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Floral Midi Dress
November 5, 2021

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Total of 538 Entries
Congratulations to Shari Maclellan, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Fleur-tation Midi Dress!

Swish swish, Breeze through
Lana Baker
 [11/07 8:56:35AM] Black floral large

Boho Chic Dress
Megan McKay
 [11/07 8:50:47AM] L

Fall Into Floral, For the love of floral
Jennifer Demontigny
 [11/07 8:43:51AM] Large

Relaxing in florals
sue beck
 [11/07 8:36:53AM] S=M

Blossom Bliss, pretty Little Thing
Elaine Reinhart
 [11/07 8:32:54AM] Black floral 2x

Fall for Floral
Megan Baerg
 [11/07 8:31:35AM] Rust/orange, size small? I’m 34B, 30 waist so maybe medium

Breezy Bohemian Floral
Donna Taylor
 [11/07 8:30:12AM] XL BLACK FLORAL

Prairie Pretty
Wendy Miles
 [11/07 8:27:51AM] XL - Black Floral

Falling in love midi
Lisa Cleveland
 [11/07 8:17:36AM] Black XL

Fabulous Flirty Florals
Jacky Soar
 [11/07 8:14:02AM] M

Glow with the flow
Christie McPhee
 [11/07 8:08:24AM] Medium rust floral

Flowers and Flow Midi Dress
Lisa Kelly
 [11/07 8:07:39AM] Small black

Boho Chic
Christina Gauthier
 [11/07 8:07:22AM] Small

Little House on the Prairie
Stacey Guynup
 [11/07 8:06:14AM] Medium

Comfort & joy
Connie larsback
 [11/07 8:06:12AM] Xxl

Flower pedal perfection
Nicole Craig
 [11/07 8:06:01AM] Large

Boho Beauty, Boho with the Flow
Rachael Code
 [11/07 8:05:42AM] XL Black floral

Floral dreams
Nicole Craig
 [11/07 8:05:28AM] Large

Divine Goddess, seasons cross over, tones of autumn, make a statement, that boho feeling
Sheila Moerkoert
 [11/07 8:05:02AM] Xl

Autumn, Autumn floral, Autumn flow, Autumn glow
Sheryl Bauder
 [11/07 8:01:11AM] Large black floral

Go with the flow, fall florals, floral delights, just dance, dancing floral,
Sheryl Bauder
 [11/07 7:51:48AM] Large black floral

Boho Floral Dress or Bohemian Floral Dress
Stephanie Gemmell
 [11/07 7:41:49AM] XS Rust Floral

Absolute Need it Dress
Tonia Scofield
 [11/07 7:23:28AM] XSmall 27”

Flower Me Down Dress
Jacqueline Bouvier
 [11/07 7:19:00AM] XS&25

Fall fling
Anne-marie hutton
 [11/07 6:54:01AM] 2xl rust floral

Busting Blossoms
Annalisa Mina
 [11/07 6:31:34AM] XL

Fall for Floral
Trisha Ciarlo
 [11/07 6:01:46AM] Small rust

Fancy That
Crystal Dillon
 [11/07 5:59:53AM] Xl

Autumn spice dress, autumn dance dress
Rebecca Richards
 [11/07 5:50:00AM] Large black floral

Sienna in Fall
Danielle Banga
 [11/07 5:26:53AM] medium

Flouncing Florals Midi
Marisa Bergstrom
 [11/07 5:16:00AM] Large, rust

Falling Florals Midi
Marisa Bergstrom
 [11/07 5:11:53AM] Large, rust

Midi in the City dress
Nikki Joyce
 [11/07 5:05:58AM] Small rust floral

Go with the Flow!
Sandra Devost
 [11/07 5:01:45AM] Size L Black Floral

Flow to the max midi dress
Jessica Kroes
 [11/07 5:00:49AM] Xs

Spin me around floral
Jessica Kroes
 [11/07 4:55:12AM] Xs

Weekend freedom
Toni Martino
 [11/07 4:43:50AM] Large

Little Midi in the City
Amber Sager
 [11/07 4:14:35AM] Medium black

Pretty Little Maids
Kim MacDonald
 [11/07 4:02:55AM] xl to 1xl

Fall right over me or fall over me
Deidre Dunphy
 [11/07 3:43:25AM] Medium

Flower me in love
Deidre Dunphy
 [11/07 3:37:33AM] Medium

Nutmeg and cocoa, all seasons, flow and floral
Mandy Kowal
 [11/07 2:16:35AM] XL

Fall floral fantasy, fall for you, flirty in floral, fresh bouquet
Mandy Kowal
 [11/07 2:13:34AM] XL

Danielle Tetrault
 [11/07 12:59:48AM] 2XL

Retro Twirl
Sylvia McCorkindale
 [11/07 12:20:31AM] S & black belt

La Boheme midi dress
Allison Pridmore
 [11/07 12:07:20AM] Large, rust

Mid Autumn Breeze
Tracy Fisher
 [11/06 10:51:38PM] Small - Rust

Mid Floral Breeze
Tracy Fisher
 [11/06 10:50:51PM] Small - Rust

Its All About Floral Midi Dress
 [11/06 9:26:10PM] Large, black floral

Dress Me in Floral
Karen Lang
 [11/06 8:55:21PM] Med, Black Floral

Bohemian Dream
Michelle Mayer
 [11/06 8:39:27PM] 2xl

Floral in love
Natalie Dunlop
 [11/06 7:51:34PM] Large & orange

Pumpkin spice floral
Suzett Mongru
 [11/06 7:36:07PM] L & 30

Fall In
Casey Stewart
 [11/06 7:13:23PM] Xl

Floral Midiness
Dianna korol
 [11/06 6:39:40PM] XL

Fall romance
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [11/06 6:14:31PM] Size medium

Fall into Florals
Shannon Nakonechny
 [11/06 6:13:56PM] XL

Betty Boho MIDI dress
Hailey Bowen
 [11/06 5:57:33PM] Large and Rust Floral

Where calls the heart
Roxanne Muizelaar
 [11/06 5:24:07PM] Black XL

Flora or flora flounce
Kim munro
 [11/06 5:06:53PM] M

Kim munro
 [11/06 5:05:29PM] M

Pretty in floral
Jeannine Delaurier
 [11/06 5:04:45PM] black in Medium

Autumn Ruffel
Christine salikin
 [11/06 4:58:51PM] 14

Long Flare Floral Midi Dress
Jen Chartrand
 [11/06 4:50:32PM] L & 38

homestead chic
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:41:25PM] 1xl

boho homestead
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:40:54PM] 2xl

paprika winter shots
Geraldine Sydney Toews
 [11/06 4:39:58PM] 1xl black

Christmas on the prairies
Geraldine Sydney Toews
 [11/06 4:38:55PM] xl

pumpkin and onyx home style
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:38:08PM] 2xl rust floral

prairie lights
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:36:55PM] 2xl

Dawn to Dusk
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:35:20PM] 2xl

pioneer dress up
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:33:45PM] 1xl

Step into sophistication dress
Melanie Rumley
 [11/06 4:31:48PM] XS, Rust Floral

fall daze and winter eves
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:31:48PM] 2xl

pioneer spice
 [11/06 4:31:01PM] 2xl rust floral

nutmeg and cayenne
Gerri Toews
 [11/06 4:29:42PM] 2xl

Falling For You Floral Dress
Kathy Santrock
 [11/06 4:28:29PM] XL

Feeling Pretty floral midi
Tricia Houle
 [11/06 4:27:08PM] Rust floral, size 2xl

Sitting pretty dress
Alisha glover
 [11/06 3:35:38PM] Medium

Blossoms for fall Midi dress
Amanda Lloyd
 [11/06 3:15:08PM] 2xl Rust Floral

Falling for you dress
Ashton Wisnowski
 [11/06 3:13:13PM] Small & rust floral

BOHO happiness
Krista Cressman
 [11/06 3:02:37PM] XL in rust

Swinging flow
 [11/06 2:53:34PM] XL

Fall into Winter Dress
Debbie Slater
 [11/06 2:48:14PM] Sz xl black floral

Frontier Floral Midi Dress
Laurie Nugent
 [11/06 2:44:24PM] Black Floral size XS

Fabulous for fall
Mandy Kurmann
 [11/06 2:37:24PM] XL?

Comfy romantic
Diane kimmet
 [11/06 1:42:38PM] XL black

Runaway with me, floral midi dress
Jaime Duckworth
 [11/06 1:27:27PM] Medium ,black

Anytime Midi Dress; Lengthy and Lovely
Denise Hextall
 [11/06 1:26:24PM] Rust XL

Always In Bloom
Tracy Greenwood
 [11/06 1:22:02PM] 2XL

Pick Me
Tracy Greenwood
 [11/06 1:21:21PM] 2XL

Pumpkin spice and everything nice
Angela Gladue
 [11/06 1:11:47PM] Small

Forever in Bloom, floral midi dress
Jaime Duckworth
 [11/06 1:08:40PM] Medium

Country Ceilidh Dress
Jocelyn Jay
 [11/06 1:07:45PM] Large, rust floral

Flower child
Ngaire Leaf
 [11/06 1:05:50PM] Large

Bohemian Rhapsody
Ruth fischer
 [11/06 12:41:05PM] 16

Chic Chick Midi
Lori Semenjuk
 [11/06 12:38:21PM] M, black floral

Apple Orchard dress
Trinity Wand
 [11/06 12:28:15PM] Lg

Apple Picking dress
Trinity Wand
 [11/06 12:27:37PM] Lg

Flowery Flowing Fun Dress !
Sandra Devost
 [11/06 11:54:05AM] Size L, Black Floral

Homestead, Annie (as in Annie get your gun), Wild West, Fancy Free
Jeri Wilson
 [11/06 11:51:33AM] XL BLACK FLORAL

country flow
Jen Mifflin
 [11/06 11:38:22AM] 2xl

Dancing Magnolias
Heather McCabe
 [11/06 11:22:51AM] Large rust

Twirl you later
Meagan Willie
 [11/06 11:15:49AM] Large rust floral

Feeling beautiful dress
Rebecca Sayles
 [11/06 11:12:25AM] Xl

Boho Chic
Jacqueline MacMunn O'Neill
 [11/06 10:51:24AM] XL and rust

MIdi dress on the prairie
Dawn Grant
 [11/06 10:43:46AM] Medium

Bohemian nights, Boho nights, Boho Flow
Emily Hadary
 [11/06 10:34:15AM] Black, s

Fall in love again dress
Meg Holmes
 [11/06 10:26:19AM] Large orange dress please

Equinox Blooms - wanting to capture the feeling of fall ams the flowers
 [11/06 10:25:38AM] Large

Fall speed ahead
 [11/06 10:12:23AM] S in the organish one

Floral fun
Shauna Brady
 [11/06 9:57:47AM] Rust floral, size medium

All Too Well Midi, Swift Times Midi
Claire Brignall
 [11/06 9:56:32AM] L, 32”

Two step midi
Heather Stanley
 [11/06 9:43:52AM] 2XL black

Country Girl
Carrie Vajda-Stewart
 [11/06 9:42:40AM] Medium 30 waistband

A Perfect Petal
Jesanne Stanko
 [11/06 9:39:24AM] 18

Autumn breeze
Francine Bigras
 [11/06 9:35:53AM] 3X

Say Yes Dress
Jacqueline McKellar
 [11/06 9:34:35AM] XL

Francis Autumn floral dress
Francine Bigras
 [11/06 9:34:23AM] 3X

Flowing fun
Doreen Alprovich
 [11/06 9:27:29AM] XL black

Mid afternoon tea dress, live in the miment dress
 [11/06 9:21:14AM] Rust floral medium

Sunday Kinda Love
Jennifer A
 [11/06 9:19:05AM] Xxl

Falling For You Dress
Stephanie Steven
 [11/06 9:16:00AM] Large

Change of seasons dress
Amanda Asturias
 [11/06 9:15:12AM] Xl rust floral

Saffron And Raven midi dress
Leah Spoletini
 [11/06 9:15:01AM] Large

Take my breath away
Karen Waite
 [11/06 9:14:59AM] Large

Change of seasons dress
Amanda Asturias
 [11/06 9:14:06AM] XL rust floral

Field of Wildflowers Dress, Wallflower Boho Dress, Wildflower Dress
Chelsea Leiva
 [11/06 9:12:30AM] Large, Rust Floral

Market shopping dress
Clare Walker
 [11/06 9:08:40AM] Large black

Fun times Floral
Marianne Little
 [11/06 8:57:52AM] XL

Falling into Boho Dress, Fall for Boho Dress
Diana Fournier
 [11/06 8:57:43AM] L, Black Floral

Flowers for Fall Dress
Karen Bemister
 [11/06 8:57:12AM] Black - 2x

Flower Power Midi
Linda Muirhead
 [11/06 8:56:26AM] Small

Janet Fortune
 [11/06 8:55:11AM] Medium

Mommalicious Maxi
 [11/06 8:53:44AM] Medium rust

Let’s flow
Michelle mirabueno
 [11/06 8:46:29AM] Lg black

Bohemian Floral
Donna Taylor
 [11/06 8:46:15AM] XL BLACK FLORAL

Feminin floral
Michelle mirabueno
 [11/06 8:45:37AM] Black lg

Fleur de Lisa
Tatianna Hommy
 [11/06 8:43:10AM] Medium Rust Floral

Let the Floral Fun Begin!
Barbara Laurin
 [11/06 8:41:42AM] Medium

Fun with floral
Michelle Mirabueno
 [11/06 8:33:58AM] Black Lg

Fabulously Flowing
Donna Hart
 [11/06 8:28:42AM] M Orange

Flower power, flirty floral, pretty midi, the dress to impress
Krista McLay
 [11/06 8:27:31AM] Xl rust

Beautiful Boho Blooms
Linda Stansell
 [11/06 8:26:49AM] Medium Block floral

Delicate Country Fit & Flare
Lauren Palubiski
 [11/06 8:23:35AM] 12

Caught a Vibe Dress
Nicole Gregg
 [11/06 8:23:28AM] Large black floral

Boho Blossoms Floral Midi Dress
Heidi Morrison
 [11/06 8:22:49AM] Small

Resilient Blossoms
Alphia Lachance
 [11/06 8:22:10AM] Xl - 36

Floral Forward Midi Dress
Heidi Morrison
 [11/06 8:21:03AM] Small

Fall Into Floral Midi Dress
Heidi Morrison
 [11/06 8:17:08AM] Small

Fall into floral
Jazmin Higgins
 [11/06 8:01:43AM] XL

Bohemian Bloom
Crystal Haase
 [11/06 7:33:43AM] XL, rust

Boho & Bloom
Crystal Haase
 [11/06 7:33:22AM] XL, rust

You're All Kinds Of Beautiful
Carrie Sjolander
 [11/06 7:27:13AM] 3X Black Floral, please

Dress Intentions
Crystal Haase
 [11/06 7:26:00AM] XL, rust

Boho Blossom
Angela McLellan
 [11/06 7:24:43AM] Rust Floral size S

Crystal Haase
 [11/06 7:24:30AM] XL, rust

Country Feels Midi Dress, Midi Dress on the Prairies
Stephanie Pelland
 [11/06 7:21:44AM] Large rust

Hippy, Hippy Chic
Crystal Haase
 [11/06 7:19:59AM] XL, rust

Piece of My Heart Dress, Bobby McGee Midi, The Joplin, The Janis
Angela McLellan
 [11/06 7:19:23AM] Rust Floral size S

Days Gone By Dress, Rustic Romance Midi
Angela McLellan
 [11/06 7:11:07AM] Size S Rust Floral

Pretty Midi
Katelyn Dawn Deas
 [11/06 7:05:19AM] Xl, Black Floral

Flowers of fun dress
Christine Richardson
 [11/06 7:01:11AM] Size M black floral

TWIRL Your Way dress
Deanna Matity
 [11/06 6:59:22AM] XL, black floral

Fall Flowing Floral Folic
Gwen L Cormack
 [11/06 6:51:59AM] Black Large

Boho Floral and Flirty Midi Dress
Robin McGurk
 [11/06 6:48:03AM] M

Boho Flirty Midi Dress
Robin McGurk
 [11/06 6:46:50AM] .

Fall in love
Corie Kraft
 [11/06 6:35:07AM] XL

Delicate country chic
Lauren Palububiski
 [11/06 6:30:22AM] 12

Bohemian Rhapsody
Carrie Sjolander
 [11/06 5:56:50AM] 3X Black Floral, please (waistband selection? I guess 12 inches)

Midi madness dress
Shieleen Mossop
 [11/06 5:55:56AM] Large or xl

Whimsical Wonder Dress
Amanda Zimny
 [11/06 5:39:53AM] Rust floral size small

Southern comfort
Candice Maillet
 [11/06 5:23:52AM] M 30

Sylvia Szeles
 [11/06 4:58:41AM] Rust floral xl

Everlasting Flow Dress in Comfort and Style
Anna Gour
 [11/06 4:54:25AM] Medium-Large

Flowing in Style
Anna Gour
 [11/06 4:52:19AM] [email protected]

Floral Harvest Dress
Sara Brown
 [11/06 3:46:37AM] Rust Floral XL

On The Prairie Dress
Jodi McNair
 [11/05 11:56:54PM] Large Rust Floral

Little House on the Prairie dress
Terry Sledziewski
 [11/05 11:52:30PM] Size 8

Little House on the Prairie dress
Terry Sledziewski
 [11/05 11:51:57PM] Size 8

Little House on the Prairie dress
Terry Sledziewski
 [11/05 11:51:41PM] Size 8

Blossoms & Envy Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 11:30:18PM] M

Flutter My Heart Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 11:28:20PM] M

Blossoms & Boho Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 11:27:12PM] M

Fall All Over
Corey Porter
 [11/05 11:10:51PM] Medium rust

Twril on Over, Twirl into Winter
Corey Porter
 [11/05 10:33:50PM] Medium rust

Floral Tiers Midi Dress
Stephanie George
 [11/05 10:22:31PM] Large

Falling for Floral Midi Dress
Stephanie George
 [11/05 10:21:25PM] Large

Autumn Floral Midi Dress
Stephanie George
 [11/05 10:19:01PM] Large

Country Floral Midi Dress
Stephanie George
 [11/05 10:16:05PM] Large

Country Chic Midi Dress
Stephanie George
 [11/05 10:14:43PM] Lqrge

Flow into Fall, or Flow into Season, or Flow with the Seasons
Elaine Rozendal
 [11/05 9:50:19PM] size 8, or 29, M

Fall for you dress
Deanna Miller
 [11/05 9:45:06PM] Large, black floral

Swinging fall forals
Tracy Wiebe
 [11/05 9:29:20PM] Medium/black

Midi Dress on the Prairies
Heidi Evans
 [11/05 9:20:07PM] M

Little Dress on the Prarie; Baisic B*!$# dress; pumpkin spice and everything nice dress
Dana lean
 [11/05 9:04:38PM] Lrg rust

Feeling free dress
Laura woollam
 [11/05 8:56:45PM] Medium

Pretty Petals
Catherine Belva
 [11/05 8:51:25PM] Med 27

Swayin to fall Midi Dress
Leslie Steinhubl
 [11/05 8:42:46PM] Large orange

Boho Babe
Michelle Noel
 [11/05 8:10:22PM] S

Strawberry fields forever
Michelle Noel
 [11/05 8:09:39PM] S

Flowing in counterculture Spirit
sara doolittle
 [11/05 7:52:05PM] Medium black floral

Tanja kankaansyrja
 [11/05 7:51:23PM] Xl black

Floral, flowy and fabulous
Michelle Horton
 [11/05 7:38:18PM] Medium

Free Spirited Floral Midi Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [11/05 7:21:53PM] Small

Swinging in the Rain
Samantha Hampton
 [11/05 7:09:38PM] Medium rust floral

Harvest Moon dress, Autumn Bloom midi dress, Easy on Me midi dress,
Angela Smiley
 [11/05 7:05:56PM] Rust xl

City Girl Goes Country Girl
Trudy Lucas
 [11/05 7:01:48PM] Small

Fall into Floral
Jennifer Tait-Sjogren
 [11/05 6:56:06PM] M Black

Keep it flowing
Kari Petrin
 [11/05 6:56:02PM] Xs orange

Tennesse Fall Dress
Katrina Bernardi
 [11/05 6:55:43PM] M black floral

Swing It
Margaret Tutt
 [11/05 6:48:24PM] Small

Floral Fancy Free Dress
Valerie Bellemore
 [11/05 6:46:11PM] xl

Fallin’ for Florals
Sarah williamson
 [11/05 6:42:44PM] 3x (I made a spelling error on my first entry?)

Old Town Road Dress
Brandi Mills
 [11/05 6:41:14PM] Xxl

Fallon’ for florals
Sarah Williamson
 [11/05 6:40:50PM] 3x

Mid day tea dress
Jessica Keleher
 [11/05 6:39:25PM] 2XL black

Breezy Beauty Dress
Sue Russell
 [11/05 6:33:42PM] XL

Tiers of Joy Midi Dress
Kathy Janzen
 [11/05 6:32:15PM] Medium Black Floral

Among the wildflowers
 [11/05 6:30:28PM] S

She’s a wildflower
 [11/05 6:30:12PM] S

Strawberry fields forever
 [11/05 6:29:11PM] S

Boho Babe
 [11/05 6:28:42PM] S

Boho Beauty
 [11/05 6:28:20PM] S

Swing it Like You Mean It, Tex in the City, Prairie Dawg, or Amy Farrah Fowler Midi Dress (last one is from my hubby! Lol)
Lisa Fearing
 [11/05 6:21:09PM] Size M or L? Waistband??

Swing it Like You Mean It, Tex in the City, Prairie Dawg, or Amy Farrah Fowler Midi Dress (last one is from my hubby! Lol)
Lisa Fearing
 [11/05 6:20:46PM] Size M or L? Waistband??

Valentino flow
Amy taylor
 [11/05 6:15:59PM] 18 W

Swing it Like You Mean It, Tex in the City, or Prairie Dawg Midi Dress
Lisa Fearing
 [11/05 6:13:12PM] Size M or L? Waistband??

Weekend getaway
Kristin Ethier
 [11/05 6:11:35PM] 2xl, black

Fall Into Floral Dress
Krystal Stackniak
 [11/05 5:50:59PM] Large Black

Follow Me Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 5:49:04PM] M

Boho Beauty Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 5:47:18PM] M

Always Fab Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 5:44:01PM] M

Falling For You Floral Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [11/05 5:42:50PM] M

Field of dreams, boho chic, hippie chic, rustic dreaming, boho dreaming
Chelsea Bradley
 [11/05 5:38:00PM] S

The Coco
 [11/05 5:34:50PM] Xl

Floral on My Mind dress
Jillian Malloy
 [11/05 5:33:51PM] Small

Late bloomer
Ollie murphy
 [11/05 5:31:45PM] 3xl

Free Falling for You
Jessica Hill
 [11/05 5:30:34PM] Small and rust floral

Fall in love dress
Jennie Beauvais
 [11/05 5:23:31PM] Medium

Everywhere Dress
Karen Steinson
 [11/05 5:20:46PM] Large

Pumpkin spice and everything nice
Nicole Miles
 [11/05 5:19:46PM] XS/S?rust floral

Vineyard fields dress
Kayla Matthews
 [11/05 5:18:33PM] Medium

Walkin in Memphis
Andrea Landgraff
 [11/05 5:16:22PM] xs

Walkin in Memphis
Andrea Landgraff
 [11/05 5:16:01PM] xs

Fancy free,
Crystal Corey
 [11/05 5:08:07PM] XL

Easy Breezy Boho
Celeste Chamberlain
 [11/05 5:05:37PM] M black

Belle of the Boho
Celeste Chamberlain
 [11/05 5:05:08PM] M black

Beauty and the Boho
Celeste Chamberlain
 [11/05 5:04:36PM] M black

Fall Fling
Angela Yamaoka
 [11/05 4:57:50PM] M black

Rural Class
Kirsten Jenner
 [11/05 4:57:07PM] xl

Fall Fling midi dresss
Angela Yamaoka
 [11/05 4:57:04PM] M black

Pretty in Print
Michelle Hauser
 [11/05 4:48:10PM] Xl. Rust

Just in time floral dress
Julie Lamothe
 [11/05 4:43:24PM] Medium 30

Falling for florals
Brooke Hewitt
 [11/05 4:43:21PM] XL, rust

Falling for florals
Brooke Hewitt
 [11/05 4:42:25PM] XL, rust

Country cutie, Yellowstone dream dress, bring on your country
Mary Lewis
 [11/05 4:41:21PM] Size large in rust

Country cutie, Yellowstone dream dress, bring on your country
Mary Lewis
 [11/05 4:41:05PM] Size large in rust

Country cutie, Yellowstone dream dress, bring on your country
Mary Lewis
 [11/05 4:40:45PM] Size large in rust

Free Flow flowered dress!
Wendy Riess
 [11/05 4:33:36PM] L or 38 waist

Floral Affair
Lindsey White
 [11/05 4:29:42PM] 2xl

Fields of Flowers/Floral
Lindsey White
 [11/05 4:28:53PM] 2xl

Wildflowers & Whimsy
Lindsey White
 [11/05 4:28:08PM] 2xl

When in Rome midi dress
Sarah Elsasser
 [11/05 4:24:28PM] Small black floral

Go with the flowing floral midi dress
Valerie Dietrich
 [11/05 4:18:54PM] M

Harvest Moon Midi Dress
Caitlin Gillis
 [11/05 4:18:42PM] XL Black Floral

Prairie Day dress
Kali Bernst
 [11/05 4:16:25PM] Rust small

Flow getter dress
Kali Bernst
 [11/05 4:15:30PM] Rust small

Desert chic midi dress
Paige Bonner
 [11/05 4:15:20PM] Large rustuc

Dessert floral midi dress
Paige Bonner
 [11/05 4:13:46PM] Large, rust

Flower and free midi dress
Jena wood
 [11/05 4:13:06PM] Medium

Under the Tuscan sundress
Paige Bonner
 [11/05 4:13:01PM] Rustic floral, large

Sweet home Alberta dress
Heather Stanley
 [11/05 4:12:39PM] 2XL black

Rustic florals midi dress
Paige Bonner
 [11/05 4:11:31PM] Large, rustic floral

Alberta Rain dress
Heather Stanley
 [11/05 4:11:13PM] Black 2XL

Bohemian paradise dress
Heather Stanley
 [11/05 4:10:17PM] Black 2XL

Floral melodies dress
Heather Stanley
 [11/05 4:09:44PM] Black 2XL

Whisp me away Midi dress
Paige Bonner
 [11/05 4:09:34PM] Size large, rust floral

Little Dress on the Prairie
Dawn Grant
 [11/05 4:08:16PM] M

Floral Obsession
Whitney Rissanen
 [11/05 3:59:54PM] 2xl black

Bibbity Bobbity BAM!
Brenda Kitchen
 [11/05 3:45:40PM] M & 9

Chic expo 67
 [11/05 3:39:50PM] Large

La bohème
 [11/05 3:38:27PM] Large

Go with the flow
Lynne Phillips
 [11/05 3:36:28PM] XL

Prairie Beauty, Prairie Floral
Whitney Duff
 [11/05 3:34:52PM] Medium, black floral

Down in the valley midi dress, Cover me in flowers Midi dress,
Bianca Schiavone
 [11/05 3:29:37PM] L orange color dress please

Fallen flowers midi, flirtatious floral midi,
Satu Spring
 [11/05 3:24:36PM] Xl black

My Flair Lady, Fall Into Me Midi,
Chelsea Houghton
 [11/05 3:22:57PM] L - 7

Sugar and spice
Karen bourgoin
 [11/05 3:11:51PM] 12 dress size

Flo with me
Janine Ella Campbell
 [11/05 3:07:20PM] Small

Boho flow
Leanne Mickleburgh
 [11/05 3:04:21PM] 2xl

Shinning in floral
Lilia Silliker
 [11/05 3:00:36PM] S

Hosta la vista Dress or A-bouquet dress or grow on you dress
Jessica Yapps
 [11/05 3:00:25PM] M, orange

Floral midi dress
Lilia Silliker
 [11/05 2:58:05PM] S

Festive Floral Midi Dress
Marlene Furlong
 [11/05 2:54:10PM] L and belt as shown.

Easy flow dress
Michelle Molyneux
 [11/05 2:49:24PM] Rust floral large

Free falling dress
Laura woollam
 [11/05 2:46:12PM] Medium

Feeling dainty dress
Laura woollam
 [11/05 2:45:14PM] Medium

“Fall” in love dress
Charlene McCullough
 [11/05 2:36:56PM] 3X

Flirty Floral MIDI dress
 [11/05 2:36:33PM] Large or XL

Free Flow Midi Dress or Boho Midi Dress
Sharon Bulger
 [11/05 2:33:33PM] XL and Rust Floral

Flowing into Florals
Autumn Hewitt
 [11/05 2:23:05PM] Large (Black)

Floral fall Dress
Florence Forrest
 [11/05 2:20:30PM] Xxl

Beau-ho-eautiful Dress, BoHo-eautiful Dress,
Laura Bollinger
 [11/05 2:19:12PM] Medium/38

Robynn Bunch
 [11/05 2:11:28PM] XL Black Floral

Flotastic midi dress
Mary Ligori
 [11/05 1:58:22PM] 2XL

Country Chic Midi Dress
Bobbie Norton
 [11/05 1:56:37PM] XL & 40"

Flo me crazy
Mary Ligori
 [11/05 1:54:53PM] 2XL

Urban Classic
Nikki Gulutzan
 [11/05 1:45:59PM] Rust floral Xl

Fall for Me Dress/Rose to the Occasion Floral Dress/Floral your Heart Midi Dress
Kristina Kelly
 [11/05 1:42:07PM] M

Floral flare
Allison Lebel
 [11/05 1:41:50PM] Medium black floral

Go with Flow
Heather Davis
 [11/05 1:40:26PM] 3x

Fall O' me dress
Nita Mjolsness
 [11/05 1:36:29PM] Xlarge

Boho beauties
Karly Hood
 [11/05 1:36:07PM] XL rust floral

Autumn Floral Boho Dress
Ashley Hoffmann
 [11/05 1:36:00PM] Medium rust floral

Dance With Me Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:26:20PM] XL Black Floral

Whimsical Floral Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:24:34PM] XL Black Floral

Memory Lane Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:23:16PM] XL Black Floral

"Floral" Me Here!
Lauren Faccin
 [11/05 1:23:13PM] XL

Walk With Me Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:22:03PM] XL Black Floral

Follow Me Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:21:40PM] XL Black Floral

Wow that's my dress
Shelley Bartodziej
 [11/05 1:21:38PM] Medium rust

Fall days are coming dress, Thinking of spring, sunny days are coming dress, Fall into spring dress, forever floral dress
Kristin Frombach
 [11/05 1:19:27PM] Lg black

Watch Me Bloom Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:19:11PM] XL Black Floral

Blooming Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:18:53PM] XL Black Floral

Fall Gardens Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:18:25PM] XL Black Floral

Serendipity Floral Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [11/05 1:18:07PM] XL Black Floral

Floral Fallare dress/ Fall for Florals/ Flowing Floral Dress/Flare Flower Dress/Fall for Flare
Glenda Desaulniers
 [11/05 1:15:50PM] Medium /Black

Just flow with it, Be the flow, Ebb and flow, hanging free
Alyssa Foley
 [11/05 1:14:07PM] L rust

Orange Theory
Chloe Smith
 [11/05 1:14:04PM] Small :)

Boho Beauty
Marie Macdonald
 [11/05 1:12:49PM] XL

Boho hocus pocus fall dress
Tiffany Moore
 [11/05 1:08:28PM] XL

Fall for You Dress
Nathalie Denicola
 [11/05 1:06:06PM] Small & rust floral

Spin Me Floral Midi
Kaeli Seward
 [11/05 1:04:22PM] M rust

“ Fall classic” maxi dress
Lilly Picard
 [11/05 1:00:12PM] Size Large, Colour: Rust floral

Flowing Floral Midi Dress
Erin Shantz
 [11/05 12:53:56PM] Small, rust

Flowing Florals
Lana Berar
 [11/05 12:52:59PM] 2xl

Floral passion dress
Joan setz
 [11/05 12:47:43PM] Xl orange

Bohemian Beauty
jennifer trentadue
 [11/05 12:46:53PM] Large

Harvest Moon Midi
Kelly Cribb
 [11/05 12:46:27PM] Rust small

Floral Hoedown
Darlene Ellis
 [11/05 12:45:40PM] Rust Floral Size Large

Flow into Fall
Anne Nameth
 [11/05 12:37:42PM] Large rust

Happy hippy
Nicole Myers
 [11/05 12:35:43PM] Xl rust

Prairie breeze, Prairie sunset
Megan wever
 [11/05 12:34:55PM] Orange medium

Boho dreaming
Sheila Lalonde
 [11/05 12:30:45PM] Large rust floral

Shades of Fall
Paula Potts
 [11/05 12:30:27PM] L Black Floral

Pleasantly peasant or Boho Flow
Amanda-Jane Evans
 [11/05 12:28:45PM] Size Large/Rust Floral

Four season floral dress
Tammy Stevens
 [11/05 12:26:04PM] Large, rust floral

Whimsy midi
Katt Mcculloch
 [11/05 12:23:37PM] L

Country essence
Carrie Lessing
 [11/05 12:21:20PM] L

Go with the flow
Monica mikolas
 [11/05 12:14:02PM] Black and 2X

Fall on me floral
Brittaney Pregizer
 [11/05 12:11:01PM] L black

Don't Nicks It Dress; Simpler Times Dress; Falling for You Dress
Erika Just
 [11/05 12:10:12PM] XL Rust Floral

Prairie Sun Dress; Winter Sun Dress;
Nikii Gerson-Neeves
 [11/05 12:08:55PM] Xl black floral

Crystal Frombach
 [11/05 12:08:49PM] M

Cozy but HAWT!
Anita Powar
 [11/05 12:00:34PM] Size small

Falling Floral Dress; All The Fall Feels Dress; Country Chic Dress; Floral For You Dress
Haley Boland
 [11/05 12:00:13PM] XL Black

Florally devoted to you, little flounce on the prarie, farmers daughter flair
Mandy Collins
 [11/05 11:58:20AM] Medium in black

Falling for Floral
Melissa Benz
 [11/05 11:54:48AM] Medium

Falling into Floral, flirty floral, Dresses of Dreams, dreams to dresses, dreaming in dresses.
Sandy Trentalance
 [11/05 11:54:47AM] XL black floral

Steph Roberts
 [11/05 11:45:42AM] L

Dorothy Neudorf
 [11/05 11:45:22AM] Sm

Steph Roberts
 [11/05 11:44:29AM] L

Mid-Day Retreat Dress; Sunset in the country; County at Heart
Whitney Dillon
 [11/05 11:44:02AM] Black - 2XL

Flowering fall
Tamara scutt
 [11/05 11:43:00AM] Xl

Cottage Core, Twirl into Autumn dress, Autumn Harvest Dress, Autumn dreams dress, Dressing Flor Autumn, Flor-Autumn twist, Flormidi-able dress, whimsical in Fall
Tovah Staudt
 [11/05 11:40:04AM] S - rust

Falling for you, country roads, falling in love
Brandi Ripel
 [11/05 11:37:46AM] Small/Medium

Flirty fall
Lynne morrow
 [11/05 11:37:33AM] Medium belted

Boho Flow Midi dress
Jess Vallier
 [11/05 11:35:01AM] XS black

Afternoon Delight
Brenda Breton
 [11/05 11:34:30AM] 2xl in black floral

Go with the flow; falling for you
Kayleigh Witte
 [11/05 11:24:07AM] M, maybe L?

Sun setting floral midi
 [11/05 11:21:12AM] Rust - xl

Silver Nicks
Shanda Vaudrin
 [11/05 11:20:52AM] Xl. Size 11

Autumn Bloom
Jeni Kyle
 [11/05 11:20:46AM] XL

Country Stroll; Cottage Chic; Heartbeats for Home
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [11/05 11:15:38AM] Rust L

Sweet Autumn Midi
Terri Johnston
 [11/05 11:15:36AM] XL

Bring me home floral midi dress
Terri Johnston
 [11/05 11:13:17AM] XL

Frill Seeker; Unfrilled; Feeling Fine; Footloose & Fancy-free; Wit & Whimsy
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [11/05 11:12:54AM] Rust L

Boho Flow
Nicki Bezanson
 [11/05 11:12:17AM] 2xl

Bloomin blossoms midi dress
Terri Johnston
 [11/05 11:12:01AM] Xl

Simple Fancy Floral
Nari Palmer
 [11/05 11:10:55AM] L

Do Si Do Floral Midi
Angie McKean
 [11/05 11:09:47AM] Rust - xl

Fall for Romance
Jennifer Campaner
 [11/05 11:09:02AM] M

Boho Chic to Me dress
Janna Harley
 [11/05 11:08:07AM] 2XL

Fall Fashion Floral MIdi Dress
Geraldine Parsons
 [11/05 11:05:08AM] Medium

Autumn Glow
Lauren Wozniak
 [11/05 11:01:57AM] XL?

Fall Into Me Dress
Natalie Rains
 [11/05 10:55:46AM] XL

Flow your own way
Victoria Lake
 [11/05 10:55:08AM] M, rust

Prairie Chic Mini Dress
Tiffany Scarnati
 [11/05 10:54:47AM] Small/medium and rust

Just a country girl
Rona Roth
 [11/05 10:54:21AM] Small rust

Flowin’ into Fall Midi
Lenora Bufalino
 [11/05 10:54:14AM] Large & Black Floral

Whimsical floral dress
Sonja Vanderwood
 [11/05 10:53:54AM] Small black floral

Fall Into Me Dress
Natalie Rains
 [11/05 10:52:31AM] XL

Flowy in Floral dress
Angie McKean
 [11/05 10:52:21AM] Rust - xl

When the sun goes down midi dress
Lisa Smit
 [11/05 10:48:27AM] Rust floral - L

Boho Dreams
Rhiannon Rusk
 [11/05 10:47:20AM] M

Let it Flo
Jessica Feiffer
 [11/05 10:44:35AM] Size Medium Burnt Orange

Country Girl at heart
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:43:50AM] XL rust

Floral me Country
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:42:26AM] XL rust

Take me home country floral
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:41:31AM] XL rust

Boho Chic twirl & spin
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:40:04AM] XL Rust

Country Boho Twirl and spin
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:39:30AM] XL rust

Country Girl Perfection
Tania Blackburn
 [11/05 10:38:40AM] XL or 2Xl rust floral

Falling for Flowers
Lori Roberts
 [11/05 10:37:51AM] Large

Flower Power Midi Dress
Erika Crowley
 [11/05 10:33:49AM] Small, orange

Falling For You Floral
Korinne Horlick
 [11/05 10:29:20AM] 2xl Rust Colour

Flower Power Boho Dress, Florally Flowing Dress, Freshly Floral Dress
Kelly Lawson
 [11/05 10:28:12AM] Medium

Country meets Boho
Nancy Wardell
 [11/05 10:26:27AM] s

Classic Comfort
Donna Hart
 [11/05 10:26:13AM] XL in Black

"Fall" In love with you dress
Heather Moskal
 [11/05 10:23:36AM] Small, sz30 or sz8/9

Flirty in Floral
Lynda MacLennan
 [11/05 10:23:23AM] XL?

Harvest Midi Dress
Erin Foster
 [11/05 10:23:17AM] 3XL

Falling Floral
Rachelle Douglas
 [11/05 10:22:44AM] Large Black

Midi Swing Dress
Stephanie Fraser
 [11/05 10:22:10AM] xl Black

Find me in the flower field dress
Laura Lushington
 [11/05 10:21:19AM] XL black floral

The Georgie Dress
Jessica Koebel
 [11/05 10:21:11AM] 34 inches or XL

Wild child cheek
Josee Robert
 [11/05 10:19:59AM] Small

Fancy and Free, Feeling Pretty
Leaha Dowie
 [11/05 10:13:33AM] XS Black Floral

Autumn Florals Flow/Fall, Flowy, Florals/Twirling Into Autumn
Samantha Alexandra
 [11/05 10:12:01AM] L, Rust Floral

Festival Vibes
Stefanie Charisse LeBlanc
 [11/05 10:06:23AM] Large

Fancy and Free
Leaha Dowie
 [11/05 10:05:52AM] XS Black Floral

Beauty of Boho Dress
Jordon Lindner
 [11/05 10:04:18AM] Large, Rust

It is starting to look alot like flowers
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 10:03:46AM] Large black

Twirling into Autumn/ Fall, Flowy, & Floral/ Fall In The Garden
Samantha Alexandra
 [11/05 10:03:14AM] L, Rust Floral

Fall harvest dress
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 10:02:46AM] Large rust

The country road flower
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 10:01:54AM] Large rust

All the cozy ness with flowers
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 10:00:52AM] Large black

Rita Fristak
 [11/05 9:59:10AM] XL, Rust floral

Bring on the fall flowers
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 9:59:05AM] Large black

Fall for Floral or Autumn Bloom
Jennifer Pond
 [11/05 9:58:59AM] XL Rust

Autumn Floral Twirl, Twirling into the Flowers, Autumn Vibes Twirl, Flow into Fall
Samantha Alexandra
 [11/05 9:58:39AM] L, Rust Floral

Prairie Glam
Tracey Kotyk
 [11/05 9:57:18AM] L

Falling into autumn
Amanda Madill
 [11/05 9:56:42AM] xs, rust floral

Let the flowers fall
Amanda Jakubowski
 [11/05 9:56:38AM] Large rust

Country Chic
Olesya Seniuk
 [11/05 9:53:34AM] Size M

Twirl with me
Erin Howell
 [11/05 9:53:19AM] 2xl black floral

Witchy ways dress
Gillian Kalman
 [11/05 9:48:46AM] Small rusty floral

Fall Bloom, Spring into Fall, Best Dressed, Pick me up dress
Shannon Greene
 [11/05 9:47:31AM] Medium

Life in Full Bloom
Sara Lahaie
 [11/05 9:41:49AM] Medium black floral please

Twirl Into Fall
Justina Ziemer
 [11/05 9:40:58AM] Small & Rusty Floral

Southern Belle
Danielle Wilson
 [11/05 9:39:31AM] L or XL

Garden Party Dress
Melissa Kristjansson
 [11/05 9:35:13AM] Medium

Autumn Feels Maxi, Fall Country Classic, Flowy and Fabulous, Embracing the Fall Maxi, Take me to the fair
Carey Dingsdale
 [11/05 9:31:15AM] Small Black floral

That Floral Feeling
Sara Lahaie
 [11/05 9:30:46AM] Medium black floral please

FFF Flirty, Fancy and Floral
Cheryl Foreman
 [11/05 9:30:35AM] XL

Walk on the Wilder Side (my very obscure Little House reference)
Sheryl Gray
 [11/05 9:29:45AM] XL black

Styling in Comfort
Wanda Dillon
 [11/05 9:28:37AM] L - Rust Floral

Boho Fab
Beth Mills
 [11/05 9:27:04AM] Size small, black floral

Country Chic, Swing Dress
Joan Tietzmann
 [11/05 9:24:24AM] XL Orange Floral

Go with the Floral
Jennifer Love
 [11/05 9:23:14AM] Lg black

Fly Away wWith Me
Karen Cross
 [11/05 9:22:31AM] L and black floral

Fall Floral Fiesta Dress
Bethany White
 [11/05 9:21:56AM] Large Black

Country Delight Plus
LaVerna Valorie Moreland
 [11/05 9:19:33AM] 16 102 cm

Fun funky and floral
Maria Lento
 [11/05 9:19:26AM] Small

Floral flow fall dress
Katie Kemph
 [11/05 9:18:12AM] Medium

Prairie sunsets dress
Toni Nameth
 [11/05 9:17:20AM] Rust S

Midi Autumn Floral
Trina Hoang
 [11/05 9:16:39AM] Xs Rust Floral

Chica Chic
Lee Ortynski
 [11/05 9:12:10AM] XL (34)

Fall Into Winter Dress, Twril Into Me Dress
Corey Porter
 [11/05 9:10:55AM] Medium rust

Free Fall
Caroleen Dyball
 [11/05 9:06:58AM] Medium /waist 28"

Fall into flowers
Kristy Stebbings
 [11/05 9:05:52AM] L rust floral

Blossom and bloom midi dress
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 9:03:33AM] Xl black

Boho beautiful , boho love
Stephanie paquette
 [11/05 9:03:29AM] Orange, medium

Make a move midi dress
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 9:02:33AM] Xl black

Rustic Morning Glory dress
Kimberly Coates
 [11/05 8:59:49AM] M rust floral

Fall Country Feeling
Daphne Deeble
 [11/05 8:59:35AM] Medium 28

Dream on floral midi dress
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 8:59:20AM] Xl black

Country Star Dress
Kimberly Coates
 [11/05 8:58:06AM] M rust floral

Flory day midi dress
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 8:56:29AM] Xl black

Flow into fall, go with the flow
Laura Axford
 [11/05 8:55:58AM] Medium black

Floral delight midi dress
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 8:54:42AM] Xl black floral

Flow into fall, go with the flow
Laura Axford
 [11/05 8:54:15AM] Medium black

Fun, floral frock
Cathie Alexander
 [11/05 8:50:51AM] M

Cowgirl Midi
Tara Sarsfield
 [11/05 8:50:47AM] Xl

Florever Yours
Judy Dielschneider
 [11/05 8:50:38AM] Large

Boho Babe Midi Dress
Renee Zimmerman
 [11/05 8:48:49AM] Xl

Days to Remember Dress
Sarah Wright
 [11/05 8:46:07AM] L-Black

Floral Happiness
Marianne Little
 [11/05 8:45:58AM] XL

Fan-floral-tastic Midi Dress
Sheryl Kuiper
 [11/05 8:44:17AM] M in Black Floral

Kirstie Chitticks
 [11/05 8:41:57AM] S

Floral gathering dress
Melissa Wilson
 [11/05 8:41:01AM] Black, size large

The Tennessee Twirl dress
Anne Farkas
 [11/05 8:38:22AM] Size Large

Boho dreams midi dress
Leslie Frick
 [11/05 8:37:54AM] Large rust

Floral Happiness
Judith Crerar
 [11/05 8:37:03AM] M

Floral Fields, Field of Dreams, Field Day, Swing of Things, Sweet As Pie, Honey Suckle
Nikki Graveline
 [11/05 8:34:53AM] Black; L

Midi Way Through Fall
Brooke Linford
 [11/05 8:34:18AM] Xxl

The Meadow Dress
Nicole Hartley
 [11/05 8:33:59AM] XL

Days to Remember Dress
Sarah Wright
 [11/05 8:33:28AM] L- black

Gimme the midi, floral fall, falling for floral, swing low sweet midi, meet me in the midi
Rana Thomas
 [11/05 8:33:17AM] Medium, rust floral

Floral Me Happy Dress
Trisha Tahouney
 [11/05 8:31:32AM]

Bohemian paradise
Tanya Dechaine
 [11/05 8:29:45AM]

Floral Fashionista
Tesa Steinke
 [11/05 8:27:41AM]

Free Falling Midi Dress
Erin Wonta
 [11/05 8:27:21AM]

Harvest my love / Flower me with kindness
Lynne Burnham
 [11/05 8:26:43AM]

Rustic Rendezvous
Tesa Steinke
 [11/05 8:26:30AM]

Floral Frolic
Tesa Steinke
 [11/05 8:25:41AM]

Falling for Winter dress
Amanda Pion
 [11/05 8:24:30AM]

Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:24:10AM]

Autumn Blooms dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:23:51AM]

Blooming Layers Midi Dress
Stacey Garton
 [11/05 8:23:48AM]

The Heart of Autumn dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:23:30AM]

Pumpkin Kisses dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:22:32AM]

Layers de Fleurs Midi Dress
Stacey Garton
 [11/05 8:22:29AM]

Julie Lins
 [11/05 8:21:50AM]

Gathered Hearts dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:21:44AM]

Gathered Hearts dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:21:44AM]

Born to Bloom
Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:20:46AM]

Harvest Blessings
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:20:11AM]

Wild Kalmia
Isabelle Brulotte
 [11/05 8:20:09AM]

Fall-flor all dress
Stephanie a
 [11/05 8:19:35AM]

Pumpkin Spice dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:19:11AM]

Born To Bloom
Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:17:31AM]

Autumn Days dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:17:29AM]

Fall Frills Dress
Sarah Multamaki Walker
 [11/05 8:17:09AM]

The Orchard dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:16:19AM]

He loves me, he loves me knot dress
Pam Walsh
 [11/05 8:15:48AM]

Harvest Wishes dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:15:38AM]

He loves me, he loves me knot dress
Pam Walsh
 [11/05 8:15:31AM]

In Awetumn
Melissa Goldie
 [11/05 8:15:31AM]

Romance is Blooming
Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:15:17AM]

Fall gardens floral dress
Melissa Goldie
 [11/05 8:15:04AM]

Fall Breeze dress
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:15:01AM]

Darling Blooms
Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:14:19AM]

Flor-give yourself!
Carla Badger
 [11/05 8:14:04AM]

Gardens Delight
Shari Maclellan
 [11/05 8:13:43AM]

Country flow dress
Carine Fortin
 [11/05 8:13:34AM]

Boho Dream
Savanna Rave
 [11/05 8:13:29AM]

Country twirl
Sherry Moreland
 [11/05 8:13:22AM]

Country floral dreams Midi
Anjuli Nute
 [11/05 8:13:04AM]

Blooming Beauty, Flower Girl
Susan M Schmidt
 [11/05 8:13:00AM]

Home-grown city girl dress
Natalie Perrin-Ducharne
 [11/05 8:12:59AM]

Fall blooms
Sherry Moreland
 [11/05 8:12:17AM]

Florally Yours
Kristy Morro
 [11/05 8:11:15AM]

Country Affair
Jessica Stephenson
 [11/05 8:11:03AM]

Just call me twirly
Andrea Nelson
 [11/05 8:10:43AM]

Fancy free
Kari Lewis
 [11/05 8:09:40AM]

Rustic Blossoms Dress
Alyssa Fahie
 [11/05 8:05:47AM]

Twirly girl
Andrea Nelson
 [11/05 8:03:00AM]

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