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Fall For You Sweater
August 24, 2018

Silver Icing Caption This Contest: Fall For You Sweater

It’s contest time again! Give us your best caption for this photo of our new gorgeous Fall For You Sweater launching next week for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight OR comment on our Instagram post (@silver_icing) with your best caption by Sunday, August 26th at 9am (PST).

The Fall For You Sweater will be available in Navy Melange, Brick Melange, Burgundy Melange, Burnt Yellow Melange, in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

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Total Entries: 538
Congratulations to Brittaney Pregizer, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Pumpkin spice is oh so nice but this weather is made
for sweaters! "

"fall time = no more shaving! yay!!"
Emma Field
 [08/26 8:56:34AM]

It’s Finally Fall!!
Amanda Dobson
 [08/26 8:06:45AM]

Fall into Fashion wearing SI sweaters this fall
Shelley Cressy-Hassel
 [08/26 6:48:06AM]

Be happy, be free
Michelle Ferguson
 [08/26 6:45:56AM]

Fall for you with warm arms and a warm heart!
Jill Vanderhulst
 [08/26 6:18:20AM]

“Jump into cozy this fall with our fall for you sweater”
Amanda Spearing
 [08/26 4:53:45AM]

Falling in love with fall
Julie Leepart
 [08/26 2:06:43AM]

angela zavaglia
 [08/26 12:22:49AM]

Fall in love with fall
Natasha Patricelli
 [08/25 10:22:47PM]

Allergy medication is awesome
Lianne Timmermans
 [08/25 10:21:53PM]

Causally falling
Lacey sacrey
 [08/25 9:53:44PM]

Feeling falltastic !!!
Jenn Thompson
 [08/25 9:19:21PM]

it’s time for fall !
Jenn Thompson
 [08/25 9:18:21PM]

Im Falling in love ?
Jenn Thompson
 [08/25 9:17:25PM]

Feelin fine for fall!
Christine Welburn
 [08/25 8:56:45PM]

Feeling fantabulous
Jenna Brochu
 [08/25 8:51:39PM]

It’s almost time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
Ali Burton
 [08/25 8:44:40PM]

Home free ......schools started
Tara Tyefisher
 [08/25 8:22:21PM]

Free as the Falling Leaves
Charlene Bissonnette
 [08/25 8:05:56PM]

It's Pumpkin Spice flavour season again!
Colleen Sharkie
 [08/25 7:50:03PM]

Sweater Weather Yaaah
Lisa Plourde
 [08/25 7:48:35PM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Natalie Baxter
 [08/25 7:40:56PM]

Yippee! The kids are going back to school!
Trena Close
 [08/25 7:40:35PM]

"Life isn't perfect but my outfit is!" ??
nikki white
 [08/25 7:39:11PM]

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!
Amy Graham
 [08/25 7:06:37PM]

Fall?? Girl I soar!
Kali Bernst
 [08/25 6:56:36PM]

Online shopping makes!
Kali Bernst
 [08/25 6:54:24PM]

Presale purchase success!
Kali Bernst
 [08/25 6:52:36PM]

The kids are back to school!
Kali Bernst
 [08/25 6:50:06PM]

Cool Nights Comfort sweater
Caroline Bernard
 [08/25 6:35:56PM] love
Kimberly Jordan
 [08/25 6:34:15PM]

Hooray for Fall!
Tracey Marshall
 [08/25 6:25:37PM]

Wrapped in warmth!
Stephanie Ayquipa
 [08/25 6:23:16PM]

We go together like fall and a sweater.
Jessica Dodd
 [08/25 6:14:41PM]

Plum Beautiful
Connie Hunter
 [08/25 6:13:22PM]

It’s sweater weather!!! Bye bye smoke.
Shannon Haeberle
 [08/25 5:53:27PM]

Hourray for taco Tuesdays!
Tina Loyer
 [08/25 5:52:31PM]

Hello Fall!
Leslie Simpson
 [08/25 5:22:51PM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!
Crystal Makaruk
 [08/25 3:49:10PM]

You’re order is out for delivery
 [08/25 3:46:39PM]

Put a jump in your step
Michelle Remillard
 [08/25 3:45:46PM]

Fallin' for Fall
Caitlin Court
 [08/25 3:41:39PM]

For the love of Fall
Katie Gasemy
 [08/25 3:39:40PM]

Fallin for Fall
Katie Gasemy
 [08/25 3:39:10PM]

Touchdown in my Fall for You Sweater!
Val Roulston
 [08/25 3:22:28PM]

Happy parents day! It’s back to school!
Angela Mark
 [08/25 3:13:42PM]

Fall in love with fall
Angela Mark
 [08/25 3:10:21PM]

When you win an online contest!
 [08/25 2:34:50PM]

Parents reaction when schools back in.
 [08/25 2:33:53PM]

It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
selinda lye
 [08/25 2:14:10PM]

Yay! Kids are back at school... I mean, yay! It's Fall!
Christina Kane
 [08/25 1:25:29PM]

That feeling when an online shopping order is coming your way ?????
Emily Irvine
 [08/25 1:04:48PM]

When you know your favorite sweater is coming back
Jenna Vallee
 [08/25 1:02:51PM]

Fall is coming..... SWEATERS FOR DAYSSS
Emily Irvine
 [08/25 12:59:01PM]

Jump for joy Jumper
Giselle Alston
 [08/25 12:58:12PM]

Celeste Kallis
 [08/25 12:38:13PM]

But darling what if you fly ?
Stefanie Godfrey
 [08/25 12:09:29PM]

Woo hoo! Kids are back to school!
Carrie Wayland
 [08/25 12:04:44PM]

Livin’ Large?
Pam Walsh
 [08/25 11:54:51AM]

Can’t help Falling For You
Pam Walsh
 [08/25 11:53:37AM]

Yeah, they’re back in school???lol
Sue Matthews
 [08/25 11:51:39AM]

Just Dropped the Kids at School!
Sara Lotter
 [08/25 11:22:15AM]

Autumn Lovin'
Jamie Petrie
 [08/25 11:19:47AM]

Fall Into You
Tessa Fleck
 [08/25 11:14:20AM]

Woo Hoo!! THE best sweater is back to kick of Sweater Weather!!
Vicky Marshall
 [08/25 11:08:20AM]

Sweater Weather
Cassandra Edwards
 [08/25 10:47:33AM]

Happy fall y’all
Cassandra Edwards
 [08/25 10:46:40AM]

Its the most wonderful time of year
whitney feragen
 [08/25 10:45:58AM]

Time of Your Life Sweater
Kathleen Angell
 [08/25 10:45:48AM]

Ready, #Set, Fall into Knit!
Lisa Bond
 [08/25 10:42:47AM]

shiver me timbers no more
jasmine light
 [08/25 10:42:34AM]

Jump into Fall in this sporty sweater
Joan Barnscher
 [08/25 10:22:17AM]

Starting to fall
Aly Popa
 [08/25 10:19:08AM]

What’s going to make you fall in love?
Aly Popa
 [08/25 10:18:22AM]

LOVING the warm coziness of fall!
Dianne Davidson
 [08/25 10:10:58AM]

That Feeling When Your Kids go Back to School
Amanda Leipert
 [08/25 9:42:00AM]

The kids are back to school!!!
Sheila Hepburn
 [08/25 9:10:50AM]

Christina Johnstone
 [08/25 9:01:06AM]

Bring on sweater weather!
Janine Kernaleguen
 [08/25 8:49:05AM]

 [08/25 8:47:04AM]

Falling for Silver Icing
Christine Luten
 [08/25 8:28:31AM]

Fall into fabulous!
Caitlin Quilty
 [08/25 8:23:23AM]

All the kids are sleeping!!
 [08/25 8:16:35AM]

Danielle D’Sena
 [08/25 8:03:58AM]

Sweater weather, for the win!
Sherri Kohle
 [08/25 8:01:05AM]

Hello Fall ?
Lauren McKinnon
 [08/25 8:00:38AM]

Fall is coming! Whoopie!!!
Amanda Grant
 [08/25 7:52:24AM]

Say it with me ladies: "Bring on sweater weather!"
Julie Lacroix
 [08/25 7:41:22AM]

Cool wind in my hair, don't care. Not with this beauty keeping me warm and cozy.
Julie Lacroix
 [08/25 7:39:52AM]

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Julie Lacroix
 [08/25 7:37:53AM]

Love what you do and do what you love ??
Ellie McClair
 [08/25 7:37:21AM]

Summer may be almost over, but we are jumping for joy about sweater weather!
christina dymond
 [08/25 7:34:17AM]

sending the kids back to school vibes
tawny rother
 [08/25 7:31:35AM]

Kids are back in school!
Nicole Shott
 [08/25 7:29:55AM]

? Free Fallin’ ?
Jessica Carter
 [08/25 7:27:37AM]

Falling in love with Fall
krystal reeb
 [08/25 7:20:59AM]

i feel pretty oh so pretty
jennifer wach
 [08/25 7:12:09AM]

Fall into fall like......
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [08/25 7:10:31AM]

The kids are going back to school!!!!!!
michelle cristante
 [08/25 6:53:41AM]

Y M I so comfy?!
Nicole Tkachuk
 [08/25 6:21:32AM]

Fall for Me
Lyndie Schnarr
 [08/25 6:13:09AM]

Embracing Autumn
Lyndie Schnarr
 [08/25 6:12:39AM]

Fall into this
Daniella Perrott
 [08/25 5:45:09AM]

Hello Sweater weather!!
Sarah Cook
 [08/25 5:39:58AM]

Sweater season is back and we couldn't be more excited!
Rhonda Stone
 [08/25 5:07:50AM]

Its finally Fall Y'all!
Cheryl Cyr
 [08/25 4:17:00AM]

School starts in one week!!!
Tanis Twiddy
 [08/25 12:44:13AM]

Roll out the comfy
Denise cook
 [08/24 11:46:09PM]

Let’s Have Some Fun...Silver Icing style
Celeste Kallis
 [08/24 11:07:40PM]

Finally!!!! Sweater weather
 [08/24 10:38:15PM]

...and the kids are back in class!!
Tanya Nascimento
 [08/24 10:25:33PM]

Hop, Skip, 'and' Jump into colder weather with this cozy little must have!
Heather Diewert
 [08/24 10:21:31PM]

Pick me
Karma Kubbernus
 [08/24 9:36:27PM]

Pick Me!!
Karma Kubbernus
 [08/24 9:35:57PM]

When autumn is just around the corner
Kasia Ragan
 [08/24 9:29:42PM]

Soaring into Sweetness
Charmaine Crocker
 [08/24 9:15:32PM]

The kids are back in school!!!!
Breanne Owen
 [08/24 9:13:58PM]

Sweater Love
Kathryn Crystal
 [08/24 9:08:44PM]

Jen Mulcahy
 [08/24 9:05:26PM]

Back 2 School Rulz!
Jennifer Mulcahy
 [08/24 9:03:17PM]

I Fall for everything pumpkin
Tracy Mackay
 [08/24 9:02:56PM]

Parents reaction when schools back in.
Brie Burrows
 [08/24 9:02:08PM]

Bring on the Cozy
Stephanie Jones
 [08/24 9:01:56PM]

I’m freeeeeeeeeee
Sandy Horner
 [08/24 8:59:28PM]

Got ‘em for Autumn!
Cynthia M
 [08/24 8:59:13PM]

When SI releases exclusive leggings with POCKETS!
Chloe Menard
 [08/24 8:57:25PM]

Hurray for Sweater Weather!
Raylene Hope
 [08/24 8:47:28PM]

I Love Fall, MOST OF ALL ????
Tanis Calcut
 [08/24 8:41:36PM]

Yea. I can start wearing sweaters again.
Marie Hartman
 [08/24 8:40:41PM]

By Kids I will Miss you :)
Lesley Reid
 [08/24 8:36:50PM]

When it get cold in the mornings again and you can start wearing your SI sweater!
Amy Gouchtine
 [08/24 8:35:47PM]

Jump into fall pullover
 [08/24 8:35:40PM]

Did I hear Christmas is near??!
Amy Gouchtine
 [08/24 8:31:08PM]

Pumpkin spice is back!
Amy Gouchtine
 [08/24 8:25:21PM]

And it comes in three more colours!!! ?
Lynne McCart
 [08/24 8:25:15PM]

falling for you makes me jump for joy
courtney christie
 [08/24 8:18:04PM]

Summer days gone away, Sweater season is on its way!!
Cate Holt
 [08/24 8:10:29PM]

Yes!! Kids are back in school!!
Nicole Smith
 [08/24 8:09:48PM]

“The feeling you get when you’re home to receive your shipment instead of your husband”
Jamie allport
 [08/24 8:09:30PM]

Crisp Air, Falling Leaves, Sweater Weather is here!!!
Kim Dilney
 [08/24 8:09:05PM]

I get to see Pam
Amanda Burt
 [08/24 8:04:55PM]

“If you never jump, you will never fly”
Meagan Floberg
 [08/24 7:59:06PM]

Goodbye bikinis, HELLLLOOOOOO sweater weather!!!!!
Lea Warkentin
 [08/24 7:53:52PM]

Sweater Weather is Better Weather ??
Richanda Zurowski
 [08/24 7:52:11PM]

Delivery day!
Melissa Bongalis
 [08/24 7:47:27PM]

“When sweater weather is better weather”
Megan Powell
 [08/24 7:46:13PM]

Looking good is a commitment to yourself! Look good, feel good, do good ?
MaryAnn Tomlinson
 [08/24 7:44:26PM]

Sometimes you just need to jump ......
Cynthia Dreier
 [08/24 7:34:46PM]

First day of Pumkin Spice Latte!
Amy Collins
 [08/24 7:33:32PM]

Cozy comfy
Melissa lainey
 [08/24 7:32:47PM]

The kids are back in school!!!
Katy Tutt
 [08/24 7:26:50PM]

Fall and you don’t have to go to the mall... silver icing is the way to go
Francine Fowler
 [08/24 7:23:16PM]

These were the best days of my life
Michelle fowler
 [08/24 7:20:49PM]

Just dropped the kids off at school
Noelle Lima
 [08/24 7:18:27PM]

Most favourite sweater ever !
Lorna redden
 [08/24 7:17:04PM]

Yay!!! Back to school shopping!
Laurie Pampu
 [08/24 7:16:47PM]

It’s Fall, time for back to school!
Shannon Hutchison
 [08/24 7:16:45PM]

Time to celebrate! The kids are almost back to school!
Mimi Searls
 [08/24 7:16:37PM]

fall sweater weather is coming
shannon borg
 [08/24 7:13:27PM]

I’m going to be a MOM!
Shannon Breen
 [08/24 7:00:57PM]

I’m going to be a MOM!?
Shannon Breen
 [08/24 7:00:02PM]

I Love Seater Weather!
Pat Edy
 [08/24 6:57:30PM]

SI has a reason for you to get excited about saying goodbye to summer!
Caitlin Hanly
 [08/24 6:51:09PM]

Yea! The kids are back in school!
Tracey Barrie
 [08/24 6:43:50PM]

Ya fall season! My favorite sweater and no more smoke in Bc !
Karen C French
 [08/24 6:42:54PM]

When you hear pumpkin spice is back!
Twylla Teitsma
 [08/24 6:41:14PM]

the kids have finally "fall"in asleep!
erica french
 [08/24 6:37:18PM]

‘Let’s get this fall-party started’
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 6:34:50PM]

Fabulous For Fall
Caroline Kitt
 [08/24 6:33:54PM]

"i got my period"
braidy oszust
 [08/24 6:31:38PM]

‘I won’, I won’ a SI piece!!!
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 6:31:20PM]

Jump for the Joy that is Fall
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 6:29:38PM]

Yahoo...I’m free from the kids!!
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 6:29:30PM]

Fall means Freeeeedom!!!!!
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 6:29:02PM]

I can’t help but get cozy with fall!
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 6:27:56PM]

The kids are back to school!! I’m freeeeeee!
Anita Sharma
 [08/24 6:19:25PM]

Back to school for the kids
Nadine sharpe
 [08/24 6:14:43PM]

Grandma took the kids overnight!!!!
Kristen Rieu
 [08/24 6:07:51PM]

Autumn leaves and more sweaters, please!
Amy Graham
 [08/24 6:01:04PM]

I'm so freakin" awesome it hurts!
Michelle Berezowski
 [08/24 5:54:42PM]

Fancy free
kristin wells
 [08/24 5:51:38PM]

Wine not jump for Fall For You!!
Aly Popa
 [08/24 5:48:52PM]

Fall in Love with Fall & yourself
Jennifer Kowalsky
 [08/24 5:40:05PM]

I will jump right up when I Fall For You Sweater ?
Jillian Porter
 [08/24 5:36:53PM]

Yea! “Summer is over and fall is here!” Said no teacher ever.
Lynnette Werner
 [08/24 5:35:00PM]

hip hip hooray
Corie Kraft
 [08/24 5:33:16PM]

Cindy Duhamel
 [08/24 5:32:01PM]

Whoo hoo!! My beautiful new sweater just came in!!
Moneca Gebhart
 [08/24 5:31:45PM]

that feeling when the kids are back in school!!!!
gina bergman
 [08/24 5:29:59PM]

When you see the delivery truck stopping
Kayla Naponse
 [08/24 5:29:05PM]

Baby I’m back!!
Allana Bruce
 [08/24 5:28:48PM]

Cindy Duhamel
 [08/24 5:24:53PM]

 [08/24 5:23:37PM]

Jumpin’ excited for fall!
Lesley Skinner
 [08/24 5:18:22PM]

Fall is in the air - exhilarating!
Lesley Skinner
 [08/24 5:16:01PM]

My order came in! Woohoo!
Ann Penfield
 [08/24 5:10:05PM]

The feeling when your fall Silver Icing order arrives
Nadine Johnson
 [08/24 5:06:42PM]

Cheers to the weekend!
Kaitlyn Robb
 [08/24 5:05:07PM]

Weather feels ALMOST as good as this sweater!
Mia Trokeloshvili
 [08/24 5:03:53PM]

finally fall
danielle clarke
 [08/24 5:00:48PM]

Pockets in the Epic leggings!!!
Carina Tenbrinke
 [08/24 4:52:31PM]

At this price I can buy all the colours!!
Susan Constantine
 [08/24 4:48:48PM]

Heck yeah its sweater whether!
Tara Lawrence
 [08/24 4:48:39PM]

Hello World!
Kelly Gallagher
 [08/24 4:43:24PM]

Dropping the kids back off at school
Kelly Cioffi
 [08/24 4:42:52PM]

Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING
Andrea jonkman
 [08/24 4:39:42PM]

Clear Crisp Air - bring it on!
Bev Greenlaw
 [08/24 4:26:12PM]

My summer bikini body wasn’t ready in time but my fall sweater body is on point!
Nicky Bryant
 [08/24 4:25:32PM]

School dropoffs never looked so good!
Monique Shuell
 [08/24 4:17:00PM]

It's Friday!
Carol Balcome
 [08/24 4:16:52PM]

Fall in love with your sweaters this fall.
Carrie Schenkel-Zuber
 [08/24 4:11:53PM]

Yay the kids are back in school! Whoo Hooo!!
Brandie Lovrencic
 [08/24 4:10:00PM]

I don't care if it's fall, I wanna jump!
Nicola Gold
 [08/24 4:07:00PM]

Yeah sweater weather!!!!
Heather Scott
 [08/24 4:05:48PM]

You'll fall for this sweater over and over again.
Sarah Lane
 [08/24 3:59:13PM]

ColourFall Days
jennifer durasin
 [08/24 3:58:13PM]

ColourFall Days Ahead
jennifer durasin
 [08/24 3:56:35PM]

JoyFall Days
jennifer durasin
 [08/24 3:54:23PM]

Jump into Fall
jennifer durasin
 [08/24 3:53:09PM]

Falling For Silver Icing Sweaters
Tammi French
 [08/24 3:47:25PM]

Cooler nights mean, sweaters and stars!
Danielle Ducharme
 [08/24 3:45:52PM]

It’s friYay!!!!
Melissa Day
 [08/24 3:35:11PM]

The free spirit
Melissa day
 [08/24 3:34:33PM]

“Finally ready for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!!”
Breesie McCrudden
 [08/24 3:34:27PM]

She's Free Fallin'
Brandi Black
 [08/24 3:29:59PM]

“I just peed a little but I don’t care because I love my Fall For You sweater!
Linda Argentina
 [08/24 3:29:46PM]

Fall Forever
Brandi Black
 [08/24 3:28:34PM]

Hip hip Horray Fall is on its way!!!
Brandi Black
 [08/24 3:23:03PM]

When you look this stylish, everyone will FALLow you!
 [08/24 3:17:44PM]

It is the most wonderful time of the yesr
Jennifer McCaffrey
 [08/24 3:17:14PM]

Raise your hands in the air because fall is near wave them around cause Silver Icing cares
Janet George
 [08/24 3:17:12PM]

it is the most wobder
Jennifer McCaffrey
 [08/24 3:15:29PM]

Orange you happy it's fall?
Amy Graham
 [08/24 3:13:29PM]

Shira Hick
 [08/24 3:10:47PM]

Fall weather = cozy sweater time!
Sherri Hollier
 [08/24 3:09:22PM]

I just bought all the colors of the sweater and my husband has no idea!! Wahoo!!
Nikki Weightman
 [08/24 3:09:12PM]

Happiness is Sweater Love
Michelle Hauser
 [08/24 3:09:03PM]

Hello - Sweater Weather!!!
Amy Graham
 [08/24 3:07:23PM]

Did someone say “pumpkin spice”?? Yahoo!
Heather Liddle
 [08/24 3:06:52PM]

It’s so FLUFFY
 [08/24 3:06:26PM]

The Kids Went Back to School!
Alex Schreder
 [08/24 3:05:01PM]

Yay! Short season is over! Hello Pumpkin Lattes...
Carolyn Lariviere
 [08/24 3:01:44PM]

Fall for you sweater is Falltastic!!!
Michelle McCarthy
 [08/24 2:56:53PM]

Jessica Martell
 [08/24 2:56:46PM]

Yay its Pumpkin Spice Latte season
Jessica Kostuik
 [08/24 2:55:39PM]

Autumn bliss
Jessica Martell
 [08/24 2:54:25PM]

Falling for you sweater
Janice Robinson
 [08/24 2:48:45PM]

its the most wonderful time of the year........ back to School look of most parents. While wearing this fabulous fall SI sweater ??
Christa Skwarchuk
 [08/24 2:47:34PM]

Woohoo! The kids are back to school!!!!!!
Tracy Cox
 [08/24 2:47:05PM]

Jump into fall with Silver Icing
Jan LaFleche
 [08/24 2:44:00PM]

Sweater Season... ?It’s the most wonderful time of the year?!!
Sarah Thompson
 [08/24 2:42:56PM]

Cool weather got me like....
Jennifer Thomas
 [08/24 2:42:19PM]

Free spirt
Lisa Kleinsasser
 [08/24 2:39:05PM]

It’s the MOST wonderful time of year ?
Celeste Kallis
 [08/24 2:38:30PM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!,
Lori Lafreniere
 [08/24 2:32:33PM]

School starts in a week!!
Megan conlon
 [08/24 2:31:30PM]

Back To School Fall Freedom!
Kimberly Gleave
 [08/24 2:25:01PM]

Bring on the cold... time to cozy up!
Allison Richardson
 [08/24 2:24:48PM]

"yah, kids go back to school next week, My holiday begins"
 [08/24 2:19:07PM]

Dear teachers, tag you’re it! Love, Parents
Stephanie Hollett
 [08/24 2:17:06PM]

Fall wear, don't care!
Natasha Laundrie
 [08/24 2:12:59PM]

It's Fall, y'all!
Amy Graham
 [08/24 2:12:26PM]

Fall for Style
Lori James
 [08/24 2:05:46PM]

Falling for Fall
Amanda Olinyk
 [08/24 2:05:03PM]

Cool weather, comfy sweater!
Corinne Austin-Sturgeon
 [08/24 2:03:52PM]

"The kids go back to school tomorrow"
Nicky Mey
 [08/24 2:02:07PM]

Niki McCrindle
 [08/24 2:01:59PM]

Cool Times Sweater
Victoria Schill
 [08/24 2:01:22PM]

Falling in love with possibilities!
Megan Adelman
 [08/24 2:00:17PM]

Hurray for sweater weather
Kristie Majeau
 [08/24 1:59:42PM]

Finally Fall is here!!!!
Angela Mackenzie
 [08/24 1:59:15PM]

Bring on the cozy sweaters!
Natalie Baikie
 [08/24 1:57:35PM]

I see the mailman!!!
Brenda L Hoff
 [08/24 1:57:14PM]

Ready, set, Fall in love!
Danika Spooner
 [08/24 1:54:16PM]

Yea - I got the last one !!!!
Bev Hohner
 [08/24 1:54:08PM]

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!
Holly Baker
 [08/24 1:52:09PM]

Pumpkin Spice is Life
Victoria Dorey
 [08/24 1:51:27PM]

Pumpkin spice is in the air!
Kerri Stevens
 [08/24 1:49:43PM]

Falling in love!
Krista Hagel
 [08/24 1:37:32PM]

Cozy up Fall is on the way!
Shirley Larson
 [08/24 1:35:56PM]

Happy for fall
Donna koehler
 [08/24 1:34:35PM]

The kids are back to school!
Shayla Hilliard
 [08/24 1:29:13PM]

Falling into fall!
Lee-ann Therrien
 [08/24 1:28:47PM]

Pumpkin Spice Season is COMING!!!
Nicole M Goodwillie Gauthier
 [08/24 1:27:15PM]

Cozy Fireside
Sabrina Bryan
 [08/24 1:21:40PM]

I’m AWESOME baby!!
Alison Wilson
 [08/24 1:17:49PM]

Falling for Autumn
Chelsea Patenaude
 [08/24 1:13:04PM]

Jump for joy before having children as you will pee a bit while jumping after kids.
 [08/24 1:05:55PM]

Sweater Season is Back!!!
Amanda Saarinen-Corbett
 [08/24 1:03:46PM]

Fabulous fall flare
Nicole hundt
 [08/24 1:00:15PM]

Leaves are falling, Autumns calling!
Ashley Lindbo
 [08/24 12:59:07PM]

Dawn jacobson
 [08/24 12:54:28PM]

Falling in love with fall!
 [08/24 12:53:29PM]

The joy of comfort
Deanna Bailey
 [08/24 12:52:53PM]

T.G.I.Fall !!!
 [08/24 12:50:49PM]

Cozy Up
Kim Burkin
 [08/24 12:49:44PM]

I feel AMAZING!!!
Jennifer Ko
 [08/24 12:48:56PM]

Hello!! Let’s Fall in Love with Fall
Adrienne Lunn
 [08/24 12:47:24PM]

Jackie Crnic
 [08/24 12:45:24PM]

All the Fall Things ????
Megan Laub
 [08/24 12:32:35PM]

It’s finally fall! Pumpkin spice and sweater season is here!
Kristen Heavener
 [08/24 12:30:43PM]

It's back to school time!!
Janelle Sunderland
 [08/24 12:28:36PM]

Fallfulleaves Yours!!!!
Brenda Andringa
 [08/24 12:21:45PM]

Pumpkin spice is oh so nice but this weather is made for sweaters!
brittaney pregizer
 [08/24 12:19:33PM]

Fallspiration! Put a little Icing in your Fall wardrobe with Silver inspiration.
Laura Morlang
 [08/24 12:17:47PM]

“The moment the school bus drove away for the first day of school.”
Brittany Namchuk
 [08/24 12:15:24PM]

Yippee kids are back to school
Ashley Pike
 [08/24 12:15:22PM]

Sweater Weather!
Monique Kassinen
 [08/24 12:13:26PM]

All I need is my Fall For You Sweater and a Triple shot Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Morgan Gebhardt
 [08/24 12:11:56PM]

Finally sweater season! my favourite of all the seasons!
lia abbott
 [08/24 12:11:27PM]

First day back to school moms be like....
Candice Roach
 [08/24 12:10:54PM]

Heather Joy!
Rosemary Stover
 [08/24 12:10:52PM]

Fall fun sweater
Crystal Garton
 [08/24 12:10:12PM]

In other are going back to school.
Kristine Murray
 [08/24 12:07:16PM]

Yahoo!!!!! The kids are back to school.
Marlene Hollett
 [08/24 12:06:53PM]

It’s finally sweater weather
Autumn Kaspick
 [08/24 12:06:09PM]

Never before did I wish for fall to come sooner so that I can wear my new sweater!
Nicole Stark
 [08/24 12:03:01PM]

Opening my Silver Icing package with a side of pumpkin spice everything!
Danika Brazeau
 [08/24 12:02:27PM]

When the only thing getting lit this weekend is my fall candles
Kristy Delgrosso
 [08/24 11:56:50AM]

Bring on Pumpkin Spice Season! ????
Mellisa Stephenson
 [08/24 11:52:49AM]

Hip hip hooray the sweater saves the day!
Angie Fuller
 [08/24 11:49:56AM]

I love sweater weather!
Jennifer Whittingham
 [08/24 11:46:28AM]

Schools started and Mama’s be like....
Carla Entz
 [08/24 11:43:31AM]

Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go and begin again!
Larissa Anderson
 [08/24 11:42:50AM]

The kids are finally back in school!
Lindsay Retallick
 [08/24 11:41:27AM]

maureen statham
 [08/24 11:39:13AM]

Finally some freedom
lauren schroeder
 [08/24 11:38:58AM]

Friday bitchs look at my new sweater I got from Silver Icing... Yahoo
Danielle Chivers-Wilson
 [08/24 11:37:19AM]

If I jump, will you catch me?
Amanda Woodtke
 [08/24 11:37:15AM]

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Christina Beattie
 [08/24 11:36:59AM]

"Spring" into Fall
ingrid willey
 [08/24 11:34:26AM]

It's offically MOM time!!
Amy Graham
 [08/24 11:32:11AM]

Spring into Fall
Crystal Schouten
 [08/24 11:30:39AM]

Kids are back in School!!
Amy Graham
 [08/24 11:29:08AM]

The Divorce is finalized. I'm Free!
Amy Markin
 [08/24 11:28:16AM]

Falling into Happy!!
Barb Porter
 [08/24 11:25:14AM]

I lost 30lbs with Jenny Craig! Have you called Jenny yet?
Allayne McGowan
 [08/24 11:19:45AM]

Period free
ashley manky
 [08/24 11:18:47AM]

Learning to Love Fall all Over Again
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 11:14:55AM]

Three cheers for Pumpkin Spice!!
Tovah Staudt
 [08/24 11:14:35AM]

We’ve got all the Feels For Fall this season.
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 11:14:14AM]

Dare to jump into fall.
Tara Bertling
 [08/24 11:13:58AM]

Falling for Fall Fashion
Stephanie Zacc
 [08/24 11:13:46AM]

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are baaaaaack!!
Raquel Weinmaster
 [08/24 11:13:42AM]

Feel the love for Fall
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 11:13:23AM]

Jumping into fall
Dorothy semple
 [08/24 11:12:47AM]

It’s impossible not to Fall for Autumn in this Sweater...
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 11:12:47AM]

Falling for Autumn Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [08/24 11:10:35AM]

And they're gone!!! (love back to school)
Kari Devries
 [08/24 11:09:49AM]

Welcome Autumn! I'm falling for you all over again!
Katy Buchner
 [08/24 11:08:31AM]

Jumping into fall like.... jumping for fall
shannon mulligan
 [08/24 11:03:55AM]

Bring on the cozy sweater weather!
 [08/24 11:03:46AM]

Oh my gosh! My favourite sweater is back IN NEW COLOURS!”
Emily Buss
 [08/24 11:02:57AM]

Back to school bliss!
Crystal Meier
 [08/24 11:00:23AM]

Oh What A Feelin”!; On Top of the World!! LIfe is Good!!
Tricia Nolan
 [08/24 10:59:49AM]

Feelin' Fallish
Ingrid st cyr
 [08/24 10:59:18AM]

Its sweater weather, I dont have to work on my beach body anymore.
Rachel burns
 [08/24 10:59:00AM]

Sweater weather is better together.
Bonnie Smit
 [08/24 10:55:56AM]

It’s my favorite time of the year! Welcome back sweater season!!!
Bev Wilson
 [08/24 10:52:45AM]

The kids are back in school!
Mary Whitmore
 [08/24 10:51:53AM]

Fall For You Sweater Part Deux
Lizanne Roy
 [08/24 10:48:40AM]

Yay! Fall is here, now I can wear all my cozy SI clothes! yesss
Penelope Hacker
 [08/24 10:48:11AM]

Fall Foy You Sweater part deux
Lizanne Roy
 [08/24 10:47:54AM]

my silver icing package came early!!!
madelynn nelson
 [08/24 10:45:47AM]

Sweater Season!
Deanna Hill
 [08/24 10:43:25AM]

Fireplace Coziness
Natashia Liboiron
 [08/24 10:41:59AM]

Sweater up for fall
Cathy lovelace
 [08/24 10:41:11AM]

School's in....Mom's out (of here)!
Heather Vita
 [08/24 10:37:25AM]

The kids are back to school!!!
Laura Couling
 [08/24 10:36:16AM]

Break out the sweaters! It’s sweater weather and the fall for your sweater is the perfect sweater for fall.
Ashley Reade
 [08/24 10:34:26AM]

Felling fall fresh
Carly Strandt
 [08/24 10:32:35AM]

Yay....Back to School
Vicki Restoule
 [08/24 10:32:35AM]

the perfect match for brisk days, crunchy leaves, crisp apples and pumpkin-spice everything!
kristine raess
 [08/24 10:32:19AM]

Hello Fall
Billie Kneen
 [08/24 10:31:44AM]

Teachers, you’re it! Bye kids!
Julie fortin
 [08/24 10:31:09AM]

Happy Falk
Billie Kneen
 [08/24 10:30:32AM]

happiness is Sweather Weather
Lisa Funk
 [08/24 10:29:24AM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! - back to school
Valerie Beauregard
 [08/24 10:29:16AM]

My new Fall For You Sweater makes me want to Jump For Joy!!
Linda Thompson
 [08/24 10:29:00AM]

Pumpkin spice lattes are here!
Katrina Turner
 [08/24 10:27:21AM]

Joyce Gerbrandt
 [08/24 10:24:27AM]

Jump for Joy
Crystal McGowan
 [08/24 10:23:41AM]

Happy Fall Y'all!
Melissa Appave
 [08/24 10:23:35AM]

Pumpkin Spice Season Is HERE!
Sherri Jones
 [08/24 10:23:07AM]

Summers over!! Bring on Fall!!
Kristen Kolenski
 [08/24 10:22:14AM]

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go
Meghan Worobec
 [08/24 10:21:59AM]

Fall Breeze
Melissa Appave
 [08/24 10:21:35AM]

TGIF - Thank God It's Fall!!
Angela McLellan
 [08/24 10:16:57AM]

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Fall is near!
Jenn Anderson
 [08/24 10:16:12AM]

They’re back in school!!!!!!
Brianne Simmons
 [08/24 10:15:21AM]

Kids are back to school!
Haley Weston
 [08/24 10:13:37AM]

When you see the mailman with your latest Silver Icing order!!
Keshia Forsythe
 [08/24 10:13:30AM]

Yeah! My son went on the potty!
Jennifer Daeninck
 [08/24 10:12:09AM]

Best Sweater Ever
Leanne Decief
 [08/24 10:12:04AM]

I’m healed!!
Kimberly Patzer
 [08/24 10:11:33AM]

"YAY! Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are back!!" "Hooray for cozy evenings with my fall for you sweater and tea!" "Falling in love with fall all over again!"
Janine Grant
 [08/24 10:11:28AM]

Who can turn the world on with her smile, well it’s you girl and you should know it!
Jackie Rhind
 [08/24 10:11:06AM]

I’m falling in love with life in The Fall For You Sweater
Nicole McCoy
 [08/24 10:11:00AM]

Yay falls here !
Christina lai
 [08/24 10:10:02AM]

For the love of Fall
Cindy Boxma
 [08/24 10:09:34AM]

Pumpkin spice and everything nice.
Krystal Binning
 [08/24 10:07:09AM]

Cozy season has arrived y'all!
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [08/24 10:07:06AM]

First day of school be like.....
Uyen Vandenbosch
 [08/24 10:05:47AM]

“What a sight for FALL eyes”
Julianne Funk
 [08/24 10:04:48AM]

The fall for you sweater is unbeLEAFable!
Samantha Nielsen
 [08/24 10:04:41AM]

Fall for you, Fall for me, Fall for everyone!
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [08/24 10:04:32AM]

Back to School
Marla Warkentin
 [08/24 10:03:18AM]

Free "fall"ing
Krista Gould
 [08/24 10:01:08AM]

School is back! Me time!!!
Laura Beattie
 [08/24 10:00:28AM]

“My summer-bikini-body wasn’t ready, but my autumn-cozy-sweater-body is on point!”
Miranda Klinger
 [08/24 9:59:55AM]

Welcome Fall! I’m Fall(ing) for you!
Ashley Linehan
 [08/24 9:58:25AM]

"He fell for me!"
Seanna Unger
 [08/24 9:57:32AM]

Pumpkin EVERYTHING is coming!!!
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [08/24 9:56:11AM]

Fall Back Into Comfort
Tara Shewchuk
 [08/24 9:55:54AM]

Fall fashion is finally back
Kelly Jackson
 [08/24 9:55:40AM]

Jumping into Fall excitement!
Samantha Notari
 [08/24 9:54:46AM]

Falling for this sweater all over again, falling for you x 2, autumn is near and this sweater is here!
Lacey Roberts
 [08/24 9:54:26AM]

Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.
Aimee Stoodley
 [08/24 9:53:46AM]

“Hooray It’s Fall”!
Joanne Wardekker
 [08/24 9:53:33AM]

Give Fall a big hug, in The Fall For You Sweater.
Julia Richardson
 [08/24 9:52:15AM]

I’m not beautiful like you, I’m beautiful like me!
Joyce Caruth
 [08/24 9:51:12AM]

Jump into fall with the Fall for you sweater !
Ceanna Rondeau
 [08/24 9:50:24AM]

Hashtag fall y’all #fallyall
Vicky Harrison
 [08/24 9:50:09AM]

celebrate sweater weather!
laura eligh
 [08/24 9:48:37AM]

Pumpkin spice season is finally here!!!
Joanne Davis
 [08/24 9:48:20AM]

“LEAP INTO FALL” in our Fall For You Sweater
Joanne Wardekker
 [08/24 9:47:52AM]

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
Jodi Miller
 [08/24 9:47:46AM]

Laura Morlang
 [08/24 9:47:19AM]

me when i win silver icing credit
angelina trudel
 [08/24 9:47:11AM]

Its the most wonderful time of the year!
jodi struger
 [08/24 9:46:48AM]

Jump for joy, it’s sweater season!
Hilda Dyck
 [08/24 9:46:32AM]

wahoo! its pumpkin spice season!
Tracie Mayert
 [08/24 9:45:34AM]

? Silver Icing ?’s Fall! ?
Leanne Bectold
 [08/24 9:45:22AM]

PSL season has arrived!
angelina trudel
 [08/24 9:45:01AM]

TGIF! Thank goodness it’s Fall!
Lindsay Sayers
 [08/24 9:44:36AM]

Yes its the weekend! sweat shirt and jeans time
Suzanne Benedick
 [08/24 9:43:13AM]

Give me me ahhh
Sheila bock
 [08/24 9:42:45AM]

Fall into fall
Lora Sinclair
 [08/24 9:41:27AM]

Fall’ing in love
Tania Soulier
 [08/24 9:40:58AM]

We’re excited for fall, fun & most of all this fabulous sweater!
Lana Dobrinski
 [08/24 9:39:14AM]

YAY, Kids are back to school
Bobbi Terrell
 [08/24 9:38:27AM]

The kids are back to school!
Shannon McConnell
 [08/24 9:38:19AM]

‘Ta da’! I’m ready fo fall!
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 9:38:11AM]

Sweaters, pumpkin latte’s and back to school ! Oh my!
Lindsay konsorada
 [08/24 9:37:53AM]

Hooray for sweater weather!
Kayla Lutz
 [08/24 9:37:40AM]

I just fell for fall!
Nicole Burchell
 [08/24 9:37:16AM]

You will fall for this sweater!
Theresa Waltho
 [08/24 9:36:49AM]

Oh happy days
Jamie Jamieson
 [08/24 9:36:34AM]

Nothing can stop me!
Jaime Marmei
 [08/24 9:36:30AM]

‘Here I am’!
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 9:35:52AM]

jump into fall with style!
vanessa pearson
 [08/24 9:35:29AM]

always keep your face tword s the sun the shadows will follow behind u
Rebecca gregg
 [08/24 9:35:10AM]

Love life and life will love you back
M Jury
 [08/24 9:34:47AM]

‘Bring (me) on’ fall
Margo Gregson
 [08/24 9:34:08AM]

I am falling for fall all over again and I love it
Christine molinelli
 [08/24 9:34:04AM]

"I can feel it... in the air"
meggan lefebvre
 [08/24 9:33:24AM]

It’s Friday and I feel AH-MAZING !!!
Amanda LeFebvre
 [08/24 9:33:20AM]

Wooohoo!! Kids are going back to school!!
Lisa Tonner
 [08/24 9:33:06AM]

This weather is for sweaters!
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [08/24 9:32:54AM]

I love Fall, life and my sweater !
Tracey Marcil
 [08/24 9:32:38AM]

Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!
Stacey koutsiouris
 [08/24 9:32:28AM]

If you like it gorgeous, then wear it!
Angelee Mora
 [08/24 9:32:26AM]

Live. Love. Laugh.
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:32:01AM]

The kids are having a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:31:21AM]

“Yay Fall has arrived !! Nothing better then the fresh fall air and the perfect cozy sweater “
Chrissy Molinelli
 [08/24 9:30:36AM]

Wait what? The Fall for you Sweater is launching next week?? Wahoo!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:29:17AM]

" huray for sweater season!"
chantel laidlaw
 [08/24 9:29:04AM]

Free Falling !
Elisha Sartori
 [08/24 9:28:33AM]

Hooray! Sweater weather is nearly here!
Alison Eastman
 [08/24 9:28:27AM]

Kids are back to school !
Megan Jensen
 [08/24 9:28:10AM]

My favorite SI Sweater is being relaunched!!! Yayaya!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:28:02AM]

Hooray School Starts in A week
Janeen Samson
 [08/24 9:27:56AM]

its back to school!!! woo woo
chrisy mcconnell
 [08/24 9:27:45AM]

I just managed to cart a presale before it sold out!!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:26:43AM]

When you hear Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back"
Alysha McCulloch
 [08/24 9:26:43AM]

Autumn colours of coziness
Alty Kanten
 [08/24 9:26:08AM]

It’s sweater, boots and pumpkin spice season!!!!
Jennifer Soares
 [08/24 9:26:05AM]

Put a little spring in your step & FALL in love with me!
 [08/24 9:25:34AM]

Schools back in session! Ask me how I really feel!!
Alison Eastman
 [08/24 9:24:39AM]

“The moment when you feel the fall crisp air and your outfit is oh so perfect !! Bring on fall ?? yay !! “
Christine Molinelli
 [08/24 9:24:06AM]

I'm falling for you all over again!
Nicole Sletto
 [08/24 9:23:54AM]

Falling head over heels
Kelly Chaulk
 [08/24 9:23:22AM]

“All moms on the first day of school”
Amanda norman
 [08/24 9:23:14AM]

Friday, my second favorite F word!!
Paula Bass
 [08/24 9:23:08AM]

The kids are finally going back to school!
Brooke Goldring
 [08/24 9:22:54AM]

“Dropping the kids off for the first day of school”
Shyra Irvine
 [08/24 9:22:52AM]

Fall in Love with Sweater Weather
Krista Powell
 [08/24 9:22:32AM]

Fall is coming! Fresh back to school...and the best sweater ever!!! Life is going to be good!
Jindy Popoff
 [08/24 9:22:26AM]

its back to school time!!!! yaaaaasssssss
stephanie guertin
 [08/24 9:22:07AM]

It’s Time for Sweater Weather!
Krista Powell
 [08/24 9:21:13AM]

Loving sweater weather
Courtney Parker
 [08/24 9:21:04AM]

Lindsay Sikora
 [08/24 9:20:08AM]

Fall is in the air!
Tiffany Crawford
 [08/24 9:19:43AM]

Goodbye smoky sky’s hello fall air!
Mercedes Carrigan
 [08/24 9:19:29AM]

Jump for Joy! My mother in law is moving away!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:19:06AM]

Fall is here!!
Carley Hayes
 [08/24 9:18:59AM]

hello autumn
nicole mousseau
 [08/24 9:18:00AM]

That feeling you get when you finally get to wear all your new fall clothes!
Jamie Smith
 [08/24 9:17:51AM]

I won the SI Caption This Contest! Wahoooo!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:17:40AM]

fall inlove
nicole moussesu
 [08/24 9:17:12AM]

Just like Pumpkin everything... Fall is coming!!!!
Angela Grocholski
 [08/24 9:16:48AM]

Goodbye summer, hello sweater season!
Lauren Kipping
 [08/24 9:16:05AM]

Yippee! Back to school means no more camp/daycare expenses. Which means more SI budget!!!
Michaela Barcena
 [08/24 9:16:03AM]

I just signed up as a Silver Icing Stylist! Best. Decision. Ever!!!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:16:01AM]

Its Fall yay!!
Erin Levesque
 [08/24 9:15:57AM]

“It’s pumpkin spice season!”
Laina Rodney
 [08/24 9:15:40AM]

“Tag teachers - you’re it!” Love parents
Jacquelyn roosenboom
 [08/24 9:14:34AM]

It’s time for pumpkin spice everything!!!!
Shauna Johnson
 [08/24 9:14:23AM]

PSL season is here!!!!
Leanne Cottrell
 [08/24 9:14:22AM]

life is happines or happiness is life
diana mazzuca
 [08/24 9:14:18AM]

And I'm free.. free fallin'
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:14:15AM]

Kids are back in school!! And check out my sweater! Yay!
Shohreh Burchell
 [08/24 9:13:46AM]

Yay! It’s pumpkin spice latte season
Nadia Blake
 [08/24 9:13:35AM]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!
Sara McLean
 [08/24 9:12:30AM]

Pumpkin spice lattes, here I come!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:12:29AM]

They are the teacher's responsibility now!!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:11:34AM]

School’s In!
Trisha Westerman-Beatty
 [08/24 9:10:40AM]

Jumping in leaves perfect!
Tracey Marcil
 [08/24 9:10:06AM]

Sweater Weather!, Fall into Sweater weather!, Fall into this cozy Sweater
Kaitlin Wouters
 [08/24 9:09:57AM]

Time to celebrate the long weekend!
Ashlee Murray
 [08/24 9:08:56AM]

It's wine time!!!!
Sarah Stefanich
 [08/24 9:08:06AM]

Back to school freedom!!
Selinda Lye
 [08/24 9:07:34AM]

Anyone else ecstatic that Fall is almost here! Bring on the sweaters and crunchy leaves.
Tasha Mijinke
 [08/24 9:07:26AM]

Yeah it’s fall... bring on the pumpkin spice!
Lianne Healey
 [08/24 9:07:12AM]

Brenna Pieper
 [08/24 9:06:53AM]

Horray! The kids are back to school.
Christina Holland
 [08/24 9:06:28AM]

Leaves are falling
Kathy Ferris
 [08/24 9:06:17AM]

Wrapped up in this sweater = Awesomeness!
Natalie Smith
 [08/24 9:06:13AM]

Fall in Love all over again!
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/24 9:04:58AM]

As much as I love Summer, Fall makes me leap for joy.
Tasha Mijinke
 [08/24 9:04:24AM]

Pumpkin Spice!
Kathy Ferris
 [08/24 9:04:18AM]

Embracing Fall as u cherish what’s left of Summer
Raquel Siemens
 [08/24 9:03:49AM]

I’m so excited for fall clothes!
Haley Boland
 [08/24 9:03:49AM]

Free Fallin’
Cassandra Obritsch
 [08/24 9:03:46AM]

Free Falling
Mary Rolston
 [08/24 9:03:13AM]

The kids are back in school! It's time for wine!
Heather Buzila
 [08/24 9:03:07AM]

When Fall Feels Like Flying
Dominique Lachapelle
 [08/24 9:02:40AM]

Jump for joy, the fall for you sweater is back!!!
Julia strickland
 [08/24 9:01:46AM]

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