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Keep It Simple Top
May 25, 2018

Silver Icing Caption This: Keep It Simple Top

It’s contest time! And we’ve got a fun new contest for you. Give us your best caption for this photo of our new Keep It Simple Top for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight OR comment on our Instagram post (@silver_icing) with your best caption by Sunday, May 27th at 9am (PST).

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 283
Congratulations to Samantha Baron, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "I wonder when the mail guy will show up with my Silver Icing!"

Coffee, check. Great top, check. Ready to seize the day!
Brigitte Laforge
 [05/27 7:02:48AM]

Seize the Moment!
Kathy Lamb
 [05/27 6:30:31AM]

I wonder what what Silver Icing leggings I should get to go with my Keep It Simple top?
Val Roulston
 [05/27 6:27:48AM]

Drink Pretty
Jennifer Ann Young
 [05/27 5:17:46AM]

Yes, I do hot and chill!
Sharon McKay
 [05/26 11:44:35PM]

Just Chilling
Debra Ebert
 [05/26 9:57:53PM]

OMG I am going to be late for today’s presale!! Wait... it’s only 9 am.
Angie Nelson
 [05/26 9:44:51PM]

Just a “SIMPLE SOUL Tee”? to hug your heart!
Joanne Wardekker
 [05/26 8:29:17PM]

Ease Into Simple or Simply At Ease
Celeste Kallis
 [05/26 7:59:59PM]

Pure Bliss
Deanna Kallal
 [05/26 7:57:34PM]

Qwliving life simply with Silver Icing
Caitlin Berndt
 [05/26 7:21:58PM]

Where shall I hide all my SI packages so my husband doesn’t find them?!
Charlotte McKenna
 [05/26 7:14:33PM]

Wait a sec.... is that the next presale!?....
Rose Barnes
 [05/26 6:24:33PM]

Its all about the simple things...
Selena McKay
 [05/26 6:04:10PM]

Ahhh... and now, back to the fuschia.
Ashley Sullivan
 [05/26 6:00:48PM]

Keep it Simple...Keep it Silver
Sara Lotter
 [05/26 5:14:46PM]

Rich, creamy and SI dreamy
Kali Bernst
 [05/26 4:43:28PM]

Kali Bernst
 [05/26 4:40:22PM]

What silver icing should I get next??
Marsha Rankin
 [05/26 4:39:22PM]

Danielle Clarke
 [05/26 4:36:14PM]

Finally, the kids and husband are out of my hair!
Lora Sinclair
 [05/26 4:23:02PM]

Latte going on....gotta keep it simple!
Lana Gress
 [05/26 4:22:20PM]

how do i do it? K~I~S~S keeping it simple silly <3
Nadia Quill
 [05/26 3:55:14PM]

When life gets complicated, keep it simple.
Kelly Gallagher
 [05/26 3:45:07PM]

Simply ~ The Best
Kristin Marchand
 [05/26 3:12:40PM]

Simply coffee and sun
Derise Rehm-Lepine
 [05/26 1:33:42PM]

La la latte love ??
Dianna korol
 [05/26 12:57:50PM]

Melanie Kearley
 [05/26 12:54:05PM]

This might be wine...
Laura Kent
 [05/26 12:53:06PM]

I wonder if I can finish this before my kids wake up
Breesie McCrudden
 [05/26 12:10:06PM]

It's the simple pleasures in life....
Karen Carvell
 [05/26 11:52:30AM]

“Sippin’ pretty”
Michelle Noel
 [05/26 11:24:37AM]

Simple times call for simple measures with this simple top
Jessie apland
 [05/26 11:18:01AM]

Keep It Simple, Keep it Real...keep it you
Karen Carvell
 [05/26 10:59:09AM]

The simplest things in life are the most enjoyable
Amanda Chetcuti
 [05/26 10:57:28AM]

Keep Calm and Keep it Simple
Karen Carvell
 [05/26 10:57:15AM]

There is beauty in simplicity...
Karen Carvell
 [05/26 10:56:10AM]

Simple Joy
Tracey Mark
 [05/26 10:46:11AM]

Enjoying life in simple comfort
Val Roulston
 [05/26 10:17:11AM]

Adventurer chillin
Tracy Wainright
 [05/26 9:22:50AM]

Saturday Morning
Bonita Hus
 [05/26 9:17:21AM]

This. And Silver Icing of course. ?
Sara Lotter
 [05/26 9:04:30AM]

Oooh look who's coming and early too!
Tracey Marcil
 [05/26 8:15:10AM]

This quiet moment: enticing. My outfit? Silver Icing.
Marie Tichborne
 [05/26 8:13:23AM]

I love it when the kids play outside!
Carole Aucoin
 [05/26 7:59:30AM]

Aww. The end of a perfect day. Favorite drink and favorite tee.
Carole Rancourt
 [05/26 7:55:02AM]

It's the little things!
Sarah Froese
 [05/26 7:36:47AM]

I sure hope the kids sleep until I’m finished this delicious cup of coffee!
Kim Gamm
 [05/26 7:18:53AM]

Ahhhh! This is the life.
Nevena Boyko
 [05/26 7:17:38AM]

Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee and your favourite shirt #keepitsimple
Emma Miller
 [05/26 7:06:45AM]

Feeling Like Sunday Morning!
Linda Thompson
 [05/26 6:42:18AM]

Kids: “Mommmmmyyyyyyy!! Mommmmmmyyyyyyy!!!” Me: “Maybe they won’t find me here ?”
Samantha Hermans
 [05/26 6:42:18AM]

With my new tee and coffee I know I can get through this day.
Tracey Marcil
 [05/26 6:40:15AM]

Om my.. what's going on out there? At least let me finish my coffee.
Tracey Marcil
 [05/26 6:38:55AM]

Calm and Beauty
Nicole Sawyer
 [05/26 6:31:04AM]

Kaylene kerr
 [05/26 6:29:13AM]

Kids are destroying the house, hubby is still blissfully asleep... and I need to figure out what to make for dinner.... but to hell with it all... first tea
Nicole Wood
 [05/26 6:24:10AM]

“If only this was full of wine”
Jen Imbleau
 [05/26 6:22:50AM]

Simply Me!
Crystal McNab
 [05/26 6:18:19AM]

“Oh please let that be the mail truck before my husband gets home, I really didn’t mean to buy every PRESALE this month but did you see those items? The buying team is killing me this month”
Lori Martin
 [05/26 1:47:24AM]

Drama? Oh no gurl, KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly!
Kelly Williams
 [05/26 1:43:40AM]

"What will I conquer today? "
Leah Jones
 [05/25 11:54:54PM]

Basic necessities: silver icing & coffee!
Julie Forde
 [05/25 10:57:33PM]

I love the smell of possibility in the morning.
Shari MacLellan
 [05/25 10:57:00PM]

Can’t wait for it to be Frosé time!
Danielle Maguire
 [05/25 10:33:20PM]

Taking it easy and keeping it simple.
Darcie Blackall
 [05/25 10:22:35PM]

Keep it simple everyday by only owning your favourite things ??SI
Amanda Blair
 [05/25 10:14:02PM]

Keep it simple everyday by only owning your favourite things ??SI
Amanda Blair
 [05/25 10:13:43PM]

That minute after presale time when your order secured & payment is accepted
Ashley Robbins
 [05/25 10:06:07PM]

This coffee tastes like I just scored all of my preorders ;)
Ashley Robbins
 [05/25 9:59:20PM]

Coffee is better in style
Melissa Kinaschuk
 [05/25 9:31:06PM]

The Keep It Simple Top - Simple yet stylish for busy days that end in Y.
Ali Molstad
 [05/25 9:10:12PM]

I managed to get one of these tops in bright pink. Now I can finally have my coffee.
Mandie Loveday
 [05/25 8:57:37PM]

Simply sit and sip
Samantha Labun
 [05/25 8:55:54PM]

Hanging out, doing the coffee thing, keeping it simple.
Nathalie Siou
 [05/25 8:14:39PM]

Some people daydream about looking great, she just daydreams about tomorrow's SI presale that she already knows she will look great in...
Jessica Oldham
 [05/25 7:56:54PM]

Given enough Silver Icing, I could rule the world
Emma Freeman
 [05/25 7:50:06PM]

Get lost in a world of coffee & Silver Icing
Emma Freeman
 [05/25 7:47:24PM]

The Silver Icing Cloud, warm,cozy & comfortable
Kelly Mazur
 [05/25 7:42:40PM]

Fashion is my passion. But first, Coffee!
Alison Eastman
 [05/25 7:32:06PM]

Life isn't always simple but a beautiful wardrobe can be!
Kyla Hinter
 [05/25 7:24:56PM]

Loving the simple things.
Michelle Adolph
 [05/25 7:22:52PM]

Hmmm...what to buy, what to buy....
Brenda Erickson
 [05/25 7:18:36PM]

I wonder when the mail guy will show up with my Silver Icing
Samantha Baron
 [05/25 7:13:33PM]

Momma’s on a time out??
Donna Ginter
 [05/25 7:10:41PM]

Take what you can get....
Erin Ryan
 [05/25 6:58:22PM]

life is good
 [05/25 6:52:01PM]

Just breath and enjoy the simple things!
Bobbie-Jo Foerster
 [05/25 6:41:41PM]

Cute, comfy, confident, coffee.
Jennifer Falle
 [05/25 6:33:49PM]

Sometimes its the simple things...
Jennifer Whittingham
 [05/25 6:25:20PM]

My happy place
Jennifer Whittingham
 [05/25 6:24:56PM]

A Latte think about
Jennifer Whittingham
 [05/25 6:24:21PM]

Simplify beautifully.
Jennifer Garner
 [05/25 6:03:34PM]

Choosing my outfits with Silver Icing? Simple. Remembering to grab my coffee out of the microwave for the 10th time? Not so much.
Amy Libby
 [05/25 5:48:11PM]

Simply Relaxed
Melanie Freeman
 [05/25 5:35:17PM]

I can’t go to work looking this good!
Tanya Nascimento
 [05/25 5:16:18PM]

Be a simple kind of woman
Liz van Leeuwen
 [05/25 5:10:59PM]

“Take your time, don’t live too fast”
Laura Kusyk
 [05/25 5:09:57PM]

Is this cup too big for this top?
Zoe Lemire
 [05/25 5:06:58PM]

I should Keep it Simple and just put the coffee straight in an IV
Emily Rempel
 [05/25 4:58:42PM]

I start my week with coffee and silver icing. #bringiton
 [05/25 4:54:07PM]

Awww quiet time, just me and my cup of tea!
Christine Cumming
 [05/25 4:51:58PM]

Coffee and Chillin' keeps it simple
Brittaney Zukewich
 [05/25 4:43:14PM]

I couldn’t feel more cozy right now if I were inside a marshmallow.
Katie Fry
 [05/25 4:21:13PM]

"I hope my husband doesn't find my stash of new SI clothes!"
Lyndsey Baker
 [05/25 4:05:17PM]

TGIF!!! Relax and enjoy
Amanda Grant
 [05/25 3:41:44PM]

Simply slimplistic
Tara-Dawn Wark
 [05/25 3:31:52PM]

“It’s a SI mail day”!
Daphne Andrews
 [05/25 3:29:36PM]

“Wonder when the mail is going to arrive”!
Courtney Ward
 [05/25 3:28:44PM]

“I wonder if the presale started yet?”
Amanda Klauke
 [05/25 3:28:37PM]

Cell off, tea on
Brianne Logeman
 [05/25 3:22:17PM]

Oh wait...did I order the black and grey too?
Courtney Walsh
 [05/25 3:18:45PM]

 [05/25 3:14:46PM]

Its a nice day for a delivery
Kayla Westerby
 [05/25 3:12:28PM]

“I am tickled pink that I did not miss out on this colour”
Chantel St. Pierre
 [05/25 2:59:06PM]

It's the simple things in life.....
Karen Carvell
 [05/25 2:51:29PM]

Simply Fantastic!!!
Susan Zacchigna
 [05/25 2:47:56PM]

This coffee is so hot and so am I!
Erin Wilson
 [05/25 2:40:21PM]

Wow!! I am as hot as this coffee!!
Leanne Dechief
 [05/25 2:38:39PM]

Ready to party ... where is everybody?
Carol Balcome
 [05/25 2:38:33PM]

Keep calm and simply enjoy!
Kim gibeault
 [05/25 2:36:44PM]

Mom’s coffee and a cute outfit!
Holly Leclaire
 [05/25 2:33:36PM]

Heaven in a cup!
Dawn Peters
 [05/25 2:10:10PM]

Waiting on my order with my favorite mug and silver icing outfit
Krista grenier
 [05/25 2:09:33PM]

Life would be perfect if only this was wine!
Jennifer Deroy
 [05/25 2:07:20PM]

Too hot!
Rosemary Thiessen
 [05/25 1:54:48PM]

A simple life of happiness
Tanya Reshkoff
 [05/25 1:51:44PM]

Finally, 2 seconds to drink my now cold coffee. Kids ?
Jolene Maloney
 [05/25 1:51:33PM]

Oh yes,,.my liquid SANITY!!!!!!
Tammilee Tucker
 [05/25 1:47:19PM]

If you put wine in a coffee cup at 9am, no one will suspect a thing.
Kendra kuzyk
 [05/25 1:20:30PM]

"Oooo is that the mailman with my si?"
Tamarra moore
 [05/25 1:18:29PM]

That moment when you feel blissfull by a simple top...the coffee isn’t so bad either ?
Jennifer Barone
 [05/25 1:17:58PM]

Getting dressed and looking great; simple. Getting the coffee order right; hardest part of the day
Jordana Sopkow
 [05/25 12:49:47PM]

Simply perfect
Jordana Sopkow
 [05/25 12:47:17PM]

Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.
Jordana Sopkow
 [05/25 12:46:41PM]

When it’s so simple to look this good, the hardest part about f the day is getting your coffee order straight.
Jordana Sopkow
 [05/25 12:44:32PM]

Life can be complicated; getting dressed-let’s keep it simple.
Jordana Sopkow
 [05/25 12:42:59PM]

Coffee order: Complicated. Top: Keepin’ it Simple
Jordana sopkow
 [05/25 12:41:30PM]

The epic leggings? The new tunic? The hat?.... But first.... Coffee
 [05/25 12:41:17PM]

Did I hide that Credit Card Statement?
April MacPherson
 [05/25 12:33:35PM]

Make time to enjoy the SIMPLE things in life.
Melanie Samis
 [05/25 12:29:23PM]

simple pleasures
Meadow Rose Keatley
 [05/25 12:29:04PM]

Ready to conquer the day! Look good, feel good!
Michelle Collins
 [05/25 12:27:05PM]

But first, coffee.
Julie LePretre
 [05/25 12:20:44PM]

Did I forget to pre-order again?
Lysa Faucher
 [05/25 12:17:51PM]

Kick back and relax
Melanie Lee
 [05/25 12:15:25PM]

Kick back and last
Melanie Lee
 [05/25 12:14:57PM]

Rosalind Weiss
 [05/25 12:14:25PM]

Totally Content!!
Jamie Marouelli
 [05/25 12:06:53PM]

Simply chic
Chelsea McDonnell
 [05/25 11:56:21AM]

Surf's always up when you choose Silver Icing!
Cathleen Nilsen
 [05/25 11:56:09AM]

Simply the best!
Vicky McCahon
 [05/25 11:48:44AM]

Remain calm wait until he drops off the package before going to the door
Michelle McCarthy
 [05/25 11:44:01AM]

"Nope! Nope just going to pretend that didn't just happen"
Michelle McCarthy
 [05/25 11:43:03AM]

Simply sip the comfort
Andrea Pollon
 [05/25 11:42:54AM]

'Simply relaxing...."
Pho Dang
 [05/25 11:38:13AM]

Calm Before The Storm
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 11:37:31AM]

One moment at a time in the Keeping It Simple Top !
Ann Harris
 [05/25 11:32:17AM]

I wonder if he has seen the credit card statement yet... one more silver icing order can't be THAT bad, right?..
Katrina Kellough
 [05/25 11:32:07AM]

Momma's break!
Natasha Bigelow
 [05/25 11:31:04AM]

Too early for wine...guess I’ll have a coffee instead.
Jolene Gagne
 [05/25 11:25:51AM]

Coffee & Fashion, all a girl needs.
Chelsie Isley
 [05/25 11:25:26AM]

Ahh, perfection!
Jennifer Durasin
 [05/25 11:23:02AM]

Happiness is enjoying the little things in life
Angelee Mora
 [05/25 11:22:25AM]

What’s better then a cup of coffee? ... Some Silver icing of course!
Ashley Singer
 [05/25 11:21:11AM]

Sip into Simple
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 11:17:03AM]

Simply Serene
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 11:16:03AM]

Simply Bliss
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 11:15:44AM]

When your amazed at all the new silver icing items in your closet
Karen devouge
 [05/25 11:15:43AM]

You moment
Lindsey gohmann
 [05/25 11:15:16AM]

Keep it simple, slow it down.
Laura Wells
 [05/25 11:11:49AM]

Becky haywood
 [05/25 11:08:39AM]

Feel This breeze well you sit here and drink tea.
Shannon Aberle
 [05/25 11:07:47AM]

Peaceful bliss
Melanie nickoleff
 [05/25 11:06:54AM]

Uncomplicated moments make every day about savouring simple pleasures.
Michelle Allen
 [05/25 11:05:48AM]

Some things in life are complicated , so let’s keep this simple .........
Nicole Barker
 [05/25 11:05:11AM]

A little me time
Jody Wieler
 [05/25 10:59:36AM]

California Dreamin'
Sally Rolfes
 [05/25 10:57:13AM]

How fast can I drink this before the kids need something?
Krista Gautreau
 [05/25 10:56:45AM]

Hot tee + hot tea = hottie
Nikole Schmelter
 [05/25 10:54:29AM]

In the moment of thoughts
Elizabeth Antao
 [05/25 10:53:53AM]

Better not spill this coffee on my new fave tee...
Lindsey Janssen
 [05/25 10:53:12AM]

If I'm not looking, it's not happening
Lisa Wilson
 [05/25 10:51:50AM]

My shirt said Keep it simple and that’s what I’m gonna do today!
Angela lim
 [05/25 10:47:51AM]

Relaxing in my happy place
Mallory Sandhu
 [05/25 10:47:45AM]

Coffee, tees and jeans. Simple, but so me!
Kylie fitzer
 [05/25 10:44:47AM]

Don’t let anyone tell you that fairytales aren’t real. I drink a potion made from magic beans in magical clothing from my fairy godmother. I mean, Silver Icing stylist.
Amy Tekatch
 [05/25 10:44:01AM]

 [05/25 10:43:42AM]

Daydreamer Believer
Keshia Mouland
 [05/25 10:42:48AM]

If you are not coffee, chocolate, or Silver Icing, I’m going to need you to go away.
Amy Tekatch
 [05/25 10:40:35AM]

“Coffee now, life later...”
Ashlee Plett
 [05/25 10:39:49AM]

Wish my latte order was as simple as this cute tee!!
Jennifer Bennison
 [05/25 10:38:12AM]

All you need is love... and Silver Icing. And a good cup of coffee.
Amy Tekatch
 [05/25 10:38:04AM]

May your coffee be stronger than your toddler
Amy Tekatch
 [05/25 10:35:38AM]

Simplicity at its finest
Jennifer freamon
 [05/25 10:35:23AM]

Morning break
Haley Weston
 [05/25 10:33:14AM]

It's the simple things that count, like the simple fact that half this coffee is Bailey's
Chelsey Herechuk
 [05/25 10:31:40AM]

OOOOH Sweet, Beautiful, Bean Juice, ?You are my savour! Can't wait until I see your evening substitute, fermented Grape Juice ?Hooray for Friday!!!
Chelsey Herechuk
 [05/25 10:28:33AM]

Hmmm, it is payday..., sure why not I will buy all the colors. Keeping it simple.
 [05/25 10:28:25AM]

"I am going to pretend I don't here them, just for a few minutes."
Jamie Fanous
 [05/25 10:25:43AM]

"Taking a moment for some daydreaming"
Jamie Fanous
 [05/25 10:24:54AM]

Hmmm, it is payday..., sure why not I will buy all the colors. Keeping it simple.
 [05/25 10:24:35AM]

Lazy daze
Deb Graham
 [05/25 10:24:19AM]

Simple solitude is refreshing
Pamela Lackey
 [05/25 10:24:06AM]

Morning Delights
Lindsay Dahlen
 [05/25 10:24:02AM]

Life can wait
Angela McIntyre
 [05/25 10:18:13AM]

Keep it Simple. Basic staples for a life that's anything but.
Kelsi Eckford
 [05/25 10:07:57AM]

Enjoy the simple things in life
Kathy Faulkes
 [05/25 10:07:52AM]

Sip it Simple
Marla Mayer
 [05/25 10:07:31AM]

Cherish the moment
Jessica Laroche
 [05/25 10:06:35AM]

Simple Pleasures
Stephanie Davies
 [05/25 10:03:57AM]

Ah! Finally me time!!
Ingrid St Cyr
 [05/25 10:02:09AM]

You can sip with me
Jennifer schmick
 [05/25 9:59:44AM]

Simple Sunday’s
Stephanie Gélineault
 [05/25 9:58:38AM]

Eliminate the unnecessary, drink all the coffee
Dawn Hill
 [05/25 9:58:38AM]

Simple Serenity
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 9:53:34AM]

Simple Pleasures
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 9:53:11AM]

Mornings....great clothes help keep them simple.
Susan Constantine
 [05/25 9:52:36AM]

I wonder if I can hide all my packages before my husband comes home
Heather Arstall
 [05/25 9:50:34AM]

Take a moment, keep it simple, life is complicated enough.
 [05/25 9:50:25AM]

That moment when you take that first sip of coffee..carefully.
Genevieve Snihur
 [05/25 9:46:39AM]

Life doesn't need to be difficult. Let's "keep it simple"
Cherilyn Muilenburg
 [05/25 9:46:29AM]

Too Hot To Handle
Dee Wilson
 [05/25 9:45:01AM]

“At least chosing great clothes is simple” ; “It’s ok if I spill this coffee, I bought ALL the colours” ;
Susan Constantine
 [05/25 9:43:56AM]

After going on a serious Silver Icing shopping spree — “ Well... that happened... hopefully he doesn’t look at the bank account anytime soon!” ??
Kristi Oudenampsen
 [05/25 9:43:47AM]

"Coffee please" oh wait that's a different top!!
Brandi Black
 [05/25 9:43:15AM]

"Wonder if that top comes in Blue"
Brandi Black
 [05/25 9:42:12AM]

Cozy time out with class!
Vicki Hanson
 [05/25 9:39:16AM]

Comfy Chic
Larissa Warford
 [05/25 9:31:34AM]

Tanya Souter
 [05/25 9:31:17AM]

Quiet, Coffee & Comfort... every Mom’s dream.
 [05/25 9:31:02AM]

Tranquil Moments
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 9:30:52AM]

“Calm before the storm”
Megan Adelman
 [05/25 9:27:54AM]

Rainy days co.fy cozy.and relaxed
Linda assiginack
 [05/25 9:27:34AM]

The best adventures start with a simple morning.
Melissa McNeil
 [05/25 9:26:20AM]

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things.
Angela Smiley
 [05/25 9:25:31AM]

Happy Mother’s Day to me!
Renee Fowler
 [05/25 9:25:09AM]

Morning vibes
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:24:59AM]

Mommy break
Krista Brzezicki
 [05/25 9:24:08AM]

All things are possible with coffee and a cute outfit
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:24:03AM]

Serenity now!
Danielle Everson
 [05/25 9:23:36AM]

Great start to the day in this just Keep It Simple Top!
Lisa Dobsky
 [05/25 9:23:24AM]

effortlessly cool. Like this coffee you didn't get to drink until lunchtime.
Kelsi Eckford
 [05/25 9:23:14AM]

Comfort and coffee to start your day
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:22:07AM]

Comfort and coffee
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:21:26AM]

The exact moment when everything is ON SPOT
Tammy Tingley
 [05/25 9:21:24AM]

A pop of colour and some coffee is all you need
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:20:21AM]

Life’s perfect simple moments
Tammy Tingley
 [05/25 9:20:13AM]

But first coffee!
Siobhan Smeets
 [05/25 9:20:02AM]

Cupful of Bliss
Celeste Kallis
 [05/25 9:19:10AM]

“Coffee & Chill”, “comfy, coffee, chill”
Louise vukas
 [05/25 9:18:58AM]

All things are possible with a comfy tee and coffee
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:18:39AM]

Insert coffee to begin
Carrissa rice
 [05/25 9:17:17AM]

Go with the flo tee
Chantelle Paulson
 [05/25 9:17:04AM]

"The moment when you're avoiding eye contact after telling your spouse how much money you just spent at Silver Icing"
Lexie Becker
 [05/25 9:16:41AM]

and then I spilt my coffee all over me. Good thing I bought all the colours!
Eunice Tiesma
 [05/25 9:15:12AM]

Enjoying those 5 simple minutes of peace and quiet
Lacey Johndon
 [05/25 9:14:50AM]

Is it Friday yet?
sheelah tomljanovich
 [05/25 9:14:25AM]

Coffee and comfy clothes.. .keeping moms going one day at a time
Janna Poole
 [05/25 9:13:51AM]

This coffee better be strong
Jackie Burton
 [05/25 9:12:41AM]

Simple Bliss
sheelah tomljanovich
 [05/25 9:12:19AM]

If you daydream about it buy it
Brandi Black
 [05/25 9:10:31AM]

If I left now, I could be in Hawaii by tonight...
Emily Buss
 [05/25 9:10:22AM]

Glad I’m not in NFLD. I don’t need to wear a snowsuit.
Veronica Keenan
 [05/25 9:10:11AM]

Sweet and Simple
Sherry Nickle
 [05/25 9:09:55AM]

I can get threw this day
Dena arsenault
 [05/25 9:09:43AM]

Jennifer Hahn
 [05/25 9:09:42AM]

Everyday casual comfy
Alty Kanten
 [05/25 9:09:30AM]

It’s a t-shirt and jeans kinda day
Julie Peeman
 [05/25 9:09:28AM]

Life is simple
Brandi Black
 [05/25 9:07:59AM]

What every mom boss wishes for...a hot coffee!!
Jessica Thompson
 [05/25 9:06:53AM]

Keep it real. Keep it simple.
Angela Grocholski
 [05/25 9:06:40AM]

Simply basic
Shannon mulligan
 [05/25 9:06:38AM]

But first ... Coffee!
Megan Curry
 [05/25 9:06:24AM]

Lifes too short to wear boring shirts
Brandi Black
 [05/25 9:06:18AM]

Sippin’ on casual
Tara Clugston
 [05/25 9:05:56AM]

Keeping it simple
Julie Peeman
 [05/25 9:05:50AM]

Simply the Best
Julie Peeman
 [05/25 9:05:11AM]

Simply the best start of the day!
Julie Peeman
 [05/25 9:04:33AM]

Spring it Forward!
Andreia Florea
 [05/25 9:04:28AM]

Paradise in a cup
Ashley Sylvester
 [05/25 9:02:36AM]

"Got my SI, got my coffee. It's going to be a great day"
Susan Pelletier
 [05/25 9:01:57AM]

Boy this tea is hot, I am sure glad I decided to keep it simple and wear this cool, flowing top.
 [05/25 8:56:31AM]

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