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V-neck Sweater
September 4, 2020

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Total of 635 Entries
Congratulations to Erin Shantz, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Vee Mine Sweater!

Evanescence Sweater
Celeste Kallis
 [09/07 7:50:32AM] Med pink

All V need to know Sweater
Celeste Kallis
 [09/07 7:50:02AM] Size Med pink

Beauty in the V sweater
Celeste Kallis
 [09/07 7:49:19AM] Med pink

Afternoon delight
Andrea Stewart
 [09/07 7:29:31AM] Black or green or grey

Fall off the shoulder
Wendy Hanaka
 [09/07 7:13:40AM] Sm olive

Living vicariously sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [09/07 6:43:57AM] Small olive

I’ll V back for you
Crystal Mackie
 [09/07 6:43:12AM] Small olive

All about me sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [09/07 6:42:26AM] Small olive

V Jealous Sweater
Deanna Hunt
 [09/07 6:28:24AM] Dusty blue, small

V is for Vixen
Jolene Gagne
 [09/07 6:10:32AM] Black in XL

The weekender
Amanda O’Hallarn
 [09/07 5:51:32AM] Medium light blue

Fallin for you
Kimberly Portillo
 [09/06 11:23:23PM] small, Dusty Blue

The retro shaker with a twist; The modern shaker knit
Gillian McClellan
 [09/06 11:11:21PM] Small olive

The “V” me sweater
Tammy Bast
 [09/06 10:46:59PM] Xl blue

La V(ie) est belle; Twice is nice; Two times the fun; Doobla Vay
Gillian McClellan
 [09/06 10:45:21PM] Small olive

V-erry Beautiful
Dianna Hasley
 [09/06 10:10:56PM] Small Rose Pink

Fall for me sweater
Sharon Kusiar
 [09/06 9:40:17PM] XL Black

Warm shrug sweater
Shona Adams
 [09/06 9:37:47PM] Dusty blue. S

Vee my Baby
Jenny Jacobsen
 [09/06 9:17:20PM] large blue

Love my Vee
Jenny Jacobsen
 [09/06 9:16:08PM] large grey

Falling over fall
Michele Brimacombe
 [09/06 8:57:03PM] Medium, Olive

Fall is Comfy
Val Samuel
 [09/06 8:53:57PM] Small, rose pink

I'll 'V' back
Susan Foley
 [09/06 8:31:43PM] xl in dusty blue please

Fall off the shoulder v neck, v for vendetta swetta, the peek a boo knit sweater, sweater weather V neck,
becky Alexy
 [09/06 8:16:50PM] L, dusty blue

V is for victory sweater
Heather Pender
 [09/06 7:46:45PM] Large Rose Pink

Monroe...its as beautiful as Marilyn!
melanie montey
 [09/06 6:53:55PM] large black

Do knit disturb
Jessica Thibodeau
 [09/06 6:52:25PM] Xl olive

Monroe ....its as beautiful as Marilyn !!
melanie montey
 [09/06 6:52:22PM] b

Knit happens
Jessica Thibodeau
 [09/06 6:48:43PM] Xl black

Cozy V sweater
Suzie Dorais
 [09/06 6:06:44PM] Medium, Rose Pink

Shrug It Off Sweater
Allison Johnson
 [09/06 5:40:15PM] Black, XL

The Migration; Homeward Bound; On the Fly; Wide Open Spaces;
Susan Constantine
 [09/06 5:29:12PM] XL black

Sweet & spicy
Jennifer Eaton
 [09/06 5:19:50PM] black

The Home Stretch Sweater
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/06 5:08:15PM] XS Blue

Shoulder to Shoulder Sweater
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/06 5:04:21PM] XS Blue

Off To The Party Sweater
Heather McRae
 [09/06 5:03:21PM] Large Dusty Blue

The Sassy V
Sharon Dickson
 [09/06 4:47:54PM] XL in Black

Don’t Worry V Happy Sweater
Karen Otsig
 [09/06 4:26:07PM] Size S Rose Pink

Bold Shoulder
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/06 3:55:54PM] Pink XS

V-necking it
Tamara Shimell
 [09/06 3:42:33PM] Coral medium

Simply 2V Sweater, V Simple Sweater
Kym Readman
 [09/06 3:19:24PM] Size XL, Color--Dusty Blue

Cold Shoulder Sweater
Amanda Klassen
 [09/06 3:07:19PM] Dusty blue, M

Shoulder hug
Shannon Pirhonen
 [09/06 2:42:00PM] L in the Olive

Just slouchin' it
Bethany Sperry
 [09/06 2:24:42PM] Olive , large

Victory V-Neck
Donna Sheppard
 [09/06 1:59:43PM] Size small / Rose Pink

Fall into Fall with the double V-Neck Sweater
Serena Bennett
 [09/06 1:38:58PM] XL Rose Pink

V - Very Fall Sweater...
Serena Bennett
 [09/06 1:36:22PM] XL Black

Show me the love
Rae Wickett
 [09/06 12:16:43PM] Medium in olive

Shoulder kisses
April Jonasson
 [09/06 11:55:35AM] L, Rose Pink

Speak softly v-neck sweater
Melanie Rumley
 [09/06 11:42:28AM] S, olive

Fall for the V Sweater
Julie Odia
 [09/06 10:36:58AM] XL dusty pink

Cozy as can V sweater
Natalie Fletcher
 [09/06 10:12:36AM] Rose pink medium

Cozy n Cute
Terri Ahlm
 [09/06 9:27:08AM] M in olive please ?

What a feeling
Victoria nekuliak
 [09/06 9:14:10AM] Dusty blue size small

What a feeling
Victoria nekuliak
 [09/06 9:12:45AM] Dusty blue size small

Give Me a V off the Shoulder Sweater
Linsey Benson
 [09/06 8:54:20AM] Rose Pink Medium

Seductively Yours
Tara Thomas
 [09/06 8:51:10AM] Medium Black

Cuddle Me Close Sweater, Fall Into Cozy Sweater, Sexy Slip Off the Shoulder Sweater, Fall Off Me Sweater
Beckie Vyse
 [09/06 8:39:11AM] Blue XS

Knit-me happy
Jamie Lynn George
 [09/06 8:36:20AM] XS & dusty blue

Fit to a V
Laura Lushington
 [09/06 8:36:07AM] Rose Pink, L

"Fall" in Love Sweater
Erin Dragon
 [09/06 8:28:52AM] Large in Olive or Rose Pink

Romantic Interlude
Jody Hordenchuk
 [09/06 8:16:40AM] Rose Pink XL

Relax kick back sweater
Emilie Kearnan
 [09/06 7:58:01AM] Pink large

Soft the shoulder top
Laura Besinger
 [09/06 7:55:55AM] Olive, Medium ??

Cozy me up sweater
Dori Symbalisty
 [09/06 7:21:16AM] Olive - xL

Leave summer behind
Tanya Turnbull
 [09/06 7:21:09AM] XL olive

Crazy sexy cool sweater
Kara nordstrom
 [09/06 7:09:39AM] Large- dark grey

Hug me softly
Karen applin
 [09/06 6:32:40AM] Rose pink, xs

Too sexy for this! or country cosy
Jeannine Delaurier
 [09/06 5:22:27AM] M rose pink

Into the deep - v-neck
Carey Dingsdale
 [09/06 12:49:16AM] small dusty blue

V-ery Cozy Sweater
Tanja Tomlinson
 [09/05 11:08:27PM] XL black sweater

Vibe With Me V-Neck Sweater
Tanja Tomlinson
 [09/05 11:04:40PM] XL black

Take the Long Way Home Sweater
Nancy Alward
 [09/05 10:21:34PM] Blue xl

Labour of Love
Karen Helbig
 [09/05 10:13:14PM] Medium, Rose Pink

A Knit Above, Casually V, The V-Neck, The Casual V, The Simple V, A Knit Above
Whitney Dillon
 [09/05 9:19:52PM] Black or Dusty Blue - XL

Warm shoulder/ Fall In Love/Warm Memories/ Cute and Cozy
Sara Walgren
 [09/05 9:08:02PM] Medium Rose Pink

Gimme the Cold Shoulder Sweater, Shoulder for Days Sweater, Fall for You Sweater, Sexy Shoulders Sweater, V for Vivacious Sweater, Autumn Kisses Sweater, Fall for V Sweater, Off the Shoulder is Bolder Sweater, Shoulder and Sweet Sweater, Sweet V Sweater, Autumn Vibes Sweater, Fall for V Sweater, Fall for You Sweatet
Jessica Armenti
 [09/05 8:50:05PM] Large and Olive

Buttery classic v
Laura Richards
 [09/05 7:39:06PM] Medium black

EnVy Me
Melissa Lavery
 [09/05 7:32:31PM] Medium Black

Tammy Bjornson
 [09/05 7:17:22PM] XL dusty blue

Who's a beautiful girl?
Chris McLean-Sleger
 [09/05 7:07:23PM] Rose pink xl

Vibe With Me V-Neck Sweater
Tanja Tomlinson
 [09/05 6:08:15PM] Black XL

Via V neck sweater
Karen Lang
 [09/05 6:01:35PM] Med Dusty Blue

Be the DiVa
Jodianne Noel
 [09/05 5:51:30PM] Dusty Blue XL

Shy Not?
Selena de Saint Ygest
 [09/05 5:32:22PM] XS Black

V Is for victory sweater
Angela Fogarty
 [09/05 5:05:22PM] Pink large

Fall for me sweater
Angela Fogarty
 [09/05 5:02:55PM] Blue large

Sweet N Sour Sweater
Angela Fogarty
 [09/05 5:01:40PM] Blue large

Shoulder Shrug Sweater
Angela Fogarty
 [09/05 5:00:38PM] Pink large

RSVP sweater
Angela Fogarty
 [09/05 4:59:50PM] Rose large

Sexy and I know it
Cathy Bailey
 [09/05 4:46:50PM] 1x black

Cardi-Vee neck sweater
Jennifer Jones
 [09/05 4:39:59PM] Medium Rose pink

Va Va Voom V-Neck
Emily Karandiuk
 [09/05 4:33:34PM] L, Rose Pink

“Fall” off the shoulder
Andrea Poletz
 [09/05 4:09:24PM] Large olive

Fall off the shoulder sweater
Christine Richardson
 [09/05 3:31:51PM] Small black

Easy breezy comfort cozy Sweater; Cool comfort cold shoulder top; Ain’t no thang shirt; Cozy comfort top; Warm my heart Sweater
Julie Panisiak
 [09/05 3:25:57PM] Medium, black

Simply Sublime V Neck; Shoulder to Shoulder V Neck; Shoulders above the rest;
Maxine Mathews
 [09/05 3:19:14PM] Small, blue

Cute and cuddly, Put a little V in your life, This V's for you, Sexy V, kiss me here
Amanda Diamond
 [09/05 3:12:37PM] Large, Olive

comVy knit sweater
Amanda Beaner
 [09/05 3:11:39PM] Large/olive

Do I Dare Sweater
Debra Quessy
 [09/05 3:03:35PM] M-Olive

Fireside , Fall’n on Me
Sue Tegart
 [09/05 2:29:46PM] Med pink or olive

Off the Shoulder Sweater, Off the Shoulder, Love
Courtney Walsh
 [09/05 2:26:50PM] M, Green

Especially Vee
Susan Juhlin
 [09/05 2:18:57PM] xl blue

Shrug it off
meaghan walker
 [09/05 1:40:27PM] small black

Cute and sassy
Shannon Ryan
 [09/05 1:37:07PM] M. Rose pink

For the Love of Sweater
Erin Mills
 [09/05 1:35:37PM] Rose Pink M

Sweet and sexy sweater
Crystal Machan
 [09/05 1:13:45PM] Xl pink

Let it all hang out this Fall season in our En-"v" of all sweaters.
Kathleen Molly
 [09/05 12:37:32PM] XL pink rose

Cold shoulder
Melissa Therrien
 [09/05 12:20:15PM] Large Olive

Autumn Vibes
Tina Dranfield
 [09/05 12:13:22PM] Black XL

Knotty Knit Sweater
Ashlee Gibbs
 [09/05 11:50:42AM] M Black

Simply Divine
Amber Hill
 [09/05 11:49:40AM] M- orange

Pure Bliss
Amber Hill
 [09/05 11:36:21AM] M- orange

Darling Diva
Amber Hill
 [09/05 11:25:52AM] M- Orange

Princess V
Tania Blackburn
 [09/05 11:06:18AM] XL green

Heaven’V Sweater
Tania Blackburn
 [09/05 11:05:12AM] XL green

A piece of heaven
Tania Blackburn
 [09/05 11:03:53AM] XL green

Sexy momma V-neck
 [09/05 10:46:20AM] Xs black

Shrug it off sweater
Leanne Willshear
 [09/05 10:31:17AM] XL any colour

Fit to a V Sweater
Robena Mihalic
 [09/05 10:14:25AM] Medium, Dusty Blue

Hello Fall
Tina Dranfield
 [09/05 9:51:05AM] Black XL

Feelin’ a little bit flirty
Tina Dranfield
 [09/05 9:49:31AM] Black XL

Cute ‘n confident
Tina Dranfield
 [09/05 9:47:57AM] Black XL

The Best Weekend Sweater
Cathy Pike
 [09/05 9:47:00AM] Olive size L

Going to the Cabin V neck, cold shoulder to winter sweater, simply soft v neck
Gloria Terhaar
 [09/05 9:40:06AM] Large Black

Max Relax Sweater
Allison Brann
 [09/05 9:34:22AM] Size: XL Color: olive

Very Cozy Sweater
Stephanie Livsey
 [09/05 9:28:37AM] S

Puts the V in venturous V-neck
Daryl Marsh
 [09/05 9:19:07AM] Large Blue

We are essential sweater
Shohreh Burchell
 [09/05 9:11:54AM] Xs olive

No Cold Shoulder Sweater
Pamela Dondaneau
 [09/05 9:10:52AM] Medium Dusty Blue

Vee IP, V'nus, EnV, Venus Fly Girl, V'ita Bella, V'enna
Francesca Hansen
 [09/05 9:08:20AM] XL blue

VV Top
Meghan Plamondon
 [09/05 9:07:21AM] Small olive or rose pink

Straight from the shoulder, Give me the cold shoulder, No Holds Barred Sweater
Sandra Harrad
 [09/05 9:05:02AM] XL Rose pink

Max relax sweater
Christine Mosher
 [09/05 9:01:59AM] L olive

Max relax sweater
Natalie Hutchinson
 [09/05 8:59:55AM] Olive Med

Show the shoulder
Rechelle Norrish
 [09/05 8:58:54AM] Small olive

Shoulder reveal
Rechelle Norrish
 [09/05 8:56:24AM] Small Olive

Romantic Double Vee Sweater
Bonnie Fouladi
 [09/05 8:53:40AM] Medium/Olive

Fisherman’s Love oversized vee neck sweater
Bonnie Fouladi
 [09/05 8:51:48AM] Medium/Olive green

Va-Va Vroom Sweater
Nicole Stark
 [09/05 8:45:26AM] XL olive

Vivacious vneck, Cold weather show me some shoulder
Tamara Shimell
 [09/05 8:43:00AM] Medium, green

Chip off our shoulder, Fabulous Fall off your shoulder
Tamara Shimell
 [09/05 8:30:42AM] M

Sexy drop a shoulder sweater
Sarah pringle
 [09/05 8:21:21AM] XL rose pink

Sexy Slouch Sweater
Veronica Teneycke
 [09/05 8:20:55AM] medium green

Weekend GoTo sweater
Nicole Ressler
 [09/05 8:18:38AM] Medium olive

The slouch sweater
Colleen Estridge
 [09/05 8:16:42AM] Coral 2xl

Lines of fall V-neck sweater
Rebecca Hungerford
 [09/05 8:13:27AM] XS rose pink

Lines of fall V-neck sweater
Rebecca Hungerford
 [09/05 8:13:00AM] XS rose pink

Fall into this cozy cute corded sweater
Rebecca hungerford
 [09/05 8:11:08AM] Dusty blue XS

VaVoom Double V-Neck Sweater
Connie Flaherty
 [09/05 8:03:36AM] Size Small Dusty Blur

Ooooooop; Drop Dead Sweater; Kiss Me Here
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [09/05 8:02:32AM] M Dusty Blue

Double Vined for you
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 7:59:09AM] Black Large

Off the shoulder V-knit
Teresa Bird
 [09/05 7:58:48AM] Black 2x

Remember V sweater, V is for sweater
Kim Barber
 [09/05 7:38:53AM] XL Dusty Blue

Knit into fall, causally knit into fall, knit feels
Chelsea cinnamon
 [09/05 7:19:44AM] L & black

Simply Lush, Fall Victory, Fall in Love, Fall All Over You, Cozy & Lush, Not your Average Grandmas Knitted Sweater
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [09/05 7:07:59AM] Small Forest Green

Shoulder envy
Vannessa Williams
 [09/05 7:06:28AM] Medium rose pink or olive

Cute and cozy
Brenda burden
 [09/05 6:53:41AM] Blue xl

Not the cold shoulder
Debra Cinelli
 [09/05 6:43:05AM] XL in green

You had me at V-ello!
Erin Lendvoy
 [09/05 6:17:59AM] Small rose pink

V for you
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 6:15:45AM] Lrg black

Back to back V for the win
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 6:15:11AM] Coral large

Perfect Vines
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 6:13:36AM] Olive large

Veautiful sweater
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 6:12:44AM] Black lrg

Knit vines love
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/05 6:09:42AM] Rose large

Autumn harvest
Danielle Barker
 [09/05 6:09:17AM] XL in Olive

No looking back
Chelsea Keller
 [09/05 5:42:20AM] Small Olive

All the Feels Sweater
Laura Klages
 [09/05 5:20:55AM] Large and olive

lines of love sweater, falling for you sweater, sweet lines sweater
Kimberly Gleave
 [09/05 4:57:11AM] small olive

Off the shoulder knit sweater
Amanda Zimny
 [09/05 4:34:45AM] Small black

Soft and sexy
Sabrina Reece
 [09/05 12:43:44AM] Dusty Blue XL

Vee-Vee Voom!
Janelle Mould
 [09/04 11:27:36PM] M in Olive

Shoulder Me Some Love Sweater
Becky Harnett
 [09/04 10:43:52PM] XL Olive

''Fall' in love Sweater, Vivacious V neck,
Holly Youst
 [09/04 9:51:49PM] XL Black

The Cold Shoulder
Holly Youst
 [09/04 9:44:19PM] XL - Black

Glamourous V-Neck Sweater
Michelle Bartel
 [09/04 9:35:37PM] Olive (large)

Leaves are Changing Sweater, Falling For You Sweater, V is for Veronica Sweater, Change of Weather Sweater
Ali Burton
 [09/04 9:29:58PM] Green xl

Oh so fall, Soft n Sexy, "let if fall" sweater,
Demiah Symonds
 [09/04 9:15:05PM] Xl, olive

V-torious sweater, V-feeling fine, all about the V,
Linsey DeMontigny
 [09/04 9:06:40PM] Olive large

Off Road Sweater, Let it Slide Sweater, V Embrace Sweater, Double V Sweater, Vriffic Sweater,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/04 8:43:13PM] Dusty Blue,Small

Sweater SaV-Vee
Lora Fraess
 [09/04 8:40:54PM] Large, Olive

Sassy Slouch Sweater
Traci Denbrok
 [09/04 8:40:16PM] Rose pink - small

Neck Envy Sweater.
Crystal Scheelar
 [09/04 8:28:45PM] Medium black

Bring on V fall
Pam Boucher
 [09/04 8:28:03PM] XL rose pink

The Cold Shoulder
Anne Foley
 [09/04 8:24:02PM] L Rose Pink

It's a wrap, cold shoulder, hot stuff, vcrew allison wraps long and cozy, fall days, love shack
Michelle Evans
 [09/04 8:23:44PM] 2xl orange

Naughty Knits
Paulina York
 [09/04 8:13:55PM] Olive (L)

Falling V Knit, Fall into Winter Sweater, Feeling Fabulous Knit & Stylish V Knit
Paulina York
 [09/04 8:09:52PM] Olive (L)

Double V Knit Sweater
Paulina York
 [09/04 7:57:04PM] Olive (L)

Pure Bliss
Nicole Swenson
 [09/04 7:49:51PM] Large- dusty blue or rose gold

Deep warmth,
Renata Arnason
 [09/04 7:43:17PM] Pink xl

Comply cozie cable knit off the shoulder V neck sweater
Sharon Bomboir
 [09/04 7:41:02PM] M Olive

Comply cozie cable knit off the shoulder V neck sweater
Sharon Bomboir
 [09/04 7:39:54PM] M Olive

Are You V-R (pronounced vur as in for) Real
Margarita Roadknight
 [09/04 7:33:09PM] Large Green

Double V Sweater
Nancy Shave
 [09/04 7:30:53PM] XL in Black

Fall Fun Cold shoulder Sweater
Dawn Clark
 [09/04 7:26:30PM] small, Rose pink

The cold shoulder cozy
Jennifer Deakin
 [09/04 7:13:41PM] Xsmall black

Front to Back and Back to Front V Neck Sweater
Antonella Germanese
 [09/04 7:11:20PM] L Black

Naughty and nice V
Debbie Partridge
 [09/04 7:06:38PM] Blue L

Shrug it off the shoulder sweater!
Cindy Bond
 [09/04 7:05:27PM] Med, Green

Shrug it off the shoulder sweater!
Cindy Bond
 [09/04 7:05:10PM] Med, Green

Embrace Me Sweater, Favourite Season Sweater, Meet Me Outside Sweater, Fall Knits Sweater, Autumn’s Calling Sweater
Michelle Matthews
 [09/04 7:02:32PM] Medium Dusty Blue

Talk Dirty to V
Cheryl Hoium
 [09/04 6:51:13PM] Medium - Black

The sVeater sweater
Cheryl Hoium
 [09/04 6:50:31PM] Medium - Dusty Blue

Winter Bliss
Lauren Schroeder
 [09/04 6:48:24PM] Dusty Blue, Large

Drop It Like It’s Hot
Ashley Oystrick
 [09/04 6:45:57PM] Rose Pink- Small

The V Knit Sweater
Lora Gray
 [09/04 6:37:10PM] Black medium

V comfortable in this sweater!
Lora Gray
 [09/04 6:34:34PM] Black Medium

knits for days
Erin Levesque
 [09/04 6:34:00PM] Black L

Date night dreams
Erin Levesque
 [09/04 6:33:23PM] Black L

Double V Comfy
Lora Gray
 [09/04 6:32:21PM] Black Medium

The Venus knit; The Venus Sweatshirt
Vayia Platko
 [09/04 6:29:59PM] dusty blue medium

Virtual hugs sweater
Vayia Platko
 [09/04 6:28:37PM] dusty blue medium

Double Double sweater
Vayia Platko
 [09/04 6:23:35PM] dusty blue medium

Not-so Cold Shoulder sweater
Megan Catt-Charest
 [09/04 6:23:01PM] Large in Black

Very Vivacious sweater
Vayia Platko
 [09/04 6:22:32PM] dusty blue medium

Soft Shoulder Teaser
Sandra Harrad
 [09/04 6:08:45PM] XL Rose pink

My Sweetheart Sweater
Cheri Beatty
 [09/04 6:08:16PM] Medium, Gray

“V”-vacious V neck, oh so comfy sweater, soft warm hugs sweater
Tecia Beulens
 [09/04 6:08:11PM] Dusty Blue, M

Soft Shoulders
Sandra Harrad
 [09/04 6:04:14PM] XL Rose pink

Cold Shoulder Sweater
Kaila Pinkston
 [09/04 5:54:06PM] biggest size black

Sweet showy v
Jennifer Young
 [09/04 5:46:36PM] Small & olive

Talk Cozy to Me
Caitlin Flach
 [09/04 5:43:50PM] Medium dusty blue

Sweet V Love Sweater
 [09/04 5:27:14PM] L pink

Familiar Friend Sweater
Shawna Dallaire
 [09/04 5:25:07PM] dusty blue Large

Fall spice
Kaitlyn McCague
 [09/04 5:18:02PM] Olive Sm

Falling in deep
Kim Lowry
 [09/04 5:17:08PM] XS & Olive

Double Down (Knit) Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [09/04 5:13:39PM] Dusty Blue XL

No Longer Colder Off the Shoulder Knit
Katie Smith
 [09/04 5:12:12PM] Medium, Olive

Sneak Peeky V
carly toppozini
 [09/04 5:11:19PM] XL Black

Hang In There, Sweetly Scandalous, Softly Scandalous, Show It Off, Show But Don't Tell, You Better BelieVe It, UnbelieVably Soft, UnbelieVably Sexy
Tara Kennedy
 [09/04 5:02:22PM] Large & Black

Sweet Caroline Sweater
Amanda Meers
 [09/04 5:02:20PM] Black XL

Perfect Sweater
Cindy Palmer
 [09/04 5:00:19PM] Dusty Blue L

Mirror Image; Double Take; Fall V-light; Twin Vees; Two Vee-Youtiful
Susan Constantine
 [09/04 5:00:13PM] XL Black

Flirty for Fall
Sarah Armstrong
 [09/04 4:59:59PM] Medium Olive

Cozy Up with V!
Jeanette Cronin
 [09/04 4:55:32PM] Small Black

Off the V Knit sweater
Melissa Cabezas
 [09/04 4:55:27PM] XL black

Peak a Boo Shoulder Sweater, Feelin' Saucy Sweater
Stacy Loitz
 [09/04 4:44:09PM] 2X in Black

Sweet V sweater
Anita Gray
 [09/04 4:44:08PM] Small olive

Shrug your shoulders sweater, look over your shoulder sweater, a head and shoulder above the rest sweater, cold shoulder, warm heart sweater
Sarah Lepage
 [09/04 4:29:49PM] M- grey

Cold Shoulder Casual Sweater or Shoulder Shimmy Sweater
Katie Goodine
 [09/04 4:28:03PM] Medium, Olive or Black - surprise me!

Sweet Vee'
Susan Juhlin
 [09/04 4:24:18PM] xl blue

Sweet ‘N’ slouchy
Vicky harrison
 [09/04 4:21:46PM] Olive medium

Fallin' For You
Susan Juhlin
 [09/04 4:21:34PM] xl blue

Falling for you
Amber Johnston
 [09/04 4:17:54PM] Small, Rose pink

Sexy Back
Gloria Erickson
 [09/04 4:13:23PM] Xl Dusty Blue

Barbara Quibell
 [09/04 4:13:16PM] Dusty Blue XL

V is for Vavavavoom Sweater
Julie Marshall
 [09/04 4:12:16PM] Rose Pink Medium

Dreamy Double V-Neck Sweater
Connie Flaherty
 [09/04 3:59:55PM] Small Dusty Blue

Low Flying V
Lisa Miller
 [09/04 3:49:37PM] Olive XL

Just a little off the shoulder sweater
Angela Rodgers
 [09/04 3:48:15PM] L green

Half off cozy
Tiffany Cherry
 [09/04 3:43:01PM] Xl black

Very Vivacious
Alison Warner
 [09/04 3:39:58PM] Olive xl

Knit Knack Sweatet
Alison Warner
 [09/04 3:39:26PM] Olive xl

Cold days & warm nights
Melissa Favel
 [09/04 3:31:54PM] Large- color black

Fall for Me V
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/04 3:28:14PM] Large blue

SaVVy Me
Barb Guignard
 [09/04 3:28:06PM] Large Black

Falling Cozy sweater
Joanne Davis
 [09/04 3:26:49PM] Olive size small

Peak a-shoulder, bare shoulder sweater, Swoon about it: sweater
Robyn Hollohan
 [09/04 3:24:28PM] Black medium

Shrug It off Sweater
Barb Guignard
 [09/04 3:23:30PM] Med Black

The Cold Shoulder Knit
Alison Warner
 [09/04 3:19:57PM] XL olive

Fall Out V Neck Sweater
Aimee Holtorf
 [09/04 3:00:23PM] Xl, Dusty Blue

The Perfect V
Betty Doerksen
 [09/04 2:59:06PM] L-Rose Pink

Shrug into Fall
Laura Kent
 [09/04 2:54:17PM] Medium blue

The Fall off your shoulder top
Charity Neilson
 [09/04 2:39:54PM] XL dusty blue

Cold shoulder sweater
Marcie McKeachnie
 [09/04 2:38:19PM] Xl in olive

“The Warmer cold Shoulder sweater”
Deidre Frank
 [09/04 2:30:07PM] Large & Black

Va-va-V Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [09/04 2:28:33PM] Dusty Blue XL

Will You V Mine Sweater
Nikki Graveline
 [09/04 2:26:24PM] Dusty Blue XL

Cozy V sweater, Sexy V Sweater, V Cozy with me
Chaelsey Loehr
 [09/04 2:23:15PM] Medium Olive

Falling for V sweater , walk in the park sweater, Sweater and Chill V neck , Voluptuous V Neck
Jessica Wright
 [09/04 2:21:36PM] L Rose Pink

Soft vee sweater
Kim bessette
 [09/04 2:20:45PM] Xl pink

Falling For You
Kendra Olson
 [09/04 2:19:50PM] M Rose Pink

Off the shoulder sweater
Nikki Robson
 [09/04 2:18:43PM] Xs olive

As warm as a hug
Joanne Verrier
 [09/04 2:17:29PM] L in olive

LoVely Sweater
Melisa Gordon
 [09/04 2:17:25PM] Olive medium

Can you belie-Vee it !, spilling the Tea v- neck sweater
Jenessa talbot
 [09/04 2:06:30PM] X-large , olive

V Squared
Susan Ongaro
 [09/04 2:01:28PM] Black 2xl

A knit a bit naughty
Jenn Moyer
 [09/04 2:00:22PM] Olive, XL

Krista Loren Bottineau
 [09/04 1:59:13PM] Xl black

Swing into V fall
Gloria Jensen
 [09/04 1:56:09PM] Orange M

Drop me a V sweater , Not my boyfriend's neck
Gina Bolton
 [09/04 1:46:23PM] Black XL

Show me more sweater, knotty autumn sweater, cozy up to me
Laura Beks
 [09/04 1:43:27PM] Olive, size medium

Valumptuously soft sweater
Janet Slemko
 [09/04 1:42:13PM] Large olive ?

Tease Me V-Neck Knit Sweater
Crystal Herault
 [09/04 1:41:20PM] Medium, black

The Verve V-neck
Haley Boland
 [09/04 1:41:08PM] XL, Olive

The Verve V-neck
Haley Boland
 [09/04 1:40:20PM] XL, Olive

Will you V mine? Sweater
Joelle Zelter
 [09/04 1:39:52PM] L Olive

Vintage Love V-neck
Haley Boland
 [09/04 1:37:59PM] Olive XL

Will you ‘V’ mine? Sweater
Joelle Zelter
 [09/04 1:36:56PM] L Olive

Peek-a-boo softie
 [09/04 1:36:43PM] Medium in coral

Slide and Snuggle
Ashley Willert
 [09/04 1:34:24PM] Large, dusty blue

Knotty knit sweater
Carrie Jennings
 [09/04 1:34:14PM] M olive

"The Shloopy" V-neck Sweater
Shawna Lenych
 [09/04 1:27:56PM] Olive XL

Living vicariously
Crystal Mackie
 [09/04 1:25:31PM] Small orange

Giving off vibes
Stephanie McDougall
 [09/04 1:21:53PM] M black

Stephanie McDougall
 [09/04 1:21:25PM] M black

Down to the V
Sandra Bennett
 [09/04 1:21:18PM] Small olive

Offside sweater
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [09/04 1:20:00PM] Black

Simply cozy
Lisa Atfield
 [09/04 1:18:46PM] Large in Rose pink

Knit-flix and chill sweater
Jennifer Whiting
 [09/04 1:17:40PM] Olive L

party in the front, party in the back
jackie pitre
 [09/04 1:16:34PM] xl black

Let's cuddle sweater. Let's snuggle sweater. Warm embrace sweater
Miranda Livingstone
 [09/04 1:16:33PM] XL BLACK

double attitude
jackie pitre
 [09/04 1:15:41PM] xl olive

Valumptuous cozy sweater
Janet Slemko
 [09/04 1:15:25PM] Large Olive ???

Seasons Change Sweater
Jen Jackson
 [09/04 1:15:24PM] XL - rose pink

Double trouble
jackie pitre
 [09/04 1:15:00PM] xl black

The Sadie sweater
Melissa hill
 [09/04 1:14:37PM] XL olive

comViest sweater
Charmaine Green
 [09/04 1:13:21PM] Olive Medium

Neeeeeed It!!
Sarah Sinton
 [09/04 1:12:03PM] Small - Dusty Blue

V neck sweater Off The Clock
Dana McLean
 [09/04 1:11:54PM] XL blue

A V Peak (A V-neck peak of skin)
Tasha Stewart
 [09/04 1:11:35PM] XL in black or olive

Sexy side sweater
Anna Young
 [09/04 1:05:58PM] Black XL

Sweetheart sweater
Andrea Oxford
 [09/04 1:05:41PM] Black large

Autumn Eve Tease
Tasha Stewart
 [09/04 1:05:08PM] XL in either black or olive

Sexy v sweater
 [09/04 1:04:34PM] Olive XL

Sweet heart sweater
Andrea Oxford
 [09/04 1:03:47PM] Black large

Valiant V Neck
 [09/04 1:03:38PM] Olive, medium

Valiant V Neck
 [09/04 1:03:06PM] Blue, medium

The Kortney
 [09/04 1:01:57PM] Small Dusty Blue

LoVe Yourself Sweater
Lisa Kelly
 [09/04 1:01:50PM] Small & Rose Colour

Sassy slouch V neck
Teresa Kolarcik
 [09/04 1:01:30PM] Small rose pink

The enVy sweater
Kaydee Mohl
 [09/04 1:01:16PM] Dusty blue xl

Voutiful sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [09/04 12:59:52PM] Small orange

Cozy cabin sweater
Miranda du Plessix
 [09/04 12:55:09PM] 2xl

Autumn Stroll
Kirstin Curtis
 [09/04 12:52:25PM] Large Rose Pink

'cold shoulder sweater' 'Fall for V sweater' 'Fall off the shoulder sweater'
Phara Blom
 [09/04 12:51:59PM] Olive small

Shrug It On Sweater
Erika Just
 [09/04 12:46:26PM] XL & Dusty Blue

Give em the shoulder
 [09/04 12:44:31PM] Coral 2xl

Soooo Comfy
Dorian Rivers
 [09/04 12:43:48PM] xs Grey

EVery Girls Best Friend Sweater
Jenelle Millar
 [09/04 12:43:39PM] small blue

Vivacious Vee Sweater
Shelley Goodman
 [09/04 12:42:59PM] XS Black

V-ComVy Sweater
Sarah Chapman
 [09/04 12:40:43PM] Size Small/Olive

The Sassy knit sweater
Carry Bast
 [09/04 12:35:32PM] Large- Rose pink

Ribbed for your pleasure
Christine Rissanen
 [09/04 12:34:02PM] olive L

No slouch about it
Crystal steinman
 [09/04 12:32:47PM] Large in olive

Sassy knit sweater
Kimberly Rose
 [09/04 12:30:25PM] Grey 2xl

Look over your shoulder
Brandi Watalla
 [09/04 12:25:09PM] Black medium

The V with a little see ?
Sandra Henning
 [09/04 12:21:05PM] Medium size and coral colour

Kiss on the shoulder sweater
Leah Schick
 [09/04 12:19:47PM] Size Large, light blue/grey

The Va Va Voom Vivian V
Melanie Cochrane
 [09/04 12:16:57PM] Medium Olive

Double v-neck soft/cozy Sweater
Serena Bennett
 [09/04 12:14:13PM] XL Olive

Cozy/Soft double v-neck sweater
Serena Bennett
 [09/04 12:13:23PM] XL Olive

Sexy by nature
 [09/04 12:12:02PM] Size medium and coral color

Cozy v-neck pullover
Serena Bennett
 [09/04 12:11:45PM] XL Olive

We Are V Worthy sweater, The Back and Front V sweater, V and me sweater, Cozy V's and me sweater
Jennifer Barone
 [09/04 12:10:49PM] Rose Pink size M

You had me at Rib Knit
Sandra Devost
 [09/04 12:06:23PM] size L, colour Olive

Sneak Peek
Cherry Rose
 [09/04 12:06:14PM] Xl black

The off the shoulder for when it get colder!
 [09/04 12:05:33PM] Size Medium and coral in colour

V-v-very weary sweater; Va Va Voom V neck
Erin miller
 [09/04 12:00:04PM] Medium olive

“Indira” Lavish Vee knit pullover
Angela Langlais
 [09/04 11:56:47AM] Olive & small :)

Falling in love sweater
Kyra Scheuerman
 [09/04 11:55:28AM] Large coral

The V-All for Fall sweater
Daylene Morton
 [09/04 11:53:06AM] rose pink- medium

Drop off sweater
Desiree Veness
 [09/04 11:51:44AM] M coral

Shrug Off Fall Sweater
Aimee Holtorf
 [09/04 11:50:29AM] Xl, Dusty Blue

VaVoomy V Neck
Alison Noel
 [09/04 11:47:21AM] Blue Medium

Comfort chic
Tara Therrien
 [09/04 11:47:14AM] Green in M

All About That V Sweater
Sara Lawson
 [09/04 11:46:04AM] Size Small in Olive

the eVeryday sweater
Candace Theberge
 [09/04 11:44:19AM] Rose pink medium

Sweet V comfy
Amanda Madill
 [09/04 11:40:57AM] Rose Pink, xs

fall feels
shannon strom
 [09/04 11:38:39AM] xl olive

Call it a day v neck
shannon strom
 [09/04 11:34:21AM] xl olive

Fall off the shoulder knit sweater
Teah Wiseman
 [09/04 11:27:18AM] Black in medium

Work or Play Sweater
Deanna Hunt
 [09/04 11:26:58AM] Coral, medium

Huggable loveable V neck sweater
Cathy Lee
 [09/04 11:26:47AM] Rose pink XL

Lovin my sexy V neck
Marnie Allen
 [09/04 11:23:44AM] Small rose pink

The Cold shoulder
Alisha Openshaw
 [09/04 11:21:14AM] Black xl

Cozy Fall Classic
Helen johnson
 [09/04 11:20:37AM] Xlg pink

Everyday Hug Sweater
Shannon Smith
 [09/04 11:19:32AM] Small coral

Cozy and Flirty, Deep into the V
Cayla Pike
 [09/04 11:19:00AM] 2xl, dusty blue

Drop “V” like it’s hot knit sweater
Sara McLean
 [09/04 11:18:38AM] L - Dusty Blue

B-Warm V-Sweater
Shirley Protheroe
 [09/04 11:17:47AM] M - Dusty Blue

Kristen Schultz
 [09/04 11:15:31AM] small olive

Be Warm V-Sexy Sweater
Shirley Protheroe
 [09/04 11:13:20AM] M - Dusty Blue

Off the Shoulder for You
Erin Mills
 [09/04 11:13:18AM] Rose Pink L

Hug Me Tender
Erin Mills
 [09/04 11:12:46AM] Rose Pink L

Split Decision
Angela Termarsch
 [09/04 11:12:36AM] 2xl black

Shrugging sweater, slouch couch v neck
Jen Williams
 [09/04 11:12:31AM] Medium dusty blue

Fab-V-lous fall sweater
Denise Hextall
 [09/04 11:12:30AM] Dusty blue M

Comfie cosy sweater
Carolyn Campbell-Sheen
 [09/04 11:07:33AM] L OLIVE

Never ending neckline sweater
Cassandra Vreeling
 [09/04 11:06:41AM] Size small, olive

Vivacious v-neck smoulder shoulder sweater
Danielle James
 [09/04 11:05:01AM] Medium pink

The Girl Next Door Sweater
Rachel Thompson
 [09/04 10:57:02AM] L, Dusty Blue

Shoulders above the rest
Megan Brown
 [09/04 10:56:14AM] XL, Olive

Sweet V Sweater
Candice Loiselle
 [09/04 10:56:12AM] Medium army green

Mark it with a V sweater
Courtney Eisel
 [09/04 10:55:41AM] xl gray

Cozy shoulder sweater
Kerri Maunula
 [09/04 10:54:49AM] XL Black

Voulez-Vous sweater
Courtney Eisel
 [09/04 10:54:13AM] xl gray

Fall into my arms
Jamie Ellis
 [09/04 10:53:36AM] Medium coral

"Quarantine With Me" Knit Sweater
Miesha Breiter
 [09/04 10:52:42AM] Large - Rose Pink

V me up front to back
Tara Baker
 [09/04 10:51:14AM] Medium - olive

Va-Va-Voom V-Neck Sweater, Sassy-V Sweater, Show me Some Shoulder Sweater, Vivacious V Sweater, The Vee's Knees Sweater!
E. Nicolle Parsons
 [09/04 10:50:23AM] XL in Black

Cozy like Sunday morning
Lauren Pollock
 [09/04 10:50:20AM] Black & large

Sweet V’s Sweater; The V Goes On Sweater; And the V Goes On Sweater
April Hunt
 [09/04 10:49:23AM] Rose Pink/Medium

V is for Versatile Sweater, Two V or Not to V Sweater, Reversed Vs Sweater
Vanessa Riccio
 [09/04 10:48:23AM] Small Olive

I’ll V Your sweater
Mandi Caines
 [09/04 10:47:14AM] Black medium

Soft moments
Rolanda Heuduk-Morrow
 [09/04 10:46:52AM] Large

My Swept Valentine Sweater; Sweet V Sweater
April Hunt
 [09/04 10:46:07AM] Medium/Olive

Cool shoulder
Candace Trites
 [09/04 10:46:04AM] Pink XS

Has it all Sweater!!!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [09/04 10:44:31AM] Peach- medium

V is for Versatile Sweater, Very V-Neck & V-Back Sweater, V’s All Around Sweater, Reversed V’s Sweater
Vanessa Riccio
 [09/04 10:43:59AM] Small Olive

Date Night Done Right
Staci McBride
 [09/04 10:43:56AM] Medium black

The Sweet and Sassy Sweater
Andrea Rempel
 [09/04 10:43:23AM] XL, Dusty Blue

C’est La V Sweater
Lindsay Dahlen
 [09/04 10:43:14AM] Large blue

Date Night Done Right
Staci McBride
 [09/04 10:42:32AM] Black medium

V for Vixen sweater
Courtneu Eisel
 [09/04 10:40:48AM] xl gray

The Perfect V
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [09/04 10:40:43AM] Large Olive

The slouchy
April Zabos
 [09/04 10:40:37AM] XL pink

The brush off sweater
courtney eisel
 [09/04 10:39:20AM] xl gray

V V Voom Sweater
Jenn Simpson
 [09/04 10:38:54AM] Black L

Hot Cold Shoulder V-Neck
Vanessa Johnson
 [09/04 10:36:07AM] XS - Olive

Queen V sweater
Katy Hornsby
 [09/04 10:35:16AM] XS rose pink

Fall in Love Perfect V-Neck
Vanessa Johnson
 [09/04 10:35:13AM] XS - Olive

Knit Falls for you sweater, or Double V Double Fun Sweater
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/04 10:34:43AM] Small, Dusty Blue or Black

Soft n' Sexy Perfect V-Neck
Vanessa Johnson
 [09/04 10:34:15AM] XS - Olive

Show your shoulder off, sexy shoulder sweater, Slip into Fall sweater
Kat Adam
 [09/04 10:33:21AM] MEDIUM & Rose pink

V Knitty Sweater
Joy Leachman
 [09/04 10:32:04AM] Olive size small

Cold Shoulder, Causal V
Tammy Bozzard
 [09/04 10:32:02AM] Large Olive

Knit your average sweater
meagen pearson
 [09/04 10:31:53AM] olive large

Sassy Shoulders
Steffanie Dixon
 [09/04 10:31:03AM] Dusty Blue

"V"eering into Autumn
Michelle Doherty
 [09/04 10:30:23AM] small, Olive

Shrug it off
Mabel cham
 [09/04 10:27:24AM] M olive

Double Dip
Brenda Kutschinski
 [09/04 10:26:20AM] Medium Olive

Vee right back sweater,l, Vee Comfy Sweater
Courtney McCarron
 [09/04 10:24:41AM] Medium in Dusty Blue

Keep On FALL’n
Raelynn Norbeck
 [09/04 10:24:13AM] Pink, medium

Lazy V sweater, Fall into you sweater
Cassandra Stebbe
 [09/04 10:23:56AM] Blue medium

Veronica V or Valarie V
Cheryl Bosch
 [09/04 10:22:24AM] Medium Olive

Live It Up; live and let love;
Louise vukas
 [09/04 10:21:33AM] Xs black

Live It
Louise Vukas
 [09/04 10:20:39AM] Xs black

V plunge sweater
Tanya Jacobson
 [09/04 10:17:10AM] Rose pink medium

Warm Hugs Knit V-Neck
Samara McLachlen
 [09/04 10:16:46AM] Large black

Drop me off for fall sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 10:16:28AM] L, olive

V plunge sweater
Tanya Jacobson
 [09/04 10:14:58AM] Medium rose pink

“Brush it off” Sweater
Alicia de Jager
 [09/04 10:14:46AM] Olive, XS

Drop me off for fall sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 10:14:35AM] L olive

V-Stylin’ Sweater, Autumn Breeze, Warm but Cozy, Soft to the Touch, Autumn Vibes, Sweet&Toasty
Samantha S
 [09/04 10:14:29AM] L, Olive Green

Fits to a V Sweater
Jo-Anne Mullen
 [09/04 10:14:12AM] Black Medium

Sneak a Peek Sweater
Amanda Collard
 [09/04 10:12:43AM] L in Olive

FALL off the shoulder V-tastic sweater
Dana Hendry
 [09/04 10:11:18AM] Rose Pink XL

So V-Warm, Soft to touch, Warm but Cozy, Autumn is in the air, V-Stylin’ Sweater
Samantha S
 [09/04 10:10:53AM] L, Dusty Blue

Take a Break Sweater
Karen McHale
 [09/04 10:09:24AM] Black XL

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 10:06:42AM] L. Olive

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 10:06:26AM] L. Olive

Going coastal sweater
Heather Fifield
 [09/04 10:03:41AM] Rose pink in a large

The Slouchy Snuggler
Karen Watchorn
 [09/04 10:02:25AM] XL Coral

Fall Me Baby
Carmela Slade
 [09/04 10:02:22AM] Rose Pink | Size Small

Soft Shoulder
Karen Gurney
 [09/04 10:01:31AM] XL ROSE PINK

Feel better V neck sweater
Pamela Cummings
 [09/04 10:01:27AM] 3xl black

Cozy time
Megan Barker
 [09/04 10:00:42AM] Large blue

V2V sweater. the chalice sweater
Amber murdock
 [09/04 9:59:39AM] XL Olive please

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 9:59:22AM] L Olive

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 9:58:49AM] L Olive

From Vee to Vee; Cozy to a Vee; Vee all that; Vee Mine
Laura Higgins
 [09/04 9:58:43AM] Black, L

Sweet V sweater
Angela Mitres
 [09/04 9:58:22AM] Olive ,small

Sweet caroline
Geri Price
 [09/04 9:57:14AM] Medium

Fall Me Baby
Carmela Slade
 [09/04 9:56:24AM] Rose Pink | Size Small

Givin me the cold shoulder, cold shoulder vneck, fall vibes sweater,
Krystle ford
 [09/04 9:55:56AM] Small, rose pink.

Me time
Lynda Dewit
 [09/04 9:55:02AM] M, olive

Be Thankful Sweater
Leanne Hopkins
 [09/04 9:54:12AM] Light blue XS

Love is in the Air
Jennifer Hall
 [09/04 9:52:53AM] XL Dusty Blue

Dare to Bare
Brooke hussey
 [09/04 9:52:30AM] Large black

Fall off the shoulder
Brooke hussey
 [09/04 9:51:38AM] Large black

Fancy Fall off the Shoulder
Laura Callahan
 [09/04 9:51:33AM] XL Black

Off V Shoulder
Mahriya Aucoin
 [09/04 9:50:58AM] M green

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 9:50:17AM] L in olive

Unbelie-V-able Sweater, V is Key
Crystal White
 [09/04 9:50:03AM] M Olive

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 9:49:43AM] L in olive

Super soft and stretchy Topsy Turvy Knit Sweater.
Christine Pellerine
 [09/04 9:49:38AM] Medium in Rose Pink

Drop Me Off For Fall Sweater
Norma Darnel
 [09/04 9:48:54AM] L in olive

Hot and Sexy
Michelle Smith
 [09/04 9:47:40AM] L & Olive

Fall into Winter sweater
Kyla Merrick
 [09/04 9:47:24AM] Large & black

Bringing me Back sweater
Donna Benoit
 [09/04 9:45:58AM] Xlg black

Viva la V sweater
Carole Tabbert
 [09/04 9:44:57AM] XL Black

Brenda Gibson
 [09/04 9:44:05AM] Coral or peach size large

Fall dreams
Michelle Collins
 [09/04 9:41:37AM] M coral

Shoulder Season
Amanda Clarke
 [09/04 9:41:21AM] Green medium

Shrug it off
Deanna Bucholtz
 [09/04 9:40:56AM] small / olive

Colder shoulder sweater
Krista Simpson
 [09/04 9:40:20AM] Olive XL

Flirting with desire
Nicole Colby
 [09/04 9:39:35AM] Large coral

Fireside Knit Sweater
Tracy Boutilier
 [09/04 9:39:19AM] Large Olive

Soft and Slouchy
Christa Hebert
 [09/04 9:37:54AM] Black, XL

Cold shoulder
Michelle Collins
 [09/04 9:37:27AM] M coral

A Touch of Sass sweater, the V-mine sweater, Autumn is Calling sweater
Tovsh Staudt
 [09/04 9:37:07AM] S in Blue or Olive

Casual but classy
Suzanne Kempton
 [09/04 9:35:43AM] Small black

Sweater Weather Sweater, Knit your ordinary sweater, Naughty or Knit, Knit lounging around, knit today
Jenna Mulholland
 [09/04 9:35:34AM] Olive large

Cold shoulder
Krista bryde
 [09/04 9:33:56AM] Xl black

The Ou La La Soft Sweater
Pauline Cardinal
 [09/04 9:33:06AM] XL Olive

V Kind Sweater
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/04 9:33:01AM] Black medium

Fall’n Cozy For You
 [09/04 9:32:39AM] Pink S or M?

Janine hart
 [09/04 9:31:59AM] Small $ green

September solace
Natasha mayes
 [09/04 9:30:14AM] Olive large

Very voluptuous sweater
Brittaney Pregizer
 [09/04 9:28:59AM] Black XL

One shoulder look sweater
Gail Butt
 [09/04 9:28:29AM] Olive size large

Sensual solace sweater, harvest hug,
Natasha mayes
 [09/04 9:28:21AM] Olive large

Let it V Sweater
Joanna Lewis
 [09/04 9:27:03AM] XL Dusty Blue

Squeezable V sweater
Celeste Kallis
 [09/04 9:26:54AM] Rose pink M

Pleasures Mine V Neck Sweater
Joanna Lewis
 [09/04 9:26:11AM] XL Rose Pink

The "Feel Like Butter" sweater
Nikki Jackson
 [09/04 9:25:51AM] XL - Olive

Perfectly soft
Eleni stewart
 [09/04 9:25:28AM] XL rose pink

V your best sweater
Courtney Hildebrand
 [09/04 9:24:20AM] Rose pink M

To a V Sweater
Lacey Bartholow
 [09/04 9:23:50AM] Dusty blue XL

Cozy Up to V Sweater
Sara Brown
 [09/04 9:23:13AM] Rose XL

To a “V” sweater , comfy v sweater , casual and cozy sweater
Candice Bartlett
 [09/04 9:22:16AM] M dusty blue

The: Auburn, Autumn or Octavia
Jenna Knoll
 [09/04 9:20:04AM] Xl black

The: Auburn, Autumn or Octavia
Jenna Knoll
 [09/04 9:19:25AM] Xl black

Falling for the V Knit sweater
Kristin Frombach
 [09/04 9:18:03AM] Dusty Blue, Large

Sugar & shoulder V Knit
Kristin Frombach
 [09/04 9:16:49AM] Dusty Blue, Large

V it, any way you want it
Erika Glocker
 [09/04 9:16:09AM] Small, dusty blue

Fall Breeze Vibes
Tonya Barich
 [09/04 9:16:06AM] Medium Dusty Blue

Slouchy sleeve
Nicole Tucker
 [09/04 9:15:16AM] Blue XL

V it!
Erika Glocker
 [09/04 9:15:01AM] Small, dusty blue

Sexy V back sweater, bringing sexy back sweater, Too Sexy for You Sweater
Jana Mottl
 [09/04 9:14:14AM] XL, Dusty Blue

Fall Into Vee
Terri Riddell
 [09/04 9:14:06AM] XL olive

Darling Sweater
 [09/04 9:12:03AM] Rose Pink - M

The v-spot
Tara Look
 [09/04 9:11:37AM] Black -small

Fall Into Vee
Terri Riddell
 [09/04 9:11:17AM] XL olive

Sneaky Peeky
Jackie Burton
 [09/04 9:10:57AM] XL Black Rose Pink

V Season Sweater
Emily Buss
 [09/04 9:10:46AM] Black XL

No Looking Back Sweater
Lindsay Rempel
 [09/04 9:10:11AM] Size small, olive

Warm shoulder v neck
Melinda Leifso
 [09/04 9:09:49AM] Xl olive

Cold Shoulder
Tiffany Whorrie
 [09/04 9:09:26AM] Olive Large

Take me away
Jessica Heppner
 [09/04 9:09:08AM] rose pink, XL

The peekaboo sweater
Ann Marie Dudko
 [09/04 9:08:04AM] Rose pink size large

Odilia Boutin
 [09/04 9:07:35AM] Xxl and pink Please

Autumn leaves falling
Michelle Arnold
 [09/04 9:07:08AM] M in Rose Pink ?

V Sexy Sweater/ Fall Over Me Sweater
Julie Odia
 [09/04 9:06:48AM] XL black

Over the Shoulder Casual
Kayla Lachica
 [09/04 9:06:38AM] Rose Pink in XL

Warm me up before we go go sweater
Laura Axford
 [09/04 9:06:09AM] Medium black

Autumn leaves falling
Michelle Arnold
 [09/04 9:05:04AM] M in Rose Pink ?

V-easy living
Kelly Vermette
 [09/04 9:03:16AM] Large blue

V in style
Kim Gowan
 [09/04 9:02:45AM] Large black

Fall In Love With Fall Sweater
Breanna perron
 [09/04 9:02:15AM] Medium, blue.

Shrug it off sweater
Chelsea Barker
 [09/04 9:00:24AM] Small in Dusty Blue

My FaVee Sweater, Doublevee Sweater,
Patti Derksen
 [09/04 9:00:01AM] Large Black

The Warm Shoulder, Knit the Vee, Gotta Vee Me
Jennifer Daeninck
 [09/04 8:59:58AM] XL black

Fall Short sweater
Jennifer Hussey
 [09/04 8:59:27AM] Xl

Warm shoulders sweater
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/04 8:59:11AM] Xs blue

Show off your shoulder knit
Erica walsh
 [09/04 8:58:30AM] Medium rose

Sassy sweater
dana lean
 [09/04 8:57:54AM] medium blue

Under The “V” Sweater
Kyla Alderman
 [09/04 8:56:51AM] Olive XL

V’d off the shoulder sweater
Karli Owens
 [09/04 8:56:47AM] Xs olive

Romantic Knit
Andrea Bell-Perreault
 [09/04 8:56:13AM] Rose Pink Xlarge

Dust your Shoulders Off sweater
Nicole Cloutier
 [09/04 8:55:59AM] Olive-Large

Caught Off Guard Sweater
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [09/04 8:55:14AM] Blue large

Shrug it off sweater
Chelsea Barker
 [09/04 8:55:09AM] Small in dusty blue

Sweet Sugar off the Shoulder Sweater
Sara Homewood
 [09/04 8:54:35AM] Olive medium

Caught Off Guard Sweater
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [09/04 8:53:17AM] Blue large

Straight to V Back , Right off the Shoulder Sweater
Rachel Curran
 [09/04 8:52:48AM] Pink Large

Viva la Vie Neck
Kerry Henderson
 [09/04 8:51:32AM] Rose Pink XL

Lean on me
Sarah Goetz
 [09/04 8:51:30AM] Medium black

Simply knitt V
Gena Amalia
 [09/04 8:51:28AM] Size L in olive

Soft and Breezy V
Stephanie Pelland
 [09/04 8:51:11AM] XL dusty blue

Please V Mine Sweater
Michelle Hefford
 [09/04 8:51:08AM] Large. Olive

V. Perfect; Sweetly Vee; Com-vee Cozy Knit
Amy Fralick
 [09/04 8:51:05AM] large blue

Cold shoulder cozy up sweater, fall perfection , fall off the shoulder sweater
Barbara Benner
 [09/04 8:50:21AM] Grey small

Wrapped to a Vee sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [09/04 8:49:37AM] Dusty blue large

(Giving you the cold shoulder) (Is it hot in here or is it just me) (You "shoulder" listene) (The "V"ita Bella sweater) (Check out this" V"iew Sweater)
Mandy Beaudoin
 [09/04 8:49:19AM] Pink, xl

Vee-Va-Voom Sweater
Erika Geske
 [09/04 8:48:49AM] XL Dusty Blue

Sugar and Spice Sweater
Shaelyn Hoberg
 [09/04 8:48:48AM] Medium Black

Cut to the heart Sweater
Nancy Harder
 [09/04 8:48:35AM] Black size S

Lovee Dovee sweater
Sabrina stephen
 [09/04 8:48:26AM] Olive latge

V you Swoon Sweater
Kelly Gailey
 [09/04 8:48:19AM] Rose pink & L

Something to fall for sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [09/04 8:46:57AM] Olive, Large

Leaves and Lattes
Maggie Robertson
 [09/04 8:46:51AM] Medium- blue

Double V Knit Sweater
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/04 8:46:46AM] Olive XL

You Had Me At Hello Sweater, Close Knit Sweater, Off The Hook Sweater, Better Together Sweater
Nikki Weightman
 [09/04 8:46:16AM] Small, dusty pink

Cozy V
Danielle Fredrickson
 [09/04 8:45:26AM] Olive xl

L-O-Vee-E you sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [09/04 8:44:55AM] Rose pink, Large

Falling in love with V Sweater
Natasha Veerkamp
 [09/04 8:44:41AM] olive XL

Fall Off My Shoulder Sweater
Carla Crocker
 [09/04 8:44:41AM] Black L

September shoulders
 [09/04 8:44:30AM] Olive xl

Simply Soft Go To Sweater
Kelly Lowson
 [09/04 8:44:23AM] Large Rose Pink

C’est la vie sweater, c’est la v-neck sweater, c’est la vie-neck sweater
Karime Thom
 [09/04 8:43:39AM] Medium grey

For the Love of Fall Sweater
Carla Crocker
 [09/04 8:43:25AM] Orange L

Fits v perfectly sweater
Candace Theberge
 [09/04 8:43:12AM] Rose pink medium

Shoulder Me Some Love sweater
Tenille McAllister
 [09/04 8:42:57AM] xl olive

C'est la vie Sweater
Candace Theberge
 [09/04 8:42:10AM] Rose pink medium

Falling for Vneck sweater
Genista Richards
 [09/04 8:41:44AM] Black xl

80s Dance Sweater
Julia Lacasse
 [09/04 8:41:38AM] Olive M

Cold Shoulder V Knit Sweater
Tracy Fisher
 [09/04 8:40:20AM] small - Dusty Blue

Vee for Days sweater, shoulder kiss sweater
Liz Roy
 [09/04 8:39:27AM] Dusty blue medium

V Love Sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/04 8:39:12AM] Xs, rose pink

Down to a V
Nicole Cloutier
 [09/04 8:38:37AM] Rose pink-large

Soft shoulder sweater
Nicole Smith
 [09/04 8:38:31AM] Blue small

Living the good life
Nicole Smith
 [09/04 8:37:51AM] Blue small

Fits v perfectly
Candace Theberge
 [09/04 8:37:44AM] Rose pink medium

Vantage Point sweater
Melissa Stevens
 [09/04 8:37:11AM] Blue, M

Comfort is beauty sweater, fall shades of beauty sweater, Fall about the v sweater
gail kieley
 [09/04 8:36:56AM] olive med

Double V for me sweater, Rev it up sweater
Amanda Grant
 [09/04 8:36:50AM] Rose pink small

Fits V perfectly
Candace Theberge
 [09/04 8:36:48AM] Rose pink medium

Double V Sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/04 8:35:51AM] Xs, olive

Shoulder Kiss Knit
Kari MacEwen
 [09/04 8:35:44AM] Medium olive

Verily Soft Sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/04 8:35:12AM] Xs, dusty blue

Fall for you V neck sweater, fall for you sweater, fall into cozy v neck sweater,
Catherine Perka
 [09/04 8:34:04AM] Small black

Double V Sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/04 8:33:24AM] Xs, olive

Verily Soft Sweater
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/04 8:31:59AM] Xs, dusty blue

V for Fall Sweater
Brayell Dengler
 [09/04 8:29:19AM] Medium Olive

Krazy over knit
Haley Harding
 [09/04 8:28:12AM] Medium & Olive

Fall into cozy sweater
Jamie-Lee Koroscil
 [09/04 8:27:50AM] M in rose pink

VaVaVaVoom V-Neck Sweater
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [09/04 8:26:46AM] Blue XS

The Cold shoulder
Katelyn felbel
 [09/04 8:25:51AM] Large and olive

Fits to a V
Laura Weitzel
 [09/04 8:25:46AM] Large green

Wrapped in love
jen Cadorette
 [09/04 8:25:00AM] black 3x

The cold shoulder sweater
Leslie frick
 [09/04 8:24:38AM] large Olive

The Vivacious Vee Sweater
Samantha Wells
 [09/04 8:24:05AM] XL & Green

What the V ? Vee neck sweater
Courtney Pinsonneault
 [09/04 8:24:05AM] Medium & coral

In V formation sweater,
Jenessa Talbot
 [09/04 8:22:48AM] Olive and X-large

Soft and Flirty
Lizane Boucher
 [09/04 8:21:40AM] XL Blue

Vavavoom V-neck
Tina MacDonald
 [09/04 8:19:31AM] Pink medium

What the V ? Vee Neck Sweater
Courtney Pinsonneault
 [09/04 8:17:02AM] Medium & coral

Brandee Rombough
 [09/04 8:16:51AM] M, black

V is very, very extraordinary.. or love was made for you and me sweater
Dacota reed
 [09/04 8:16:47AM] Black and medium

Deep V, Cozy on Over, Knit Cozy
Teisha Asselin
 [09/04 8:16:32AM] M, Olive

Deep V Cozy, Cozy all day, Knit Cozy, cozy on over
Teisha Asselin
 [09/04 8:15:08AM] M, Olive

More than a Vie
Judy Witcomb
 [09/04 8:14:14AM] Medium silver grey

The softest touch sweater
Nicole Kime
 [09/04 8:14:03AM] Olive green size small

Sweetheart sweater
 [09/04 8:13:47AM] Xl black

Warm Hearts V Sweater
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [09/04 8:13:35AM] XS & Dusty Blue

Vee Mine Sweater
Erin Shantz
 [09/04 8:13:24AM] Small, rose pink

Don’t Vee Breaking My Heart
Karen Rybicki
 [09/04 8:11:21AM] Large and Olive

Stretch Your Limits Sweater
Brayell Dengler
 [09/04 8:11:14AM] Medium Olive

Oh so Peek (peek a boo shoulder)
Katherine McCrea
 [09/04 8:10:10AM] small grey

Sweet sorbet
LeeAnne Carroll
 [09/04 8:09:46AM] Olive, medium

FALLing for You V Neck
Deanna Freiburger
 [09/04 8:09:09AM] L Rose

Get Your Cozy on Sweater
Samantha Banks
 [09/04 8:08:35AM] XS Dusty Blue

Deep Love Sweater
Kalli Ingram
 [09/04 8:08:28AM] Olive medium

Off the shoulder and to the point sweater
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/04 8:08:01AM] Black Large

I'm all about the V
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/04 8:07:20AM] Black Large

Cold shoulder sweater
Janelle Nightingale
 [09/04 8:07:14AM] Large Olive

No slouch
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [09/04 8:07:10AM] Medium & olive green

V-right to the top
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/04 8:06:46AM] Black Large

V you later
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/04 8:06:15AM] Black Large

V you later
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/04 8:05:02AM] Black large

Double V cold shoulder
Jinnell Gunn
 [09/04 8:05:00AM] Rose pink XL

Fall in love cardigan
amber fisher
 [09/04 8:02:42AM] xl black

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