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PUMA Leadcat 2.0 Puffy Slides
$60.00 CAD  
Soft Pink
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    • Slip on style
    • Moulded footbed
    • Gold accents
    • Soft, padded upper

    Meet the much-loved PUMA Leadcat 2.0 Puffy Slides! These gems redefine comfort with their lightweight design that feels like you're walking on clouds. They feature a padded synthetic leather strap and a molded footbed for extra cushiness. The CMEVA outsole provides an unbeatable grip and ensures these slides are ready to handle whatever adventures come your way. Plus, these are your new best friend if you've got wide feet. They're spacious and accommodating, giving your tootsies the room they need to breathe. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and functionality with every step in these comfy slides!

    Holy comfort!!!! These are going to be your new summer go-to's, I swear. They are so freaking comfy and perfect to just slip right on! I don't know about you but I live in slides from about May - September and these are some seriously great quality slides! They have little indents in the sole for added support and a comfortable puffy top. They are nice and lightweight, making them a sure favourite! I am wearing my true size 8 and they fit perfectly. If you are in between, I would say you could go up as I find a little room in slides is perfectly fine.

    I am loving these slides!! They are so incredibly comfortable, plus, super convenient and easy to slip on! It has a moulded footbed and super comfy cushioned upper! I love these before they are just perfect for slipping on and heading out the door! I am wearing a size 8, but they are a bit big so I plan to get a size 7 for my perfect fit!

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