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Chunky Knit Cardigan
November 30, 2018

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Total of 457 Entries
Congratulations to Kimberly Warren, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the X's and Bows Cardigan!

"Wrapped In Comfort" Cardi!
Heather Diewert
 [12/02 1:50:06PM]

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Cathy Svendsen
 [12/02 8:20:15AM]

Knot your average cardi / XO’s cardi
Alexa Hodgins
 [12/02 8:17:50AM]

Chunk it up cardi
Erin Bates
 [12/02 8:14:54AM]

Wrap me in hugs cardi
Erin Bates
 [12/02 8:14:22AM]

Glory in Coziness
Melody Habibulayev
 [12/02 7:34:01AM]

Knot so grey days Cardi
Natasha Gilbertson
 [12/02 7:26:16AM]

Not your basic cable cardigan
Sherri Kohle
 [12/02 7:26:09AM]

Grey Days Cardi
Natasha Gilbertson
 [12/02 7:20:33AM]

Belle tressée
Michelle Ferguson
 [12/02 4:19:00AM]

Look at me Cardigan
Martina Shalley
 [12/02 2:36:42AM]

Laced Up Long Cardi
crystal martin
 [12/02 1:55:35AM]

All tied up
Emily Rempel
 [12/02 12:13:32AM]

Can I Get A Cardi?
Kaila Skogstad
 [12/01 11:26:16PM]

Knit to Perfection Cardi
Kaila Skogstad
 [12/01 11:24:35PM]

Lace Me Up Cardigan
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [12/01 10:11:54PM]

Dana Lillie
 [12/01 9:48:57PM]

Comfortably tied!
Nicole Sletto
 [12/01 9:41:46PM]

Rustic knot cardigan
Michelle Wentzell
 [12/01 9:33:52PM]

Hearty Cardi
Kathi Peterson
 [12/01 9:28:39PM]

Warm Embrace Cardi
Mikael Bingham
 [12/01 9:24:24PM]

Knit Pick
Linda Rizzoli
 [12/01 9:18:15PM]

Warming the winter cardi / Full Cuddle Cardigan/ This is Bliss Cardi
Kathi Peterson
 [12/01 9:15:13PM]

Extreme comfort cardi
Alyssa Bietz
 [12/01 8:09:51PM]

Hygge Hug
Emma Enright
 [12/01 8:09:16PM]

Twists and Ties Cardi
Erin Roussin
 [12/01 7:45:00PM]

Fit to be tied cardigan. Cozy Cables cardigan.
Michaela Barcena
 [12/01 7:33:55PM]

Graycious bowtiqe cardi
Tania Tomlinson
 [12/01 7:19:53PM]

Cardie Party
Shannon Raffan
 [12/01 6:21:43PM]

The Snuggle is Real
Shari MacLellan
 [12/01 6:07:06PM]

Old Man Winter
Allison Ward
 [12/01 5:43:15PM]

A walk in the park cardigan
Darla Schill
 [12/01 5:33:31PM]

The ties that bind cardi
Darla Schill
 [12/01 5:31:42PM]

Goddess Cardigan
Jade Howkins
 [12/01 5:20:30PM]

Bubble Me Up Cardigan
Carmin Hall
 [12/01 5:00:37PM]

Cuddle me close cardi
Jeanette Jaggers
 [12/01 4:05:18PM]

Boho Boyfriend Cardigan
Corinne Palm
 [12/01 4:01:56PM]

Criss Cross Hot Sauce Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:47:50PM]

Weekday Rest Cardigan
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:46:38PM]

Ready and Cable Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:44:59PM]

One for the Dame Cardigan
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:42:55PM]

New Year's Weave Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:42:17PM]

Puffed Sleeves Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:41:59PM]

Off to the Laces Cardi
Rachel Tourville
 [12/01 3:40:45PM]

Keep Calm and Cardi On!
Carol Soldan
 [12/01 3:15:33PM]

Cable Fable Cardi or Cable Babe Cardi
Nancy Geary
 [12/01 3:15:20PM]

Cable babe knit cardigan
Nancy Geary
 [12/01 3:12:57PM]

Cozy up Cable Cardi
Carol Machell
 [12/01 3:07:23PM]

Cozy up cartigan
Cindy Swallow
 [12/01 3:00:28PM]

Cozy Chic
Melissa Parsons
 [12/01 2:54:05PM]

the "Whole Knit and Canoodle" sweater or the "Knit and Canoodle"
Laura Kroeker
 [12/01 2:51:36PM]

Highland Cable Knit
Evelyn Canavan
 [12/01 2:41:41PM]

Sweater Weather Cardigan
Krystle Brulotte
 [12/01 2:29:31PM]

The go getter Cardi
Krista Owens
 [12/01 2:22:17PM]

Cardi Me Crazy
Jen MacQuarrie
 [12/01 2:16:30PM]

Warming up to Winter
Krista Owens
 [12/01 2:13:52PM]

Cozy days
Krista Owens
 [12/01 2:01:19PM]

Cozy Embrace Cardigan
Amanda Bruce
 [12/01 1:44:22PM]

Cozy Sunday Morning Cuddle Sweater
Heather Edel
 [12/01 1:39:01PM]

Tied to Comfort Cardigan
Jody Brisebois
 [12/01 1:36:11PM]

Knotty Shades of Grey
Donna Dunne
 [12/01 1:33:46PM]

Shades of Grey cardi
Donna Dunne
 [12/01 1:30:21PM]

Cable’n Cozy
Bonnie Weinand
 [12/01 1:24:53PM]

Knotty Love Cardigan
Pamela Melcher
 [12/01 1:04:10PM]

XOXO Cardi
Megan Harris
 [12/01 1:02:01PM]

Cross Cross Cardi
Stephanie Fetherston
 [12/01 12:52:10PM]

The snuggle is real
Brandy Lee
 [12/01 12:37:52PM]

Fireside Cardigan
Amanda Bruce
 [12/01 12:32:32PM]

 [12/01 12:29:52PM]

Fireside Fab
Shelby Cranley
 [12/01 12:26:42PM]

Warm Hug; Toddler Love
Tracie Harty
 [12/01 12:24:56PM]

Laced up in Love
Michelle Reynolds
 [12/01 12:08:59PM]

Dorothy May Little
 [12/01 12:08:57PM]

Heyyy you guys
Michelle Ferguson
 [12/01 12:03:54PM]

Heyyyy you guys
Michelle Ferguson
 [12/01 11:58:22AM]

Sleigh ride sweater
Ashley jones
 [12/01 11:57:59AM]

Cable Girl Cardi
Carolyn Bubbar
 [12/01 11:53:34AM]

Hugs and Kisses cardi
Sherri Lee
 [12/01 11:42:42AM]

Tie Me Up Knit Cardi ; A Knit in Time Cardigan ; A Stitch in Time Cardi ;
April Hunt
 [12/01 11:41:41AM]

Knit To Be Cardi
Danielle Gouin
 [12/01 11:40:46AM]

Knot About Me
Michelle Degenstein
 [12/01 11:37:12AM]

Knot Your Average Cardigan
April Hunt
 [12/01 11:36:30AM]

Cool comfort
Darlene McCulligh
 [12/01 11:32:58AM]

Hold me tight
Tara Johansen
 [12/01 11:09:36AM]

Cozy Comfort
Christine Turner
 [12/01 11:09:18AM]

Cables for Days
Nancy Twist
 [12/01 11:04:24AM]

The Twister
Nancy Twist
 [12/01 11:03:17AM]

Classy comfort
Cindy Foy
 [12/01 11:02:32AM]

Twist of Fate, Twist of Fate Cardi
Nancy Twist
 [12/01 11:02:06AM]

Christina Tong
 [12/01 11:01:33AM]

Cable Comfy
Julie Fraser-Ferguson
 [12/01 11:01:22AM]

For the Love of Comfort
Nancy Twist
 [12/01 11:00:19AM]

Sweater Weather
Nancy Twist
 [12/01 10:59:23AM]

All the details cardi
Angela alderson
 [12/01 10:27:05AM]

Fire side Cardigan
Melissa Rose
 [12/01 10:09:59AM]

Dark and Delicious cardigan
Michelle Brown
 [12/01 10:01:58AM]

For thw Love of Comfort
Stephanie Belanger
 [12/01 9:29:49AM]

Smoked Comfort
Jill Montgomery
 [12/01 8:46:26AM]

City Cable Cardigan
Morgan Banninga
 [12/01 8:37:41AM]

Wrapped in a hug
Colette lesko
 [12/01 8:06:34AM]

Cottage Comfort Cardi
 [12/01 8:05:42AM]

Knit it on
Kathleen blouin
 [12/01 7:37:47AM]

Cuddle Cardy
Vivian Tsang
 [12/01 7:34:24AM]

Silver Fox
Donna Boutin
 [12/01 7:16:13AM]

Smoky Haze
Corilee Miller
 [12/01 7:13:28AM]

The Weekender Cardigan
Leslie McEachern
 [12/01 7:03:23AM]

Cozy Cables Cardi
Leslie McEachern
 [12/01 7:01:25AM]

Criss Cross Cardi
Caroline Duval
 [12/01 6:29:50AM]

Highlander Beauty
Monica Sczyrba-Davis
 [12/01 6:21:01AM]

Woven Wonderland Cardigan
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/01 6:17:30AM]

Tie on the cozy cardigan
Melanie Rumley
 [12/01 6:16:40AM]

Cozy Cable
Tannis Rathwell
 [12/01 6:08:05AM]

Knotty and nice cardigan
Amanda Clayton
 [12/01 1:32:21AM]

Greyt Gatsby
Tracey Kager
 [12/01 1:07:34AM]

Arlene McGregor
 [12/01 12:35:12AM]

Fall in love cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:38:42PM]

Konya knit cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:37:21PM]

Infinity cardigan
Margarite Lefave
 [11/30 11:24:37PM]

Cozy carefree cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:23:57PM]

Kozy Knots Cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:22:15PM]

Climb right in cardigan
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:18:03PM]

Cozy up cardigan
Courtney Loitz
 [11/30 11:17:01PM]

Cozy criss cross cardigan
Krista murray
 [11/30 11:06:55PM]

Walk in the park
Yolanda Fookes
 [11/30 11:04:20PM]

Cozy cabled long cardigan, grey is the new black cardigan, fireside comfort cardigan
Rebecca baker
 [11/30 10:56:36PM]

Cris Cross Cozy Cardigan
Leanne Barcellona
 [11/30 10:49:59PM]

Wrapped for Winter Cardi
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 10:28:31PM]

A knot above the rest
Jina Clarke
 [11/30 10:28:15PM]

Coffeehouse Cozy Cardi/Sweater
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 10:21:05PM]

Knotty and Nice Cardi
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 10:19:18PM]

Tied to the Couch Sweater
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 10:17:18PM]

Winter Wonderland Sweater
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 10:16:24PM]

Walk in The Park
Shari MacLellan
 [11/30 10:13:08PM]

Shades of grey cardi
Stephanie Berkelaar
 [11/30 10:00:24PM]

Laced in Lovely
Allana Bruce
 [11/30 10:00:04PM]

Winding Down in Comfort Sweater
Elena Robertson
 [11/30 9:55:27PM]

A Heather Sweater
Heather Hill
 [11/30 9:53:25PM]

Diamond Delight
Merry Low
 [11/30 9:48:33PM]

Love Me Cardi
 [11/30 9:45:32PM]

Autumn splendour, braided pathway
Janine morrow
 [11/30 9:45:05PM]

Not your grandpas sweater
Erin reimer
 [11/30 9:44:08PM]

Daily Snuggle
Shari MacLellan
 [11/30 9:40:31PM]

Frosted Night
Yvette Dempster
 [11/30 9:39:02PM]

By the Fireside
Shari MacLellan
 [11/30 9:38:05PM]

Grey Charcoal Warm & Cozy
Jodi Sturgill
 [11/30 9:32:35PM]

London Fog
Valerie Chase
 [11/30 9:29:57PM]

“Call me comfy or Call me cozy” Cardi
Gemma Jane Beint
 [11/30 9:21:04PM]

Let's Get Knit Cardigan, Knitty or Nice Cardigan, Knit the Day Cardigan, Kind Knit Cardigan
Kristi Pianka
 [11/30 9:21:00PM]

Megan Sutton
 [11/30 9:14:29PM]

Comfort and joy
Amanda Watson
 [11/30 9:03:43PM]

Crossroads Cardigan
Sherri Lee
 [11/30 8:53:16PM]

Dang It’s Cozy
Charlene Little
 [11/30 8:46:15PM]

The Able Cable
Aaren Schroeded
 [11/30 8:38:33PM]

Princess Lace-ahh Cardi
Allana Bruce
 [11/30 8:36:45PM]

50 Shades of Grey Cardi
Sonya Hanson
 [11/30 8:33:30PM]

Knot Your Average Cardi
Jenny Aberdeen
 [11/30 8:32:33PM]

The GREYTEST cardigan
Sarah Mcmanus
 [11/30 8:31:47PM]

Tie me up Cardi
Sonya Hanson
 [11/30 8:31:12PM]

Off to the laces cardigan
Keri Norman
 [11/30 8:22:13PM]

Cover Me Cozy
Jenny Aberdeen
 [11/30 8:20:36PM]

Knit-e in Cardigan Armour
Joanie Grandy
 [11/30 8:18:56PM]

Knot to Be Missed Cardi
Mandy Celentano
 [11/30 8:06:55PM]

The Victorian Cardi
Heather Hennan
 [11/30 8:05:34PM]

Cable me cozy
Leanne Allinson
 [11/30 8:05:18PM]

Covered with care
Carleigh Smart
 [11/30 7:59:27PM]

Glamour Mom Cardi
Mandy Hadfield
 [11/30 7:58:44PM]

Bear hug
Carleigh Smart
 [11/30 7:58:15PM]

Bowen Cardigan
Sarah Coull
 [11/30 7:52:13PM]

Grey Winter Day sweater
Alissa Suzick
 [11/30 7:51:35PM]

CableCar Comfort
Cynthia weeden
 [11/30 7:39:52PM]

Go with the Flow
Erin Legare
 [11/30 7:32:26PM]

A Touch of Cross
Liz Garrow
 [11/30 7:15:36PM]

Hilary munn
 [11/30 7:14:53PM]

Sweetheart Sweater
Marla Jones
 [11/30 6:48:54PM]

Sweet Sweater
Marla Jones
 [11/30 6:48:12PM]

Hug me sweater
Marla Jones
 [11/30 6:44:59PM]

Chunky Cable Cardi
Kim Storie
 [11/30 6:43:41PM]

Coffee Cozy Cardi
Marla Jones
 [11/30 6:43:20PM]

Marla Jones
 [11/30 6:42:18PM]

Cozy Up Long Cardigan
Gabrielle Lugli
 [11/30 6:30:57PM]

Northern knitted cardigan
Kayla Wyonzek
 [11/30 6:30:55PM]

Cuddle up n Cozy Long sweater
Tara Oxner
 [11/30 6:28:32PM]

Gray skies
Cathy Fabiano
 [11/30 6:25:06PM]

Cozy Cross-Stitch Cardi
Brenda Davis
 [11/30 6:23:48PM]

All Tied Up!
Daphne Nichols
 [11/30 6:17:57PM]

Knotty Cardi
Shannon Barkhouse
 [11/30 6:11:55PM]

YVR cardi
Heather Isaac
 [11/30 6:09:18PM]

Cozy Knit Time
Amy Cantin
 [11/30 6:08:18PM]

The cozy coffee cardi
Allison Arnold
 [11/30 6:08:03PM]

Bow-hemian sweater
Marie Anne Portelance
 [11/30 5:58:08PM]

Jenny Scheers
 [11/30 5:49:49PM]

I’m LoviKNIT! cardigan
Holly Beck
 [11/30 5:47:07PM]

Criss cross cardi
Crystal Topilko
 [11/30 5:32:46PM]

The Weekender
Kelly Lowson
 [11/30 5:17:44PM]

The Com-zy Cardi
Bailey Radcliffe
 [11/30 5:15:44PM]

The "Canadian Tundra Cardi"
Tania Cyr
 [11/30 5:14:57PM]

Weekend Comfort Cardi
Tammy Kuhn
 [11/30 5:12:40PM]

Perfect Cool Day Cardi
Cori Maron
 [11/30 5:11:46PM]

The Com-zy Sweater (comfortable cozy)
Bailey Radcliffe
 [11/30 5:10:02PM]

Funky Chunky Cardi
Julie Allgaier
 [11/30 5:00:34PM]

All tied up!
Katrina Antonakis
 [11/30 4:59:50PM]

The Perfect Knit
Lisa Smot
 [11/30 4:54:47PM]

On the Go Cardi
Tina Basaraba
 [11/30 4:45:58PM]

Comfy and Articulate Cardi
Tina Basaraba
 [11/30 4:45:12PM]

GRAY-Z for this Cardi, My Favourite kinda Chunky, Amazing GREY-C Cardi ,Grey-test Cardi ever, Better Than Sex Cardi
Alesha Webster
 [11/30 4:43:31PM]

Timeless Knit Cardi
Tina Basaraba
 [11/30 4:43:09PM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Veronique Mouland
 [11/30 4:41:41PM]

Laced up and lovely
Maura Majano
 [11/30 4:40:58PM]

April De Melo
 [11/30 4:40:03PM]

Walk in the park Cardi
Tina Basaraba
 [11/30 4:39:10PM]

Does Your Knit Hang Low
Stephanie Morris
 [11/30 4:36:14PM]

Chalet Grey Chunky Knit Sweater
Tanya Abiq
 [11/30 4:32:24PM]

Goes with everything cardigan
Brenda Dedrick
 [11/30 4:25:41PM]

Cozy Cardi
Gloria white
 [11/30 4:21:00PM]

Cable Cardi
Moira Swiatek
 [11/30 4:14:05PM]

Charcoal Cross Cardi, Cozy N Chunky Cardi
sheelah tomljanovich
 [11/30 4:07:57PM]

Cozy Charcoal Chic Cross Knit Carni
Angel Godart
 [11/30 4:06:34PM]

Lace n’Grace Cardi
Lindsay Edwards
 [11/30 4:06:32PM]

Criss Cross Cardi
Angela Bedore
 [11/30 4:03:06PM]

Kurl up Knit
Colleen Schellenberg
 [11/30 3:54:15PM]

Celtic Bow Long Sweater
Tara Oxner
 [11/30 3:54:13PM]

Moonstruck Cardigan
Vicky Alberto
 [11/30 3:53:10PM]

X’s and bows
Kimberly warren
 [11/30 3:44:43PM]

The Winter warm up cardi
Marcia Hamilton
 [11/30 3:43:41PM]

Kinda braided cardi
Michelle fowler
 [11/30 3:43:10PM]

Twisting Lights Cable Sweater
Pamela Valente
 [11/30 3:40:31PM]

Not Nana's Cardi
Tiffany Connell
 [11/30 3:36:21PM]

Contessa Sookerukoff
 [11/30 3:30:19PM]

Cross-stitch sweater
Karen Paul
 [11/30 3:30:11PM]

My Kind if Cardi
Sheryl Gohl
 [11/30 3:30:03PM]

Comfy Cardi C
Jody Davis
 [11/30 3:29:35PM]

salt 'n' peppa cardi
Kellyu Flieder
 [11/30 3:16:40PM]

Keeping cozy Cardi
Carmen La Plante
 [11/30 3:15:22PM]

Cable Grey Comfort
Elaine Smith
 [11/30 3:06:31PM]

Laced-up tight cardigan
Stephanie Smith
 [11/30 3:04:39PM]

Coziest of All!
Brandie Lovrencic
 [11/30 2:59:53PM]

Tied-To-You Cable Sweater
Courtney McCarron
 [11/30 2:54:10PM]

Cozy as they come cardigan
Chandra Gusikoski
 [11/30 2:46:09PM]

“Fall” in Love
Rashada Tucker
 [11/30 2:42:50PM]

Snuggle Me Gently
Amanda Ginter
 [11/30 2:42:31PM]

Cable Me Comfy
Kim Dilney
 [11/30 2:40:07PM]

Lace me up cardi
Jamie Graham
 [11/30 2:37:39PM]

Cozy Cableknit Comfort
Moira Tollan
 [11/30 2:37:10PM]

Keep warm and stylish cardi
Donna Christensen
 [11/30 2:34:59PM]

No longer yours
Deanna Burns
 [11/30 2:32:27PM]

Blissfully Warm
Yvette Reid
 [11/30 2:31:56PM]

Cloud nine cardi
Veronica Annisi
 [11/30 2:15:12PM]

Keep me warm sweater
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/30 2:13:45PM]

Cool Comfort Cardi
Christine Bjorklund Bruyere
 [11/30 2:09:42PM]

All About That Knit Cardi
Cara Singer
 [11/30 2:08:46PM]

Baby, it’s “coal”ed outside
Trisha Eros
 [11/30 2:02:21PM]

Classic comfort
Theresa Hinton
 [11/30 2:01:46PM]

Boldly Braided Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [11/30 1:50:46PM]

Winter Warmth Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [11/30 1:49:19PM]

Winter Warm cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [11/30 1:48:32PM]

Embrace Yourself Cardigan
Jindy Popoff
 [11/30 1:47:59PM]

Crossing Over
Angela McIntyre
 [11/30 1:46:26PM]

Woven Wonderland
Nicole Burchell
 [11/30 1:46:03PM]

Best Chunky Cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [11/30 1:45:40PM]

Chunky comfort cardi
Tracey Marcil
 [11/30 1:45:20PM]

Cozy cardi
Debbie Holt
 [11/30 1:38:47PM]

Classic Elegance
Lynette Nooy
 [11/30 1:38:11PM]

Never tie me down cardi
megan sondergaard
 [11/30 1:37:50PM]

Cozy Up Cardi, Cording My Love Cardi, Cords & Cables Cardi
Catherine Gibbs
 [11/30 1:34:15PM]

Cozy Cruiser
Alexis Datema
 [11/30 1:30:56PM]

Tie It In a Bow
Krista Perron
 [11/30 1:29:45PM]

Winter Lattice
Michelle Kiob
 [11/30 1:26:37PM]

The Wear Me Everyday Cardigan
Julie Telford
 [11/30 1:23:48PM]

The Bear Hug
Jennifer Illsley-Hall
 [11/30 1:23:32PM]

Daydreaming Sweater
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [11/30 1:21:11PM]

Cross my heart cardi
Trudi Gillis
 [11/30 1:19:35PM]

Cozy like Sunday Morning, I Knit you cardigan, lazy dayz cardigan
Cassandra Stevens
 [11/30 1:15:51PM]

Silver Comfort
Marcella Doyle
 [11/30 1:11:59PM]

Tied Me Over Cardi
Tawny Rother
 [11/30 1:05:41PM]

Après Ski Cardi
Tawny Rother
 [11/30 1:05:09PM]

All Wrapped Up Cardi
Tawny Rother
 [11/30 1:04:46PM]

Hug me tender,
Rosanne Dutchak
 [11/30 1:04:24PM]

“Knitting”on you
Ashley Catroppa
 [11/30 1:02:18PM]

Bow tastic knitted cardi
Tara Therrien
 [11/30 1:00:25PM]

Cross cross cardi
Cynthia Osadchuk
 [11/30 12:57:55PM]

Snuggle Me
Erin Stauffer
 [11/30 12:57:42PM]

Tied with Love Cardi
 [11/30 12:57:40PM]

Laced up warm and cozy sweater
Victoria hacetoglu
 [11/30 12:47:23PM]

Warm up chic
Adrienne Enever
 [11/30 12:46:05PM]

not yo grandmas knit
jenna pastor
 [11/30 12:45:53PM]

Pocket Princess
Nicole Linza
 [11/30 12:43:08PM]

Tied up in comfort cardi
 [11/30 12:43:08PM]

Stitch in Time Cardi
Stacy Moerkerken
 [11/30 12:40:26PM]

Call me cozy
Lori Nethery
 [11/30 12:40:09PM]

The Essential Cable Classic
Maureen Roy
 [11/30 12:39:55PM]

All tied up
Brenda Fisher
 [11/30 12:39:51PM]

Cozy Up to Fall
Carlie Moss Bossio
 [11/30 12:26:48PM]

Double stitched cardigan
Kayla kelly
 [11/30 12:25:44PM]

Bow-ho Chic Cable Knit Cardi
Jennifer Sturgess
 [11/30 12:23:25PM]

Bow-ho Chic Cardi
Jennifer Sturgess
 [11/30 12:21:23PM]

Cross my heart sweater
Leah Lannin
 [11/30 12:19:57PM]

Surround me in cozy
Johanne Lawn
 [11/30 12:19:26PM]

Not your grandmas cardigan
Aimee Vantienhoven
 [11/30 12:16:28PM]

This Cable Keeps You Stable
Jodi Human
 [11/30 12:15:12PM]

Jo Tappenden
 [11/30 12:11:32PM]

Casual cables
Jean Walker
 [11/30 12:08:27PM]

Knitty Gritty Grey Cardi
Leona Smale
 [11/30 12:07:32PM]

Criss Cross Hearts
Jacqueline Fosset
 [11/30 12:07:24PM]

Fall for me Cardi
Nikki Hough
 [11/30 12:06:37PM]

Chunky monkey
Leona Smale.
 [11/30 12:05:40PM]

Cable Cozy Cardigan
Laurie Bachewich
 [11/30 12:03:54PM]

Knotty and Nice
Leona Smale
 [11/30 12:01:51PM]

Cross My Mind Cardi
Melissa Deluney
 [11/30 11:58:30AM]

Wrapped up warm
Leanne Jeffrey
 [11/30 11:58:15AM]

Keep Me Cozy Oversized Cardi
Renai Roberts
 [11/30 11:57:36AM]

Cart Me Everywhere Cardigan
Julie Mattson
 [11/30 11:53:07AM]

Cross Cross Cardigan
Donna Wizniuk
 [11/30 11:51:56AM]

Going Places Cardi
Gail Simon
 [11/30 11:49:06AM]

Irish twist,FeminineFlair,twist and tied tweed
Dalyce Jack
 [11/30 11:48:58AM]

Cable Cozie
Christine Barkic
 [11/30 11:48:54AM]

Love me Everytime!
Rosemary Stover
 [11/30 11:48:16AM]

Crisscross Cardi
Emily Buss
 [11/30 11:47:59AM]

I kid you Knot Cardi
Jen Saulnier
 [11/30 11:47:08AM]

All tied up cardi
Emily Buss
 [11/30 11:46:39AM]

Cable Tie
Gail Brescia
 [11/30 11:40:41AM]

Criss Cross My Heartigan, Cross My Heart-igan
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 11:39:25AM]

All tied up.
Megan Kelso
 [11/30 11:39:08AM]

No Grey Days cardigan
Larissa McLean
 [11/30 11:37:35AM]

Heart strings
Janice Gagne
 [11/30 11:36:38AM]

Laced in Love Cardi
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [11/30 11:36:35AM]

Braided with love
Kristy Almond
 [11/30 11:35:14AM]

Twisted cable open cardigan
Christine Jones
 [11/30 11:34:21AM]

Snug as a Bug Cardi
Robyn Gervais
 [11/30 11:33:22AM]

Cozy Up Cardi
Lindsay Simmons
 [11/30 11:30:06AM]

Jericho Dusk, Dusk at Jericho
Michelle Kiob
 [11/30 11:29:20AM]

Cardigan-and-again , crisscross cardigan, the essential cardigan, winter bliss, cardigan
Ashley Dobias
 [11/30 11:28:46AM]

Ties that Bind
Kathy Pirone
 [11/30 11:25:50AM]

Calm card piece
Shantel May butler
 [11/30 11:25:45AM]

Baby its Cardi Outside
Katrina Bernardi
 [11/30 11:24:31AM]

Autumn Stroll
Anita Pelletier
 [11/30 11:24:24AM]

The Gable
Christine Morrison
 [11/30 11:17:28AM]

All sorts of comfy
 [11/30 11:17:11AM]

Had me at cozy
Desire Crowe
 [11/30 11:16:43AM]

Coastal Up To Me
Sarah Szyc
 [11/30 11:16:37AM]

All The Time Sweater
Jeannette Helps
 [11/30 11:16:07AM]

Knotty Warm??
Penny Roberts
 [11/30 11:14:14AM]

Cozy in the Cold Cardi
Jennifer Harrison
 [11/30 11:12:23AM]

Cozy Fireside Cardi
Amanda MacCuish
 [11/30 11:12:03AM]

Cable tied cardi, cable ties cardi, ties that bind cardigan, knot it and forget it cardigan,
Julia strickland
 [11/30 11:10:07AM]

Fifty Shades of Grey Cardi
Diana Latour
 [11/30 11:08:54AM]

Wise woolly
Niki berry
 [11/30 11:08:10AM]

Criss cross and go
Sarah Chapman
 [11/30 11:07:44AM]

Tie that Binds Cardigan
Tayllor Kluyt
 [11/30 11:05:04AM]

Alley Cat
Dawn Folden
 [11/30 11:04:43AM]

Ties that bind
Janice Gagne
 [11/30 11:01:24AM]

For’knit’ Me Not
Cleo Pawluski
 [11/30 10:56:48AM]

Knotty and Nice
Dawn Grobb
 [11/30 10:55:21AM]

Cuddle Cable Cardi
Fleur Nelson
 [11/30 10:54:37AM]

Sleeve Weave Cardi
Fleur Nelson
 [11/30 10:51:29AM]

All Tied-up Cozy Cardi
Marina Paternoster
 [11/30 10:46:10AM]

Beyond cozy cardi
Cassandra Smallwood
 [11/30 10:44:52AM]

Criss cross cozy sweater
Billie Jean Smith
 [11/30 10:44:41AM]

The Twisted Knitster Cardigan
Lisa Betts
 [11/30 10:43:03AM]

Tie it up cardi
Sheila bock
 [11/30 10:40:32AM]

Criss cross cozy cardi
Shirrae Anderson
 [11/30 10:40:06AM]

Kriss-Kross Knit Cardigan
Cassandra Vreeling
 [11/30 10:39:13AM]

Bundle Up Cardigan
Josee Bazinet
 [11/30 10:38:46AM]

Chunky monkey
Alicia Toniak
 [11/30 10:35:53AM]

Cuddle Me Cardi
Andrea Peters
 [11/30 10:33:50AM]

Snug as a hug
Keri Nisbet
 [11/30 10:33:26AM]

Joshua sweater
Shelly Thomas
 [11/30 10:30:04AM]

Bold, beautiful and braided cardi
Natasha Mayes
 [11/30 10:27:46AM]

Cross your heart cardi
Nicole Pike
 [11/30 10:25:51AM]

Lucky and Laced
Andria Sawatzky
 [11/30 10:25:44AM]

All tied Up
Andria Sawatzky
 [11/30 10:24:43AM]

Uniquely Lined Up Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:23:05AM]

Cable Knitted Hug
Kathryn Nagy
 [11/30 10:22:53AM]

Cross my heart
Barb Hunt
 [11/30 10:22:11AM]

Criss Cross Cardigan
April Berry
 [11/30 10:21:55AM]

Secret Keeper Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:21:55AM]

Beautify Me Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:20:17AM]

Cross Hatch Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:19:59AM]

Sleeve Me Be Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:18:54AM]

Call me Ca-pa-ble Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:18:13AM]

Cable Stitch Cardi or Cable Knit Cardi
Marg Harper
 [11/30 10:17:46AM]

Cable Knit Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:16:47AM]

Criss Cross my Heart Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/30 10:16:01AM]

Back in tiime
Marg Harper
 [11/30 10:15:53AM]

Hot cross, lace it up, tied up, stringed out
Mallory Madore
 [11/30 10:12:15AM]

Toasty Ties Cardigan
Sarah Henson
 [11/30 10:11:15AM]

A little bit of heaven cardi
Crystal Paulson
 [11/30 10:10:31AM]

Strongest Link Cardigan
Janet Fairless
 [11/30 10:10:02AM]

Laced in Love Cardi
Kathy Pirone
 [11/30 10:07:47AM]

Criss cross sweater
Debra Asmussen
 [11/30 10:07:41AM]

Pure Comfort
Amanda Courneyea
 [11/30 10:07:21AM]

Tied with a bow cardi
Crystal Schouten
 [11/30 10:05:24AM]

Nuts about Knits Cardi
April Manning
 [11/30 10:05:23AM]

Grans perfect reminder
Nicole dinel
 [11/30 10:05:21AM]

Criss Cross Cardi
Crystal Schouten
 [11/30 10:03:11AM]

Shades of Grey Cardigan
Monique Neufeld
 [11/30 10:02:39AM]

Woven for Wonderland
Stephanie Lawrie
 [11/30 10:02:27AM]

Cuddle me charcoal
Erinn macgowan
 [11/30 10:01:11AM]

Braided beauty cardi; Grandpa’s sweater; The Cozy Canadian Cardigan
Amy Pillage
 [11/30 10:00:32AM]

The Hug Me Sweater
Lisa Sylvester
 [11/30 9:58:16AM]

Fireside Comfort Cardi
Monique Neufeld
 [11/30 9:57:42AM]

Cordially cardi
Michelle Collins
 [11/30 9:57:12AM]

Wrapped in a Bow Cardi
Monique Neufeld
 [11/30 9:55:45AM]

Lace me up
Megan Sheftel
 [11/30 9:53:52AM]

Winter Nights Cardi
Natasha Perkins
 [11/30 9:53:49AM]

Cozy nights cardi
Natasha Perkins
 [11/30 9:52:57AM]

Cool Breeze
Stacey Fogg
 [11/30 9:52:06AM]

Snuggle up Sweater
Tracy hewgill
 [11/30 9:49:14AM]

Pause for a Cozy Knit Cardigan
Sarah Sinton
 [11/30 9:47:21AM]

Chunky Cha Boom Cardi
Lori pitcher
 [11/30 9:46:05AM]

Cosy and hot style
Donna Emro
 [11/30 9:43:56AM]

Coal miner’s daughter
Lindsay Aitken
 [11/30 9:43:26AM]

Grandma knits with love
Kathy Ferris
 [11/30 9:42:22AM]

Forget your X’s knit sweater
Shirrae Anderson
 [11/30 9:41:40AM]

Cross your arms around me Cardi
Angela Kerluke
 [11/30 9:41:34AM]

String me a long; Crossed my path; Crossed my mind; Let's get cozy
Shelly Davidson
 [11/30 9:41:12AM]

Tied Up In Cozy Cardigan
Danita Hickson
 [11/30 9:40:30AM]

Tying the Knot Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [11/30 9:39:26AM]

Great Bear Hug Cardi
Christie Abrams
 [11/30 9:39:07AM]

Knit your ordinary cardigan
Jenna Mulholland
 [11/30 9:37:44AM]

Cross Your Heart Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [11/30 9:37:41AM]

Stitched with Love Cardigan
Christie Abrams
 [11/30 9:35:37AM]

Wrapped up in you Cadigan
Taylor Gaudry
 [11/30 9:34:10AM]

Stich me up, Wrapped in comfort, Stiched in Style
Jenny Owen-Paulus
 [11/30 9:33:43AM]

Cozy in Cable Cardi
Meagan Breckner
 [11/30 9:31:21AM]

Better than Ex Sweater
Tesa Steinke
 [11/30 9:30:08AM]

Caralyn Jones
 [11/30 9:29:08AM]

All Strung Up Cardigan
Taneill Selinger
 [11/30 9:28:54AM]

Cozy up knit
Jennifer Mckenzie
 [11/30 9:28:32AM]

Set me lose braided cardigan
Cherie Ferguson
 [11/30 9:28:27AM]

Crossover to Cuddle Time
Tesa Steinke
 [11/30 9:27:57AM]

Chunky but funky cardi, chunky yet funky cardi, funky and chunky cardi,
Lacey roberts
 [11/30 9:27:46AM]

Night knits!
Raena Phelps
 [11/30 9:27:20AM]

Cross me over cardi, you cozy my cozy cardi
Nita Mjolsness
 [11/30 9:27:02AM]

Funky Chunk Sweater
Tesa Steinke
 [11/30 9:26:40AM]

Victorian Sunday
Brittany Sheldon
 [11/30 9:26:30AM]

not your grandpa’s sweater
Shayna Kerrie
 [11/30 9:25:56AM]

Knit your typical cardigan, mom life cardi, cuddle up cardi, drop off chic cardi, knit it like it’s hot, knit knock cardi, ‘‘tis the season cardigan
Lacey Johnson
 [11/30 9:25:52AM]

Stitch of love
Gillian dubroy
 [11/30 9:23:43AM]

Tide up and cozy cardigan
Leanne Hopkins
 [11/30 9:23:36AM]

X Marks the Spot Sweater
Tesa Steinke
 [11/30 9:22:47AM]

Stay in and snuggle cardi
Ashley Kohut
 [11/30 9:22:20AM]

Wrap me in winter
Karen McCarville
 [11/30 9:21:56AM]

Cuddle Me Up Cardigan
Aimee McTavish
 [11/30 9:21:16AM]

Cuddle Me Chunky Cardi
 [11/30 9:19:37AM]

Knit me up Cardigan, Keepin Knit together cardi, Close knit Cardigan
Angela Smiley
 [11/30 9:18:46AM]

'Knit' your ordinary cardigan
Jessica Williams
 [11/30 9:15:47AM]

Xoxo sweater (hugs and kisses)
Damara natenhorst
 [11/30 9:15:39AM]

Time to get on the naughty list and get the "chunky coal cardigan"
April Foster
 [11/30 9:15:30AM]

Warm Hug Cardigan, Cozy Days Cardigan
Lindsey Janssen
 [11/30 9:14:09AM]

Cardi X
Lindsay Geist
 [11/30 9:13:04AM]

Heartstrings cardi, lace me up cardi, tie me up cardi, tug at my heartstrings cardi, tug at your heartstrings cardi
Victoria Harrison
 [11/30 9:11:56AM]

Cross me cozy sweater
Lindsay geist
 [11/30 9:11:53AM]

Cozy Cable Knit Cardigan
Sarah Morgen
 [11/30 9:11:06AM]

Grandma Got Game
Kari Petrin
 [11/30 9:08:26AM]

Grandmas hug sweater
Melissa straube
 [11/30 9:08:01AM]

Chrissy cardi, Xo cardi
Jessica Thompson
 [11/30 9:06:10AM]

Tying the knot
Caroline kelly
 [11/30 9:05:03AM]

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