Pepper & Zoe Cable Knit Cardigan
November 24, 2023

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Total of 191 Entries
Congratulations to Angela Y., the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the In the Knit of Time Cardigan!

Long Dreams cardi
Erin M.
 [11/25 9:54:03PM] Eggplant, Large

Comfiest Cable Knit Cardi, looking comfy cardi
Tracey L.
 [11/25 8:45:01PM] XL blue

Cables of Love Cardigan, Cuddly Cable Cardigan
Barbara Q.
 [11/25 6:33:41PM] L Eggplant ?

Warm Embrace
Brandy S.
 [11/25 5:38:04PM] aqua xl

Fireside Cozy Knit Cardi
Cynthia K.
 [11/25 5:11:01PM] L - eggplant

Come Together Cardi
Sheryl K.
 [11/25 4:11:00PM] L Eggplant

Not your Grandma’s cable knit cardigan
Rae-Lyn l.
 [11/25 3:56:13PM] Xl blue

Diamonds are Trump
Cynthia F.
 [11/25 1:54:14PM] 3XL

Cuddly Cable Doodle Sweater
Angela O.
 [11/25 1:03:43PM] Small, Eggplant

Cozy Cabin Knit
Kerri W.
 [11/25 1:03:04PM] L/XL Eggplant

Cuddle time
Jaclyn W.
 [11/25 12:24:15PM] 3xl eggplant

Wrapped in a hug
Lillie S.
 [11/25 12:09:54PM] XL Aqua

Winter Embrace
Florence L.
 [11/25 12:09:44PM] XL burgundy

Plum Satisfied
Florence L.
 [11/25 12:07:52PM] xL burgundy

Country Cottage Cable Knit
Leslie H.
 [11/25 11:10:39AM] XL Eggplant

Not your Granny’s Cardi
Maegan B.
 [11/25 10:53:47AM] S Eggplant

All You Knit Is Love Cardigan
Karen C.
 [11/25 10:15:31AM] XL Eggplant

Knit me closer cardigan, grab and go cable knit cardigan
Christine W.
 [11/25 9:56:10AM] XS egg plant

Warm hugs cable knit cardigan
Daisy N.
 [11/25 9:51:21AM] Xl eggplant

Cozy me crazy cardigan
Daisy N.
 [11/25 9:50:47AM] Xl eggplant

Cozy all day cardigan
Daisy N.
 [11/25 9:48:14AM] Xl eggplant

Layer me with cozy cables
Jennifer o.
 [11/25 9:23:44AM] Eggplant-XL

Storm day vibes cardigan
Patty J.
 [11/25 9:20:50AM] Aqua ( m )

Cozy Cables, Cozy Cable knit,
Cat A.
 [11/25 9:10:58AM] Eggplant, medium.

Cozy merlot
Rebecca s.
 [11/25 8:58:53AM] Xl

Window cozy sweater
Marsha F.
 [11/25 8:48:09AM] Lg Blue

Snuggly Hug
Bonnie A.
 [11/25 8:44:43AM] Small Eggplant

Elegance at Ease
Jennifer F.
 [11/25 8:35:01AM] XL Aqua

Everywear with you cable knit
Cassandra C.
 [11/25 8:34:48AM] Eggplant Lg

“Wrap Me Up Cardigan”
Mary C.
 [11/25 8:16:27AM] Size M Colour Eggplant

Feels like home cardigan
Christine T.
 [11/25 8:14:18AM] Xl eggplant

Namaste At Home Cardi
Meghan N.
 [11/25 8:12:28AM] S, eggplant

“Stitched Up In Cables”
Mary C.
 [11/25 8:11:15AM] Size M Colour Eggplant

Hugs Unlimited
Bonita P.
 [11/25 8:05:15AM] 3XL aqua

Cuddle Up Cozy Cable Cardigan
Colleen S.
 [11/25 7:04:59AM] L Aqua

Sweater Cardigan
Katerine B.
 [11/25 5:42:26AM] S, eggplant

Cozy vibes cardigan
Eva G.
 [11/25 5:36:29AM] Small and blue

Easy Like Sunday Morning cardigan
Angela O.
 [11/24 10:00:52PM] XL Eggplant

Cozigan, Tea Cozy Cadigan, Snow Day Cardi, Call In Sick Cardigan, Stylishly Snuggled Cardi, Comfort is Calling, Luxe Lounge Cardi
Jennifer G.
 [11/24 9:54:16PM] XL eggplant

Drape Me in Warmth Cardi
Jessica D.
 [11/24 9:36:57PM] L Eggplant

Hold Me Close, Oh So Cozy, Warm Hugs, Knit too cold
Samantha A.
 [11/24 9:36:45PM] L, Aqua

Cozy cardigan , Cozy winter, Winter warmth
Stephanie W.
 [11/24 9:15:38PM] 3x eggplant

Love Fool Cartigan
Heidi H.
 [11/24 8:57:19PM] Med- Eggplant

Comfy cable cardi
Tracy W.
 [11/24 8:37:54PM] Small purple eggplant

Warm Embrace
Brandy S.
 [11/24 8:31:12PM] XL Aqua

Midi cable knit cozy cardigan
Hilda S.
 [11/24 8:30:38PM] Size XXL EGGPLANT PLEASE!

Midi cable cozy cardigan
 [11/24 8:27:43PM] Size XXL Eggplant please!

Warm Embrace
Brandy S.
 [11/24 8:24:02PM] XL Aqua

Warm Embrace
Brandy S.
 [11/24 8:22:55PM] XL Aqua

Cozy cable wrap cardigan
Hilda S.
 [11/24 8:14:17PM] XXL eggplant please!

Cozy down cardi
Amber S.
 [11/24 8:11:07PM] M eggplant

Cuddle me Cozy
Miriam R.
 [11/24 7:45:41PM] Eggplant size M

Cozy Comfort Cardigan
Trisha R.
 [11/24 6:45:17PM] Eggplant 2xl

OH So Cozy for me!
Sherri W.
 [11/24 6:22:18PM] Large Aqua

Snuggle me cardi
Jodie D.
 [11/24 6:10:32PM] Large eggplant

Winter Warmth
Jodie D.
 [11/24 6:09:40PM] Large eggplant

Cozy cardigan
Jodie D.
 [11/24 6:07:28PM] Large eggplant

Waffle me closer
Shelby c.
 [11/24 5:48:10PM] Black xl

Waffle me closer
Shelby c.
 [11/24 5:47:16PM] Black xl

Wrapped in Comfort Cardigan
Amanda L.
 [11/24 5:39:17PM] Eggplant- XL

All tied up
Laurie E.
 [11/24 5:38:09PM] XL Aqua

Pocket full of Cable Cardigan
Stacey G.
 [11/24 5:16:36PM] XS eggplant

Cable To Go Cardigan
Stacey G.
 [11/24 5:15:01PM] XS eggplant

Cozy waffles
 [11/24 5:14:43PM] L eggplant

Northern knit cardigan
Erin S.
 [11/24 5:14:30PM] Small, Aqua

Mid-day Break
Jocelyn H.
 [11/24 5:07:03PM] Medium, purple

Diamond Designs Cardi
 [11/24 4:18:54PM] S burgundy

Kozy Kable knit sweater
Brenda B.
 [11/24 3:58:16PM] Med Eggplant

All The Best Cardigan
Brenda S.
 [11/24 3:53:05PM] L eggplant

Slip into Comfort Cardigan,
Sandy J.
 [11/24 3:26:20PM] Large - Aqua (Honestly love both colours - had to flip a coin lol)

Call Me Cosy Cardigan
Audrey D.
 [11/24 3:25:58PM] Large - eggplant

Couch cozy cardi
Jessica K.
 [11/24 3:09:42PM] Eggplant, XL

Winter vibe Cardi
Melissa C.
 [11/24 2:57:20PM] 2xl eggplant

Cable me cozy!
Jennifer Y.
 [11/24 2:37:07PM] XL Aqua

Cable Chic Cardigan
Karen O.
 [11/24 2:26:53PM] Eggplant size small

Cables & Cuddles
Sarah R.
 [11/24 2:21:21PM] Blue XL

Keeping You Cozy Cardi
Tracey M.
 [11/24 2:20:42PM] Aqua XL

Grandpa’s favourite Cardigan
Sarah R.
 [11/24 2:20:16PM] Eggplant XL

Cozy on Up Cardigan
Tracey M.
 [11/24 2:19:44PM] Aqua XL

Wrap me up cardigan
Sarah R.
 [11/24 2:19:30PM] Eggplant XL

Nostalgia Cardigan
Sarah R.
 [11/24 2:18:47PM] Eggplant XL

Comfort at its finest
Kari D.
 [11/24 2:18:10PM] Small/ Eggplant

Cable ME Happy Cardigan
Tracey M.
 [11/24 2:17:31PM] Aqua XL

Comfy Cozy
Ellen S.
 [11/24 2:11:41PM] blue 2x

Mid Winter Dream, Mid Winter Dreams
Gerri T.
 [11/24 1:56:31PM] Eggplant XL

Comfy cozy knit cardi
Abby C.
 [11/24 1:52:00PM] 2xl eggplant

Cable knit of time
Abby C.
 [11/24 1:50:23PM] 2xl eggplant

Cozy Nordic
Cheryl S.
 [11/24 1:16:52PM] Lg.&Eggplant

Cozy Connection
Shari M.
 [11/24 1:10:58PM] S aqua

Winter Wishlist
Shari M.
 [11/24 1:08:50PM] S aqua

Cozy cable cardigan
Robin M.
 [11/24 1:05:54PM] Eggplant med

Sweater Weather Cardi
Niki E.
 [11/24 1:00:48PM] Blue XL

Warm & Cozy Cardi
Rosalie M.
 [11/24 12:54:01PM] Small Aqua

Knit it Right Now midi Cardi
Alicia A.
 [11/24 12:40:09PM] 3XL Eggplant

Cable All the Way cardigan
Tina M.
 [11/24 12:32:26PM] Eggplant medium

Time for Just Be
Tiffany K.
 [11/24 12:23:25PM] 2xl, maroon

Comfy cable
Sandi C.
 [11/24 12:20:18PM] Xl aqua

Wrapped In A Hug Cardigan / Hugged by a Cardigan / Wrap Me Up Cardi
Chantele G.
 [11/24 12:12:39PM] Eggplant - large

Too Cozy to Care Cardigan
Kathryn B.
 [11/24 11:18:50AM] Eggplant 3xl

Cable Gal, in the knit of time.
Angela Y.
 [11/24 11:17:28AM] Burgundy small

Too Cozy to Care Cardigan
Kathryn B.
 [11/24 11:17:26AM] Eggplant 3xl

A cable for you
Debbie W.
 [11/24 11:07:56AM] Eggplant M

Cuddle Up Cardi
Heather A.
 [11/24 11:03:18AM] Small Aqua

Cozy Cable Cardi
Heather A.
 [11/24 11:02:13AM] Small Aqua

Cozy Cabin Cardi
Heather A.
 [11/24 11:01:34AM] Small Aqua

Cozy cable
Roseanne f.
 [11/24 10:54:58AM] 1xl in plum

Country classic knit cardi
Jane s.
 [11/24 10:52:29AM] Eggplant medium

Ethereal Cableknit
Erin T.
 [11/24 10:51:38AM] Burgundy L

Cozy Classic Cardigan
Denice E.
 [11/24 10:50:13AM] Aqua - XL

Knit Happens
Haley B.
 [11/24 10:25:27AM] Eggplant, sz L

Shirlana J.
 [11/24 10:20:35AM] 1x

Cozy Cable Knit Cardigan
Riekje D.
 [11/24 10:19:22AM] Eggplant, medium

Country Comfort
Tina C.
 [11/24 10:16:12AM] Xl Aqua

Comfy Pepper & Zoe Cable Knit Cardigan
Wendy R.
 [11/24 10:13:53AM] Large and Egg plant

All The Knots You Can Feel
Terri G.
 [11/24 10:10:52AM] Eggplant M

You had me at Cardi! Knits and knits Cardi.
Jessica S.
 [11/24 10:10:32AM] Medium blue

Little Knit you know
Ashlee M.
 [11/24 10:08:40AM] Small eggplant

Aran for this cardi
Taru O.
 [11/24 10:08:02AM] Med burgundy

Aran for this sweater
Taru O.
 [11/24 10:07:25AM] Med burgundy

Pocket Knit Cardi
Chantel S.
 [11/24 10:05:16AM] Eggplant - medium

Ready, Willing and Cable Sweater
Michelle B.
 [11/24 10:02:05AM] Eggplant, small

Wrap Me Up cardigan
Candice H.
 [11/24 10:00:04AM] 2XL, eggplant

Cable Knit Cozy or Cable Knit Comfy or Comfy Cable Cardi
Taryn P.
 [11/24 9:57:47AM] L Eggplant

Cabley warm Long Cardi
Dolores W.
 [11/24 9:54:49AM] Blue xl

Cover me Classy
Bonnie E.
 [11/24 9:48:38AM] Eggplant large

Cozy Up
Tamara W.
 [11/24 9:44:19AM] 3xl eggplant

Cosy collarless 3/4 cable cardigan-CCCC3/4
Susan M.
 [11/24 9:42:22AM] Small Eggplant

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Dallas H.
 [11/24 9:38:59AM] Small blue

Wendee L.
 [11/24 9:31:21AM] Large eggplant

Lisa C.
 [11/24 9:31:08AM] Medium Aqua

Me time Cardi
Shelley C.
 [11/24 9:29:32AM] M, Eggplant

Evening Cozy
Camillia w.
 [11/24 9:22:43AM] Medium Burgundy

Say it ain’t Zoe
Melissa G.
 [11/24 9:20:26AM] Aqua large

“Cable to keep you cozy”
 [11/24 9:16:44AM] 2xl eggplant

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Cassie G.
 [11/24 9:10:50AM] Eggplant-Large

Knit and snuggly
Karli o.
 [11/24 9:10:30AM] Xs eggplant

Knit in warmth
Karli o.
 [11/24 9:10:01AM] Xs eggplant

Everything cable knit cardigan
Nicole g.
 [11/24 9:07:20AM] Large eggplant

Keep Me Cozy Cardi
Jill C.
 [11/24 9:05:01AM] Medium eggplant

Cozy up Cardi
Laurie V.
 [11/24 9:04:41AM] Large eggplant

One hand in my pocket cardigan
Nicole G.
 [11/24 9:03:38AM] Large eggplant

Knit Chalet Cardigan
Amber C.
 [11/24 9:02:06AM] Eggplant XL

Cable Knit Cuddle Cardigan
Shannon G.
 [11/24 8:58:11AM] Blue Medium

Marshmallow fireside cardigan
Angela S.
 [11/24 8:57:29AM] XL eggplant

Cosy up in knitted warmth
Sherry s.
 [11/24 8:57:16AM] Medium eggplant

CozyKnit Cardigan
caitlin k.
 [11/24 8:48:21AM] Med eggplant

Cozy Up Cardigan
caitlin k.
 [11/24 8:47:08AM] Eggplant med

Lavender Haze Cardigan - Knitted to Perfection Cardigan - You belong with me cardi - Daydream looking cardi
Whitney D.
 [11/24 8:45:26AM] Eggplant- 2XL

Laurel m.
 [11/24 8:44:54AM] Eggplant L

Cozy Cables Cardi, Cozy Cable Cardi(gan), cables for Miles cardi, Cable knit cozy cardi
Lina D.
 [11/24 8:42:25AM] Aqua large

Pockets of Warmth
Shannon G.
 [11/24 8:41:44AM] Medium, eggplant

Gotta be mine
Naomi T.
 [11/24 8:39:39AM] 2x eggplant

Cozy Cableknit cardi, Channeling cozy cardigan
 [11/24 8:39:04AM] Eggplant xl

Cabin Cozy Sweater
Emily B.
 [11/24 8:38:53AM] Medium, eggplant

Let’s get knit!
Shauna B.
 [11/24 8:38:19AM] Small eggplant

Walking in a winter wonderland cardigan, cozy cardi, cable cozy cardi
Melissa P.
 [11/24 8:38:02AM] Eggplant size S

Cozy Days Cardigan
Lisa M.
 [11/24 8:34:48AM] Eggplant xl

Coffee Days/Daze Cardigan
Lisa M.
 [11/24 8:33:08AM] Eggplant xl

Knit me up Cardigan, Cozy Wozy Cardigan, Warms the Heart Cardigan,
Nicolle P.
 [11/24 8:32:03AM] Eggplant, L

The cozy cardigan
Rosanna F.
 [11/24 8:30:07AM] Xs eggplant

The cozy cardigarn
Rosanna F.
 [11/24 8:29:34AM] Xs eggplant

Just go with Knit Cardi
Jenn D.
 [11/24 8:29:03AM] Eggplant L

Sexy and I Know Knit Cardi
Jenn D.
 [11/24 8:28:21AM] Eggplant L

Frosty days cozy knit Cardi
Candace C.
 [11/24 8:27:47AM] Large egg plant

Cable Cozy Cardigan
Rachelle D.
 [11/24 8:26:34AM] Large Eggplant

Making Knit Happen Cardi
Jenn D.
 [11/24 8:26:19AM] Eggplant L

Cabin Nights
Joanne G.
 [11/24 8:26:14AM] XLR Aqua

Dreaming about Dusting. NOT
Melissa D.
 [11/24 8:24:15AM] 3X eggplant

Night on the town cardigan
Andrea W.
 [11/24 8:23:45AM] Xl burgundy

Cozy cable cardi
Maria L.
 [11/24 8:22:15AM] Aqua small

Knit’s Heavenly Cable Cardi
Jenn D.
 [11/24 8:21:47AM] Eggplant L

Cable car cozy
Sarah R.
 [11/24 8:21:44AM] Eggplant XL

Get in my closet cardigan
Alison B.
 [11/24 8:20:00AM] Plum, XL

Let it snow, I’ve got my cozy cable knit.
Raelene P.
 [11/24 8:19:30AM] Large, Eggplant

Cozy cabin cardigan
Veronica K.
 [11/24 8:19:30AM] XS, eggplant

Sunday feeling Every day
Rebecca P.
 [11/24 8:19:27AM] Eggplant XL

Beg My Pardigan?
Brandy S.
 [11/24 8:17:21AM] Large Aqua

Spark Their Interest Cable Knit Cardi
Jenn D.
 [11/24 8:17:11AM] Large eggplant

I yarn for you
Ashlie M.
 [11/24 8:15:03AM] Eggplant L

Knit It To Win It Cardi
Alyssa F.
 [11/24 8:14:00AM] Xs aqua

Cozy-n-Cable Cardigan , Cozy in Cable Cardigan
Amanda L.
 [11/24 8:12:32AM] Large, Eggplant

Getaway Cardi
Tesa S.
 [11/24 8:12:25AM] Eggplant XL

Without A Doubt Cardi
Alyssa F.
 [11/24 8:12:07AM] Xs aqua

A Cardigan Love Story
Tesa S.
 [11/24 8:11:48AM] Eggplant XL

Karma Cardi
Tesa S.
 [11/24 8:10:58AM] Eggplant XL

Knits to know ya
Jenn S.
 [11/24 8:10:56AM] Burgandy XL

Knit your heart out
Ashlie M.
 [11/24 8:10:56AM] Aqua L

In my Cardi Era
Tesa S.
 [11/24 8:10:01AM] Wine XL

Feels like home cardigan
Lisa B.
 [11/24 8:09:02AM] Medium eggplant

Cable me cardigan cozy
Erin L.
 [11/24 8:08:58AM] Eggplant Large

Just knit it
Ashlie M.
 [11/24 8:05:01AM] Eggplant L

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