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Always There Belt
$54.95 CAD  
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    • Genuine leather
    • Circular buckle
    • 7 hole closure
    • Approx. 1" wide
    • S: 37" length
    • M: 40.5" length
    • L: 43.5" length
    • XL: 47.5" length

    The Always There Belt is a classic accessory that you can rely on for any occasion! This wonder is the real deal, made from genuine leather that not only looks sharp but also promises durability that stands the test of time. The circular buckle is a simple and stylish touch that complements any outfit. With a 7-hole closure, achieving the perfect fit is a cinch, ensuring comfort and flexibility for whatever your day throws at you. Clocking in at around 1" wide, it's the sweet spot between sleek and sturdy. Whether it's denim, dresses, tunics, or shorts, this belt will always be there for you!

    I love this thinner-style belt! It's really nice quality as it's genuine leather and honestly, I feel like I don't even own a belt so this is definitely needed in my closet! They look so cute with jeans and shorts! I am wearing the size S here and it fits me on the second to last hole.

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