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I Got You Babe Oversized Jean Jacket
July 13, 2018

It’s contest time again! Give us your best caption for this photo of our new trendy oversized, distressed denim jacket launching next week for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight OR comment on our Instagram post (@silver_icing) with your best caption by Sunday, July 15th at 9am (PST).

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

Silver Icing Caption This Contest: I Got You Babe Oversized Jean Jacket

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Total Entries: 360
Congratulations to Laura Moore, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Life is too short, but this denim jacket is not!"

Live. Laugh. Love denim jacket
Jenna Campbell
 [07/15 8:50:41AM]

Denim dreamin'
Jenna Campbell
 [07/15 8:48:10AM]

Distressed not stressed!
Valerie Gudmundson
 [07/15 8:27:41AM]

My jacket is distressed, but nothing will stress me out!
Valerie Gudmundson
 [07/15 8:26:34AM]

Living denim dreams jacket
Erin Levesque
 [07/15 8:24:02AM]

I got no blues denim jacket
Erin Levesque
 [07/15 8:23:36AM]

Just thought I would look AWESOME today!!
Paula Bass
 [07/15 7:52:28AM]

what is he doing? Is that what I think it is?
Christie murchison
 [07/15 5:06:43AM]

Denim days of summer
Janet McAninch
 [07/15 4:05:20AM]

this is what denim dreams are made of!
Janet McAninch
 [07/15 4:04:30AM]

Just jean-ing around jacket
Andrea Fast
 [07/15 12:06:03AM]

City daze
Natasha mayes
 [07/14 11:16:41PM]

Blue jean kind of night
Natasha Mayes
 [07/14 11:16:08PM]

50 Shades of Blue Jean
Natasha Mayes
 [07/14 11:15:28PM]

Walk This Kay
Heidi Isherwood
 [07/14 9:16:36PM]

Love this, need this!
Ellen Cleverdon
 [07/14 8:55:17PM]

Classic Comfort or timeless comfort
Lisa Brodie
 [07/14 8:50:20PM]

Diane Voisin
 [07/14 7:08:56PM]

Love is in the wear
Suzann Rees
 [07/14 7:03:31PM]

distressed and impressed
April berry
 [07/14 6:56:40PM]

When in doubt, wear denim.
Kim Metcalfe
 [07/14 6:55:16PM]

Beyond Lengths Denim Jacket
Lindsay Hanson
 [07/14 6:45:02PM]

It’s too Sonny to Cher my denim silver icing jacket! ?
Darren Moore
 [07/14 6:43:11PM]

Be a Weekend Wanderer!
Suzann Rees
 [07/14 6:39:47PM]

Life is too short, but this denim jacket is not!! ?
Laura Moore
 [07/14 6:34:05PM] look HOT!
Sherri McEwen
 [07/14 6:25:18PM]

Denim is a love that never fades ?
Laura Moore
 [07/14 6:16:08PM]

Denim is the new Silver ?
Laura Moore
 [07/14 6:14:44PM]

Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it!
Natasha Zenhenko
 [07/14 6:08:02PM]

Canadian Tuxedo
Laura Penny
 [07/14 5:11:55PM]

Long ‘n Lean Jean Queen
Carol Soldan
 [07/14 4:59:47PM]

Demin Dream Jacket
Rosanna Desjardins
 [07/14 4:37:18PM]

Cool summer days call for denim
Lyndsey Baker
 [07/14 4:36:40PM]

Walking in denim perfection
Lindy Thom
 [07/14 4:36:24PM]

I'ma live in it
Andrea mugleston
 [07/14 4:30:10PM]

Denim, my denim. Wear have you been?
Ingrid Willey
 [07/14 4:03:02PM]

Rugged splendor
Shelley Cressy-Hassel
 [07/14 4:02:55PM]

A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll!
Erin Camp
 [07/14 3:42:48PM]

Multiplicity Denim Jacket
Eileen Sanderson
 [07/14 3:28:56PM]

No stress, just distressed!!
Vickie Freiburger
 [07/14 3:14:54PM]

Ditch the dude - not the denim!
Aimee Tyrrell
 [07/14 3:00:42PM]

A lot Country girl with a touch of Class !
X Tayor
 [07/14 2:49:16PM]

Kickin' it Old School
kari kalinin
 [07/14 2:43:12PM]

Cowboy Got Your Heart
Ashley Domagala
 [07/14 2:42:14PM]

Wicket! Demon just for me.
Norma Sears
 [07/14 2:03:06PM]

"Oops I did it's in my cart....but I have no shame" try saying it without singing it ?
Lindsay Gibson
 [07/14 1:44:04PM]

Babe I promise this isn’t new it’s vintage
Kari Petrin
 [07/14 1:36:46PM]

Business in front ~ Party in back
Tracy Wainright
 [07/14 1:32:04PM]

Wall to Wall Denim
Dyanne Jack
 [07/14 1:20:25PM]

Finally! A Modern, Sweater-Length Denim Jacket. Who needs anything else?
Debbie Brown
 [07/14 1:08:54PM]

Coffee, sunnies, oversized denim. All you need for a perfect day!
Erin McKendry
 [07/14 12:59:47PM]

Feelin The Vibes Jean Jacket
Ray Rowland
 [07/14 12:58:00PM]

Dynamic Denim
Lauri kuemper
 [07/14 12:52:25PM]

"no blues here"jacket
valerie McPherson
 [07/14 12:42:45PM]

Distinguished Denim
Ina Holmen
 [07/14 12:38:04PM]

Denim Dreamin' on a Summer Day
Ingrid st cyr
 [07/14 12:27:18PM]

Blissful babe
 [07/14 12:24:08PM]

Do or Die Denim
Jenn McBride
 [07/14 12:14:01PM]

Boardwalk babe
Noelle austin
 [07/14 12:09:41PM]

Cover your butt - with style!
Kirsten McLaren
 [07/14 12:08:03PM]

Quarter length distressed denim jacket
Cristina Paiva
 [07/14 12:06:12PM]

Life is a walk in the park!
Jill Gelston
 [07/14 11:36:57AM]

Wearing SI never looked so good!
Jill Gelston
 [07/14 11:36:15AM]

Looking this good is a walk in the park
Candice Crosby
 [07/14 11:04:58AM]

Oceanside denim
Rebekka wicklund
 [07/14 10:51:08AM]

Dynamically Done Deal in Denim
Lois Thatcher
 [07/14 10:50:03AM]

My Denim Dream
Cathy Lovelace
 [07/14 10:48:41AM]

Denim Jersey Jacket
Stacy Lamoureux
 [07/14 10:26:49AM]

Denim Boyfriend Jacket
Stacy Lamoureux
 [07/14 10:22:48AM]

Ready for Anything
Drbbi Kellett
 [07/14 10:21:24AM]

Denim my happy place
Cindy Bird
 [07/14 9:56:26AM]

Borrowed from Bae
Sarah Baker
 [07/14 9:31:59AM]

Long Summer days paired with my long denim jacket... It doesn't get any better!
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [07/14 9:03:22AM]

Breakfast club bender jacker
Jacquelyn roosenboom
 [07/14 9:01:30AM]

Denim Comfort Jacket
Amy Snippa
 [07/14 9:00:29AM]

Forever in Blue Jeans Babe
Dana Elliott
 [07/14 8:57:22AM]

Music Festival Ready
Sonja Keller
 [07/14 8:41:39AM]

Diamond in the rough
Cheryl Weir
 [07/14 8:40:54AM]

On trend distressed denim
Ashley graham
 [07/14 7:39:47AM]

Oh got it girl
Moira Swiatek
 [07/14 7:24:19AM]

Live. Laugh. Denim.
Stefanie Godfrey
 [07/14 6:55:44AM]

In the right denim a girl can conquer the world....
Stefanie Godfrey
 [07/14 6:54:35AM]

Denim is a love that never fades
Stefanie Godfrey
 [07/14 6:53:17AM]

Denim: Will take you anywhere and everywhere you could imagine.
Julie Mimeault
 [07/14 6:48:17AM]

Take a walk on the blue side
Julie Mimeault
 [07/14 6:44:20AM]

Denim Gem
Desiree Kasbrick
 [07/14 6:26:59AM]

This coffee is good, but not as hot as my jacket.
Morgan Gebhardt
 [07/14 6:23:19AM]

Jeanious jacket
Diana Murray
 [07/14 5:49:54AM]

Everything's better in Denim
Bev Rodrigues
 [07/14 5:48:05AM]

Never taking this off EVER!
Stacey Bovingdon
 [07/14 5:26:49AM]

Summer day walk
Melissa Quenneville
 [07/14 4:53:04AM]

Dress denim
Sally S
 [07/14 3:56:14AM]

A new style jean jacket that you've never ever seen before...
Julie Gosse
 [07/14 3:38:37AM]

Distressed diva denim
Lindsay MacIsaac
 [07/14 12:47:49AM]

Daisy Dukes Denim Jacket
Cindy Puskas
 [07/14 12:45:12AM]

Daisy Duke Deninm Jacket
Cindy Puskas
 [07/14 12:44:22AM]

Longer Than Daisy Dukes
Cindy Puskas
 [07/14 12:43:09AM]

 [07/14 12:11:34AM]

Turn heads and enjoy a coffee break in this beautiful oversized, distressed denim jacket.
Tegwen Doering
 [07/13 11:27:56PM]

Denim daze
Shellie obrien
 [07/13 11:04:16PM]

Couldn't be happier, comfier or more stylish in this jacket!
 [07/13 10:32:22PM]

If the jacket fits, wear it girl!
Tasha Mijinke
 [07/13 10:31:30PM]

Forever in Blue Jeans Jacket a must have whether you dress it up or dress it down
Janet George
 [07/13 10:31:23PM]

You can never have enough denim...jackets
Megan Stillinger
 [07/13 10:23:31PM]

Fabulous free spirit gal
Lucie Vecchio
 [07/13 10:13:35PM]

Summertime and the livin’ is easy ?
Lindsay geist
 [07/13 10:05:23PM]

I know what tomorrow’s presale is... I keep all my secrets in my jacket pocket.
Kayla Lutz
 [07/13 9:57:31PM]

Distressed to impressed
Diamond Warnock
 [07/13 9:34:19PM]

I’ll take this denim to go please!
Alyssa Fahie
 [07/13 9:27:03PM]

Over the blues
Rayell Mills
 [07/13 9:03:56PM]

Boyfriend jean meet denim jacket
Brittany Wolowidnyk
 [07/13 8:50:52PM]

Casual never looked so good!
Simone King
 [07/13 8:45:02PM]

Ready for the Calgary stampede!
Leanne Ejsymont
 [07/13 8:38:03PM]

Stole his jacket, now it’s mine!
Charlene Petryshyn
 [07/13 8:36:25PM]

Take the long way/I got u covered
 [07/13 8:27:38PM]

De-stress in Distressed Denim
Kelsey Ewen
 [07/13 8:21:35PM]

Bayside Beach Babe
Angela Roberts
 [07/13 8:19:39PM]

Just another day in my Jean Jacket
Dustin Parker
 [07/13 8:14:48PM]

A morning walk
Courtney Parker
 [07/13 8:12:24PM]

Saturday Morning Comfortable
Bonita Hus
 [07/13 8:09:37PM]

Grab and Go with confidence in this distressed boyfriend jacket and instantly look Cool, Casual, and Chic.
Lori Martin
 [07/13 7:51:00PM]

Feeling relaxed and ready to go!
Tina Bussey
 [07/13 7:47:42PM]

The jacket I’m wearing, I bought it! Cuz I depend on me!
Andrea Scozzafava
 [07/13 7:47:01PM]

On the go!
Melanie Lee
 [07/13 7:45:35PM]

Ready for anything !
Amy chow
 [07/13 7:39:06PM]

Denim distress comfort
Rhonda Ebbert
 [07/13 7:32:12PM]

Patina Jean classic and timeless
Correen Tippett
 [07/13 7:26:02PM]

I’m ready, let’s do this!
Allana Bruce
 [07/13 7:20:09PM]

Patina Jeana
Correen Tippett
 [07/13 7:20:04PM]

Walk this way!
Diana Fournier
 [07/13 7:15:01PM]

Feelin’ Free
Tracy Merling
 [07/13 7:04:23PM]

The long rider - for all those bikers out there
Carolyn Potts
 [07/13 7:04:19PM]

Painted Denim Dreams
Trish Bichon
 [07/13 7:01:56PM]

Sea side denim
Meaghan Schreader
 [07/13 6:58:58PM]

The girl next door at it's best...
Margaret Theofanis
 [07/13 6:29:03PM]

Dress it up, dress it down. This jacket is the perfect piece for any occasion!
Jessie Brewer
 [07/13 6:26:17PM]

Longing for Denim
Tina Robidoux
 [07/13 6:12:50PM]

In the right denim a girl can conquer the world
Lesley Skinner
 [07/13 6:03:06PM]

Dressed in denim
Sydney Nolan
 [07/13 5:53:58PM]

Best denim in and around town
Yvonne Friedt
 [07/13 5:42:29PM]

Distressed For Less Denim Jacket
Denise McKinley
 [07/13 5:37:46PM]

Distress free
Christina Beattie
 [07/13 5:35:38PM]

Oh finally! I don’t need to borrow my daughters jacket!
Vivian Tsang
 [07/13 5:30:34PM]

Happiness is...a beautiful day, a smile on my face and THIS jacket!
Deborah Salyn
 [07/13 5:22:07PM]

A hot coffee and a hawt jacket, essentials for your everyday.
Jacqueline Dawe
 [07/13 5:15:17PM]

"True I love you"
Camille Borysewicz
 [07/13 5:15:06PM]

Denim glam late night party plan.
Katie O'Brien
 [07/13 5:08:21PM]

Fuelled by caffeine and a hot look.
Heather Vita
 [07/13 5:06:58PM]

Never cool on a summer night
Laura Travers
 [07/13 5:02:18PM]

Left his heart in sanfransico but I took his jacket
Laura Travers
 [07/13 5:01:28PM]

More Demin more fashion
Julie traverse
 [07/13 4:47:43PM]

Denim Daydreaming For Days
sheelah tomljanovich
 [07/13 4:44:10PM]

Super “Denim” woman
Michelle Fowler
 [07/13 4:25:55PM]

Dreaming In Denim
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [07/13 4:22:42PM]

Jackets are life!
Ashley porter
 [07/13 4:19:41PM]

Denim is the lifestyle
Bonnie Tetlock
 [07/13 4:14:38PM]

Jesse’s Girl Denim Jacket
Katie Thiessen
 [07/13 4:00:56PM]

I didn’t even know I loved you until I saw you
Amanda Burt
 [07/13 3:59:49PM]

Easy, breezy, beautiful Canadian mornings!!
Nancy Twist
 [07/13 3:59:43PM]

The coat/jacket/cardigan for all seasons
Joan Barnscher
 [07/13 3:59:36PM]

Denim for days
Mandi Rushton
 [07/13 3:51:15PM]

When life gives you it off.
Susan Constantine
 [07/13 3:39:23PM]

I’m just happy I got the last jean jacket on
Nikki Weightman
 [07/13 3:38:10PM]

Everyone’s so busy admiring my jacket that they have no idea this is my third coffee today”
Nikki Weightman
 [07/13 3:36:45PM]

short skirt and a long jacket
Shannon santori
 [07/13 3:34:56PM]

Denim me some fabulous
Julie Lancaster
 [07/13 3:17:44PM]

The perfect distressed to destress!
Tracey Marcil
 [07/13 3:15:46PM]

When you have it all and just need the perfect denim jacket.
Tracey Marcil
 [07/13 3:13:49PM]

“Little black dress approved!”
Laina Rodney
 [07/13 3:06:26PM]

Simply Beautiful
Amanda yliruusi
 [07/13 3:01:20PM]

Feel like a Monday? Look like a Friday!
Anastasia Lanthier
 [07/13 2:49:46PM]

Tara Borrelli
 [07/13 2:49:45PM]

boyfriend jacket look with a twist!
karine payant
 [07/13 2:49:40PM]

Summer vibes, cool as a cumcumber, yes please
Tara Borrelli
 [07/13 2:48:35PM]

You know you want it!
Tammy Noel
 [07/13 2:44:56PM]

When In Doubt Wear Denim
Carla Radke
 [07/13 2:42:42PM]

OVERSIZED! (in your best Mary Katherine Gallagher Voice)
Melody Duncan
 [07/13 2:34:46PM]

Dianne Lascelle
 [07/13 2:29:10PM]

I am speechless
Melanie Johnston
 [07/13 2:27:36PM]

Super cool jean jacket for everyday ?
Joey Ross
 [07/13 2:24:08PM]

Sometimes length DOES matter...
Amy Tekatch
 [07/13 2:22:27PM]

Denim coffee beautiful morning priceless
Lori Stauber
 [07/13 2:20:01PM]

Sometimes it's all about the length!
Cori Simmonds
 [07/13 2:17:42PM]

Denim Delight
Johanna Cudmore
 [07/13 2:13:41PM]

“I Got You Babe” oversized denim jacket, a wardrobe must for a night out or to a walk in the park.
Lana Dobrinski
 [07/13 2:13:06PM]

Distressed comfort ooh la la
Colette Tunke
 [07/13 2:08:50PM]

Hot shot
Channelle Zaichkowsky
 [07/13 2:08:15PM]

I’ve got you coffee
Emily Rempel
 [07/13 1:59:30PM]

The only thing distressed here is my denim
Breesie McCrudden
 [07/13 1:54:35PM]

Blessed Distressed (correction)
Laurie e
 [07/13 1:50:57PM]

Blesses Distressed
Laurie Dolinsky
 [07/13 1:46:14PM]

Big Blue
Judy Samis
 [07/13 1:45:45PM]

Denim Dreams jacket
Andreia Florea
 [07/13 1:39:55PM]

Coffee is my love... Silver Icing is my passion.
Shari MacLellan
 [07/13 1:38:10PM]

Yes, I just woke up! No, you can’t tell ;)
Charity Neilson
 [07/13 1:37:19PM]

Country distressed meet city glam?
Becky Stothart
 [07/13 1:31:26PM]

Jean Me Blue
Lee "Leanne" Ortynski
 [07/13 1:31:25PM]

Blue lagoon Denim jacket
Leah Badry
 [07/13 1:27:53PM]

The Where's my walkman jacket.
Julene Sawatzky
 [07/13 1:24:32PM]

Coffee Time chic!!!
Janice Hunt
 [07/13 1:17:46PM]

I like that jacket!
Montanne Patterson
 [07/13 1:14:42PM]

A damsel in denim
Crystal O’Kelly
 [07/13 1:10:14PM]

Denim Jacket of my Dreams
Eveline Mamer
 [07/13 1:09:27PM]

Nothin' like a denim jacket and a stroll by the water
Haley Weston
 [07/13 1:03:40PM]

Denim danger
Tanya Thiessen
 [07/13 1:03:21PM]

Down with denim
Tanya Thiessen
 [07/13 1:02:46PM]

Daring Denim Jacket
 [07/13 12:55:16PM]

When distressed is a good thing!
Julie Meikle
 [07/13 12:52:24PM]

I love Jean Jacket
Sylvainne Poitras
 [07/13 12:49:35PM]

Denim Doll the way!
Kelly dykes
 [07/13 12:46:47PM]

Denim is a love that never fades
Theressa McDonald
 [07/13 12:40:42PM]

Better then your Boyfriends Jean Jacket
Suzanne Pasjack
 [07/13 12:32:17PM]

Self love: the confidence to walk away and rock your style
Reema rafay
 [07/13 12:31:29PM]

No boyfriend needed
Kristen Schiefke
 [07/13 12:29:40PM]

Denim is a way of life
Melissa Levesque
 [07/13 12:28:33PM]

The damsel in denim
Melissa Levesque
 [07/13 12:27:12PM]

Street sleek, country calling ,
 [07/13 12:26:17PM]

Denimlicious Jacket
Lacey Dawn Doman
 [07/13 12:24:30PM]

Feeling dainty in my oversized denim
Natalie Plastino
 [07/13 12:22:15PM]

Don't Let them say, your jacket's too long, With Denim, You can't go wrong!
Cassandra Obritsch
 [07/13 12:21:19PM]

Totally Rad
Lori Wright
 [07/13 12:21:13PM]

Country Chic & City Sleek
Nikita Ambrosio
 [07/13 12:20:50PM]

City Girl, Chic Country Feels.
Wendy Unrau
 [07/13 12:17:17PM]

Denim is a love that never fades.
Cassandra Obritsch
 [07/13 12:17:07PM]

The perfect jacket
Danielle Pilon
 [07/13 12:16:55PM]

Midsummer stroll #style#silvericingstyle
Stephanie Hollett
 [07/13 12:16:39PM]

Sweet Street
Robyn St Onge
 [07/13 12:16:20PM]

Be cool, comfy and relaxed.
Margaret Paglaro
 [07/13 12:14:44PM]

Denim Darlin’ Jacket
Kayla Dyck
 [07/13 12:14:07PM]

My perfect for everything denim jacket
Darlene Ayers
 [07/13 12:03:57PM]

Country sheik
Melinda wood
 [07/13 11:57:17AM]

Denim Jacket Heaven! ?
Laurie Pampu
 [07/13 11:54:57AM]

My every where jacket! Love the look of denim!
Katie Dalling
 [07/13 11:42:54AM]

Denim...good for the soul!
Trish Schram
 [07/13 11:40:24AM]

Boardwalk Babe
Crystal Schouten
 [07/13 11:40:13AM]

Confidence served with coffee
Lindsay Crown
 [07/13 11:39:04AM]

Oversize me baby
Katie Gasemy
 [07/13 11:32:29AM]

Wrap me up in denim
Katie Gasemy
 [07/13 11:32:02AM]

Mom jeans are out but mom jeans jackets are soo in!!
Amanda Freiburger
 [07/13 11:31:39AM]

A little bit country and a little bit rock n roll
Janice Robinson
 [07/13 11:26:13AM]

Distressed Diva Denim Jacket
Lyndsie Smit
 [07/13 11:25:58AM]

At long last denim jacket
Janice Robinson
 [07/13 11:22:36AM]

Dis is the life
Jennifer Klassen
 [07/13 11:22:27AM]

There ain’t no denim like the one I got
Jennifer Klassen
 [07/13 11:09:58AM]

Forever Denim Jack
Janice Dongworth
 [07/13 11:07:39AM]

Boardwalk Babe
Cassandra Stebbe
 [07/13 11:07:31AM]

Busted me with a non-skinny latte
Erin Harris
 [07/13 11:06:26AM]

Denim never looked so good!
Jennifer Klassen
 [07/13 11:06:13AM]

I'll take my coffee to go. I'm on the Highway to the Danger Zone.
Kyla Bailie
 [07/13 11:04:18AM]

Feeling Cuddly
Carole Mullen
 [07/13 10:59:02AM]

Casual in Comfort
Judy Conrad
 [07/13 10:58:08AM]

?I feel pretty, oh so pretty?
Kelly Friess
 [07/13 10:57:45AM]

Loving my trendy long denim jacket, perfect for Fall and pairs awesome with any outfit
Shawna Wagner
 [07/13 10:57:10AM]

"Feels just like sleeve to my Rocket Fuel"
Laurel Ganert
 [07/13 10:57:05AM]

denim, coffee, beach lovin'
Ashley Maida
 [07/13 10:52:54AM]

This view’s got nothin on me!
Tracy Gray
 [07/13 10:48:15AM]

No Stress over dis!
Jilian Chueden
 [07/13 10:46:01AM]

Livin’ the life
Stephanie Ayers
 [07/13 10:44:14AM]

Forget Denim Dan... say hello to Denim Danita!!!!!
Kim mcmeckan
 [07/13 10:43:40AM]

Denim for days jacket
Tammy Hearn
 [07/13 10:42:42AM]

Enjoying my morning coffee in the cool seaside breeze. Good thing I brought my fave jacket!
Karin Peterson
 [07/13 10:42:28AM]

Dressed in denim and living my best life
Jennifer Drader
 [07/13 10:40:41AM]

My “Go Everywhere” jacket
Carole Rancourt
 [07/13 10:40:01AM]

Billie jean, boardwalk babe, sweet summer, summer lovin’
Tara Borrelli
 [07/13 10:39:19AM]

Country glam
Tara Borrelli
 [07/13 10:37:11AM]

Jean jacket jealousy
Vicky McCahon
 [07/13 10:35:15AM]

Sunny and Share...(Not a chance)
Kali Bernst
 [07/13 10:27:17AM]

Best day ever!
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [07/13 10:27:13AM]

Candy paint with white on top
Daina McGowan
 [07/13 10:26:47AM]

Basking in the Friday mood ??
Aurelia Aprince
 [07/13 10:26:35AM]

Take a picture, it lasts longer
Kali Bernst
 [07/13 10:26:34AM]

“Retro”spectively Distressed Denim Jacket
Teena Huston
 [07/13 10:24:31AM]

Country Girl with City style
Kali Bernst
 [07/13 10:23:48AM]

I'm so happy and comfy in my denim jacket! Life can't get any better than this!
Linda Thompson
 [07/13 10:23:38AM]

Good Morning Demi
Julie Peeman
 [07/13 10:22:26AM]

Denim à la mode jacket
Meagan Sarrazin
 [07/13 10:21:19AM]

country comfort city class
Gerri Toews
 [07/13 10:20:41AM]

Just chillaxin’ in style
Pam Walsh
 [07/13 10:19:48AM]

My husband thinks I won this!!
Nicole Smith
 [07/13 10:19:30AM]

Eh! Jacket
Kayla Vargo
 [07/13 10:17:22AM]

Patricia Plumpton
 [07/13 10:15:36AM]

Distressed to the Nines!!
Kim Wyant
 [07/13 10:14:44AM]

Sunday morning Bliss
Angela Jones
 [07/13 10:14:43AM]

Don’t Stress...Distress!
Celeste Kallis
 [07/13 10:13:03AM]

Just the right denim for a stroll along the boardwalk !
Tracey Marcil
 [07/13 10:12:57AM]

Beauty in denim
Angela Dube
 [07/13 10:12:42AM]

No Stress In Distressed Denim
Celeste Kallis
 [07/13 10:12:30AM]

campfire chic
Gerri Toews
 [07/13 10:12:29AM]

country born city bred :)
Gerri Toews
 [07/13 10:11:25AM]

posh country
Gerri Toews
 [07/13 10:10:55AM]

Chasing miss daisy-layed back grunge chic !
Shelby Dingwall
 [07/13 10:09:58AM]

You ready to Rock? I’m ready to Roll!
Jen Brandner
 [07/13 10:09:18AM]

Road Trippin' Jacket
Carol Balcome
 [07/13 10:08:51AM]

Country comes to the city with this great denim jacket!
 [07/13 10:08:15AM]

camfire chic
Gerri Toews
 [07/13 10:07:37AM]

Cool morning walk
Sheila Franklin
 [07/13 10:05:52AM]

Did someone say wine?
Rachel burns
 [07/13 10:04:09AM]

Blue jeans barefoot night
Tiffany Crawford
 [07/13 10:03:45AM]

Distress diva
Stacey pitsos
 [07/13 9:59:57AM]

Blue Waters!
Pamela Valente
 [07/13 9:57:55AM]

Denim the City
Cindy Palmer
 [07/13 9:56:08AM]

Putting the "jeans" in "jean"ious jacket that has you covered wherever you go.
Alana Noel
 [07/13 9:54:29AM]

Dolled up in denim
Kirsten Confectioner
 [07/13 9:53:20AM]

I've got you covered with the best
Donna Savage
 [07/13 9:52:32AM]

Blue jean baby
Stacey Pitsos
 [07/13 9:51:58AM]

Style is a way to say who you are without having to say it out loud!!
Julie clement
 [07/13 9:51:39AM]

Distressed to look my best
Cherilyn Muilenburg
 [07/13 9:50:35AM]

Boardwalk ready
Michelle Allen
 [07/13 9:49:18AM]

I've got the right stuff
Whitney Feragen
 [07/13 9:48:16AM]

Loving my boyfriends style
Linsey demontigny
 [07/13 9:45:15AM]

DENIM im beautiful
Lindsay Collins
 [07/13 9:44:55AM]

Country loving turned chic
Linsey DeMontigny
 [07/13 9:40:36AM]

Easy Breezy Jacket
Alicja Carreiro
 [07/13 9:39:07AM]

Beautiful clothes, Beautiful Day, Beautiful Scenery, could it get any Better
Marsha Foster
 [07/13 9:38:54AM]

Where’ve you been all my life!
Terri Horan
 [07/13 9:38:53AM]

Forever in Blue Jeans Babe
Tiffany Cherry
 [07/13 9:38:34AM]

It’s about time!
Terri Horan
 [07/13 9:37:49AM]

Living my best life with denim, coffee and oceanside walks
Marysia Waritsky
 [07/13 9:37:46AM]

Boyfriends Blue
Jamie Graham
 [07/13 9:36:17AM]

Morning walks have never been better on the boardwalk with a coffee in hand and my super cute Jean Jacket.
Jindy Popoff
 [07/13 9:34:08AM]

Dress in Distressed Jacket
Alissa Matheson
 [07/13 9:32:14AM]

In the right Denim you Can Conquer Anything
Linda Genaille
 [07/13 9:31:25AM]

Just out for a rip ....
Melissa kinaschuk
 [07/13 9:31:02AM]

overflowing with joy
Victoria Harrison
 [07/13 9:27:09AM]

Coffee check..Jean Jacket check..#silver icing living
Ashley Rudek
 [07/13 9:26:55AM]

Stay *Silver*,Ponyboy!
Kaitlin Wouters
 [07/13 9:26:17AM]

Distressed and obsessed jacket
Leaha Woods
 [07/13 9:24:39AM]

Jeantabulous jacket
Sharon Groeneveld
 [07/13 9:24:37AM]

Evening stroll Denim Jacket
Michelle Ferguson
 [07/13 9:24:19AM]

Tear and Wear Chic
Carmela Slade
 [07/13 9:23:58AM]

Class with sass
Alty Kanten
 [07/13 9:23:21AM]

A little edge with a side order of feminine flare!
Lori Lafreniere
 [07/13 9:20:57AM]

Denise Dan jacket
Kayla maygard
 [07/13 9:20:53AM]

Mine all mine!!!
Raena Phelps
 [07/13 9:18:32AM]

I cant believe my summers aren't spent in denim
Elizabeth Antao
 [07/13 9:17:51AM]

If Canadian Tuxedo's are wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Katie Nickerson
 [07/13 9:17:34AM]

Smile, the world is watching you!
Lindsay Geist
 [07/13 9:17:19AM]

Daringly distressed denim jacket
Leaha Woods
 [07/13 9:16:46AM]

Spring Colours: Denim, Summer Colours: Denim, Fall colours: Denim, Winter Colours: Denim
Katie Nickerson
 [07/13 9:16:32AM]

Take the long way home
Amy Tekatch
 [07/13 9:15:24AM]

Forever mine denim jacket
Lisa Griffith
 [07/13 9:15:24AM]

Hole in One Denim Jacket
Leaha Woods
 [07/13 9:13:28AM]

Summer lovin’
Brandi Hodgins
 [07/13 9:12:54AM]

Dreamy denim jacket
Leaha Woods
 [07/13 9:12:38AM]

You know you want it!
Lizanne Roy
 [07/13 9:12:31AM]

"Oh you don't know about Silver Icing? Poor thing"
Lisa Smit
 [07/13 9:12:27AM]

Look at me
Marie Hartman
 [07/13 9:12:26AM]

Sunday, fun day!
Brandi Hodgins
 [07/13 9:12:24AM]

Far From Distressed
Christina Holland
 [07/13 9:11:50AM]

Weekend vibes
Brandi Hodgins
 [07/13 9:11:44AM]

That 70s Jacket
Leaha Woods
 [07/13 9:11:02AM]

Distressed in my Best, living my best distressed life,
Lacey roberts
 [07/13 9:10:33AM]

Coffee, shades... I’ve got it made ??
Ashlee murray
 [07/13 9:09:27AM]

Finally! A long denim Jacket!
Bev Vermeulen
 [07/13 9:08:14AM]

Distressed Denim Boyfriend Jacket
Katrina Burden
 [07/13 9:08:11AM]

Comfy Blues
Joan Setz
 [07/13 9:07:02AM]

Denim diva
Francine Fowler
 [07/13 9:06:41AM]

Livin on the edge
Janette kent
 [07/13 9:05:26AM]

Not your boyfriends jacket
Amanda Kaselkat
 [07/13 9:03:09AM]

This isn’t just coffee...
Sarah Kilmartin
 [07/13 9:02:09AM]

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