Flower Child Tie Dye Pullover
July 27, 2018

Silver Icing Caption This Contest: Flower Child Tie Dye Pullover

It’s contest time again! Give us your best caption for this photo of our new gorgeous tie dye pullover from Cherish launching next week for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight OR comment on our Instagram post (@silver_icing) with your best caption by Sunday, July 29th at 9am (PST). This pullover will be available in Pink, Blue, and Dark Grey in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL and will presale for just $44.99 (Retail: $49.95).

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

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Total Entries: 189
Congratulations to Selinda L., the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "This pullover is tie dye for!"

Comfy casual heaven
 [07/29 4:28:58AM]

Chic tye dye...who would of thought
Lyndsey B.
 [07/28 9:04:54PM]

80's revamped
Alissa O.
 [07/28 8:23:15PM]

‘Fit to be Dyed’
Margo G.
 [07/28 8:14:21PM]

Rockin it
Robyn S.
 [07/28 8:03:43PM]

Tied by the Day
Kim B.
 [07/28 7:42:12PM]

So love this pullover! It goes with anything I want to wear!
Val R.
 [07/28 7:10:08PM]

?? Peace is where it’s at! ??
Lisa A.
 [07/28 6:35:47PM]

I’m bringing tye dye back, You got me tye Dyin around
Jennifer B.
 [07/28 4:47:41PM]

Jump back in time and bring back cozy street
Miranda L.
 [07/28 4:42:04PM]

Mom style Tye die for!
Natasha P.
 [07/28 4:13:06PM]

Tie dye, wrinkle me with happiness!
Vherra S.
 [07/28 4:00:31PM]

Fabulous Forever Flowers
Mary D.
 [07/28 3:33:38PM]

PEACE of comfy Baby pullover
Desiree K.
 [07/28 2:46:05PM]

Be the energy YOU want to attract
ericka h.
 [07/28 1:28:33PM]

Tye & Twisted
Michelle H.
 [07/28 1:28:13PM]

Live Wild Flower Child
ericka m.
 [07/28 1:27:09PM]

Pullover to Dye For
Michelle H.
 [07/28 1:23:51PM]

Pretty fly for tie dye
Selinda L.
 [07/28 1:15:21PM]

Once Upon a Tie Dye
Selinda L.
 [07/28 1:13:01PM]

Summer of loving the tie dye pullover!
Lois T.
 [07/28 11:48:30AM]

Make a splash
Laurey H.
 [07/28 11:17:39AM]

Count me in!
Tamara H.
 [07/28 9:16:38AM]

Boho Soul
Trina M.
 [07/28 8:57:34AM]

Always radiating positive vibes
Trina M.
 [07/28 8:55:08AM]

Take a trip with me, Baby
Trina M.
 [07/28 8:53:29AM]

Look to dye gor
 [07/28 8:12:03AM]

Wrinkled and Spotted by design
Sheila F.
 [07/28 6:46:28AM]

Luv the child tie die pullover tks
Leanne H.
 [07/28 4:59:14AM]

When walking in this blue I feel surrounded by the endless sky with the softness of the clouds.
Zoe L.
 [07/28 3:15:33AM]

Let your inner flower child pullover and play
April H.
 [07/28 2:33:40AM]

Pullover!! It’s time to let the flower child in you out to play!!
April H.
 [07/28 2:31:56AM]

Tie dyed and Ready for All Seasons
April H.
 [07/28 2:27:52AM]

Let your inner flower child come out to play
April H.
 [07/28 2:23:10AM]

It’s a “Tye” Game!!!!
Elena R.
 [07/28 12:14:41AM]

You ain't seen nothin' yet!
Danielle D.
 [07/27 11:05:48PM]

Be your own kind of beautiful
Paula B.
 [07/27 10:29:00PM]

Work it, Babe!
Angela R.
 [07/27 9:31:31PM]

Don't worry, be hippie!
Sheila H.
 [07/27 9:25:41PM]

Tye Die for pullover!
Sandy H.
 [07/27 9:18:39PM]

Sandra N.
 [07/27 9:07:35PM]

Just another day
Kyrsten C.
 [07/27 9:07:05PM]

“Are you ready... Boys”
Suzi s.
 [07/27 9:05:51PM]

Let the weekend begin!
Mimi S.
 [07/27 9:04:07PM]

I think I’m almost done my to-do list! Time for a drink!
Mimi S.
 [07/27 8:57:44PM]

Real women cherish comfort
Angie T.
 [07/27 8:48:38PM]

Keep Calm and put your Tie Dye on!!!
Chris S.
 [07/27 8:33:53PM]

Channeling my free & easy inner hippie self!
Anita F.
 [07/27 8:29:59PM]

I woke up like this
Candice M.
 [07/27 8:27:17PM]

Dyed Right!
Raquel W.
 [07/27 8:20:41PM]

Dying to tell you about my new sweater!, looks to dye for! , styles to dye for!
Julia S.
 [07/27 7:54:47PM]

Tie die don’t care
Shannon H.
 [07/27 7:54:38PM]

Tye to the Dye pullover
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:32:42PM]

Pullover ladies...Tie Dye is back!
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:32:12PM]

Pullover ladies...tied is back!
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:31:25PM]

Tied to be done!
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:29:33PM]

Tied to the coffee run
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:29:13PM]

Hockey mom coffee run
Celeste K.
 [07/27 7:27:17PM]

Comfort never looked so good!
Kim F.
 [07/27 7:25:51PM]

Just heading to the Riders game being so cute like I am in my Silver Icing outfit!
Bev Z.
 [07/27 7:24:44PM]

Always Good Vibes
Tara N.
 [07/27 5:53:05PM]

This pullover is tie dye for
Taneill S.
 [07/27 4:45:14PM]

50 shades of true blue
Tina b.
 [07/27 4:42:29PM]

All tied up. Or. Tie to dye for
Marg H.
 [07/27 4:40:50PM]

Street to Sleek Style
Andrea K.
 [07/27 4:34:44PM]

Carefree and comfy!
Heather H.
 [07/27 3:55:00PM]

Float This Way!
Christine S.
 [07/27 3:48:04PM]

Spaced out relaxation sweatshirt
Marlene S.
 [07/27 3:44:11PM]

To Dye For
Kellie H.
 [07/27 3:42:01PM]

Peace love n comfort
Kyla C.
 [07/27 3:32:36PM]

I think he just whistled at me! Keep it together Celest!
Kelly H.
 [07/27 3:27:48PM]

I wanna live the thug life but I am just to stylish
Lianne H.
 [07/27 3:10:22PM]

Work it, Girl!
Angela R.
 [07/27 3:09:35PM]

Nailed it!
Rachael B.
 [07/27 3:08:07PM]

Keep on Groovin!
Teresa D.
 [07/27 2:39:48PM]

Tie one on
Sherry M.
 [07/27 2:06:43PM]

I’m an industrious girl...
Corinna N.
 [07/27 1:43:45PM]

Just a Crinkle in Time
Corinna N.
 [07/27 1:41:57PM]

Cute shirt ALERT
Amy M.
 [07/27 1:39:43PM]

I love that you can’t tell that spilled my drink all over this top?
B W.
 [07/27 1:38:29PM]

Peace Out
claudine k.
 [07/27 1:31:37PM]

A pullover that’s simply to “dye” for...
Diane M.
 [07/27 1:24:31PM]

Casually on my way to bring Amy the winning gift card!
Amy M.
 [07/27 1:20:53PM]

Be trippy little hippie
Bonnie t.
 [07/27 1:14:38PM]

Walkin’ into the 90’s like....
Adrienne S.
 [07/27 1:12:19PM]

Basic 60's throw back
Marina F.
 [07/27 1:08:52PM]

I've Tie Dyed and gone to Heaven. After a hot day, keep warm in this pull over at night.
Julia R.
 [07/27 1:04:10PM]

It's Friday!
Carol B.
 [07/27 1:03:59PM]

Dying to meet you
Martha D.
 [07/27 12:57:05PM]

To tie-dye-for shirt
Andrea P.
 [07/27 12:50:21PM]

She's Crushing it
Caitlin B.
 [07/27 12:45:30PM]

I could use a pair of tie dye sneakers...
Josi J.
 [07/27 12:43:43PM]

Tie dye trendy and on the move!
Jess D.
 [07/27 12:37:16PM]

This look is made for walking and that’s just what I am gonna do.
Mary P.
 [07/27 12:13:22PM]

Boho in style sweatshirt, Boho’in sweatshirt, Groov’in seatershirt
Pamela M.
 [07/27 12:08:44PM]

You will be stylin on cooler days in our new gorgeous tie dye pullover!!
Lisa D.
 [07/27 12:06:51PM]

Like A Boss
Erin G.
 [07/27 12:03:41PM]

Pullin' Over to the 60's
Kami R.
 [07/27 12:02:35PM]

Live and let tie dye
Kelly F.
 [07/27 11:42:48AM]

Tie dye me a river
Kelly F.
 [07/27 11:40:42AM]

A pull over you could just dye over
Jennifer L.
 [07/27 11:32:45AM]

Flower child sweatshirt
Ronni G.
 [07/27 11:32:12AM]

Retro feels so good
Mandi R.
 [07/27 11:27:30AM]

Young, Wild & Free
sheelah t.
 [07/27 11:23:35AM]

Too Dye For, 2 Dye 4
sheelah t.
 [07/27 11:18:59AM]

Tie dye....all grown up!
Tracy G.
 [07/27 11:18:04AM]

He was having dinner with her, but I know he was looking at me?oh snap!
Debbie L.
 [07/27 11:13:55AM]

Casual Crumple
Jeri L.
 [07/27 11:10:44AM]

Bohemian Rhapsody
Teresa D.
 [07/27 11:10:14AM]

Wow, these stairs and my new SI sweatshirt are both tie dye for!
Sonia N.
 [07/27 11:09:57AM]

Tryin to catch me tie dying
Alexa R.
 [07/27 11:05:55AM]

Bringing back the 90s
Nicole C.
 [07/27 11:02:34AM]

They see me rollin, they hatin
Alexa R.
 [07/27 11:01:19AM]

Free spirited
Shelley F.
 [07/27 11:00:23AM]

Think Less, Live More
Alexa R.
 [07/27 10:59:14AM]

Life is better in Tie Dye
Jennifer K.
 [07/27 10:57:56AM]

Reliving my childhood
Jennifer K.
 [07/27 10:56:30AM]

Do Or Dye Top
Alex S.
 [07/27 10:56:10AM]

He was a Skater boy she said see you later boy
Alexa R.
 [07/27 10:54:56AM]

Take me out to the ball game
Alexa R.
 [07/27 10:53:50AM]

Take A Walk on the Tie Dye side
Alexa R.
 [07/27 10:51:07AM]

Always good vibes, good vibes only
Lacey r.
 [07/27 10:44:21AM]

Tie Dye + casual Friday = #winning
Louise B.
 [07/27 10:34:20AM]

Live Your Best Life
Kate B.
 [07/27 10:26:41AM]

Now You See Me, Now You Don't; Keeping It Cool
Catherine D.
 [07/27 10:23:22AM]

Not your grandmother’s tie die shirt.
Lana D.
 [07/27 10:21:12AM]

Cool breeze
Suzanne B.
 [07/27 10:19:30AM]

Coffee run!
Danna H.
 [07/27 10:19:08AM]

Get Rich or Tie-Dyeing
Cara S.
 [07/27 10:18:15AM]

Get Rich or Tie-Dyin
Cara S.
 [07/27 10:17:13AM]

Tie Dye-ing for the weekend in style!
Leann E.
 [07/27 10:15:19AM]

Sunday liven
Julie B.
 [07/27 10:15:14AM]

Can't Tie Me Down
 [07/27 10:13:56AM]

"Unleash your Inner Hippie"
Heather D.
 [07/27 10:11:43AM]

90's Flashback
Whitney F.
 [07/27 10:11:16AM]

"Stepping out in Tie-Dye Style"
Heather D.
 [07/27 10:09:55AM]

tyed and true pullover.
Katrina T.
 [07/27 10:09:42AM]

That moment you remember when clothes were either cute or comfortable and now they're both
Crystal K.
 [07/27 10:05:59AM]

Casual like a boss
Megan A.
 [07/27 10:02:56AM]

Workin’ it!
Sandi W.
 [07/27 10:00:50AM]

Tie dye for in style
Marlene C.
 [07/27 9:59:31AM]

Keepin it cool, Keepin it real, styling and profilin, Keepin is cash(casual), cool and casual, casual and cool,
Julia S.
 [07/27 9:59:13AM]

Going for a walk in my new tie dye top
Doris A.
 [07/27 9:54:50AM]

This pullover is tie dye for!
Arielle b.
 [07/27 9:54:10AM]

Chillin like Bob Dillon
Nancy T.
 [07/27 9:51:25AM]

Dye-ing for Comfort
Sheena S.
 [07/27 9:51:19AM]

I said see you later boy ??
Kaitlyn p.
 [07/27 9:50:31AM]

Man this outfit is to dye For!
Britta D.
 [07/27 9:47:47AM]

Casual comfort
Joan B.
 [07/27 9:46:47AM]

Just headed to pick up my latest SI order!
Nicole C.
 [07/27 9:46:07AM]

Boardwalk boho
Michelle A.
 [07/27 9:45:05AM]

SI Dye Hard Fan
Selinda L.
 [07/27 9:42:50AM]

To dye for
Lisa d.
 [07/27 9:41:39AM]

Relax just Do it
Linda G.
 [07/27 9:38:49AM]

To dye for pullover
Kalli I.
 [07/27 9:38:41AM]

Just takin my tie dye in stride.
Angela S.
 [07/27 9:37:49AM]

Flower Child On the Move
Jennifer L.
 [07/27 9:32:22AM]

Comfy, cool, casual
haley w.
 [07/27 9:31:36AM]

Walk on the tie dye side
Cathy l.
 [07/27 9:31:30AM]

So excited to go pick up my Silver Icing orders!
Kirsten C.
 [07/27 9:29:19AM]

This pullover is tie dye for!
Joelle B.
 [07/27 9:26:51AM]

Walking into the weekend like....
Shannon C.
 [07/27 9:26:10AM]

Strolling like a boss “babe”
Tonia L.
 [07/27 9:25:59AM]

80's throwback
Donna T.
 [07/27 9:23:59AM]

Susan P.
 [07/27 9:23:59AM]

It’s groovy baby!
Lizanne R.
 [07/27 9:22:48AM]

This shirt was for my mom, but I decided to keep it!!
Sherri B.
 [07/27 9:22:46AM]

Unleash your inner BoHo!!!
Kathy P.
 [07/27 9:20:11AM]

Tie dye stride into the weekend.
Kayla L.
 [07/27 9:13:15AM]

Tie Me Up Pullover
Kim D.
 [07/27 9:12:52AM]

A crinkle in time.
Lauren R.
 [07/27 9:12:33AM]

Bringing tie dye back all over again in style!
Kelly M.
 [07/27 9:12:14AM]

High tides sweatshirt
Megan S.
 [07/27 9:11:58AM]

If tie dye is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
Susan C.
 [07/27 9:10:31AM]

I feel like I’ve “dyed” and gone to heaven
Susan C.
 [07/27 9:09:32AM]

Tie Die for
Petra L.
 [07/27 9:08:26AM]

On Fridays we wear Tie Dye
Megan C.
 [07/27 9:07:51AM]

Tie Dye Reboot
Sara V.
 [07/27 9:07:26AM]

Tyem Warp Sweater
Raena P.
 [07/27 9:07:21AM]

Tie dye or not tie dye.. that is the question...
Selinda L.
 [07/27 9:06:58AM]

Keep Calm and Tie Dye On
Mallory S.
 [07/27 9:06:26AM]

Casual Friday
Julie F.
 [07/27 9:05:59AM]

We’re grateful for this drop dead (see what I did there) pullover that makes us think 70’s without reverting back to Woodstock.
Amy L.
 [07/27 9:05:33AM]

Love and peace pullover
Alty K.
 [07/27 9:05:09AM]

This pullover is tie dye for...
Selinda L.
 [07/27 9:04:26AM]

To Dye For Pullover
Sheena R.
 [07/27 9:04:12AM]

Curl Up & Dye
Cindy J.
 [07/27 9:03:47AM]

This sweatshirt is tie dye for.
Angela G.
 [07/27 9:02:21AM]

To Dye For
 [07/27 9:00:59AM]

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