Waffle Cardigan
January 20, 2023

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Total of 535 Entries
Congratulations to Sarah Elsasser, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Sweet as Syrup Waffle Cardigan

Everyday be Waffling
Jennifer Ramos
 [01/22 9:02:48AM] Black 1X

Sunday Snuggles Cardigan
Spring D'Lugos
 [01/22 9:01:15AM] Black L

Put your arms around me cardi
Gina knutson
 [01/22 8:48:32AM] Light pink 1xl

Cuddle me
Deanna Murray
 [01/22 8:38:33AM] Xl mint

Whimsical weave
Lucy Yeldon
 [01/22 8:35:17AM] Med black

Girls weekend away cardigan
Angie Hammond
 [01/22 8:34:22AM] Black 2XL

Waffle-y Cute Cardigan
Kimberlee Nielson
 [01/22 8:34:05AM] Black 1Xl

Springs coming cardigans
Jinnell gunn
 [01/22 8:31:22AM] Mint 1XL

Waffle Knit with me cardi
Nicola Curtis
 [01/22 8:22:02AM] S - Blush

Casual Waffle Comfort
Jenn Zanidean
 [01/22 8:15:12AM] Blush 1xl

Around town cardigan, waffle to go Cardi, on the go waffle Cardi,
Julie Allgaier
 [01/22 8:14:46AM] Black large

Comfort food waffle knit cardigan
Bonnie Nagel
 [01/22 8:14:36AM] XL mint

Waffle and a pocket
Jenn Zanidean
 [01/22 8:13:06AM] Mint 1xl

Spring Viibes Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [01/22 8:12:06AM] Black 1XL

Sweet Waffleleen or Waffling Snuggles
Carol Whitfield
 [01/22 8:12:05AM] Black medium

Waffle your way to comfort
Jenn Zanidean
 [01/22 8:12:00AM] Hot pink 1xl

Waffley whimsical Cardigan, Waffley warm cardigan
Natalie Dunlop
 [01/22 7:53:10AM] Large & mint

The split waffle sweater
Jordan Birch
 [01/22 7:49:29AM] Black 3x

Waffle on sundays
Laura vermette
 [01/22 7:12:25AM] 1xl blue

Knit your typical cardi
Laura vermette
 [01/22 7:11:53AM] 1xl hot pink

Sunday morning waffle
Laura vermette
 [01/22 7:10:56AM] Black 1xl

That's my cardi
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/22 6:54:26AM] Mint medium

Cardigan wrather
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/22 6:53:40AM] Black medium

Bring on Spring Cardi
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/22 6:52:55AM] Medium black

Cool breeze Cardi
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/22 6:51:43AM] Medium mint

Just me and my Cardi
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/22 6:50:56AM] Mint medium

I Waffle You Cardi
Virginia Mielke
 [01/22 6:34:56AM] S, black

Wrapped up in cozy, warm waffle cardigan
Kaila vrieling
 [01/22 6:25:13AM] Black large

Waffle On Cardi
Glenda Guderyan
 [01/22 1:09:42AM] Black - Large Please

You Talk a Load of Waffle Cardi
Glenda Guderyan
 [01/22 1:04:14AM] Hot Pink - Large please

Waffle-y Cute Cardi
Glenda Guderyan
 [01/22 12:45:05AM] Blush - large

Waffle me Cozy
Hannah Johnson
 [01/22 12:03:06AM] Black XL

Knits to know you
Bridget Boudreau
 [01/21 10:32:00PM] Black xl

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai Sapara
 [01/21 9:54:45PM] Small Black

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai Sapara
 [01/21 9:53:41PM] Small Black

Wiffle waffle cardigan
 [01/21 9:26:13PM] Black size large

Waffle Cuddle Cardi
Jolene Charbonneau
 [01/21 9:25:14PM] Sz LG Black

Let’s do coffee waffle cardigan
Audrey Pitman
 [01/21 9:11:49PM] Black size xl

Weekends are for Waffles!
Thea Wood
 [01/21 8:41:29PM] S/M Mint

Weekends are for Waffles!
Thea Wood
 [01/21 8:39:21PM] S/M mint

Waffly Clever Cardigan
Tiffany Kelly
 [01/21 8:31:10PM] Teal 2xl

A waffly good time
Courtney Hulme
 [01/21 8:30:51PM] Mint or Blush XL

Living the Dream Cardigan
Natalie Campbell
 [01/21 8:28:27PM] Blush, size M

Ain’t Waffling Around
Wendy Graham
 [01/21 7:25:43PM] Blush, size L

Waffle Pocket Cardi
Karen Northey
 [01/21 7:04:34PM] Blush large

Waffle Pocket Cardi
Karen Northey
 [01/21 7:03:19PM] Blush large

Stylin Waffle Cardi
Karen Northey
 [01/21 7:01:52PM] Blush larfe

Everyday Waffle Cardi
Karen Northey
 [01/21 6:58:34PM] Black large

Open Waffle Cardi
Karen Northey
 [01/21 6:56:03PM] Black

Pocket Me Crazy Waffle Cardi
Tracey Worden
 [01/21 6:49:34PM] Large Hot Pink

My Nana’s Waffle Wear!
Sandra Devost
 [01/21 6:47:06PM] XL Hot Pink

Comfort Zone Waffle Cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [01/21 6:43:41PM] Medium hot pink

Like a Dream Waffle Cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [01/21 6:41:34PM] Medium hot pink

Cozy Up Waffle Cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [01/21 6:40:45PM] Medium hot pink

Wild Waffle Cardigan
Sue Diabo
 [01/21 6:31:03PM] L. Black

Caught ya lookin’ cardigan
Jessica Richards
 [01/21 6:26:58PM] Small Hot pink

Cool Out Cardi
Kara fisher
 [01/21 6:16:20PM] Medium blush

Cool Out Cardi
Kara Fisher
 [01/21 6:15:11PM] Mediu

I waffle lot cardigan
Tara William
 [01/21 6:06:31PM] Large black

“Serving up” Spring Waffle Cardigans
Leslee Gallo
 [01/21 5:22:14PM] Large/Hot pink

Waffles with pockets
Diane Hayes
 [01/21 5:09:25PM] Hot pink 3xl

Stylin' Comfort Cardigan
Terri Corbett
 [01/21 5:01:44PM] Medium Black

Belgian Knit Waffle Cardi
Andrea Wilson
 [01/21 4:40:58PM] XL - Hot Pink

Waffle You Waitin For Cardi
Leanne Schutte
 [01/21 4:38:11PM] Coral XL

All the flavours of spring cardi
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [01/21 4:34:14PM] XL hot pink

Waffles and sunshine cardigan
 [01/21 4:34:01PM] Med hot pink

All the flavours of spring
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [01/21 4:32:26PM] XL hot pink

All the flavours of spring
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [01/21 4:32:11PM] XL hot pink

Waffle down cardi , feelin it waffle cardi , easy breeze , all day cardigan ,
Annmarie fuchko
 [01/21 4:30:31PM] m black

Pocket Heaven
Melinda Ovington
 [01/21 4:20:28PM] S hot pink

Waffle Love
Melinda Ovington
 [01/21 4:15:53PM] S Blush

Honeycomb cozy
Bonita Myers
 [01/21 4:13:49PM] Blush 2XL

 [01/21 4:11:30PM] Mint. 2 XL

Spring waffle cardigan
Stacy Smith
 [01/21 3:46:26PM] 1XL black

Wrap me in waffles
Kim Sharpe
 [01/21 3:37:52PM] M, Black

Sunset cardigan
Tamara veltri
 [01/21 3:37:32PM] Large & hot pink

Spring Waffles Cardigan
Brenda Hopper
 [01/21 3:35:43PM] L and coral

Waffle like it’s hot
Dana Zieroth
 [01/21 2:57:23PM] XL mint

Love me some waffle
Stacy Wallace
 [01/21 2:47:19PM] Large & Blush

Waffle me up
Stacy Wallace
 [01/21 2:46:50PM] Large & Blush

Don't waffle on the cardigan
Lynn gagnon
 [01/21 2:32:31PM] Black xl

Honeycomb pocket cardigan
 [01/21 2:05:11PM] Blush large

Belgian Delight
Anchita Liddle
 [01/21 1:45:45PM] Small pink

Cozy Up by the fire with a book and drink
Katherine MacNeil
 [01/21 1:28:19PM] Large Hot Pink

Sugar & Spice cardiagn
Christina Sigouin
 [01/21 1:02:29PM] Teal xl

Pocket waffle sweater
Melinda Ovington
 [01/21 12:53:07PM] S mint

Waffle Perfect
Melinda Ovington
 [01/21 12:51:06PM] S mint

Waffling around cardigan
Melinda Halliday
 [01/21 12:50:23PM] medium in Mint

Sweet and Cozy Cardi
Angela Goerz
 [01/21 12:48:02PM] 1xl blush

Waffle Dreams Cardigan
Carmen Dennis
 [01/21 12:37:58PM] Mint 3XL

Full Name*: Waffles Please
Linda Thompson
 [01/21 11:52:58AM] xl - Blue

Waffle sensation
 [01/21 11:13:58AM] L mint

Waffle You Waiting For Cardigan
Erika Just King
 [01/21 11:13:23AM] 1XL mint

Sunday blush sweater
Deanna goddard
 [01/21 11:06:03AM] Blush1xl

Neo-nitty waffle-y cute-ness sweater
Deanna Goddard
 [01/21 11:04:32AM] Hotpink1xl

Neapolitan realness
Deanna Goddard
 [01/21 11:03:02AM] Mint1xl

neapolitan ice cream in a waffle knit cone sweater
Deanna Goddard
 [01/21 11:01:16AM] Blackinxl

neapolitan knit sweaters
Deanna goddard
 [01/21 10:59:29AM] Hot pink in 1xl

Waffley cute
Deanna goddard
 [01/21 10:55:21AM] Blushpink1x

Knit to meet you,sweetie sweater
Deanna goddard
 [01/21 10:54:01AM] Mint1xl

Winter Waffle Cardi
Nicole Peters
 [01/21 10:53:52AM] Blush, 1xl

Wonderful Waffle Cardigan
Nicole Peters
 [01/21 10:52:52AM] Blush, 1xl

Warm Hugs, To Be Waffley In Love, Waffley In Love
Samantha Alexandra
 [01/21 10:52:21AM] L, Black

Everyday Waffle Cardigan
Nicole Peters
 [01/21 10:50:00AM] Blush, 1xl

Stay Waffley&Cozy, Toasty&Cozy All Around, Knit In Style
Samantha Alexandra
 [01/21 10:46:07AM] L, Black

Cabin Cozy Cardigan, Spring Fever
Diane Akehurst
 [01/21 10:41:22AM] 2XL Mint

Let's do brunch cardi
Sarah Elsasser
 [01/21 10:06:20AM] Small black

Easy like Sunday morning cardigan
Sarah Elsasser
 [01/21 10:05:16AM] Small black

Sweet as syrup waffle cardigan
Sarah Elsasser
 [01/21 9:59:25AM] Small black

Waffley cozy cardigan. Love you a waffle lot cardigan.
Kass sutton
 [01/21 9:52:55AM] 2xl black

“& In the Morning - I’m Making Waffles”
Courtney Harmison
 [01/21 9:49:43AM] Black small

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Courtney Harmison
 [01/21 9:47:58AM] Black small

Waffle Warmth cardi
Lauren Gregory
 [01/21 9:44:22AM] Black XL

The One With the Waffle Cardigan
Courtney Harmison
 [01/21 9:43:51AM] Black Small

A Waffle-y Cute Cardigan
Courtney Harmison
 [01/21 9:40:33AM] Black size Small

Waffle-y Warm Cardi
Sara Lotter
 [01/21 9:35:33AM] XL Black

Casually Cool
Trudy Fraser
 [01/21 9:30:26AM] Medium…hot pink

Waffle me in love
Tara Byron
 [01/21 9:03:54AM] Medium & Hot Pink

Knit your love
Brenda Villena
 [01/21 8:41:40AM] S black

Bring me back to cozy, wanna waffle? , I miss you a waffle lot, cozy in nature
Cagney Blanchette
 [01/21 8:31:33AM] L & black or blush

Grey Skies Cardigan
Kim Jones
 [01/21 8:23:45AM] Large in Blush ?

Springtime vibe’s cardigan
Teah Ryan
 [01/21 8:21:27AM] Blush medium

Waffle Weather Sweater
Sara Schultz
 [01/21 8:15:14AM] Medium, Black

The Haley Cardigan ?
Haley Sinclair
 [01/21 8:08:01AM] Small black

Brunchin-It Waffle Cardi
Shannon Ryan
 [01/21 7:25:56AM] Med blush

Perfect Time for a Gab Cardigan
Shannon Ryan
 [01/21 7:23:37AM] Blush large

A little knit of heaven
Rosa Louro
 [01/21 7:20:59AM] Black L

The Whatever Waffle Cardigan
Bonnie Scott
 [01/21 7:08:26AM] Mint 2xl

Waffle me in Cardi
Chelsea Popejoy
 [01/21 6:51:56AM] M & Blush

The Cozie
Lisa Aldred
 [01/21 6:46:17AM] 3x black

Road Trip Waffle Cardigan
Dina De Luca
 [01/21 6:34:31AM] 1XL Black

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai Sapara
 [01/21 6:30:48AM] Small & Black

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai Sapara
 [01/21 6:30:00AM] Small & Black

Comfy wearing waffle cardigan
Carolee Malley
 [01/21 6:23:22AM] Blush in 1xl

Sunny days ahead cardi
Janelle Schroeder
 [01/21 6:17:40AM] Blush in XL

Keep me cozy Cardigan, ready for Spring Cardigan,
Tracey Marcil
 [01/21 6:13:58AM] Black XL

Waffle Love Cardi , Good waffle Weekend cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [01/21 6:09:57AM] Hot pink xL

Confidently Cozy Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Carles
 [01/21 5:07:26AM] Black medium

Draw You in Cardigan
 [01/20 11:51:52PM] Hot pink 2x

Sunday Morning Cardi
Shannon Greene
 [01/20 11:33:59PM] Black, small

Squared right up
Ginelle neurauter
 [01/20 10:28:19PM] Medium, black

Cozy Waffle cardigan
Nicole Hoodicoff
 [01/20 10:07:16PM] Black

Slay the Day Cardigan
Amanda Kibsey
 [01/20 10:03:37PM] robin's egg color in medium

Waffley Nice Cardi
Glenda Mollet
 [01/20 10:02:26PM] Hot Pink XL

Warm waffle cardi
Nathalie Denicola
 [01/20 9:51:33PM] Small black

Waffle me a cardi
Darlene Ellis
 [01/20 9:43:37PM] Medium Hot Pink

Cabin cozy cardigan
Sarah bonnar
 [01/20 9:30:15PM] Black small

Waffle moment cardigan
Dawn Shivak Kweens
 [01/20 9:03:58PM] Black large

Cozy Cuddle CardiWaffle
Trina Barber
 [01/20 8:59:57PM] Mint 3x

A waffle moment
Dawn SHIVAK Kweens
 [01/20 8:57:51PM] Black large

The waffle truth in cardis
Dawn shivak kweens
 [01/20 8:57:16PM] Black large

Cherry on top cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:50:30PM] M, black

Two scoops cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:50:05PM] M, black

Waffling around cardigan
Karla Farrell
 [01/20 8:45:57PM] Black large

Waffling around cardigan
Karla Farrell
 [01/20 8:45:25PM] Black large

Part time superhero cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:40:50PM] M black

Peak to peak cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:39:22PM] M black

Love me some waffles cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:37:56PM] M, black

Sea to sea cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:35:02PM] M, black

Set the pace cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:34:27PM] M, black

Pride on my side cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:33:59PM] M, black

Don't waffle cardi
Kalli Ingram
 [01/20 8:33:53PM] Hot Pink large

Places to be cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:29:41PM] M, black

Midday walk cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:28:16PM] Black, M

Daytime wanderer cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:27:41PM] M, black

Northern Comfort Cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:25:34PM] M, black

Time to shine cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:24:29PM] M, black

Finally spring cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:23:01PM] M, teal

No need for a jacket cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:22:09PM] M, teal

Back to business cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:21:23PM] M, teal

Waffling around cardigan
Dayna Friend
 [01/20 8:20:10PM] M, teal

Tiffany warham
 [01/20 8:09:51PM] Hot pink XL

Waffleup cardigan
Shelley cygan
 [01/20 8:05:35PM] XL black

Pocket full of sunshine
Verona Jungling
 [01/20 8:00:04PM] Large blush please

Waffle Blossom Cardi
Beverly Richardson
 [01/20 7:59:35PM] XL. Black

Everyday warm comfy sweater
Paula kettle
 [01/20 7:55:46PM] 1x corral

Zenanawsffle cardigan
Paula kettle
 [01/20 7:54:21PM] 1x mint green

Waffle Wonderful Cardigan
Angela McLellan
 [01/20 7:54:12PM] M Hot Pink

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai-Sapara
 [01/20 7:53:41PM] Small in Black

Waffle My World Cardi
Michelle Abdai-Sapara
 [01/20 7:52:53PM] Small in Black

Jump into spring cardigan
Cari Hemphill
 [01/20 7:48:23PM] Hot pink 3x

A Waffle a Day
Tiffany Coutu
 [01/20 7:46:37PM] Small black

Delicious by Day cardigan
Noelle Austin
 [01/20 7:44:48PM] Hot pink medium

Spring fling
Rhonda Hamilton
 [01/20 7:43:28PM] Mint 3xl

Waffle cone cardigan
Georgette Helmkay
 [01/20 7:43:17PM] Medium mint

Spring fling
Rhonda Hamilton
 [01/20 7:42:22PM] Mint 3x

Find your way Cardi
Jennifer owen
 [01/20 7:38:55PM] Hot pink XL

Spring Blooms Cardigan
Karyn Agyepong
 [01/20 7:35:54PM] Blush 3X

Spring Waffling Cardi
Karyn Agyepong
 [01/20 7:34:40PM] Blush 3X

The Cozy Cardi, Don’t Waffle on this Cardigan
Vanessa Letterio
 [01/20 7:33:56PM] Hot pink size small

Cover me in Waffles
Chantelle Martin
 [01/20 7:33:45PM] Medium blush

Cotton Candy, Candy Pop, Mint Julep
Kathy Budzyn
 [01/20 7:25:09PM] Med Blush or Med Black

Waffle Time Cardi
Michelle Walker
 [01/20 7:14:45PM] XXL Black

Cozy up waffle Cardi
Barb Dancey
 [01/20 7:11:56PM] Large Black

Waffle a day cardi
Deanne Rutherford
 [01/20 7:11:48PM] Large black

Waffle a day cardi
 [01/20 7:11:06PM] Large black

Cozy up Cardi
Barb Dancey
 [01/20 7:09:19PM] Large Black

A Warm Spring Hug
Lisa Cleveland
 [01/20 6:55:41PM] Blush XL

No Waffling Here cardigan
Lauren Apps
 [01/20 6:54:25PM] 1XL Mint

Girls who brunch cardi
Jennifer Pugh
 [01/20 6:43:41PM] L hot pink

Waffle-y Cute Cardigan OR Waffle-y Cozy Cardigan
Lisa Mundy
 [01/20 6:42:20PM] Black - XL

Waffle into Spring
Chantelle Martin
 [01/20 6:33:10PM] Medium pink

Knit me a waffle cardigan
Chantelle Martin
 [01/20 6:31:19PM] Medium pink

Call it Cozy Cardigan
Chantelle Martin
 [01/20 6:30:16PM] Blush

I will catch you cardigan
DeAnna Lance
 [01/20 6:24:20PM] Hot pink M

Willy Waffle and the Cardi Factory
Willa Potter
 [01/20 6:22:46PM] Small hot pink

Brunchin’ around town cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 6:18:11PM] Xs hot pink

Treat me right
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 6:17:22PM] Xs black

Weekend treats cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 6:16:52PM] Xs blush

Weekend waffle cardi
Erin Levesque
 [01/20 6:14:26PM] Hot pink L

Waffles on weekends cardi
Erin Levesque
 [01/20 6:13:27PM] Hot pink xl

You’re Waffle-y Cute Cardigan, Love You A Waffle Lot Cardigan, Catch me on the flip side waffle cardigan, Butter me Up waffle cardigan, Waffle-y Cute Cardigan
Amanda Suslyk
 [01/20 6:08:04PM] Hot Pink Large

You’re Waffle-y Cute Cardigan, Love You A Waffle Lot Cardigan, Catch me on the flip side waffle cardigan, Butter me Up waffle cardigan, Waffle-y Cute Caedigsn
Amanda Suslyk
 [01/20 6:07:32PM] Hot Pink Large

Cover me in sunshine
Kylie Etmanskie
 [01/20 6:07:03PM] Hot Pink XL

Country comfort
Lianne Buckner
 [01/20 6:03:35PM] 1x Hot Pink

Don’t Waffle On It Cardigan
Sharon Franco
 [01/20 6:02:17PM] Mint, Size Small

Waffle me up with warmth cardigan
Sherry LHeureux
 [01/20 5:56:38PM] Mint 2XL

Let Go of My Waffle
Christina Ko
 [01/20 5:53:52PM] Large Hot Pink

Waffley Nice Cardi
Trixie Mercereau
 [01/20 5:46:50PM] Size L - Hot Pink

Girls Day Cardigan
Kristie Brunetti
 [01/20 5:33:16PM] Medium, Hot Pink

Knit Knack Cardi, Brunching Cardigan,
Kristie Brunetti
 [01/20 5:32:21PM] Medium, Hot Pink

Love it a Waffle Lot Cardi
Debbie Slater
 [01/20 5:30:15PM] Sz xl hot pink

Waffley Beautiful
Jessica Stacy
 [01/20 5:27:59PM] Black XL

Lego my Eggo Waffle Cardi
Sophie Lott
 [01/20 5:23:18PM] Large Black

Sweet Waffle Cardi, Sweet Treat Cardi, No Waffling Cardi
Cherie Inwood
 [01/20 5:18:41PM] XL Blush

I'm all in
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 5:15:51PM] Black medium

Let's give them something to talk about
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 5:10:29PM] Mint medium

Nanna's Touch Cardi
Rosanna fiorino
 [01/20 5:07:55PM] Hot pink xs

Cozy waffling
 [01/20 5:06:11PM] L pink

Waffles, Please Cardigan
Haley Sinclair
 [01/20 5:03:47PM] Small Black

Breakfast cozy
Rylee Augustine
 [01/20 5:01:31PM] Size small mint

Snuggle Up Cardi
Beverly Richardson
 [01/20 4:57:35PM] XL Black

Mid Day Peak
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:56:50PM] Medium black

Take a Chance on Me
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:56:05PM] Black medium

Spring Night
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:55:32PM] Medium black

Soft Embrace
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:55:01PM] Medium black

All in a days Cardigan
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:54:23PM] Medium black

Tonight's the night
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:53:42PM] Medium black

Pocket full of love
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:53:16PM] Black medium

Check me out
Trisha Danyliw
 [01/20 4:52:38PM] Black medium

Knit me a waffle Cardigan
Amanda Straker
 [01/20 4:44:39PM] 2XL teal

Cozy-a-long Cardi
Mary Drake
 [01/20 4:23:50PM] XL Black

Wafully Cozy
Alison Meehan
 [01/20 4:21:56PM] Blush 1XL

Open Weave Cardigan
Sheryl Kuiper
 [01/20 4:00:21PM] L Black

Waffle or Not Cardi
Sarah Holmes
 [01/20 3:56:58PM] Large black

Waffle style comfort cardi
Terri Hansen
 [01/20 3:56:42PM] Mint XL

Sunday Brunch
Sheri Stevens
 [01/20 3:51:44PM] L Hot Pink

love you a waffle lot
Jasmine knelsen
 [01/20 3:50:36PM] Small hot pink

The Pizzella
 [01/20 3:48:06PM] M Black

The Wafflegan
Jennifer Daeninck
 [01/20 3:41:54PM] 2xl black

Wrap me up in a waffle cardigan
Sarah pringle
 [01/20 3:30:28PM] Black XL

Pocket Full of Cozy
Nirosha Chapman
 [01/20 3:22:05PM] Medium, black

Heavenly waffle
Judy McCune
 [01/20 3:21:53PM] Large in blush

Waffley cute cardigan
Brenda Bortoluss
 [01/20 3:21:17PM] Large black

Waffle it anywhere
Brenda Bortoluss
 [01/20 3:18:28PM] Large black

Melody Cardigan
Melody Vienneau
 [01/20 3:17:41PM] Large Teal

Lil’ Ole Me Cardigan
Melody Vienneau
 [01/20 3:16:40PM] Large Teal

Waffle it anywhere
Brenda Bortoluss
 [01/20 3:15:07PM] Large black

Oh. Em. Gee. Cardi
Kelly Drayson
 [01/20 3:14:36PM] 3XL in Mint

Pocketful of Sunshine, Eazy, Breezy Cover, Simple Desires Cardigan
Jana MacKenzie
 [01/20 3:12:09PM] L, Blush

Waffle Me, please
Christina Warwick
 [01/20 3:10:53PM] Large and Blush

Waffle cozy cardigan
Diane Kotylak
 [01/20 3:08:54PM] Mint 1 XL

Waffle-y Cute Cardi
Tiffany Whorrie
 [01/20 3:06:36PM] Mint 1XL

What a knit cardi, cozy chalet Cardi, cozy me up cardi
Renata alvarez
 [01/20 3:05:10PM] Hot pink

Snuggle Up Waffle
Beverly Richardson
 [01/20 2:53:15PM] XL. Blush

Snuggle Up Waffle
Beverly Richardson
 [01/20 2:50:29PM] XL. Blush

Waffle Nice Cardi
Tiffany Payne
 [01/20 2:47:53PM] Medium black

Waffley Cozy, waffle lot of love, We heart waffle cardigan
Melissa Comeau
 [01/20 2:33:38PM] Black Large

Breezey soft sweater
Tamara Lambregts
 [01/20 2:32:20PM] Small

Don’t be a Waffler
Judy Dielschneider
 [01/20 2:24:58PM] Black - Large

Breezing into spring
Crystal Mackie
 [01/20 2:19:53PM] Small black

Warm Waffle Cardigan, Toasty Waffle Cardigan, Hold the Syrup Waffle Cardigan, A Weavle, A Waffle Knit Cardigan
Crystal Kleinsteuber
 [01/20 2:19:29PM] Blush 2x

Island tour cardi
Crystal Mackie
 [01/20 2:18:51PM] Small black

Waffle it be cardi
Crystal Mackie
 [01/20 2:18:14PM] Small mint

Spanish banks cardi
Crystal Mackie
 [01/20 2:17:40PM] Small mint

It’s a Waffly Nice Day for Coffee
Sue Weir
 [01/20 2:09:49PM] Medium, Blush

Weave It All To Me Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [01/20 2:07:10PM] L or XL, Black

Waffly Nice to Meet You Cardigan
Jessica Nakashimada
 [01/20 2:03:47PM] XL Black

It’s a Waffly Nice Day for Coffee
Sue Weir
 [01/20 2:01:57PM] Medium, Blush

Waffley Fond of You
 [01/20 1:59:53PM] M Blush

Weekend Waffle Cardigan
Paula Bass
 [01/20 1:51:28PM] 1xl hot pink

Where there is a waffle, there is a way cardi
Paula Bass
 [01/20 1:50:42PM] hot pink 1xl

Come On Over Cardigan
Val Warkentin
 [01/20 1:49:39PM] Small teal

Sunday morning vibes cardigan
Melanie Rumley
 [01/20 1:46:58PM] S, blush

A Waffle Lot of Cozy
Kerrie Magee
 [01/20 1:46:17PM] 2X Pink

Spring ahead in coziness Cardi
Candace Carriere
 [01/20 1:46:10PM] Large blush

A Waffle A Day Cardi
Kerrie Magee
 [01/20 1:45:30PM] 2X Pink

Waffle Weave Cardigan
Val Warkentin
 [01/20 1:43:53PM] Small, Teal

warmed waffler
suzanne BECK
 [01/20 1:43:26PM] S=M

Coffee shop to cozy cabin
 [01/20 1:35:31PM] Small black

Waffle on a whim cardi, the woven waffle cardigan
Tracey Ward
 [01/20 1:35:10PM] X Large black

Don't Weave Home Without It
Leigh Griffin
 [01/20 1:33:40PM] Black 1XL

Top Notch Waffle
Laura Dickid
 [01/20 1:33:16PM] XS, Black or hot pink

Toasty Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Halliday
 [01/20 1:33:00PM] Hot pink large

Don't Weave Without Me
Leigh Griffin
 [01/20 1:32:41PM] Black 1XL

Makes me smile cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:32:40PM] Xs blush

Now let talk business
Annamay Leason
 [01/20 1:30:45PM] Sm black

Cozy sophistication
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:29:02PM] Xs blush

I’m all smiles cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:27:44PM] Xs hot pink

I'm waffle warm
Leigh Griffin
 [01/20 1:24:49PM] Black 1XL

Chitter chatter cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:23:42PM] Xs blush

Waffle-y cute
Jaynie Gobin
 [01/20 1:22:29PM] Blush - small

Happy smiles cardigan
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:16:54PM] Xs blush

Keep it Cozy Waffle Cardigan
Tara Flynn
 [01/20 1:16:41PM] Black 1XL

Making connections
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:15:48PM] Xs hot pink

We mean business cardigan!
Annalisa Day
 [01/20 1:15:23PM] Black size small

Keep it Cozy Waffle Cardigan
Tara Flynn
 [01/20 1:14:38PM] Black 1XL

“Serving up Spring Waffle Cardigans”
Leslee Gallo
 [01/20 1:12:44PM] Large in Hot Pink

Waffle along
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:11:56PM] Xs blush

Waffle the whole day through
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:11:29PM] Xs black

Perfect for you
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:08:55PM] Xs hot pink

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:06:58PM] Xs blush

Waffley good
Rebecca armstrong
 [01/20 1:05:55PM] Xs blush

Waffly cozy cardigan
Shannon Goodman
 [01/20 1:05:27PM] Black xl

Waffling It
Elizabeth Aikenhead
 [01/20 1:01:00PM] Medium and Blue

“Spring is on the Horizon” Waffle Cardigan
Leslee Gallo
 [01/20 12:59:42PM] Large & Hot Pink

Weekend Brunch Cardigan
Lisa Harding
 [01/20 12:56:01PM] Blush size small

Waffle Hug
Emma Blinch
 [01/20 12:48:49PM] Black medium

Love you a waffley lot!
Teena Huston
 [01/20 12:42:57PM] Small blush

Springtime feels cardigan
Delene Haro
 [01/20 12:40:49PM] Mint 2xl

Waffly nice cardi
Dawn Shivak Kweens
 [01/20 12:31:04PM] Black large

Waffly Cozy Cardigan
Kristin Gear
 [01/20 12:29:55PM] Hot pink - L

Cozy up cardigan
Connie failler
 [01/20 12:22:59PM] Mint lxl

Waffley good cardigan
Kate Bertenshaw
 [01/20 12:22:37PM] Medium & Mint green

Waffley Cozy Cardigan, simply cozy cardi
Lyndsey Baker
 [01/20 12:22:24PM] Hot pink large

Waffle in comfort
Wendy payne
 [01/20 12:20:46PM] Xl in black

Feels like home cardigan
Ginette Gervais Black
 [01/20 12:20:23PM] Black xl

It’s Waffly Cute Cardi
Renee Zimmerman
 [01/20 12:18:44PM] Black 1X

Love Me or Weave Me Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [01/20 12:11:04PM] L or XL, Black

Waffle it my way
Denise Rideout
 [01/20 12:09:02PM] Hot pink, XL

Weekend Waffle
Jill Kozol
 [01/20 12:07:05PM] Hot pink

Waffle me in comfort
Tara Maguire
 [01/20 12:05:51PM] XL, surprise me :)

Waffley Sweet cardi
Sheila Haaksma
 [01/20 12:05:18PM] XL Blush

Splurge a Little; Spa Day Everyday; Self Care Superstar
Leanne Duiker
 [01/20 12:03:48PM] Hot pink XL

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Victoria Holbrook
 [01/20 12:03:33PM] L any colour would be fabulous

Falling into Spring Cardigan
Mandy Frampton
 [01/20 12:01:00PM] XL in Blush

Waffley Cute Cardigan
Sheila Haaksma
 [01/20 12:00:17PM] XL Blush

Sunny Sherbert waffle cardigan
Kathryn Van Dorp
 [01/20 11:54:49AM] Mint 2xl

Cotton Candy Cardigan
Krista Walcer
 [01/20 11:54:38AM] XS Blush

Come-again Cardigan
Donna Badowski
 [01/20 11:50:28AM] S black

Weekend Vibes
 [01/20 11:49:52AM] xs - coral

I love you a waffle lot cardi, love you a waffle lot cardi
Julia strickland
 [01/20 11:46:52AM] Small teal

Waffley Cozy Cardi
Nicole Feist
 [01/20 11:45:20AM] Black - XL

Knitted by grandma cardigan
Cassie Yacboski
 [01/20 11:41:21AM] Small black

Ashley Demers Ladouceur
 [01/20 11:34:01AM] 1x black

Waffle and tea time
 [01/20 11:33:40AM] Med hot pink

A Waffle lot of love cardi
Krista Crawford
 [01/20 11:30:46AM] Size small in hot pink

Sprinkle me sweet cardi
Maria Lento
 [01/20 11:30:33AM] Blush small

A waffle lot of love cardi
Krista Crawford
 [01/20 11:28:38AM] Size small in hot pink

Buttermilk n cream waffle sweater
Allyson O’Brien
 [01/20 11:27:20AM] XL - choose for me!

Waffle-licious cardigan
Marie-Eve Goneau
 [01/20 11:21:46AM] XL black

Feel the Hug Cardigan
 [01/20 11:19:13AM] XL Black

Bring on Spring Cardigan
Elaine Rose
 [01/20 11:18:11AM] large & Hot pink

Kiss me Cardi
Colleen Husband
 [01/20 11:17:59AM] Medium in blush

Love you a waffle lot cardi
Tracy Fisher
 [01/20 11:17:01AM] Small - Black

The waffley happy cardigan, A waffle lot cardigan,
Natalie Dunlop
 [01/20 11:16:57AM] Teal & large

Waffley Wonderful Cardi
Nichole Cuomo
 [01/20 11:16:16AM] XL black

waffle me warm
Mona Webster
 [01/20 11:11:46AM] Black L

The Waffa cardigan (means loyal/ faithful in Arabic!)
Marysia Waritsky
 [01/20 11:09:55AM] Black 1XL

Waffled to perfection cardi
Kim bessette
 [01/20 11:03:47AM] Black xl

Waffles on Sunday Cardigan
Brianna Hooker
 [01/20 10:54:22AM] S hot pink

spring into these waffle cardi’s
Karen Turnbull
 [01/20 10:54:19AM] XXL & Black please

Brunch Cardi, Mimosas & Waffles Cardi, Sweet Spring Cardi, Sunday Morning Cardi
 [01/20 10:50:37AM] 1x Black, Blush Or Teal!

I love you a Waffle lot!
Susan Schmidt
 [01/20 10:48:06AM] Blush 3xl

Catching up like no time has past
Stephanie gunson
 [01/20 10:48:04AM] Xl peach

Waffle This Way Cardigan
Aarti Poonai
 [01/20 10:46:34AM] Hot pink small

The Tiffany’s Cardigan; Waffles at Tiffany’s Cardigan ; Breakfast In Tiffany’s Cardigan; A Waffle Lot of Fun Cardigan
 [01/20 10:45:23AM] Small : Blush

All the right angles Waffle Cardigan
Nancy House
 [01/20 10:40:39AM] Size S in Black or Blush

Waffly Good Cardigan
Megan Dwyer
 [01/20 10:40:23AM] S Black

Spring Fling Cardigan
Patricia Pelley
 [01/20 10:39:13AM] Black xxl

Waffully Cozy Cardi
Tiffany Janzen
 [01/20 10:38:15AM] Hot pink 3X

Tonya Fraser
 [01/20 10:37:11AM] 2xl black

Waffley Cute Cardi
Angie McKean
 [01/20 10:34:21AM] Hot pink 1XL

 [01/20 10:33:29AM] Mint 2XL

Waffle Me Please!
Sheila McIntosh
 [01/20 10:32:50AM] Medium mint

Waffle up cardigans
Samantha Theriault
 [01/20 10:32:13AM] Blush amall

Weekend Waffles & Walks Cardi
Lea Lianza
 [01/20 10:28:42AM] Hot Pink - Small

The Waffle Cone Cardi
Haley Sinclair
 [01/20 10:26:31AM] Small black

Waffles-To-Go, Warm Waffles, Comfort Cardigan
Pammila Ruth
 [01/20 10:25:22AM] XL, Blush

Waffle Snuggles cardigan
Suzanne Harel
 [01/20 10:20:51AM] Hot pink 1XL

Cozy feeling Cardigans
Trudy Davis
 [01/20 10:19:35AM] Large black

Oh Waffle me yes cardigan
Janet Phoenix
 [01/20 10:19:22AM] Black medium

Waffley Nice to See You
Brandy Sjostrom
 [01/20 10:18:23AM] Black, Large

C'est Moi
Michelle Hackett
 [01/20 10:17:20AM] Small & Hot pink

Checking all the boxes Waffle Cardigan
Nancy House
 [01/20 10:09:40AM] Size S Black or Blush

Colour Me Spring
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 10:09:35AM] Mint 1XL

Need All the Colours Cardi
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 10:08:34AM] Blush 1XL

Waffle Stitch Knit Cardigan
Kayla Lutz
 [01/20 10:07:33AM] Medium Hot Pink

Dream Sweater
Darlene Coutts
 [01/20 10:07:20AM] 2xl. Mint

Spring is coming!
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 10:06:34AM] Blush 1XL

The waffley cozy cardi
Katelyn felbel
 [01/20 10:06:27AM] Medium black

Waffle cozy cardi
Lindsay Paterson
 [01/20 10:05:35AM] Blush XL

knit me a dream
shelley bodt
 [01/20 10:05:10AM] black,large

Be preZENt
Shauna Brady
 [01/20 10:04:09AM] Blush medium

Cardi Party , Spring Fling Cardigan , Cozy Cardi , Warm & Waffly
Karen Bauer
 [01/20 10:04:04AM] 3X Mint

Waffle Me In Sunshine
Krystal Hibbs
 [01/20 10:03:17AM] Black - XL

No Waffle About It Cardigan
Tiffany Gurden-Wullschleger
 [01/20 10:02:59AM] Small Coral

Easy Breezy Cardi
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 10:02:17AM] Blush 1XL

Love Me a Waffle
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 10:01:05AM] Blush 1XL

waffle me up sweater
Meagan Glawe
 [01/20 10:01:01AM] L Black

Stay and Relax Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [01/20 9:58:01AM] Black 1XL

Snaffle the Waffle
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 9:54:56AM] Blush 1XL

A Waffle Lot to Love Cardigan
Mimi Searls
 [01/20 9:54:28AM] Hot Pink medium

Let’s Brunch Cardi
Mimi Searls
 [01/20 9:53:53AM] Hot pink medium

Spring is in the air cardi, Weekend Ready Cardi, Sweet as Spring Cardi
Gina Bolton
 [01/20 9:53:09AM] XL blush

Girls Night In Cardi
Kim Thompson
 [01/20 9:52:39AM] L peach or coral

Lovin Light and Gentle Breeze Cardi
Tooie Casavant
 [01/20 9:51:20AM] XL bright pink

Cross hatched cardigan, hip to be square cardigan, X’s and O’s Cardigan, stitch me up cardigan,
Nicolle Parsons
 [01/20 9:47:22AM] Blush 1XL

Spring is in the Air
Gerri Toews
 [01/20 9:47:18AM] Blush 1XL

Spring Knit Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [01/20 9:47:09AM] Black 1XL

Waffely warm cardigan, by the fireside, be in the moment cardigan
Natasha mayes
 [01/20 9:46:31AM] Blush large

Waffle and Roll
Lisa Cornell
 [01/20 9:45:52AM] Black XL

Wanna waffle, leggo my waffle, Waffle knit wonderful, Waffley cute
Tamara scutt
 [01/20 9:43:49AM] Xl pink

Waffle cardigan
Susan Dailly
 [01/20 9:42:41AM] Medium / hot pink

The amazing on the go cardigan
Charmayne Nikal
 [01/20 9:42:39AM] Mint XL

Weekend Waffle Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [01/20 9:40:40AM] Black 1XL

Cozy up to winter cardi
Maria Harvey
 [01/20 9:39:16AM] All colours xl

Sweet Knit Cardigan
Kayla Hopkins
 [01/20 9:38:08AM] Medium Blush

Spring sensation cardi, Waffle wonders cardi, spring fling cardi
Megan wever
 [01/20 9:37:04AM] Coral Med

Cozy coffee time cardigan
Megan Oram
 [01/20 9:36:23AM] Medium and Black

Waffley sweet cardigan
Heather Fortin
 [01/20 9:33:12AM] Xl mint

Waffle me pretty
Elisabetta Palma
 [01/20 9:30:55AM] Blush large

Love You A Waffle Lot, Waffle-y Cute Cardiagan,
Carrie Rito
 [01/20 9:30:06AM] Black, XL

Waffley so cute
Elisabetta Palma
 [01/20 9:29:49AM] Blush large

Waffle pocket love
Sherry Mae sproul
 [01/20 9:29:45AM] Medium black

Waffley Cute Cardigan
Meghan Schuler
 [01/20 9:27:42AM] Medium, coral

Waffle heaven
Michelle Horton
 [01/20 9:27:39AM] Small, pink

Waffley Sweet cardigan
Meghan Schuler
 [01/20 9:26:25AM] Medium, coral

WOW I Just Love Waffles
Mary Clarke
 [01/20 9:26:13AM] Size M. Colour Blush

Toasty Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Halliday
 [01/20 9:25:35AM] Hot Pink Large

Cottage Cozy Cardigan
Ann Timm
 [01/20 9:25:32AM] Black - small

Baby it's cold outside cardigan
Marie-Pier Leclerc
 [01/20 9:25:25AM] Small - Pink

Waffle & Chicken, A Waffle Lot, I Like You A Waffle Lot
Nikki Graveline
 [01/20 9:24:29AM] Black, L

Waffley Sweet Cardigan ; Spring Fever Cardigan ; Waffley Cozy Cardigan
Haley Boland
 [01/20 9:23:52AM] XL hot pink

Let’s get down to business
Annamay leason
 [01/20 9:21:39AM] S black

Waffle-y wonderful cardigan
Jessica Bradey
 [01/20 9:21:04AM] Black size L

Waffle me this
Keree Labelle
 [01/20 9:20:10AM] Medium hot pink

Waffle dreams
Taira axton
 [01/20 9:19:53AM] Xl black

Waffles alfresco
Mandy Hickson
 [01/20 9:18:38AM] M, blush.

Picnic Cardigan
Rae-Lyn Lefebvre
 [01/20 9:17:24AM] Black xl

Waffle me in sunshine
 [01/20 9:15:08AM] Xl black

WOW I Just Love Waffles
Mary Clarke 26 Cables Rd. CBS NL. A1X 2A8
 [01/20 9:14:43AM] Size M. Colour Black

Sunday brunch cardi
Melissa Goldie
 [01/20 9:14:33AM] Black xl

Waffley (as in awfully) Comfy Cardigan, Waffle lot of Comfort
Carmen Albrecht-Weir
 [01/20 9:14:20AM] Large Hot pink

Spring fling waffle cardi
Melissa Goldie
 [01/20 9:14:05AM] Black xl

Cardigan De-light
Carol Ellendt
 [01/20 9:11:33AM] Small. Hot pink

Sheree Wells
 [01/20 9:11:22AM] Medium Pink

Lunch date cardi
Natasha MacKinnon
 [01/20 9:09:27AM] Black M

Waffle for the Win cardigan
Angela Mitres
 [01/20 9:09:24AM] Hot pink small

Waffle into Spring
Megan Schultz
 [01/20 9:09:16AM] Hot pink large

Easy Like a Sunday Morning Cardigan - I love you a wafflelot cardigan
Whitney Dillon
 [01/20 9:08:59AM] Blush - 1XL

Leggo my cardigan
Lisa Brownrigg
 [01/20 9:08:41AM] Hot pink 1XL

Cardigan De-light
Carol Ellendt
 [01/20 9:08:21AM] Hot pink small

Waffely Nice cardigan
Megan Schultz
 [01/20 9:08:16AM] Large hot pink

Brunch with the girls
Jessica Masse
 [01/20 9:07:51AM] Blush 1x

Leggy my cardigan
Lisa Brownrigg
 [01/20 9:07:39AM] Hot pink 1XL

Cozy Waffley cardigan
Jenni Casler
 [01/20 9:05:59AM] Small hot pink

Wrap it up with love waffle cardi
Christina Friesen
 [01/20 9:04:52AM] 3 XL mint

Like a Boss Cardi
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [01/20 9:04:39AM] Size small, mint

Waffling around
Lori Stefanishion
 [01/20 9:02:32AM] Blush XL

Sunday Brunch Cardigan (Waffles)
Ashleigh Topliss
 [01/20 9:00:57AM] Black or Hot Pink Medium

Waffle Wrap Me Up
Kelley Mckay
 [01/20 9:00:05AM] Mint Large

Cozy Does it cardi
Angela Smiley
 [01/20 8:59:14AM] Blush xl

Toasty Waffle Cardigan, Toasted Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Halliday
 [01/20 8:58:54AM] Hot Pink large

Waffle or Not to Waffle.. ... It's Waffle Pretty!
April Manning
 [01/20 8:58:39AM] Medium and that beautiful teal/greeny color!

Oh My! Waffle Cardi
Tracy French
 [01/20 8:57:18AM] Small pink

Toasty Waffle Cardigan, Toasted Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Halliday
 [01/20 8:55:44AM] Hot Pink Large

Warm Winter Waffle Cardigan
Elyse Picard Gareau
 [01/20 8:55:02AM] Blush Xs

Waffle Me Happy Cardi
Trish Tahouney
 [01/20 8:55:00AM] Blush small

Toasty Waffle Cardigan
Stacey Halliday
 [01/20 8:54:39AM] Hot Pink Large

Everyday’s Waffley Good Cardigan
Wendeline Chan
 [01/20 8:54:35AM] L Black

Spring into it waffles sweater
Kathi Peterson
 [01/20 8:53:34AM] Hot pink

All the feels
Sarah Bernard
 [01/20 8:53:32AM] Mint. XS

Waffely Warm Cardi
Mandi Karn
 [01/20 8:53:08AM] Mint 1XL

Waffle it be?
Jill Mullin
 [01/20 8:51:22AM] Blush Medium

So Wafflely whimsical cardigan
Bernice Fehr
 [01/20 8:50:44AM] Small Black

Knit me up cardigan
Amanda Madill
 [01/20 8:49:06AM] xs, black

Wafflely Cute
Teresa Brown
 [01/20 8:48:09AM] 2xl mint

Waffle it be?
Jill Mullin
 [01/20 8:47:56AM] Blush Medium

Break the Ice Cardi
Kate Rosenthal
 [01/20 8:45:56AM] Medium Hot Pink

The syrup to your waffle cardigan
Sarah Rice
 [01/20 8:45:51AM] Black XL

Cuddled Up Cardigan
Kate Rosenthal
 [01/20 8:44:50AM] Hot Pink medium

Warm Character Cardigan
Samantha Sham
 [01/20 8:44:01AM] Blush XL

Weekend Brunch Cardigan
Caitlin Gillis
 [01/20 8:40:18AM] 1XL Mint

Wonderful world of waffle cardigan
Raelene Pearson
 [01/20 8:38:19AM] Hot Pink Large

Spring has sprung cardi ; Honeycomb here cardi ; Honeycomb Cardi ; spring wishes cardi ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [01/20 8:38:10AM] Blush S

Cozy Days Cardi
Rachelle Douglas
 [01/20 8:37:55AM] Large Black

Waffley soft cardigan
Sarah Rice
 [01/20 8:37:03AM] Black XL

So Into You
Lubna Usmani
 [01/20 8:36:45AM] Hot Pink, Large

Ready for Spring
Erin Straughan
 [01/20 8:36:38AM] L Hot Pink

A Waffley good day cardigan
Sarah Rice
 [01/20 8:35:43AM] Black XL

Waffley Nice Cardigan
Sarah Rice
 [01/20 8:35:01AM] Black XL

Waffle up cardigan
Linda Beamish
 [01/20 8:34:58AM] Small Hot Pink

Waffle in Comfort
Jacqueline Chamney
 [01/20 8:34:11AM] Medium Mint

Totally relaxed
Beth Guyaux
 [01/20 8:34:04AM] Small - orange

A warm hug
Kathleen Klohn
 [01/20 8:33:40AM] XL hot pink

Wear It Anywhere Waffle Cardigan
Tammy Jepson
 [01/20 8:32:45AM] Blush Medium

Weekend Waffle Cardigan
Angela Smiley
 [01/20 8:32:08AM] Blush xl

Spring In My Step Waffle Cardi
Cheryl Roddis
 [01/20 8:31:51AM] S, Blush

Saucy Waffle Cardi.
Adele Farough
 [01/20 8:31:43AM] Size: L; Colour: Blush

Be there, or be square cardigan
Lindsay Geist
 [01/20 8:30:36AM] Black, medium

Waffle Days Cardigan
Jodie Cooper
 [01/20 8:30:10AM] 2XL Black

Back to square one cardigan
Lindsay Geist
 [01/20 8:29:36AM] Black, size medium

Waffley Nice Cardigan
Jennifer Smith
 [01/20 8:29:13AM] Hot pink XL

Waffley cozy cardigan
Jina Clarke
 [01/20 8:28:44AM] Black XL

Thoughtful waffle cardigan
Nicole Gregg
 [01/20 8:27:28AM] Large Black

Hand in my pocket cardigan, not your breakfast waffle cardigan, waffle into spring cardigan
Jennifer Demontigny
 [01/20 8:27:26AM] Xl black

A waffle good Cardi
Tara Macaulay
 [01/20 8:26:30AM] Pink M

Waffley nice cardigan
Shelley Stefanowich
 [01/20 8:25:46AM] 2xl blush

Better than Brunch Cardigan
Emily Buss
 [01/20 8:25:25AM] Black L

Sunday Waffle Cardigan
Emily Buss
 [01/20 8:24:50AM] Turquoise XL

Keep Calm and Wear waffle
Melody Willier
 [01/20 8:22:55AM] Medium pink/coral/or blue

The bliss cardigan
Marysia Waritsky
 [01/20 8:22:43AM] Hot pink XL

Keep Calm and Wear Waffle
Melody Willier
 [01/20 8:22:12AM] Medium Pink or coral or blue ?

Waffle wonderful pocket cardigan
Dolores Wilson
 [01/20 8:21:16AM] Black Large

Waffle Ready for Spring
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [01/20 8:21:08AM] M black

Not your grandmas cardi
Steph adkins
 [01/20 8:19:52AM] Hot Pink 1XL

Ready for Spring Cardigan
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [01/20 8:19:24AM] M black

Perfectly Waffley Cardigan
caitlin krekoski
 [01/20 8:18:25AM] Black L

Sunday Brunch Cardigan
Sherry Van der Heyden
 [01/20 8:16:23AM] Mint 3X

Waffly Wonderful cardigan
Rachel Brescia
 [01/20 8:14:08AM] Hot Pink medium

Waffley Nice to Meet You Cardigan
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:13:57AM] Large Blush

Waffley Nice to Meet You Cardigan
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:13:37AM] Large Blush

Waffley Nice to Meet You Cardigan
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:13:10AM] Large Blush

Waffle Lot of comfort Cardigan
Rachel Brescia
 [01/20 8:13:01AM] Black medium

Waffley Good Cardigan
Caitlin krekoski
 [01/20 8:12:59AM] Black L

Waffley Nice to Meet you Cartigan
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:11:43AM] Blush L

Waffly Cozy Cardigan
Rachel Brescia
 [01/20 8:11:30AM] Large hot pink

I Feel Waffly Good Today Cardigan
Wendeline Chan
 [01/20 8:11:30AM] L black

Waffly Cute Cardi
Renée Kuznecov
 [01/20 8:10:31AM] Black Small

Waffle all day cardigan
Barbara Benner
 [01/20 8:10:09AM] Black medium

Waffly Cute Cardi
Renée Kuznecov
 [01/20 8:09:48AM] Black Small

Waffley Nice To Meet You Cardigan
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:08:26AM] Blush L

Waffley nice to meet you
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:07:18AM] Blush large

Waffley nice to meet you
Liz Roy
 [01/20 8:05:40AM] Large blush

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