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Captain Jen Sparrow
October 9, 2020

Silver Icing Caption This: Captain Jen Sparrow

It’s contest time again! Time to get cute and creative! Give us your best Halloween inspired caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Monday, October 12 at 9AM PST.

All featured products will be on sale for 48 hours because who says we can’t dress up for Halloween this year?! Whether you’re dressing up to go to work, for a spooky Zoom meeting or for a family night in, we’ve got the cutest pirate costume for you, using Silver Icing pieces of course!

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

NOTE: Caption This contest for first image only. Supporting images to be used at your leisure.

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Total Entries: 275
Congratulations to Debbie Szwaczka, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Argh, while I am ZIPPING PRETTY during these CAREFREE DAYS on me pirate ship, I am plotting my next adventure. Perhaps I will STOMP AROUND and be RIGHT ON TIME to get my Halloween loot!"

Arrg! I spy something pretty
Cynthia Banyai
 [10/12 7:11:09AM]

Who said a social distancing shop wreck can’t be fun?
Krista Colley
 [10/12 4:42:01AM]

Halloween cancelled? Not a problem with my silver icing closet!
Krista Colley
 [10/12 4:41:20AM]

There’s a silver lining with silver icing
Krista Colley
 [10/12 4:39:04AM]

No Trick Me Hearties- A Bounty of Treats Ahead!
Rhonda Urfey
 [10/11 5:37:11PM]

What is a pirates greatest treasure ? Silver Icing of course!
Gabby Thomas-De Muzio
 [10/11 1:49:51PM]

Ahoy Matey's ! I do Believe I've Spotted Silver Icing in the Horizon
Marsha Foster
 [10/11 12:53:48PM]

Me Hearties! Finally Th' SI Treasure be ours!
Jen Chartrand
 [10/11 11:48:57AM]

Ahoy.. yo give me some more SI swag aye!
 [10/11 11:16:00AM]

Chic and FaBOOulous
Melissa Damovski
 [10/11 11:04:06AM]

Silver me Timbers!
Sharon Pepper
 [10/11 10:05:48AM]

Black Pearls
Sue Weir
 [10/11 8:40:43AM]

It's a Silver Pirates Life for me
Jennifer Power
 [10/11 8:21:46AM]

The ‘ship’ show of 2020 with fashion captain Jen Sparrow
Channelle Zaichkowksy
 [10/11 8:15:39AM]

Silver me timber’s matey’s, there’s a presale on the horizon
Janet George
 [10/11 8:07:47AM]

Hey Wench Waars me pre-sale???
Lacey Doman
 [10/11 8:07:46AM]

Lacey Doman
 [10/11 8:06:42AM]

Lacey Doman
 [10/11 8:05:42AM]

Hooks ex wife loving the single life!
Julie Burrows
 [10/11 7:42:54AM]

I traded the ship for presale money!
Megan Bulford
 [10/10 9:27:19PM]

Some pirates loves silver not gold
 [10/10 7:41:13PM]

Feeling booty-ful
 [10/10 7:36:41PM]

Halloween 2020: when you need a telescope to see kid's costumes due to Social Distance rules
Lesley Keyes
 [10/10 5:09:34PM]

Way hey up she rises!
Tonya Baker
 [10/10 2:55:55PM]

Yo ho! A best dressed pirate life for me
Karen Wallis
 [10/10 2:54:09PM]

It’s an SI pirate life for me
Dorothy Ludwig
 [10/10 2:46:22PM]

Jolly Roger Rocks
Jody Nordman
 [10/10 2:31:56PM]

Everyone loves a pirate, especially one this pretty.
Jacquie Middleton
 [10/10 2:29:06PM]

Shhhilllver Icing me timbers.... Great deals ahead mateys!
Lacey Frazer
 [10/10 2:18:14PM]

Pretty Scary but, Mostly Pretty
Laurie Habkirk
 [10/10 12:44:57PM]

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate
Karen Carvell
 [10/10 12:08:57PM]

Shipwrecked in style
Linda Willis
 [10/10 12:05:37PM]

I think i saw a skelton!!!!!. Now that's too funny...........You'll never guess whst i just saw? Hilarious............It's so much fun spying on the neighbors.........Take a look and tell me it's not funny!
Rosemary Hogg
 [10/10 11:52:35AM]

Settings sail to Fashion Island for the Silver icing treasure
Kristina Van Egmond
 [10/10 11:51:08AM]

Best dressed ship mate!
Michelle Mulder
 [10/10 11:21:29AM]

Ahohy, Matey! I’ve got all the SI treasures you need.
Sara McLean
 [10/10 11:04:40AM]

Ahoy me hearties!!! Avast ye....Look what I found in me coffer......Silver Icing!!!!! Aye!!! Sink me!!!!
Shelly Rowsell
 [10/10 9:26:50AM]

Ahoy! Looking for silver icing bootie!!!
Julie Hoar
 [10/10 9:19:50AM]

That moment you don’t care about a creepy skeleton behind you!
Jennifer Barone
 [10/10 8:39:26AM]

Ah matey, I see the Silver Icing treasure full speed ahead
Jennifer Barone
 [10/10 8:37:42AM]

Come aboard matey
Maryann Baack
 [10/10 8:31:02AM]

Silver Halloween
Larissa Warford
 [10/10 7:50:35AM]

Arrrr...There be treasure in them closets ????
Amanda Munroe
 [10/10 7:27:27AM]

I told him one day I’d be captain!
Darlene Sawchuk
 [10/10 7:17:19AM]

Har har Ladies, it was a freaky yet dressed up night!
Susan Walski
 [10/10 7:13:10AM]

Ahoy! Away I go in my Silver Icing Clothes!
Samantha S.
 [10/10 7:12:08AM]

Jamila Ames
 [10/10 6:59:56AM]

Pirate gold? No, pirate Silver (Icing of course)!
Jessica Oldham
 [10/10 6:58:41AM]

Captain Jen Sparrow doesn't always get stalked, but when she does it's by a creepy skeleton at Halloween
Jessica Oldham
 [10/10 6:55:45AM]

“Yar, there be Christies off the starboard bow and I’ve heard tales of exclusives and cruise controls hiding in the murky depths”
Laura goossens
 [10/10 6:23:59AM]

What you wear when they said "Run Club", but you heard "Rum Club"
Lesley Keyes
 [10/10 6:11:25AM]

Beauty by day..cap'n by night.
Courtney Nesbitt
 [10/10 6:11:13AM]

Even women can do a man's job... only we do it in style!
 [10/10 5:55:25AM]

Shipwreck Chic Adventures
Kyla Gariepy
 [10/10 5:14:09AM]

Shipwrecked, but all decked out
Jenn Haviland
 [10/10 12:03:35AM]

Dressed to contest
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:20:18PM]

Shiver to silver
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:18:55PM]

Wrecked and Raddled
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:17:25PM]

I see with my little eye!! SILVERICING
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:16:39PM]

Fall'in Over Mate
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:15:45PM]

Arrrr Me Mate
Angie Fogarty
 [10/09 11:14:19PM]

Arrrrrr you ready for a presale???
Amy Livingston
 [10/09 10:28:11PM]

Ahoy Matey! Eeeeyyyee see Silver (icing) over yonder!
Jolene Lindsey
 [10/09 10:26:30PM]

I wish you a fair wind ever and always
Becky Theise
 [10/09 9:56:56PM]

What’s a pirates favourite letter? You’d think it be Arrrrrrgh but it was the sea they truly loved!
Kristy Stebbings
 [10/09 9:49:08PM]

The Queen of Halloween Captain Jen Sparrow
Stephanie Maxwell
 [10/09 9:36:02PM]

Not all treasure is silver and gold! But it is Silver Icing!
Stephanie Maxwell
 [10/09 9:32:31PM]

You must be my soul mate because i love you more than a pirate loves his treasure
shyla jennings
 [10/09 9:09:53PM]

It’s an SI life for me
Lindsay Lefave
 [10/09 8:42:02PM]

Argh! Loose yourself in Silver
Kimberly Young
 [10/09 8:41:10PM]

Arrr Matey! I spy a silver icing treasure!
Maria Lento
 [10/09 8:39:38PM]

"I spy with my little eye...something beautiful from Silver Icing!
Kristina Millar
 [10/09 8:26:06PM]

? Hocus Pocus. 'Tis on high fashion I focus
Tami Carvath
 [10/09 8:23:14PM]

Arrrgh Silver Icing is better than gold. Ohhh look at how good I look!
Dana Hendry
 [10/09 8:16:11PM]

Megan Mah
 [10/09 8:16:03PM]

Shiver Me Timbers Is that Silver Icing I see!
Danielle Rusk
 [10/09 8:13:53PM]

Going to capture me silver icing there mate!
Beth Bladon
 [10/09 7:58:54PM]

Pirate costume .... $50.00 skeleton prop... $39.00. Other props... $100.00. Not realizing you stepped in dog poop right before the big photo.... PRICELESS!!
Jacquie Pollock
 [10/09 7:37:23PM]

Is see another SI sale on the horizon
Kristin Frombach
 [10/09 7:31:38PM]

Argh, who's brave to pirate with me?
Susan chan
 [10/09 7:27:14PM]

Feeling cute, might do some swashbuckling later.
Alyssa Gerick
 [10/09 7:17:42PM]

Feeling cute, might text Captain Hook later
Alyssa Gerick
 [10/09 7:16:22PM]

Walk me to the plank of Silver icing
Yvonne Stewart
 [10/09 7:15:55PM]

Silver Icing the real treasure
Julie Odia
 [10/09 7:07:34PM]

Who needs Gold when you have Silver Icing
Julie Odia
 [10/09 7:06:45PM]

Awrr Pepper & Zoe ship wrecked at Sparrow Cove
Julie Odia
 [10/09 7:05:11PM]

Argh matees! Look, silver (icing) ahead!
Monica Jackson
 [10/09 6:34:24PM]

. “I’m dishonest, and a dishonest woman you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly.”
Jenny Pankratz
 [10/09 6:31:32PM]

Eye spy the silver icing bounty!
Stacy Simington
 [10/09 6:27:11PM]

Aye aye love Silver Icing
Melanie Burneau
 [10/09 6:15:27PM]

I have sieged the all mighty Silver Icing ship, now we all will have the finest selection in clothing!!!!
Kelly Lowson
 [10/09 6:13:27PM]

Arrr a sparrow through me heart
Jamie allport
 [10/09 6:02:34PM]

I’m the cap’n now! And tonight, we hunt for Silver!
 [10/09 5:44:46PM]

Ahoy! A stylist’s life for me!
 [10/09 5:39:38PM]

Work like a Captain, play like a Pirate
 [10/09 5:27:31PM]

Work like a Captain, party like a Pirate
 [10/09 5:26:50PM]

arrr I spy good deals on the horizon
April Zabos
 [10/09 5:00:50PM]

I’ll be watching over your Silver Icing treasures so I can steal them for me self!!!
Amanda Grant
 [10/09 4:51:27PM]

 [10/09 4:43:54PM]

No more waiting for the opportune moment, silver icing is here!
Holly Borutskie
 [10/09 4:38:20PM]

Fair Winds t ye’
Leeann North
 [10/09 4:35:52PM]

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.
Katerina Palmer
 [10/09 4:35:15PM]

Ahoy matey, it’s a Silver Icing spooktacular
Amanda Murphy
 [10/09 4:24:33PM]

And Poof! My enchanting halloween corpse covering compliments of Silver Icing!
Jan LaFleche
 [10/09 4:21:11PM]

Halloween yer heart over with Silver Icing goodies this fall!
Amanda Zimny
 [10/09 4:08:17PM]

Arrrr Matey More Silver Icing Ahead!
Tracee Ross
 [10/09 4:06:00PM]

Don't let the look of my ship fool you, it's iced in silver!
Laurel Charbonneau
 [10/09 3:57:12PM]

Arrr Matey! I found the treasure! Silver Icing Dabloons!
Janelle Donhauser
 [10/09 3:52:44PM]

Hunting for treasures on the Silver Icing website!
Erin Shantz
 [10/09 3:50:32PM]

Hunting for treasures on the Silver Icing website!
Erin Shantz
 [10/09 3:49:10PM]

Argh matey! I found the treasure! Silver Icing debloons!
Janelle Donhauser
 [10/09 3:48:20PM]

Aye be seeing Silver Icing on the horizon! Tis their lucky treasure we be findin'!!
Natashia Liboiron
 [10/09 3:40:43PM]

Aye be seeing Silver Icing on the horizon! Tis their lucky treasure we be findin'!!
 [10/09 3:38:43PM]

Avast Ye scallywags! I've spotted me a swashbuckling bounty at Silver Icing, arrghhh!
stephanie dennison
 [10/09 3:38:27PM]

RRR Mates! I spy a Bounty of good deals????
Cathy Lee
 [10/09 3:29:28PM]

Ahoy Big Boy
Becky Leonard
 [10/09 3:19:55PM]

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. Some is Silver Icing!
Natasha Mayes
 [10/09 3:03:58PM]

Arrr most Pirates want gold but all I wamt is Silver... icing that is
Sarah Hamilton
 [10/09 2:50:10PM]

Ahoy me hearties, anyone see my spectacular outfit?!
Christine Richardson
 [10/09 2:46:24PM]

Arrr i see great fashion on the horizon and its all mine!! Muhahaha
Tamara zaretski
 [10/09 2:44:21PM]

ARRRRRRENT you excited to shop with us this fall at Silver Icing?
Rachael George
 [10/09 2:42:59PM]

Yo ho ho! Avast ye fashionistas! Captain Jen Sparrow be sportin' the best quality booty from Silver Icing! Blimey!
Jennifer Jones
 [10/09 2:11:52PM]

Just scoping for the next big Sneak Peak!
Frances Dey
 [10/09 2:10:42PM]

Eye see you!!!!!
margaret lavallee
 [10/09 2:06:38PM]

Yo ho ho.... Shiver me timbers! Beauty Bounty on Shore!
Kelli Wilson
 [10/09 2:03:16PM]

Captain fashion
Laurie Labrie Heseltine
 [10/09 1:47:37PM]

Look Cap'n! It's another Silver Icing lass! We nay stand a chance to refuse me matey's!
Jennifer Melville
 [10/09 1:46:56PM]

“Some of the neighbour’s kids look better in masks” ?
Ana opacak
 [10/09 1:35:42PM]

Sailing in Style!
Michelle allen
 [10/09 1:24:02PM]

Sailing in style!
Michelle Allen
 [10/09 1:23:13PM]

Land Ho.... Matey
Alisha whaley
 [10/09 1:03:33PM]

"Silver" Me Timbers!
Dolly Joyce
 [10/09 12:58:21PM]

Silver Icings Locker
Ashley Graham
 [10/09 12:48:49PM]

Updated my wardrobe not my boat.
Susan Armstrong
 [10/09 12:38:10PM]

Aye aye captain I found the silver icing!
Gina Hove
 [10/09 12:33:09PM]

Off to never land
Melissa Knopp
 [10/09 12:30:36PM]

Be who you arrrr…
Shari MacLellan
 [10/09 12:22:41PM]

Work like a captain, play like a pirate
Shari MacLellan
 [10/09 12:19:42PM]

It's all fun and games until someone needs an eyepatch.
Shari MacLellan
 [10/09 12:17:35PM]

It's all fun and games until someone needs an eyepatch.
Shari MacLellan
 [10/09 12:16:18PM]

Ahoy mates, all aboard! Treasure hunting we shall go.
Lyndsey gavelin
 [10/09 12:15:04PM]

I make this ship look spooktacular
 [10/09 12:12:04PM]

Planks I’ll be walking, silver me timber, all sales ahead!, All presales ahead.
Mercedes Kovacs
 [10/09 12:11:44PM]

Arrrr you ready? let's Pirate
Bobbi Terrell
 [10/09 12:08:41PM]

Silver Me Icing
Kerry chaisson
 [10/09 12:07:53PM]

Yarr!!! I see a brilliant Silver Icing sale ahead!! Full speed Mateys!!
Rebecca Archer
 [10/09 12:04:23PM]

Eye spy silver icing, silver me icing timber’s,
Robyn hollohan
 [10/09 12:01:37PM]

The silver icing of the sunday makes you look fabulous on the plank way !
Sophie Pinto
 [10/09 11:52:22AM]

HOOKED on Silver Icing
Brielle Hwalstad
 [10/09 11:46:04AM]

Ship wrecked on Silver Icing Island
Janice Burton
 [10/09 11:45:27AM]

Silver icings ahoy!
Brittaney Pregizer
 [10/09 11:41:03AM]

Eye Eye matey, It’s not gold, Im seeing a Pot of silver, at the end of the rainbow!
Susan Adams
 [10/09 11:39:43AM]

Ahoy silver icing maties!
Carolyn kenney
 [10/09 11:28:53AM]

Lacey Bartholow
 [10/09 11:26:31AM]

Who needs Jack when Jen will sail you away!
Erin Mills
 [10/09 11:15:40AM]

The Silver Pirate, Arrrgh Icing!
Linsey Demontigny
 [10/09 11:07:55AM]

Positively playful
Michelle Rosaasen
 [10/09 11:06:25AM]

Arghhh Silver Me Icing
Jennifer klassen
 [10/09 11:06:21AM]

The Black Pearl of Silver Icing
Brooke Derksen
 [10/09 11:03:14AM]

Spotted the Silver Icing Treasure Chest
Brooke Derksen
 [10/09 11:01:29AM]

Arrggghh I see a sale !!!!
Jenny Latimer
 [10/09 11:01:04AM]

Captain Jen Sparrow insures Dead men tell mo tails!
Meaghan Reuben
 [10/09 11:00:53AM]

Rrrrrrrrrr you ready for winter?; ayyyyyyyyy spy some Silver Icing booty
Rachel Curran
 [10/09 11:00:32AM]

Ahoy, it's Sliver Icing away!!!
Lisa Williams
 [10/09 11:00:16AM]

Ahoy pirates ! You ready for a scary fun pirate adventure
Dianne thebeau
 [10/09 10:59:11AM]

Spooky chic
Dana lean
 [10/09 10:54:31AM]

Aayyyyy mateys....SILVER (Icing!) is the new GOLD!!
Lora Fraess
 [10/09 10:50:04AM]

Ships a wreck, but feast your eyes on the lovely pearl "Jen Sparrow"
Krista Bergquist
 [10/09 10:50:04AM]

Ayyyy Mates... get “Hooked” on SI or walk the plank
Brenda Davis
 [10/09 10:49:37AM]

Going overboard
Josée Bazinet
 [10/09 10:47:42AM]

Ships a wreck, but feast your eyes on the lovely pearl "Sparrow Jen"
Krista Bergquist
 [10/09 10:47:42AM]

“Arrrrrrr Arrrrrrr where me be the liqourrrrr ahhhhh matey there she blowsss”
Amanda Travers
 [10/09 10:43:50AM]

My happy pill just kicked in... yippee!!
Shohreh Burchell
 [10/09 10:41:53AM]

Oh Silver me Icing!
Brayell Dengler
 [10/09 10:35:45AM]

Arr arr arr, that one tried to steal my SI treasurrre.
Brittany Sargent
 [10/09 10:34:40AM]

Shiver me Silver Icing
Andrea Pollon
 [10/09 10:33:16AM]

I see silver icing straight my brother Jack says "Take what you can and give nothing back!!"
Kristy Bohnet
 [10/09 10:31:35AM]

Rubies and gold be fine arrrre but silver is the icing for me
Rona Sterling-Collins
 [10/09 10:31:28AM]

Silver icing is were the treasure is at!
Christine Prezio
 [10/09 10:30:34AM]

Eye’ll be seeing you in the sea hunt, for the SI treasuuure!
Brittany Sargent
 [10/09 10:30:17AM]

I see silver icing straight my brother Jack says "Take what you can and give nothing back!!"
Kristy Bohnet
 [10/09 10:30:05AM]

The Black Pearl at Night - she doesn’t know she’s in a ghost story yet!
Jane Millions
 [10/09 10:29:09AM]

Yo Ho It’s a stylish life for me
Lindy Hodgson
 [10/09 10:27:29AM]

Sailing away from 2020
Jinnell Gunn
 [10/09 10:22:12AM]

Aye, Bring me the SI-nners
Sue Weir
 [10/09 10:18:25AM]

Ahoy Matey! Forget the gold....bring me Silver!
Lisa Peppard
 [10/09 10:18:18AM]

“Ah hoy matey, I see Silllvveerr Icing in the treasure!”
Jennifer Barone
 [10/09 10:17:10AM]

Caught in Silver Icing so we didn’t make her walk the plank.”
Jenn Bennison
 [10/09 10:17:02AM]

On a spook-tacular voyage with silver icing
Andrea klein
 [10/09 10:14:52AM]

Overboard Sparrow
Tammy Droeshout
 [10/09 10:14:21AM]

Eye Eye captain
Jennifer Leaman
 [10/09 10:02:49AM]

Shiver me styled!
Kelly Gailey
 [10/09 10:00:20AM]

It's Not The Black Pearl, It's The Silver Icing
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [10/09 9:59:10AM]

Arrrr you my Matey?
Melissa Goldie
 [10/09 9:55:15AM]

Arrrrrr Silver
Leslie Ciampaglia
 [10/09 9:52:21AM]

Argh Me Silver Icing
Janeen Samson
 [10/09 9:51:53AM]

O' Hoy Ye Mates! Pirate's love treasure and the best treasure is Halloween Candy! Happy Halloween!
Michelle Maynard
 [10/09 9:51:30AM]

Pirates Bootie
Ashley hyde
 [10/09 9:50:10AM]

Let's rock this boat Silver-Icing-style!
Ina Hammer
 [10/09 9:48:42AM]

Who said adults can't play obviously never played dress up.
Ina Hammer
 [10/09 9:47:25AM]

Life is a fairytale - create your own magic!
Ina Hammer
 [10/09 9:46:09AM]

Aye matey!!
Tasia Charawich
 [10/09 9:42:35AM]

Ferget the Gold ... Show me yer Silver .... Icing!!
Krystal Stackniak
 [10/09 9:41:57AM]

Sailing through 2020...
Courtney Eisel
 [10/09 9:41:21AM]

Arrr I’m a haunt mess!
Chelsey fedato
 [10/09 9:40:35AM]

Yo ho, yo ho, a Silver Icings life for me!
Jolyn Rhodes
 [10/09 9:40:22AM]

No bones about it, Silver Icing has the best booty!
Jenn Butuk
 [10/09 9:38:41AM]

Aaarrh matey if ya gotta walk the plank! Walk in SILVERICING!!!
Lisa Reid
 [10/09 9:37:40AM]

Collect the Boott
Lisa Yaroshuk
 [10/09 9:36:22AM]

Arrrr! I be the the one and only silver captain! Come join me crew, if you dare. Hahaha
Crystal Mackie
 [10/09 9:34:25AM]

Look at Me, I'm the Captain Now!
Bettina Allen
 [10/09 9:33:39AM]

I’m off too find me Silver Icing treasure! Argh!
Katrina Both
 [10/09 9:27:42AM]

Old and New
Kim Loof
 [10/09 9:26:50AM]

Why is the run always gone?
Amanda Huebner
 [10/09 9:24:38AM]

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate, a Silvarrrr Icing pirate.
Kiirsti Stilla
 [10/09 9:23:54AM]

It’s time to get pirate with it
Crystal Mackie
 [10/09 9:22:37AM]

January 1st, 2021
Jessica Cochrane
 [10/09 9:21:14AM]

What? You've never heard of SilvArrrrh Icing? Ahahahahaha!!!!
Miyoung Tereposky
 [10/09 9:20:37AM]

"Aye aye, I be spottin' a fashionable outfit ahead!"
Erin Dragon
 [10/09 9:17:44AM]

SILVER me Timbers! Yo Ho Ho!
Bettina Allen
 [10/09 9:16:36AM]

Shiver Me Timbers
Jen Riley
 [10/09 9:16:05AM]

" But there's always rum" ..... *Jack Sparrow*
Amanda Lusty
 [10/09 9:15:20AM]

All Fun and Games, until Someone loses an Eye! Yo Ho Ho!
Bettina Allen
 [10/09 9:14:10AM]

Why be a Princess when you can be a Pirate! Arrrrh!
Bettina Allen
 [10/09 9:13:29AM]

Lol where's the rum? Uh wine?
Echo Stevens
 [10/09 9:11:35AM]

I'll get your Silver Icing, if it's the last thing I do
Whitney Dillon
 [10/09 9:09:55AM]

This is the Tale of Captain Jen Sparrow
Tiffany Butt
 [10/09 9:09:51AM]

Don't EYE Look Sexy?
Bettina Allen
 [10/09 9:08:12AM]

Screw it, let’s party like pirate for Halloween!
Crystal Mackie
 [10/09 9:01:59AM]

Ahoy! Me see Silver ahead!
Whitney Dillon
 [10/09 8:59:45AM]

Broadside Bounty
Tobe wiebe
 [10/09 8:58:19AM]

Captain Jen to the fashion rescue!
Sabrina Stephen
 [10/09 8:52:25AM]

Chick is gonna get a sliver in her butt.
Heather Altstadt
 [10/09 8:52:24AM]

HALLO Pirate Captain
Bianca Schiavone
 [10/09 8:50:09AM]

Dress fierce, me hearties!
Diana Stephens
 [10/09 8:48:21AM]

Aye Captain Sparrow
Stella Myers
 [10/09 8:46:55AM]

A match for Jack Sparrow? Ha! Only in my SI outfit!
Nancy Chang
 [10/09 8:46:10AM]

The best costumes are clothes that just make you look great too.
April Belsheim
 [10/09 8:43:34AM]

Come sail away with me, 2020 sucks so Pirates we’ll be!
Nicole Cloutier
 [10/09 8:42:18AM]

Yoho and a bottle of rum and bones
Caitlin Thung
 [10/09 8:42:10AM]

Ahoy! Silver Icing treasures spotted ahead!
Darci Degen
 [10/09 8:41:22AM]

But why is the rum gone?
Mimi Searls
 [10/09 8:40:53AM]

Arrrrr matey! Good fashion at SI!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [10/09 8:40:52AM]

Run?! I thought you said RUM!
Mimi Searls
 [10/09 8:40:13AM]

Shivers for Silvers!
Darci Degen
 [10/09 8:39:52AM]

All dressed up and everywhere to go!
Karen Mccarville
 [10/09 8:37:38AM]

Silver me timbers!
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [10/09 8:35:58AM]

Yarrrr! There be no cobwebs in my closet!
Alicia Anderson
 [10/09 8:35:57AM]

Not all treasure is silver and gold
Mary Rolston
 [10/09 8:33:37AM]

Not all treasure is silver and gold. But all Silver Icing is treasure!!
Megan Power
 [10/09 8:27:46AM]

“A lass dressed in class.”
Allison Richardson
 [10/09 8:26:17AM]

Pirate Fashionista
Kassandra Duguay-Desjardins
 [10/09 8:26:06AM]

Yo ho ho, I drank the bottle of rum!!!
Megan Power
 [10/09 8:25:53AM]

Searching for Silver Treasure
Kayla Miller
 [10/09 8:24:38AM]

Arrrrre! There may be restocks ahead matey!
Vayia Platko
 [10/09 8:23:23AM]

Yo ho, Halloween!
Kayla Miller
 [10/09 8:23:20AM]

Argh, while I am ZIPPING PRETTY during these CAREFREE DAYS on me pirate ship, I am plotting my next adventure. Perhaps I will STOMP AROUND and be RIGHT ON TIME to get my Halloween loot!
Debbie Szwaczka
 [10/09 8:23:10AM]

Got to me Silvaaaaarrrrr Icing!!!
Kristy Stroulger
 [10/09 8:22:48AM]

This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jen Sparrow
Lisa Halverson
 [10/09 8:19:17AM]

Silver (icing) me timbers! Arrrrr
Tatiana Cheladyn
 [10/09 8:19:16AM]

All the sail the fashionable way, get in the fashion boat
Arielle stahl
 [10/09 8:18:19AM]

What do you sea?!
Shauna Brady
 [10/09 8:16:21AM]

We're all little kids at heart!
Jennifer Harrison
 [10/09 8:15:38AM]

Hi Ho Silver Icing Away!
Stephanie Pelland
 [10/09 8:15:17AM]

Shiver me timbers!
Crystal Cresswell
 [10/09 8:12:50AM]

Flash Sale off the port bow!
Amanda Chetcuti
 [10/09 8:12:42AM]

Halloween 2020 - you can rum but you can’t hide
Tesa Steinke
 [10/09 8:09:01AM]

Ye can take me treasure but Ye can’t take me Silver Icing
Kim fennell
 [10/09 8:08:51AM]

The only rules that matter are these: Dress well and have fun!
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [10/09 8:08:26AM]

Who Rum the World? Girls!!!
Tesa Steinke
 [10/09 8:08:15AM]

Jen & Tonic
Tesa Steinke
 [10/09 8:07:21AM]

Ahoy! Fashion, straight ahead!
Haley Boland
 [10/09 8:05:52AM]

Who said Pirates can’t have fun !!!
Lindsay strutt
 [10/09 8:05:26AM]

2020 ain't got nothing on me when it comes to Halloween
Tracy Fisher
 [10/09 8:03:22AM]

"But why is all the rum gone?!"
Sabrina Fortier
 [10/09 8:03:14AM]

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