KanCan Jeans
March 10, 2023

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Total of 267 Entries
Congratulations to Rebecca Armstrong, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Kan Do Attitude Jeans

Having a Kan Dream
Marsha Foster
 [03/12 8:49:54AM] 13 blue

Kan You Believe These Jeans!
Paula Potts
 [03/12 8:35:28AM] 11

Yes you KanCan Denim Jeans
Barbara Quibell
 [03/12 7:52:29AM] 16W. Medium Blue

Saturday Chic Jeans
Barbara Quibell
 [03/12 7:49:40AM] 16W medium blue

Chic Cheeks Jeans
Barbara Quibell
 [03/11 9:55:23PM] 16W medium blue

Kickin it Old School jeans
Robin McGurk
 [03/11 9:51:37PM] 9

Bye bye winter blues
Kathleen Quibell
 [03/11 8:39:05PM] Size 9

Spring fling kinda thing
Kathleen Quibell
 [03/11 8:36:14PM] Medium blue denim Size 9

Walking into spring
Kathleen Quibell
 [03/11 8:35:18PM] Medium blue denim Size 9

Christine Polak
 [03/11 8:10:38PM] 7 - Medium Blue

Spring Sexy Jeans
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [03/11 6:22:55PM] Medium Blue size 15

Spring or Jump into KanCan Denim Jeans
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [03/11 6:21:53PM] Medium Blue size 16W

Watch Me
Angela Rodgers
 [03/11 4:36:28PM] 11

Worn n Blue; Worn in Comfort, Comforting Blues
Lisa Steenson
 [03/11 4:20:03PM] 11

Wendy Brander
 [03/11 3:56:57PM] Medium size 7

Dolled Up Denim
Tiffaney Gamble
 [03/11 3:23:53PM] 7

Last Night Denim, Barefoot Blue Jean Night, 90s Flashback Denim, 90s Baby Denim
Caitlin Gillis
 [03/11 3:18:51PM] 18W

Joann Clarke
 [03/11 2:46:48PM] 7

Top gun
Alisa Perrin
 [03/11 2:43:33PM] 10

Yes you KanCan relax today jeans
Valerie Dietrich
 [03/11 2:14:54PM] 9

Yes you KanKan relax today jeans
Valerie Dietrich
 [03/11 2:12:13PM] 9

Milf jeans (mom jeans have such a negative Connotation attached to them, these are mom jeans but sexy!)
 [03/11 1:59:14PM] I’d guess I would be a size 9

Canadian Tuxedo Denim
Traci Tebb
 [03/11 1:37:22PM] Size 5

Beloved or Beluved
Janet Szautner
 [03/11 12:20:16PM] Medium blue, 16w

Chic Spring Denim
Sharon Kusiar
 [03/11 12:15:01PM] 18W Medium Blue Denim

Anyones KanCan jeans
Pam Galloway
 [03/11 12:05:11PM] 7, Blue

Oops I denim again
Janique Grimard
 [03/11 11:43:07AM] 13 medium blue

Spice up your Life Denim
Janique Grimard
 [03/11 11:40:53AM] 13 medium blue

Sunny Day Denim
Janique Grimard
 [03/11 11:36:13AM] Size 11, medium blue

Can go wrong
Wendy payne
 [03/11 11:28:38AM] 13

Wash the Blues Away
Connie Joinson
 [03/11 11:15:09AM] 11 Medium Blue

50 shades of blue
Wendy zantingh
 [03/11 10:54:59AM] Size 7 medium blue

50 shades of blue
Wendy zantingh
 [03/11 10:54:59AM] Size 7 medium blue

Out on the town jeans
Jaime Bawcutt
 [03/11 10:32:37AM] 7

Anyone KanCan Jeans, You KanCan Do Anything Jeans,
Jacqueline Dawe
 [03/11 10:14:56AM] 7 I think

CanCan..who can? You can!
Mildred Martin
 [03/11 10:13:39AM] 15

CanCan do anything jeans
Mildred Martin
 [03/11 10:11:40AM] 15

Relax the day away denim
Michaela Barcena
 [03/11 10:04:23AM] 9

My Favourite Classic Demin Jeans!
Mary Clarke
 [03/11 9:57:42AM] Size 9

You Kan jeans, you kancan jeans, anything you kan I can jeans
Jessica Workman
 [03/11 9:48:54AM] 10

Trina Magis
 [03/11 9:46:35AM] 8 blue denim

Feelgood Denim
Monica Dion
 [03/11 9:37:29AM] Blue size 7

You KanCan do anything jeans.
Tamara Prevost
 [03/11 9:20:20AM] Size 7

Ocean Dream, Ocean Tide, Ocean Wash,
Kristie Brunetti
 [03/11 9:16:52AM] Size 9

Light and flirty
Laura Gibson
 [03/11 9:13:35AM] 13 medium

Walk the runway denim
 [03/11 9:08:17AM] 11- medium blue

Fendlies // bertaks
Kayla mckinley
 [03/11 9:03:33AM] Size 11 light wash

I Kan Denim
Joanne Bader
 [03/11 8:52:22AM] 13

Straight To It
Angie Bouchard
 [03/11 8:31:51AM] 15

You got the Strut denim jeans
Lisa Wou
 [03/11 8:29:47AM] Size 9 & medium blue denim

Ready to kick some booty
Sherry Wentland
 [03/11 8:20:46AM] 16w

Jailhouse Rock jeans
Tracey Kotyk
 [03/11 8:15:32AM] 11

Sassy Pants
Jacquie Bumphrey
 [03/11 7:24:51AM] Medium blue denim - size 9

Lake Mist Blue jeans
Monica Sczyrba-Davis
 [03/11 6:53:11AM] Sz5

Walk with me denim
Stacey Koutsiouris
 [03/11 6:46:10AM] Medium Blue Size 13

Strut into spring!
Shannon Moffat
 [03/11 6:03:18AM] 9 med blue

Breezy day kinda jean
Carole lacelle
 [03/11 5:57:15AM] size 11. / medium colour

Vintage denim... Favorite pair of Jeans... Perfect Wash
Patty Goodburn
 [03/11 5:33:33AM] 13

Destress to impress
Kristen mullally
 [03/11 4:45:50AM] Size 5

Straight edge denim
Patricia Merrick
 [03/11 4:30:45AM] Medium blue size 9

Sweet blue bombshells
Dolores Wilson
 [03/11 4:24:07AM] 16W

 [03/11 4:12:09AM] 13

Totally Timeless
Shari Maclellan
 [03/11 4:00:27AM] 7

Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight denim, Out of the Blue denim
Angela Smiley
 [03/11 3:48:55AM] 15

Keeping You Cool in Ice Blue
Stephanie Clark
 [03/11 3:18:39AM] Size 7 medium blue denim

Snapback kancan jeans
Tara Stenhouse
 [03/10 9:54:14PM] 16 dark wash

In these You Can Denim OR 80’s Jam Jeans OR Retro Wash Denim OR The Non Mom OR Classy Chassis Denim.
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [03/10 8:36:57PM] 9 please

Washed Away Denim - Basic Denim - The Tofino Denim - A All New Denim -
Whitney Dillon
 [03/10 8:36:28PM] 22W

Straight Up Model
Ann Timm
 [03/10 8:32:40PM] 3 in medium blue

The Lola Denim
Whitney Dillon
 [03/10 8:31:32PM] 22W

A Classic Denim
Whitney Dillon
 [03/10 8:30:32PM] 22W

You can KanCan
Whitney Dillon
 [03/10 8:28:25PM] 22W

Canadian tuxedo
Brittaney Pregizer
 [03/10 7:42:42PM] 15

Retro rewind denim
Melanie Rumley
 [03/10 5:56:18PM] 0

Billie Jeans
Cori Edh
 [03/10 5:33:08PM] 13

Take Me Back Denim
Monique Girard
 [03/10 5:28:22PM] 11, Medium Blue

Kan I Keep These?
Chelcy Gust
 [03/10 5:27:57PM] SIZE 7

Slay the Day Denim
Monique Girard
 [03/10 5:25:56PM] 11, Medium Blue

Fit Check Denim
Morgan Banninga
 [03/10 5:20:57PM] 15 medium blue

Not Your Average Mom Jeans
Morgan Banninga
 [03/10 5:16:05PM] 15 medium blue

Not Your Average Mom Jeans
Morgan Banninga
 [03/10 5:15:22PM] 15 medium

Relax away
Rebecca daly
 [03/10 5:05:32PM] 13-medium blue

Keeping it Kazual
Brenda Nadeau
 [03/10 4:59:58PM] 7

A Touch of Rebel KanKans
Sue Weir
 [03/10 4:58:12PM] 11

Keeping it Kazual
Brenda Nadeao
 [03/10 4:56:03PM] 7

The Every day Anywhere Anytime Jean
Laura Silvers
 [03/10 4:41:23PM] 16 Medium blue denim

Where's my Walkman
Tiina Keetch
 [03/10 4:18:37PM] 16W

If you had my love
Tiina Keetch
 [03/10 4:17:05PM] 16W

Say my name
Tiina Keetch
 [03/10 4:13:48PM] 16W

You wear it well
Colleen Weir
 [03/10 4:10:06PM] 9 med blue

You will remember me
Tiina Keetch
 [03/10 4:01:28PM] 16W

Chill denim
Alesha poltorak
 [03/10 3:42:18PM] 9

Modern Blues
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [03/10 3:28:43PM] 15

To die for denim
Ginelle neurauter
 [03/10 3:11:20PM] 11

Love Your Life Denim
Melissa McCracken
 [03/10 3:07:45PM] 9 Medium Blue

I kanCan do anything jeans
Sherrry sproul
 [03/10 3:06:12PM] 13 med blue

Everydayz Denim, Not the momma Jeans, See you in my jeans, Singin’ the blues jeans
Joyce Hinam
 [03/10 3:05:57PM] Size 13 light wash

For the Love of Denim
Tracey Marcil
 [03/10 2:58:23PM] Medium blue - 15

Living in the Moment Denim
Tracey Marcil
 [03/10 2:57:59PM] Medium blue - 15

Meet Me Tonight Denim
Tracey Marcil
 [03/10 2:57:16PM] Medium blue - 15

Country Girl Denim
Tracey Marcil
 [03/10 2:56:49PM] Medium blue - 15

City Living Denim
Tracey Marcil
 [03/10 2:56:32PM] Medium blue - 15

Kan I have more denim
Kimberley Giberson
 [03/10 2:13:49PM] Size 11 lite color

Delicious in Denim
Melissa Frank
 [03/10 2:12:55PM] 18

Divine in Denim
Melissa Frank
 [03/10 2:11:58PM] 18

Life is better in Kan Kan jeans
Sheri Hanson
 [03/10 2:04:57PM] 5

Fade to Blue
Maureen Rea
 [03/10 1:59:37PM] 3(?). med blue denim

Weekender jeans
Heather Sidor
 [03/10 1:51:30PM] Size 4 medium colour

Denim for Days
Laura Bron
 [03/10 1:36:27PM] 3

Blue Skies Denim
Shannon Reynolds
 [03/10 1:29:30PM] Size 13 medium blue denim

You KanCan tonight demin
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 1:24:44PM] 5

Divine Denim
Sherry Cornish
 [03/10 12:59:51PM] 13 medium blue

Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight denim, Out of the Blue denim
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 12:59:32PM] 15

Feeling Mighty Fine Denim
Sheryl Kuiper
 [03/10 12:59:27PM] 13

Easy Lovin' Denim, Straight Up Sassy Denim, Straight Up Denim, Laidback Love Denim
Cherie Inwood
 [03/10 12:58:45PM] 15

Simply Significant
Kate Liscabo
 [03/10 12:37:11PM] 11

To die for denim
Sherry Cornish
 [03/10 12:25:18PM] 15 medium blue

Sweet jeans are made of these
Sherry Cornish
 [03/10 12:15:36PM] 15 medium blue

Loving Life Denim
Sherry Cornish
 [03/10 12:14:23PM] 15 Medium blue

Because You Can!
Louise Philip
 [03/10 12:11:41PM] 18W Medium denim

Places to go denim, doing it all denim
Jennifer Falastein
 [03/10 12:10:47PM] 11

Classic Straight Leg Denim
Ina Hammer
 [03/10 12:09:50PM] 5

Retro Chic Denim
Ina Hammer
 [03/10 12:07:46PM] 5

Hypnotize Me Denim
Ina Hammer
 [03/10 12:07:13PM] 5

Kan-Do Mom Jeans
Bobbi Vojtko
 [03/10 12:06:27PM] 9

All Over Social Media Denim
Ina Hammer
 [03/10 12:01:13PM] 5

Daily Dose of Denim
Brandy Sjostrom
 [03/10 11:59:11AM] Medium Blue-13

Classic is Best
Lisa Brownrigg
 [03/10 11:57:21AM] Blue, 16w

No Blues About It
Alisha Tatlock
 [03/10 11:52:14AM] 9 or 11

My Kind of Jeans
Randi Hansen
 [03/10 11:51:32AM] Size 22

Hot Mama Jeans
Lisa Murray
 [03/10 11:45:30AM] 15

Take Me Out Denim
Lisa Murray
 [03/10 11:44:37AM] 15

Boss Babe Denim
Lisa Murray
 [03/10 11:42:43AM] 15

Because I Slay So Denim
Jenn Haviland
 [03/10 11:26:44AM] 15

Your a Superstar!
Ana Klovan
 [03/10 11:24:55AM] 5

Slay All Day Denim
Jenn Haviland
 [03/10 11:24:18AM] 15

Day to Night denim
Amber Trude
 [03/10 11:19:43AM] 9, medium blue

Million Bucks Denim
Marlise Nordstrom
 [03/10 11:19:03AM] 9 medium blue

Straight line blues
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/10 11:18:32AM] 15

Country Classics
Janine Graves
 [03/10 11:14:19AM] 13 blue

Blue Ice
Gail Haynes
 [03/10 11:11:02AM] 7

Summer relax jeans
Cari hemphill
 [03/10 11:10:56AM] 22

She Can Denim
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/10 11:04:16AM] 11

Dancing in the Clouds denim, cerulean skies denim, sweet baby blues denim, cerulean dreams denim,
Amanda Straker
 [03/10 10:58:21AM] 20w medium blue

Summer Lovin
Rachelle Schill
 [03/10 10:54:23AM] 9

Backroads Babe Denim
Brittany Sargent
 [03/10 10:44:16AM] Size 11 & medium blue

80s are the all the rave jeans, free and fabulous jeans, classy with an edge jeans, we will rock you denim,
Nicolle Parsons
 [03/10 10:36:30AM] Medium blue 18w

Strike a Pose
Kari Lewis
 [03/10 10:28:47AM] Medium blue - 7

Made you look
Christina Sigouin
 [03/10 10:23:43AM] 16

Jessica jeans
Kate britz
 [03/10 10:19:51AM] 9

Fun girl jeans
Kate Britz
 [03/10 10:19:13AM] 9

Hot Nights Denim
Melissa Buhler
 [03/10 10:17:13AM] 13

I KanCan Do Anything!
Lisa Cornell
 [03/10 10:16:49AM] 11

Spring Fever Denim
Chrystal Sullivan
 [03/10 10:06:48AM] 5

Just Like That
Meryl Rannankari
 [03/10 9:57:33AM] 13 medium blue

No Blues with these on denim
Lisa Cleveland
 [03/10 9:55:46AM] Medium blue 16W

Vintage groupie jeans
Jennifer Jones
 [03/10 9:54:31AM] Blue denim size 9

Girl on fire denim
Angela Yamaoka
 [03/10 9:44:39AM] 11

Straight to the point denim
Jina Clarke
 [03/10 9:41:53AM] Size 15

All wrapped up jeans
Connie Failler
 [03/10 9:35:14AM] 16w

Tiny Dancer
Donna Grim
 [03/10 9:34:44AM] 13 medium blue

Andree Boudreau
 [03/10 9:31:31AM] 12 medium blue denim

In Your Dreams Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:30:12AM] 15

Feeling Fine Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:28:53AM] 15

Sweet Cheeks Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:27:48AM] 15

Weekend Warrior Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:27:12AM] 15

All Fun Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:26:32AM] 15

Teenage Dream Denim
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/10 9:25:46AM] 15

Ready for the weekend
Janice Ilowski
 [03/10 9:25:02AM] Medium Blue 15

Feeling good denim
Maria Lento
 [03/10 9:24:19AM] Med blue 11

Straight to the Point denim
Stephanie Pelland
 [03/10 9:23:37AM] 16W

Hip To Be Square Denim ; Flashback Denim ; Girls Just Wanna Have Denim ; Back To Basics Denim
Haley Boland
 [03/10 9:22:07AM] Size 15

Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight denim
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 9:19:22AM] 15

Jessie Spano Denim
Haley Crofton-Sleigh
 [03/10 9:13:58AM] 13

Paradise city
Veronica kish
 [03/10 9:05:53AM] Size 7

Canadian Tuxedo Jeans
Kristy Stebbings
 [03/10 9:05:39AM] Medium blue Denim, 13

Too cool for school
Sherri Van Vliet
 [03/10 9:03:44AM] 11

Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On Denim
Kim Jones
 [03/10 9:03:33AM] Medium Blue 9

Kan you feel it denim?
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 9:02:37AM] 5

Yes I Kan Kan
Nicole Smith
 [03/10 9:00:48AM] medium blue 7

Comfy Comfort
Linda Ring
 [03/10 9:00:08AM] 9

Straight Up Denim
Angie Bouchard
 [03/10 8:59:18AM] 15, medium blue

Let me see ya KanCan
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 8:57:25AM] 5

It’s In The Jeans
J Raylene Marengere
 [03/10 8:56:39AM] Medium blue denim 18W

Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight denim, Out and About denim,
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 8:54:39AM] 15

You need me denim, All the love denim, super model denim, Been Waiting for you Denim
Judy Thue
 [03/10 8:52:45AM] 5

It’s time to do the KanCan!
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 8:50:11AM] 5

Spring into action Denim, Rise above Denim,
Candace Carriere
 [03/10 8:50:00AM] Size 9 medium blue

Out of the Blue Denim, Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight. denim, Out and About denim,
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 8:49:36AM] 15

Acid Chic
Meghan Schuler
 [03/10 8:49:22AM] 9,

Blue Heaven Jeans
Sarah Wright
 [03/10 8:49:04AM] Size 11

Kan Do Attitude jeans
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 8:49:00AM] 5

D is for Diva Denim
Jasmine knelsen
 [03/10 8:48:22AM] Whichever size coverts to 27 kancan

Kan Do jeans
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/10 8:47:27AM] 5

Dressed To Kill Denim
Rena Yakemchuk
 [03/10 8:46:48AM] 13 Medium Blue

Back in the Day Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:46:32AM] 16W

Let’s get comfortable Denim
Diane Kotylak
 [03/10 8:45:57AM] 14W Medium Blue

Making Memories denim, Out of the Blue Denim, Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight. denim, Out and About denim,
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 8:45:57AM] 15

Making Memories denim, Out of the Blue Denim, Keep it Straight denim, Get it Straight. denim, Out and About denim,
Angela Smiley
 [03/10 8:44:55AM] 15

What’s the Dealio Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:44:52AM] 16w

Totally Slammin Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:43:55AM] 16w

Girl yes you can
Melissa Goldie
 [03/10 8:43:51AM] Medium 11

Goddess Denim
Sarah Rice
 [03/10 8:39:52AM] Med blue 15

Da Bomb Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:38:13AM] 16W

Move easy
Shauna Brady
 [03/10 8:37:13AM] Size 11

True Classic Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:36:05AM] 16w

Straight up blues
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/10 8:35:28AM] 15

Classic Rock Denim
Tesa Steinke
 [03/10 8:35:21AM] 16W

Daydreaming Denim
Natasha MacKinnon
 [03/10 8:34:53AM] 9 Medoum Blue

Cas N' Fab
Julia Graham
 [03/10 8:34:10AM] Size 7 Medium Blue

Billie Jeans
Megan Curry
 [03/10 8:33:54AM] 8

Billie Jeans
Megan Curry
 [03/10 8:33:01AM] i

Not your boyfriends jeans
Nicole Gulutzan
 [03/10 8:32:51AM] 13

Vintage vibes denim
Sarah Rice
 [03/10 8:32:23AM] Medium blue 15

Downtown Denim, Blue Skies, All About These Jeans, Relaxin’ & Stylin’
Samantha S
 [03/10 8:31:54AM] 13, Medium

Yesterday’s Denim
Sarah Rice
 [03/10 8:30:59AM] Medium blue 15

Dance with the Clouds Denim
Amanda Straker
 [03/10 8:28:38AM] 20W medium blue

Bring it on!
Dana Morris
 [03/10 8:25:44AM] Size 13

Chillaxin Denim or Chillax In Denim :)
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:24:42AM] 13

My Forever Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:23:34AM] 13

All Year Round Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:23:12AM] 13

Take me anywhere
Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:22:37AM] 22W

Simple Touch Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:22:36AM] 13

KanCan It Be True Denim
Wendeline Chan
 [03/10 8:22:11AM] 13 Medium Blue

All That Sass
Kim Jones
 [03/10 8:22:03AM] Medium Blue size 9

Stevie’s Denim
Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:22:02AM] 22W

YES she KanCan
Tammy Psiurski
 [03/10 8:22:01AM] 20w

Kickin It KanCan’s
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:21:26AM] 13

KanCan I Ride With You Denim
Wendeline Chan
 [03/10 8:21:24AM] 13 Medium Blue

Flirty Flare Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:20:12AM] 13

Fade In (or Fade Out)
Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:20:08AM] 22W

Straight Up Perfect Jeans
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [03/10 8:19:49AM] Size 13

Rockin It Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:18:46AM] 13

Style & Chill Denim
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:18:20AM] 13

Flash to the Past Jeans, Sophisticated Denim, Feel the Fire Denim, Can’t Fight the Feeling Denim, Feeling Fine Denim
Brayell Dengler
 [03/10 8:18:13AM] 9

I Kan and I Will denim
Rachelle Douglas
 [03/10 8:17:30AM] 13

Canadian tuxedo bottoms / Canadian tuxedo pants / Canadian tuxedo jeans
Alesha Buston
 [03/10 8:17:08AM] 13

Summer Dreams denim.
Sheri Hanson
 [03/10 8:16:26AM] 5

Always room for blue
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [03/10 8:15:45AM] 7, medium blue

Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:15:37AM] 22W

Relax with me
Valerie Dietrich
 [03/10 8:15:30AM] 9

Sweet Emotion
Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:14:37AM] 22W

Spring into the blues
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [03/10 8:14:13AM] 7, medium blue

You shook me all night long
Antionette Payne
 [03/10 8:13:57AM] 22W

Feeling relaxed denim
Stacie Davis
 [03/10 8:13:48AM] Size 11

Relax with me denim
Stacie Davis
 [03/10 8:12:59AM] Size 11

Rhapsody In Blue Denim
Kim Pettie
 [03/10 8:12:48AM] Size 7

These jeans got you relaxed
Stacie Davis
 [03/10 8:12:13AM] Size 11

KanCan it be Spring?
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [03/10 8:11:48AM] 7, medium blue

Canadian Tuxedo Staple
Melody Willier
 [03/10 8:10:33AM] Size 9 or 11

Ready to KanCan into Spring
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [03/10 8:10:27AM] 7, medium blue

I know I KanCan!
Tyrene Heinrichs
 [03/10 8:09:15AM] 7, medium blue

Love You Long Time Denim
Karen Otsig
 [03/10 8:08:29AM] 7

Check This Put Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:08:24AM] 15

Back to the Future Denim
Jaime Burgoyne
 [03/10 8:08:13AM] 9

Always Right Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:07:37AM] 15

Easy Living
Laurie Etter
 [03/10 8:07:20AM] 9

Go My Way Denim
Karen Otsig
 [03/10 8:06:45AM] 7

Don't tempt me weekend
Tami Danderfer
 [03/10 8:05:45AM] L

Rockin' the room
Samantha Sham
 [03/10 8:05:43AM] 13

Go My Way Denim
Karen Otsig
 [03/10 8:05:23AM] 7

Feeling Spicy Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:04:24AM] 15

Spring Fling Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:03:39AM] 15

Dip Into Denim
Ashlee Murray
 [03/10 8:03:32AM] Size 11 any colour

Sweet Love Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:03:08AM] 15

Thoughts of You Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:02:39AM] 15

First Love Denim
caitlin krekoski
 [03/10 8:02:14AM] 15

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