, Spring String,
Emily Hadary
 [03/14 9:20:12AM]

Draw Me In
April Durksen
 [03/14 9:20:02AM]

Drawn to You Dress
Adrienne Saler
 [03/14 9:19:59AM]

Waist not, want not
Megan Macinnes
 [03/14 9:19:54AM]

Keeper of Kayla
Kayla Young
 [03/14 9:19:52AM]

Draw me in dress
Nicole Johnson
 [03/14 9:19:41AM]

Sunday strolling
Katie Dunn
 [03/14 9:19:24AM]

Spring In My Step
Jaime Murdoch
 [03/14 9:18:54AM]

Simply Perfect Dress, Perfecly Simple Dress, Lazy Days Dress
Chablis Lyster
 [03/14 9:17:34AM]

Stringing you along!
Pamela Valente
 [03/14 9:15:54AM]

Drawn to the beach dress
Michelle Ferguson
 [03/14 9:15:22AM]

Luck of the Draw Dress, Draw Me In Dress
Katherine Reilley
 [03/14 9:15:12AM]

The Everyday
Katrina Bernardi
 [03/14 9:14:18AM]

Drawn to the sun
Carmin Hall
 [03/14 9:14:08AM]

In a Pinch Cinch Dress
Adrienne Saler
 [03/14 9:14:00AM]

Summer Breeze Dress, It's a Cinch Dress, Cinch in a Pinch Dress,
Molly Vair
 [03/14 9:13:55AM]

Draw Me In
Allison Pelletier
 [03/14 9:13:55AM]

Belted string fling
Jessika Pichette
 [03/14 9:13:31AM]

Sunsational dress
Leslie Frick
 [03/14 9:12:44AM]

Shoreside Cinch Dress
Adrienne Saler
 [03/14 9:12:30AM]

Life’s a Beach Dress
Carly Gallant
 [03/14 9:11:29AM]

Belted spring fling
Jessika Pichette
 [03/14 9:11:29AM]

The ONE and ONLY