Jack & Jones

Street Style Hoodie
$75.00 CAD  
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    • Large double-lined hood
    • Functional drawstring
    • Kangaroo pocket
    • Soft, fleecy interior
    • Fabric 20% cotton, 50% organic cotton, 30% polyester
    • Measurements approx. 25.5" sleeve, 29" length
    • Aaron is wearing the size L

    Street Style Hoodie is a classic wardrobe staple that is extremely versatile and works with many outfits! From denim to sweatpants, this piece will have you owning the streets with style and comfort. Featuring a large double-lined hood and soft fleecy interior, this essential doesn't just keep you looking fresh but also provides extra warmth and cozy vibes. The functional drawstring lets you customize your style, whether you're going for the laid-back look or keeping it snug during chilly nights. Keep your hands cozy and stash your essentials effortlessly in the kangaroo pocket – perfect for those on-the-go moments.

    Aaron is wearing his true size large in these hoodies and loved the fit. He said these were very comfortable, soft and would easily grab this to wear any day of the week. True to size!


    Organic cotton is an eco-friendly fabric that is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides and / or other chemical fertilizers. Clothing made from organic cotton is better for the environment, features natural moisture wicking properties and tends to be lighter weight and smooth as it is not stripped of its natural form.
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