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Off the Shoulder Top
May 31, 2019

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Total of 737 Entries
Congratulations to Nicole Burchell, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the I Frill Pretty Top!

Shoulders be bare
Marsha Foster
 [06/02 8:05:06AM]

Not your everyday top
Vanessa Cain
 [06/02 7:59:16AM]

Summers breeze
Shana Penner
 [06/02 7:56:00AM]

summer Dayz
Fiona Schonewille
 [06/02 7:14:17AM]

Split shoulder top
Joyce Martens
 [06/02 6:47:31AM]

Parfait perfection
Pam Moen
 [06/02 6:43:52AM]

Icing on the top
Michelle Clarke
 [06/02 6:30:36AM]

Brush It Off Your Shoulder
Eleni Critsotakis
 [06/02 6:00:07AM]

Sunshine on my Shoulders!!!
Usha Singh
 [06/02 5:44:45AM]

All Striped up Top
Pam Walsh
 [06/02 5:03:15AM]

Thrill of the Frill
Danielle Dickson
 [06/02 2:26:46AM]

Foot Loose and Shoulder Free
Dawn Philipchuk
 [06/02 12:08:04AM]

Wrapped in stripes
Jan Halushka
 [06/01 11:58:17PM]

Summer Frills
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [06/01 11:31:54PM]

Summer Crush
Leahn Losey
 [06/01 10:57:44PM]

Rays of summer, rays of sunshine, frill of summer
Sherri Budgen
 [06/01 10:23:35PM]

Dressed to frill
Candace Theberge
 [06/01 10:02:50PM]

Sweet Soft Stripes
Lynne Pinfold
 [06/01 9:56:13PM]

Dare 2 Bare, Peekaboo stripe Shrug, wild hippie, Bold Shoulder
Krystal Spencer
 [06/01 9:33:49PM]

Ruffle your feathers, Just a Ruffle,
Heather Brown
 [06/01 9:20:46PM]

Fun and Fancy Freedom Top
Korie Gibbins
 [06/01 9:18:57PM]

Easy feeling weekend
Maureen Erasmus
 [06/01 9:18:52PM]

“Come a Little Closer” off the shoulder tee
Miranda Phoenix
 [06/01 8:48:01PM]

Angela Scandale
 [06/01 8:32:38PM]

Shrug it off
Crystal Mackie
 [06/01 8:17:32PM]

Sunny Stars Summer Top
Alyssa Holley
 [06/01 8:10:39PM]

The girl in the striped top
Marije Wagenmakers
 [06/01 8:04:06PM]

Marilyn’s Top
Marije Wagenmakers
 [06/01 7:55:53PM]

Summer Lovin'
Megan Young
 [06/01 7:55:27PM]

Bardot Stripes
Marije Wagenmakers
 [06/01 7:52:37PM]

Little off the top
Natalie St.Laurent
 [06/01 7:50:42PM]

Vintage Stripes
Marije Wagenmakers
 [06/01 7:50:25PM]

Stripe it down
Jessica Eben
 [06/01 7:46:30PM]

Call me country
Kimberly Savage
 [06/01 7:39:52PM]

Breezy Bare Shoulders Top, Ruffle Me Pretty Top
Kaitlin Fritz
 [06/01 7:25:44PM]

Easy Breezy
Lindsey Szelest
 [06/01 6:50:08PM]

Ruffle off the top
Aly Popa
 [06/01 6:47:19PM]

Cool Off the Shoulder Top
 [06/01 6:21:50PM]

Sun Seeker
Karen McLean
 [06/01 6:10:02PM]

Sunkissed shoulder
Karen McLean
 [06/01 6:09:35PM]

Sunkissed Stripes
Karen McLean
 [06/01 6:09:00PM]

Summer Bliss
Karen McLean
 [06/01 6:05:12PM]

Stripe a Pose
Karen McLean
 [06/01 6:03:47PM]

Shoulders -n- Stripes
Sarah Canney
 [06/01 5:53:57PM]

Summer siesta
Krista Holmes
 [06/01 5:51:02PM]

Sunkissed shoulder top, Dare to Bare Shoulder Top, Summer Breezes Top
June Weiss
 [06/01 5:30:32PM]

The flirt shirt
Jerri-Lea Stoley
 [06/01 5:28:45PM]

Summer br-ease !
Julie Roy
 [06/01 5:26:31PM]

Lines to paradise
Olivia Hardy
 [06/01 5:21:12PM]

Dare to be Bare striped top
Sam Pokrant
 [06/01 4:49:36PM]

Off the right track
Julie Gilbert
 [06/01 4:38:19PM]

Summer Dreams
Nola Schaffer
 [06/01 4:29:43PM]

Fancy Free
Nola Schaffer
 [06/01 4:20:55PM]

This ain't no cold shoulder top
Kristy law
 [06/01 4:11:55PM]

Summer Treat
Desiree Kasbrick
 [06/01 4:02:55PM]

Calipso breeze
Hazel McInnes
 [06/01 3:42:38PM]

Flirty Fun top
Veronica Merkosky
 [06/01 3:12:32PM]

Peek-a-boo top
Bobbi-Jo Haynes
 [06/01 3:06:35PM]

 [06/01 2:50:34PM]

Maureen Currie
 [06/01 2:36:32PM]

Find me under the summer sun stripes
Heather Pope
 [06/01 2:27:14PM]

Cotton Candy Summer Attraction top
Kari Lee Goss
 [06/01 2:09:48PM]

Bare to be Bold
Lisa Vogelsanger
 [06/01 1:17:11PM]

Sun Kissed Stripes
Brittany Young
 [06/01 1:01:31PM]

Pink flirt
Katharine labatt
 [06/01 12:59:19PM]

Joeleen top
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [06/01 12:43:58PM]

Bare Your Summer Soul Top
Janet George
 [06/01 12:43:10PM]

Hay Bales and Hot Sun, Sassy and Simple, sexy and simple, skin and bare it,
Pamela Berry
 [06/01 12:40:04PM]

Bare your beauty
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [06/01 12:38:40PM]

Not the cold shoulder
Wendy Bride
 [06/01 12:34:53PM]

Summer frills top
Cara Harman
 [06/01 12:19:02PM]

Sexy Summer Stripes
Laura Moore
 [06/01 12:17:19PM]

Sizzling in Stripes
Laura Moore
 [06/01 12:15:43PM]

Classy but Sassy off the shoulder top
Stephanie Jones
 [06/01 12:13:50PM]

Sexy in Stripes ?
Laura Moore
 [06/01 12:13:49PM]

The Stripe is Right Top
Angela McLellan
 [06/01 12:02:39PM]

Sun tan lines top
Lara Lavery
 [06/01 11:59:08AM]

Shrug it off
Jessie Folz
 [06/01 11:37:48AM]

Summer time fling
Cheyenne klein
 [06/01 11:37:36AM]

Shoulders & Spice, or Shoulders & Stripes
Josy Renaud
 [06/01 11:37:07AM]

Sneaky little love
Cheyenne klein
 [06/01 11:37:00AM]

Striped Bella
Vanessa brill
 [06/01 11:34:02AM]

Off shoulder cutie
Cheyenne klein
 [06/01 11:32:17AM]

Sun kissed beauty
Cheyenne klein
 [06/01 11:29:00AM]

The Beachside Flirty top
Carolyn Klassen
 [06/01 11:08:52AM]

Off The Chart
Michelle Russo
 [06/01 11:07:05AM]

Sunny shoulder
 [06/01 10:59:27AM]

Cold shoulder
Sarah Smith
 [06/01 10:56:14AM]

suns out
Lisa Price
 [06/01 10:39:05AM]

The Flirt
Charlene Sheane
 [06/01 10:37:23AM]

Sun kissed top
Lindsay Zaik
 [06/01 10:36:27AM]

Summer stripes
Deanna Klein
 [06/01 10:28:08AM]

Keep it Striped
Kylee Mcfadzen
 [06/01 10:14:26AM]

Cindy Potter
 [06/01 9:48:32AM]

Follow the rainbow....
Susan Campbell
 [06/01 9:38:06AM]

Shannon Greene
 [06/01 9:15:01AM]

Sunkissed off the shoulder top
Shauna Swanson
 [06/01 9:06:19AM]

A stripe of summer
 [06/01 9:06:03AM]

Get Your Stripes On
Louise Kemp
 [06/01 9:00:02AM]

Say it with Stripes
Louise Kemp
 [06/01 8:59:24AM]

Hang with me
Alisha Carroll
 [06/01 8:57:20AM]

Sultry Shoulders Top
Louise Kemp
 [06/01 8:57:06AM]

Ruffled Shoulder
Lindsay Hamilton
 [06/01 8:53:47AM]

Fun Shine Off the Should Top
Dionne Allan
 [06/01 8:46:47AM]

Think Pretty? I am yours!!!
Leah pagenhardt
 [06/01 8:23:39AM]

Beat the Heat Top
Braelyn Taks
 [06/01 8:23:37AM]

Candy Striper
Jennifer Haviland
 [06/01 8:18:32AM]

Stripe Out
Jennifer Haviland
 [06/01 8:17:29AM]

Stripe Tease
Jennifer Haviland
 [06/01 8:12:05AM]

Jennifer Haviland
Stripe Tease
 [06/01 8:11:27AM]

Bare and Grin It
Trish Miller
 [06/01 8:11:21AM]

Divine Lines
Jennifer Haviland
 [06/01 8:09:45AM]

Just Enough Shoulder
Kalli Ann Roth
 [06/01 8:09:29AM]

Sun Kissed Shoulders
Kalli Roth
 [06/01 8:09:01AM]

Sassy stripey shoulder holder
Jane Rowland
 [06/01 8:01:21AM]

Light As Air
Anita a Storeshaw
 [06/01 7:43:18AM]

Perfect Shoulders Top
Veronique Dube
 [06/01 7:16:21AM]

Sweet Summer Daze Top
Sherisse Clarke
 [06/01 7:11:59AM]

Stripes Delight
Kristy Staal
 [06/01 7:11:40AM]

Spring Fling
Jessica Edwards
 [06/01 6:54:04AM]

Sweet Tea
Bonnie Sucee
 [06/01 6:51:03AM]

Summer breeze
Lisa Peters
 [06/01 6:41:53AM]

Perfect cale
Kyla Guarasci
 [06/01 6:38:37AM]

Ruffle me up
Kali Bernst
 [06/01 6:33:46AM]

Sassy but Sweet
Erin Benn
 [06/01 6:24:30AM]

Saltwater taffy dreams in licorice n straw/banana
Kyli Ford
 [06/01 6:13:11AM]

Appear Flawless
Sara Clements
 [06/01 6:07:39AM]

The yes please
Sara Clements
 [06/01 6:06:28AM]

Wildly blooming.
Sara Clements
 [06/01 6:05:55AM]

The Juliette top
Sara Clements
 [06/01 6:01:14AM]

Sun-kissed shoulder top
Lisa Caccia
 [06/01 5:42:42AM]

Put your head on my shoulder
Sheri Peltier
 [06/01 5:33:03AM]

Summer bliss
Nicole howes
 [06/01 5:30:25AM]

Summer thriller
JoeAnn Heney
 [06/01 5:16:04AM]

Embrace the sun Top
Jennifer Whittingham
 [06/01 4:58:01AM]

The Cold Shoulder
Jackie Bennett
 [06/01 4:43:47AM]

Summer stripe comfort
Jackie fletcher
 [06/01 4:37:28AM]

Sunrise to sunset ?
Kayla warford
 [06/01 4:08:16AM]

Spring into Summer top
Sara Hunt
 [06/01 4:06:42AM]

Day dreamer
Melissa McFarlane
 [06/01 4:03:51AM]

Sun Kissed Shoulders Top
Laura Penny
 [06/01 3:52:04AM]

Side sweeps
Maddy Reilly
 [06/01 12:10:51AM]

Cotton Candy Ruffle(d) off the shoulder striped top
Heather Dennedy
 [06/01 12:08:20AM]

Dare to Bare off the shoulder stop and look top???
Erin O’Neill
 [06/01 12:04:46AM]

Shoulder sugar top
Andria Marcoux
 [06/01 12:03:07AM]

“Shrug it off”
Casey Love-Andries
 [05/31 11:55:18PM]

Stripes and pipes - off the shoulder
Alisha Guild
 [05/31 11:40:02PM]

Chelsea Iwama
 [05/31 11:19:36PM]

STRIPE me down!
Letitia Pirie
 [05/31 11:10:52PM]

Right On Point Top
Chelsea Burch
 [05/31 11:10:39PM]

Chelsea Burch
 [05/31 11:09:05PM]

Frilly stripes
Stephanie hostland
 [05/31 11:01:46PM]

Shoulder to Shoulder
Sandra Nordstrom
 [05/31 10:55:34PM]

Don't Ruffle My Stripes Top
Tara Bertling
 [05/31 10:54:06PM]

Shimmy Shimmy Coco Top
Patty Hollman
 [05/31 10:44:49PM]

Sneaky Shoulders
Kayla Giesbrecht
 [05/31 10:37:16PM]

Vanilla twist
Jean Broderick
 [05/31 10:22:51PM]

Sitting Pretty; My Darling Sunshine Top; Kiss of Summer Top; Painted Beauty Top; After Spring Top; Just After Spring Top; Painted On Me Top; Painted Beauty
April Hunt
 [05/31 10:20:23PM]

Suns Out top
Kirsten Smith
 [05/31 10:19:48PM]

Summer sunshine???
Brenda Hoff
 [05/31 10:18:27PM]

Off the Shoulder Showstopper Top; Showstopper; Skin Is In Ruffled Top; Flirting with Summer Top; Lay On My Shoulder Top; Naturally Flirty Off the Shoulder Top; Naturally Flirty Top;
April Hunt
 [05/31 10:12:12PM]

Bryelle short
 [05/31 10:05:33PM]

Cool Stripes or Easy Breezey top or Shrugitoff top
Deni Ruiz
 [05/31 10:05:17PM]

Striping It Top
 [05/31 10:01:49PM]

Showing Off Summertime Top; Summer Streaking Top; Frilly Summer Top; Dare to Be Frilly Top;
April Hunt
 [05/31 10:00:54PM]

Sunsational shoulders top
Courtney Hildebrand
 [05/31 9:59:48PM]

Frill of Your Life Top
Amanda Labatt
 [05/31 9:56:42PM]

Fun and flirty top
Kristi rowland
 [05/31 9:56:17PM]

Feeling flirty top
Kristi rowland
 [05/31 9:54:32PM]

To the limit top
Stacey Kloosterhof
 [05/31 9:47:18PM]

Streak of Summer
Kathleen Powroznik
 [05/31 9:30:56PM]

Shrug It Off
Morgan Banninga
 [05/31 9:25:43PM]

No cold shoulder top
Julie Brooks
 [05/31 9:16:45PM]

Colleen McLellan
 [05/31 9:08:50PM]

Off To Play
Laurel Shaw
 [05/31 9:08:25PM]

Hair Up, Sleeves Down
Jenna Billard
 [05/31 9:07:18PM]

Summer Lovin’ top
Carly Kennedy
 [05/31 9:06:17PM]

“Lazy Sleeve” off the shoulder top
Jenna Billard
 [05/31 9:05:36PM]

Lookin’ Coy Off the Shoulder top
Carly Kennedy
 [05/31 9:05:34PM]

Summa-summa-summa Time
Jenna Billard
 [05/31 9:03:34PM]

The Optimist: casual & sexy off the shoulder top
Jenna Billard
 [05/31 8:59:51PM]

Airy summer top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 8:42:32PM]

Scrunchie off the shoulder top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 8:41:11PM]

Cold shoulder sunkissed top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 8:39:55PM]

Stripe a pose top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 8:38:36PM]

Sassy Summer Shoulders
Jen Sebok
 [05/31 8:21:30PM]

Sunshine kisses
Michelle MacConnachie
 [05/31 8:20:37PM]

Sassy summer stripes, do you want stripes with that, easy breezy stripes.
Rebecca Baker
 [05/31 8:08:57PM]

‘Off to the shoulders’!
Margo Gregson
 [05/31 8:08:49PM]

Bohemian beauty
Amie-Rae Zaborniak
 [05/31 8:06:38PM]

Show me the shoulders
Shayna Thompson
 [05/31 8:05:12PM]

Summer Lovin’
Heather Cody
 [05/31 7:58:23PM]

Eiffel Chic- Off The Shoulder
Angela Sweetland
 [05/31 7:55:45PM]

Flirtatious You Top
Sandy Roberts
 [05/31 7:52:24PM]

‘Off again for now’
Margo Gregson
 [05/31 7:51:53PM]

Sun kissed
Valerie MacCormack
 [05/31 7:48:07PM]

Shoulders Up Top
Michelle Lowther
 [05/31 7:44:38PM]

Ruffled Goddess
Jennifer Daeninck
 [05/31 7:43:41PM]

Stripe to my heart
Marnie Johnson
 [05/31 7:37:17PM]

Yes way Rosé (pinks) and Ahoy Buoy (navy)
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:36:19PM]

Summer Breaze
Andrea Ryan
 [05/31 7:35:11PM]

Picture Perfect
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:33:55PM]

Summer splendor
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:33:26PM]

Breezey off the shoulder top
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:30:41PM]

Summer Lovin top
Rhea whitaker
 [05/31 7:30:22PM]

Stay-cay top
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:29:42PM]

Easy Breezy Top
Laura Penny
 [05/31 7:28:39PM]

Lighten up
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:26:20PM]

Fancy Free
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:25:02PM]

BBQ Babe
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 7:24:17PM]

Wear anywhere off the shoulder shirt
Amanda Nagy
 [05/31 7:19:36PM]

Carefree shrug
Candace Kimpton
 [05/31 7:15:39PM]

Tigress Top
Wanda Wardill
 [05/31 7:09:02PM]

Shrug it off
Cat schroeder
 [05/31 7:07:53PM]

Give Him The Cold Shoulder
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [05/31 7:07:44PM]

Alluring stripes
Rebecca Sayles
 [05/31 7:04:27PM]

Bare Breeze
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [05/31 7:04:24PM]

She's Sassy
Angela O'Hara
 [05/31 7:03:53PM]

Hug me tight!
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [05/31 7:03:40PM]

Flawless off the shoulder top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 7:01:22PM]

Sunshine on my Shoulders,
Leah Martin
 [05/31 7:00:18PM]

Sunshine and Mimosas
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:58:30PM]

Love at first stripe top
Ina Hammer
 [05/31 6:57:43PM]

Sunrise Mimosa
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:57:39PM]

Sun kissed summer top; easy breezy summer top
Laura McIntosh
 [05/31 6:57:32PM]

Sun Stripes
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:55:40PM]

Sun Dreams
 [05/31 6:54:27PM]

Sunny Days
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:53:52PM]

Sun These
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:53:12PM]

Kendra, sunset blvd
Tasha Mark
 [05/31 6:48:15PM]

Sunnin' Shoulders
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:48:14PM]

Sunny Shoulders
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:47:41PM]

Shoulder Ruffle
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:46:34PM]

Sun on my Shoulders
Amy Forrest
 [05/31 6:45:37PM]

Stripes off the Shoulder
Cathy Frew
 [05/31 6:40:46PM]

Summer Dreamer
Candice Loiselle
 [05/31 6:36:06PM]

Sun kissed shoulders for daze
Robyn Stricker
 [05/31 6:31:57PM]

Tan Lines
Jenn Hodgson
 [05/31 6:18:46PM]

Lynne Spencer
 [05/31 6:18:17PM]

Sun kissed Delight
Jody Nordman
 [05/31 6:15:06PM]

~Ruffle & Romance Top ~
Susan Schmidt
 [05/31 6:14:44PM]

1970's Are Back
Nola Schaffer
 [05/31 6:11:27PM]

Nola Schaffer
 [05/31 6:09:34PM]

Off the horizon
Chelsi Taylor
 [05/31 6:05:12PM]

Summer stripes
Sarah Tiegen
 [05/31 6:03:30PM]

Sunkiss your ruffles
Melanie Bergeron
 [05/31 5:59:15PM]

Sarah Tiegen
 [05/31 5:59:08PM]

Candace Daisy
 [05/31 5:50:12PM]

She had me at stripes
Shiraz Italia
 [05/31 5:49:38PM]

Sunkissed Stripes
Kate Rosenthal
 [05/31 5:49:29PM]

Easy Breezy
Kirsten Smith
 [05/31 5:48:16PM]

Seductive Sunkiss
Nicole benoit
 [05/31 5:48:16PM]

Sweet Retreat
Chantel Gallagher
 [05/31 5:42:07PM]

Picture Perfect Top
Joanne Davis
 [05/31 5:39:02PM]

Light and zesty
Michelle Evans
 [05/31 5:38:41PM]

Flowy summer breeze
Jamie Kennedy
 [05/31 5:32:45PM]

Flirty girl
Michelle Gervais
 [05/31 5:32:06PM]

Garden party tee
Melissa Burtch
 [05/31 5:27:33PM]

Dare to go bare!!
Annemieke Stan
 [05/31 5:21:07PM]

Mary Mcinerney
 [05/31 5:20:44PM]

Picnic Posh
Heather Anne Smith
 [05/31 5:18:57PM]

Sunny side up top
Erica Butler
 [05/31 5:17:37PM]

Fiji Stripe
Amanda Plakholm
 [05/31 5:14:54PM]

Shoulder Party
Sylvia Einfeld
 [05/31 5:14:32PM]

Weight off my shoulders
Marlene Seymour
 [05/31 5:12:26PM]

Off the shoulder stripe-a-lisious
Liz Plakholm
 [05/31 5:09:37PM]

Showlder your stripes Top
 [05/31 5:09:22PM]

Out for the Summer
Alysha Marmara
 [05/31 5:04:46PM]

Summer in a cinch.
Alysha Marmara
 [05/31 5:03:28PM]

Stretch it to the top
Lisa Ogilvie
 [05/31 5:02:39PM]

Soak up the sun
Micayla Storoschuk
 [05/31 5:01:55PM]

Summer loving
Micayla Storoschuk
 [05/31 4:59:14PM]

Summer breeze
Micayla Storoschuk
 [05/31 4:57:48PM]

Off the hook
Nicole Mitchell
 [05/31 4:55:22PM]

Flirty Stripes Top
Olivia Shi
 [05/31 4:54:13PM]

Flirt Your Shoulders Top
Olivia Shi
 [05/31 4:53:51PM]

Sweet Summer Top
Jenny Muckle
 [05/31 4:53:25PM]

Breezy Striped Shoulder Top
Chasity Lacoursiere
 [05/31 4:50:31PM]

Striped Off the Shoulder Top
Chasity Lacoursiere
 [05/31 4:48:48PM]

Simply Stripes
Amber Bovencamp
 [05/31 4:34:09PM]

Show me shoulders
Gena Ginther
 [05/31 4:31:07PM]

Summer Breeze
Teresa Bañares
 [05/31 4:28:32PM]

Striped beauty
Alissa Matheson
 [05/31 4:27:10PM]

Summer Shoulders
Jeanette Mills
 [05/31 4:25:18PM]

Summer Breeze Off The Shoulder Top
Lesley Skinner
 [05/31 4:23:09PM]

Gypsy Romance top
Tammy Bain
 [05/31 4:22:04PM]

A Bare Necessity Off The Shoulder Top
Lesley Skinner
 [05/31 4:21:31PM]

Bad to the bone
Deidre Dunphy
 [05/31 4:19:53PM]

Sunsetter Top
Robyn Roberts
 [05/31 4:19:46PM]

A little off the top
Andrea Ciotti
 [05/31 4:17:53PM]

Summer Lovin’ Off the Shoulder Top
Lesley Skinner
 [05/31 4:16:54PM]

Be Mine. Candy Floss. Pretty as a Picture.
Tracey McPhee
 [05/31 4:10:06PM]

Sunshine On My Mind Top
Lesley Skinner
 [05/31 4:06:41PM]

Debbie ROth
 [05/31 4:06:20PM]

Summer lovin!
Angele deboer
 [05/31 4:06:18PM]

Summer kissed shoulder top
Lianne Healey
 [05/31 4:06:08PM]

Sunkissed Top
Lesley Skinner
 [05/31 4:05:43PM]

Sweet Summer Top
Tracey Marcil
 [05/31 4:01:44PM]

Hot shoulders, summer chill, summer shoulders, off the hook, summer stripe, , off the top
Kayla Nayanookeesic
 [05/31 4:01:23PM]

Summer Romance Top
Tracey Marcil
 [05/31 4:00:05PM]

The Stripe Way top
Tracey Marcil
 [05/31 3:52:18PM]

Top of the Line
Deborah Statton
 [05/31 3:50:52PM]

Summer sweet
Marie Hoogenboom
 [05/31 3:48:11PM]

Sunkissed Bright Stripe Top
Ashley Senger
 [05/31 3:40:57PM]

The Sunset off the shoulder top
Becky Fortney
 [05/31 3:38:11PM]

Dare to bare off the shoulder top
Becky Fortney
 [05/31 3:36:53PM]

Sassy summer shoulder shirt
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/31 3:35:50PM]

Grin and Bare It
Lisa Peppard
 [05/31 3:35:18PM]

Subtle Sexy Top
Jill Cruz
 [05/31 3:34:55PM]

Ruffle me fancy
Victoria hacetoglu
 [05/31 3:34:24PM]

Soakin’ Up Sunshine Top
Sarah Henson
 [05/31 3:26:27PM]

Shoulder the Sunshine
Karen Carvell
 [05/31 3:25:24PM]

Summer shoulders top
Silvia M. Chicas
 [05/31 3:22:44PM]

midnight skies (blue) and poppy dreams (pink/orange)
alana brockman
 [05/31 3:20:00PM]

Off Side
Sharon Bois
 [05/31 3:19:45PM]

Summer highlights off the shoulder top
Sarah poitras
 [05/31 3:18:03PM]

southern soul off the shoulder top
Alana Brockman
 [05/31 3:14:21PM]

Sunkissed shoulders
Pam Richter
 [05/31 3:06:40PM]

Over the TOP
Shawna nicholson
 [05/31 3:05:32PM]

Sunshine shoulders
Pam Richter
 [05/31 3:04:06PM]

“Garden Party” off the shoulder top
Shelley Fuselli
 [05/31 3:02:33PM]

Teresa Vanderstel
 [05/31 2:57:51PM]

Cold shoulder top
Jeannette Helps
 [05/31 2:55:51PM]

Dizzy in the Daisies
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 2:47:00PM]

Light & Scrunchie
Rhonda Wilson
 [05/31 2:46:11PM]

Life’s A Beach
 [05/31 2:42:41PM]

Hello summer
Ute Cummings
 [05/31 2:39:59PM]

Free flow off the shoulder shirt
Jenna comeau
 [05/31 2:38:09PM]

Cold shoulder off the shoulder shirt
Jenna Comeau
 [05/31 2:37:34PM]

Say my name off the shoulder shirt
Jenna Marilyn Marie Comeau
 [05/31 2:36:58PM]

Summer Bliss
Corrine Slade
 [05/31 2:36:25PM]

Sunshine on my shoulder shirt,
Julia strickland
 [05/31 2:35:09PM]

Striped Destiny
Robyn Recollet
 [05/31 2:29:27PM]

Sun kiss shoulder top
Amanda Grant
 [05/31 2:29:03PM]

Stripes and Shoulders Top
Ashley Nicol
 [05/31 2:26:53PM]

Summer crush
Elyse Wuerth
 [05/31 2:24:50PM]

Head & Shoulders Above
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 2:24:16PM]

Ocean wave
Brenda Appeldoorn
 [05/31 2:23:50PM]

Weight Off Your Shoulders
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 2:23:31PM]

Head and Shoulders Above
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 2:22:17PM]

Summer Breeze
Brenda Appeldoorn
 [05/31 2:21:32PM]

Stripes and Shoulders
Tracy Hudson
 [05/31 2:20:33PM]

Sizzlin Summer off the shoulder T
Ashlee Gibbs
 [05/31 2:20:30PM]

Falling for you tank
Lana burrows
 [05/31 2:17:18PM]

Head and shoulders above the rest
Susie fey
 [05/31 2:16:47PM]

Summer elegance
Marguerite Herault
 [05/31 2:16:02PM]

Stripe your stuff
Alexa Wideman
 [05/31 2:14:02PM]

“Not giving you the cold shoulder “
B lodewyks
 [05/31 2:13:08PM]

Off side
Mireille Villeneuve
 [05/31 2:11:55PM]

Sippin' Sangria
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:08:01PM]

Seas The Day
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:07:07PM]

Free As The Air
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:05:53PM]

Libre Comme L'air
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:05:37PM]

I’m Such a Flirt
Pat Howse
 [05/31 2:04:49PM]

Peekaboo Shoulder Top
Chrisma Dekleer
 [05/31 2:03:12PM]

Every Summer Has a Story
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:02:54PM]

Summer's Story
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:02:31PM]

Slide off into summer off the shoulder top
 [05/31 2:02:27PM]

Salt in the Air, Sand in My Hair
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:01:56PM]

Shoulder Candy striped tee
Melissa Kristjansson
 [05/31 2:01:42PM]

Summer Frills and Thrills Top
Charlanne Sarrazin
 [05/31 2:01:24PM]

Fun in the Sun
Joanne Scott
 [05/31 2:01:02PM]

You Are My Anchor
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 2:00:37PM]

Tanlines and Summer Frills
Charlanne Sarrazin
 [05/31 2:00:05PM]

Strip it off the shoulder top
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [05/31 1:59:54PM]

Jennifer Jenkins
 [05/31 1:59:53PM]

Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, Brave Heart
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:59:12PM]

Light and breezy off the shoulder top
 [05/31 1:56:33PM]

Frill me, love me
Marie-Lou Alarie
 [05/31 1:54:43PM]

Show me some shoulder top
Mariah colley
 [05/31 1:54:05PM]

Sunny Shoulders
Katrina Walsh
 [05/31 1:53:46PM]

Eenie, meenie, Mine
 [05/31 1:52:08PM]

Ernie, meenie, Mine!
Deb Lau
 [05/31 1:51:01PM]

I can shoulder that
Deb Lau
 [05/31 1:46:24PM]

Beach Vibes Only
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:45:55PM]

Summer fun top
Lynnelle Friesen
 [05/31 1:45:52PM]

Sail Away With Me
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:45:27PM]

Fun In The Sun
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:45:06PM]

The Beach Is That Way
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:43:55PM]

The Ocean is Calling
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:43:38PM]

Stripes and summer
Megan Perry
 [05/31 1:43:03PM]

Summer Breeze
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:42:30PM]

Summer Kiss
Heather Cody
 [05/31 1:41:54PM]

Hang around me
Jana Dobson
 [05/31 1:41:44PM]

Stripes Go With Everything
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:41:01PM]

Spring off the shoulder top
Samantha Kuhn
 [05/31 1:39:25PM]

Horizontal striped light weight blouse
Laurie Stevens
 [05/31 1:38:59PM]

Ruffle me pretty
Melanie Rumley
 [05/31 1:38:06PM]

Striped Señorita
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:37:04PM]

Stripes in love
Nicole Simpson
 [05/31 1:35:30PM]

Off the Shoulder Bahama Mama
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:35:17PM]

Beat The Heat
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:34:05PM]

Summer Breeze Sangria
Hilary Andow
 [05/31 1:32:29PM]

Blossom willow off the shoulder top
Christine Fraser
 [05/31 1:32:27PM]

We’re going stripe-ing!
Karen Wallis
 [05/31 1:31:45PM]

Mandy collins
 [05/31 1:25:36PM]

Soft Shoulder Ahead Tee
Tammy Lowey
 [05/31 1:24:50PM]

Summer Frills
Sarah Morgen
 [05/31 1:22:47PM]

Bare Necessities Off the Shoulder Top
Mimi Searls
 [05/31 1:22:28PM]

Morning Stripes or Morning Glory
Francesca Barna
 [05/31 1:22:02PM]

Off the grid
Alicia Anderson
 [05/31 1:20:18PM]

Shoulder your stripes
Jen Evans
 [05/31 1:19:45PM]

Feelin frilly
Arielle stahl
 [05/31 1:18:09PM]

Feminem summertime
Arielle stahl
 [05/31 1:17:10PM]

Cheeky shoulder slide
Cynthia Walsh
 [05/31 1:17:06PM]

Summer time feels
Arielle stahl
 [05/31 1:16:27PM]

Summer glow
Crystal mackie
 [05/31 1:16:24PM]

Stripes of summer
 [05/31 1:16:05PM]

By the Bay Top / Down By the Bay Top
Angela Corcoran
 [05/31 1:12:21PM]

Chasing the Horizon Top
Angela Corcoran
 [05/31 1:10:57PM]

Breathe of fresh air
Krista Owens
 [05/31 1:09:07PM]

Frillin’ Cute
Krista Owens
 [05/31 1:07:19PM]

Earn Your Stripes Top
Tara Bertling
 [05/31 1:06:39PM]

Flirt so cute
Crystal Mackie
 [05/31 1:06:26PM]

Stripe Tease
Annette O'Brian
 [05/31 1:03:42PM]

Sweet Shoulder Top, Peekaboo shoulder top, Sunshine Days Top, Sunset Stripes Top,
Jennifer Barone
 [05/31 1:02:36PM]

Sunshine on my shoulders top, sun kissed shoulders top
Lizanne Roy
 [05/31 1:01:06PM]

Care with flair
Caroline Kelly
 [05/31 12:59:38PM]

Sweet Summer Fun
Andrea Harrison
 [05/31 12:59:01PM]

Stripe Delight
Lacey Whitt
 [05/31 12:58:54PM]

Bomb shell
Nicole Smith
 [05/31 12:58:19PM]

For the love of stripes
Rhonda Penner
 [05/31 12:58:16PM]

Sunshine and Stripes
Holly Tamlin
 [05/31 12:57:35PM]

Off Topic,
Monique Liggins
 [05/31 12:56:51PM]

Stripe for pickin'!
Rhonda Penner
 [05/31 12:55:42PM]

Sunset Dreaming, Cool and Costal, Sunday Funday, Life’s a Beach, Summer Lovin’, Summer State of Mind, Carolina Costal, Sweets and Summer, Bright Night
Victoria Thomas
 [05/31 12:55:00PM]

Sunshine on my Shoulders
Claire Varley
 [05/31 12:54:56PM]

Lovely in ruffles
Tanya slessor
 [05/31 12:53:24PM]

Summer Solstice Top
Amie Smid
 [05/31 12:52:58PM]

Simply Stripes
Sara McLean
 [05/31 12:52:49PM]

Show Your Stripes top
Rhonda Penner
 [05/31 12:52:38PM]

Flirty Shirty
Kayla Kulla
 [05/31 12:49:04PM]

Ruffle in the breeze
Shelley Fehr
 [05/31 12:49:03PM]

Summer Mimosa
Chrissy Klemencic
 [05/31 12:49:02PM]

Shoulder me some colour
Maurita Heemeryck
 [05/31 12:46:38PM]

Between the Lines Top
Jennifer Kutcher
 [05/31 12:45:24PM]

Flirty stripes
Crystal Mackie
 [05/31 12:44:05PM]

Feelin' fine and lined
Breanne Ehresman
 [05/31 12:43:33PM]

Sunshine Ruffles
Teal Hallaby
 [05/31 12:43:06PM]

“Sun kissed Off The Shoulders”
Taylor Northrop
 [05/31 12:42:11PM]

Lovin' Summer
Breanne Ehresman
 [05/31 12:41:05PM]

Summer Breeze top
Kelly Friess
 [05/31 12:35:26PM]

The Accordion top
Cindy Poirier
 [05/31 12:33:57PM]

Ruffle breeze
Jessica tilley
 [05/31 12:33:53PM]

Joan Agius
 [05/31 12:32:34PM]

Sun Kissed Summer
Lauren Simmonds
 [05/31 12:32:03PM]

Joan Agius
 [05/31 12:31:53PM]

Bold shoulder shirt
Kelsey Caston
 [05/31 12:28:00PM]

Off The Shoulder Frill
Carolyn Fisher
 [05/31 12:26:33PM]

Off the Shoulder Chic
Celia Kroker
 [05/31 12:23:09PM]

Sunny skies top
Jennifer drader
 [05/31 12:20:44PM]

Summer secrets off the shoulder
Jennifer drader
 [05/31 12:19:43PM]

Chasing summer top
Jennifer drader
 [05/31 12:19:09PM]

Fun& Flirty
Yvonne fox
 [05/31 12:16:07PM]

Get Glowing - off the shoulder top
Tasha Frechette
 [05/31 12:15:57PM]

Lolly pop top
Carmen Krysta-Radcliffe
 [05/31 12:15:19PM]

Lolly pop top
Carmen Krysta - Radcliffe
 [05/31 12:14:49PM]

Cold Shoulders
Tanya Jacobson
 [05/31 12:12:13PM]

Cute and sassy but yet dressy
Grace Young
 [05/31 12:11:40PM]

The Lucy top
kass sutton
 [05/31 12:11:35PM]

No Shoulder To Cry On Top
Caitlin Flach
 [05/31 12:11:22PM]

Country Charm
Holly Pankratz
 [05/31 12:11:07PM]

Stripe It Up Top
Diane Bowyer
 [05/31 12:10:56PM]

Show those shoulders
Karla fry
 [05/31 12:08:43PM]

Ruffle me Perfect
Amy Evans
 [05/31 12:04:53PM]

Fun in the sun!
Maria Siritoudis
 [05/31 12:04:27PM]

Strip the lines
Amanda LeFebvre
 [05/31 12:03:35PM]

Just a Ruffle Bit
Heather Brown
 [05/31 12:02:17PM]

Coastal Shoulder
Jenna-Mae Tingley
 [05/31 12:01:49PM]

Spring Shoulders Top
Breana Hart
 [05/31 11:54:58AM]

Ruffled around the edges
Kathryn Graveline
 [05/31 11:52:26AM]

Summer flirt
 [05/31 11:51:35AM]

Sweptaway Shoulder tee
Kristen Lawson
 [05/31 11:51:31AM]

Stripey Hypey
sara dawson
 [05/31 11:50:47AM]

Fruity sherbet, and ice-cream sundae
Tiffany Page
 [05/31 11:50:35AM]

Smock-off the shoulder
Shannon O'Neill
 [05/31 11:50:33AM]

The Not So Cold Shoulder
Amy Janko
 [05/31 11:50:25AM]

Stripe Me Wonderful
Kristy Green
 [05/31 11:49:46AM]

Sun kissed shoulder top
Sheila Piderman
 [05/31 11:46:51AM]

Sneak peak
Sarah Goetz
 [05/31 11:46:48AM]

Summer Solstice
Brandee Scarrott
 [05/31 11:41:04AM]

Slice of Summer
Heidi Greenhalgh
 [05/31 11:40:24AM]

summer shoulder smoulder top
Natalie Plastino
 [05/31 11:40:12AM]

Take the summer off, Tan Lines, Grin and Bare it
Jamie O’Meara
 [05/31 11:40:08AM]

Sunny Days
Charlene Penner
 [05/31 11:38:22AM]

Beach Vibes
Ashley Budgell
 [05/31 11:38:03AM]

Cool and breezy
Karen Voisin
 [05/31 11:37:22AM]

The Marilyn
Marilyn Seib
 [05/31 11:31:33AM]

Summer Ruffilin
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/31 11:31:29AM]

Summery stripes
Sammy Jo Steeves
 [05/31 11:30:35AM]

Color Me Twice
Joy Johnson
 [05/31 11:29:34AM]

Summer Lovin' Top, Summer Nights Top, Warm Shoulder Top, Summer Breeze Top, Sunny Days Top, Stripe a Pose Top
Amanda Bruce
 [05/31 11:29:30AM]

Ruffle my Shoulders Top
Vanessa David
 [05/31 11:25:24AM]

Off the Charts
Grace Renwick
 [05/31 11:22:16AM]

Shoulders summer lovin
Carrie Nyitrai
 [05/31 11:21:10AM]

Summer solstice for the pastels, and midnight sun for the dark stripes
Alayna Krutko
 [05/31 11:21:05AM]

Feeling Free
Donna Lynn Norcott
 [05/31 11:20:42AM]

Just a peak
Barbara Wells-Taylor
 [05/31 11:19:19AM]

Fancy Free off the shoulder top
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [05/31 11:19:01AM]

Dash of Delight
Leanne Dean
 [05/31 11:18:58AM]

Tow the Line Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:17:22AM]

Off-line and free top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:16:17AM]

Shake Your Shoulders Top
Kim Dunphy
 [05/31 11:16:02AM]

Frilly little lady top
 [05/31 11:15:15AM]

A line above the rest top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:15:10AM]

Sunshine Summer
Shirley Tom
 [05/31 11:14:52AM]

Stop Ruffling Around
Michelle Fowler
 [05/31 11:14:41AM]

Stripes so Pretty Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:14:35AM]

Top of the line blouse
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:13:16AM]

Scrunch in the line
Kayla Furler
 [05/31 11:12:27AM]

Bold Shoulder
Liv Scurr
 [05/31 11:10:44AM]

A stripe of perfection top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:08:52AM]

Garden tea top
Glenda Desaulniers
 [05/31 11:08:10AM]

Strip of life Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/31 11:08:05AM]

Ruf-full of Life top
Shelly Mueller
 [05/31 11:04:05AM]

California dream
Lisette Peterson
 [05/31 11:04:02AM]

Feel the breeze
Amy atkin
 [05/31 11:01:34AM]

Summer Shoulder Show Off Top
Tanja Tomlinson
 [05/31 10:59:10AM]

Ruffle Around the Edges
Monique Foster
 [05/31 10:57:59AM]

Amanda keenan
 [05/31 10:55:40AM]

Stripe for the Pickin’ Top, Stripe a Pose Top
Tanja Tomlinson
 [05/31 10:55:31AM]

Sugar n Shine
Kimberley Blyth
 [05/31 10:55:07AM]

Simply Sweet
Linda Kobelsky
 [05/31 10:54:22AM]

Cool ? Off
Margo Sims
 [05/31 10:54:22AM]

Sweetie Pie Stripes
Elyse Sterne
 [05/31 10:53:41AM]

Stripe a Pose Off the Shoulder Top
Tanja Tomlinson
 [05/31 10:53:39AM]

Summer Carnival
Debbie Slater
 [05/31 10:53:09AM]

Bare necessity
Kristen Clarke
 [05/31 10:53:02AM]

Summer Days Top.
Tanya Kohle
 [05/31 10:52:04AM]

Sunkissed off the shoulder
Bonnie Gano
 [05/31 10:51:02AM]

Summer Stripes Top
Jodie Cooper
 [05/31 10:49:46AM]

Slip off the Shoulders Blouse
Shannon Scott
 [05/31 10:48:59AM]

"Off the shoulder, feeling bolder"
Allison Abraham
 [05/31 10:48:49AM]

Summer Breeze
Sara Irving
 [05/31 10:48:20AM]

Something about candy
Bradi Hansen
 [05/31 10:46:19AM]

Barely There Ruffled Tank
Andrea Brown
 [05/31 10:44:30AM]

Sunshine & Summertime Top
Victoria Clarke
 [05/31 10:42:54AM]

Striped Seduction
Sarah Weiss
 [05/31 10:42:49AM]

Here Comes The Sun Top
Bettina Allen
 [05/31 10:42:46AM]

Summer Breeze Top
Nicole Gillies
 [05/31 10:42:00AM]

Summer Breeze
Christine Stevens
 [05/31 10:41:56AM]

Loving summer top
Jen Brett
 [05/31 10:41:05AM]

Put a line in the coconut
Janice Gagne
 [05/31 10:40:52AM]

Striped Seaside; Seaside Ruffles; Cloud Nine; Define and Shine
Susan Constantine
 [05/31 10:40:21AM]

Summer lovin top
Jen brett
 [05/31 10:40:02AM]

Soak Up The Sun Off-Shoulder Top , Girls Just Wanna Have Sun , Sunkissed Shoulders , Tropic Like It’s Hot Top
Amber Stevens
 [05/31 10:39:46AM]

The Kendra Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 10:39:41AM]

Summer Lovin’ Top
Lori Lafreniere
 [05/31 10:38:13AM]

Sun kiss top
Alma Mandeville
 [05/31 10:37:43AM]

Summer Sky
Eunice Puetz
 [05/31 10:37:34AM]

Sun kissed shoulders, feel the heat
Barbara Benner
 [05/31 10:37:31AM]

Beach Please Top
Christi Lein
 [05/31 10:37:07AM]

Summer Adventure; Feel The Breeze; Enchanted Summer;
Susan Constantine
 [05/31 10:35:26AM]

Garden Tea Off The Shoulder Top
Kristin McGurk
 [05/31 10:35:01AM]

Roll off the top
Rachel St.Laurent
 [05/31 10:34:56AM]

Ruffle Me Silly
Vanessa Rathgeber
 [05/31 10:34:16AM]

Summer fun
Margaret Sherwin
 [05/31 10:32:42AM]

Stripeez cover the shoulder
Rachelle Findlay
 [05/31 10:32:10AM]

Summer stripes off the shoulder shirt
Melissa Goldie
 [05/31 10:30:34AM]

Marbella (looks like marble effect with stripes)
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 10:30:13AM]

Summer Fling Top
Candice Hercina
 [05/31 10:29:25AM]

Raya (means stripes in Spanish)
Brooke Durward-Warren
 [05/31 10:29:08AM]

Sleeveless in Seattle
Amy Markin
 [05/31 10:27:14AM]

Golden hour tank
Jennifer Gauthier
 [05/31 10:27:07AM]

Side Peek-A-Boob
Shasta Fisher
 [05/31 10:24:47AM]

Sunshine On My Shoulders Top , Feelin’ Frilly Off Shoulder Top
Amber Stevens
 [05/31 10:24:38AM]

Off the cuff ruffle
Martine Tasse
 [05/31 10:24:14AM]

Spring Fling, Slip of/off the Shoulder, Belle, Wear Your Stripes, Proudly Striped, Flirty Stripes, Flirtatious Stripes, Flirt-a-licious
Makala Bell
 [05/31 10:24:12AM]

Easy Breezy Summer shoulder top
Tanis Boyd
 [05/31 10:23:00AM]

Skittish Top
Lindsay Rivet
 [05/31 10:21:53AM]

Let it roll off the shoulder top
Angela Grocholski
 [05/31 10:21:35AM]

stripingly beautiful
Vanessa Zulke
 [05/31 10:21:26AM]

Sexy shoulder top
Corina Steele
 [05/31 10:20:22AM]

Subtle lines shirt
Sarah becker
 [05/31 10:17:52AM]

The betty
Ashley novak
 [05/31 10:17:31AM]

Off the stripes
Amanda Paterson
 [05/31 10:16:53AM]

Here Comes The Sun
Sarah Paterson
 [05/31 10:16:28AM]

“Summer bliss” or “summer stripes” off the shoulder shirt
Alana brockman
 [05/31 10:15:47AM]

Sunshine on my shoulders
Caralyn Jones
 [05/31 10:15:30AM]

The Pennylane Ruffle
Crystal Jeffery
 [05/31 10:13:55AM]

Sunkissed summer top OR Breezy babe top
Krystal Ann Delorme
 [05/31 10:11:32AM]

Easy-Breezy Top
Nancy Twist
 [05/31 10:10:20AM]

Dare to be bare shoulder top
Shannon Arruda
 [05/31 10:09:09AM]

The linen is easy
Nicole Burchell
 [05/31 10:08:38AM]

Be bold, be free
Leah brabant
 [05/31 10:08:23AM]

Dressed to Frill
Nicole Burchell
 [05/31 10:08:07AM]

Arm Candy
Kim Conquergood
 [05/31 10:08:00AM]

Summers breeze off the shoulder top
Lisa Dobsky
 [05/31 10:07:35AM]

Flirty fling top
Vicki Harris
 [05/31 10:07:13AM]

Bare essential top
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/31 10:06:52AM]

Sassy over the shoulder summer shirt
Francine fowler
 [05/31 10:06:48AM]

Sassy Shoulders
Nancy Twist
 [05/31 10:06:41AM]

Nancy Twist
 [05/31 10:04:40AM]

I frill pretty
Nicole Burchell
 [05/31 10:04:04AM]

Finally Summer
Nancy Twist
 [05/31 10:03:26AM]

Show Your Glow
Christine Barkic
 [05/31 10:02:22AM]

A Shoulder to Sun On
Kim Jewell
 [05/31 10:02:14AM]

Fancy Free
Alycia Kempf
 [05/31 10:01:56AM]

Stripes,Sass, and Shoulders...Oh My!
Cheryl Mirabella
 [05/31 10:01:42AM]

Sunny Shoulders
Nancy Twist
 [05/31 10:01:21AM]

One in a Frill-ion top
Kristina Papasterianos
 [05/31 10:01:03AM]

Ruffle my feathers top
Kristina Papasterianos
 [05/31 9:59:41AM]

Candy Stripe
Kerri Ferriss
 [05/31 9:58:44AM]

Elegant Shrug Lines
Kelly Musgrove
 [05/31 9:58:25AM]

Sun Kissed Shoulders Top
Amanda Asturias
 [05/31 9:58:16AM]

Hyped on summer stripes
Maureen Klein
 [05/31 9:58:14AM]

Take a load of your shoulders top
Kyla Janzen
 [05/31 9:56:56AM]

Fun & flirty
Brittany Wylie
 [05/31 9:55:57AM]

Ruff-full of Surprises top
Kristina Papasterianos
 [05/31 9:55:54AM]

Striped Tease
Shawnna Dickson
 [05/31 9:54:31AM]

Off the shoulder summer stripe
Heather McAuley
 [05/31 9:54:28AM]

Shoulder on top, Tap on my shoulder top, Shoulder to shoulder top, Lean on my shoulder top
Angela Smiley
 [05/31 9:53:21AM]

Let your hair down
Patricia Rintjema
 [05/31 9:53:17AM]

Peak-a-boo top
Natasha mayes
 [05/31 9:53:00AM]

Breezy Frills Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:52:12AM]

A shoulder to wear on Great shirt on her shoulders
Diana brown
 [05/31 9:52:10AM]

Striped To Perfection Top
Amanda Whitmell
 [05/31 9:52:04AM]

Sun Kissed Shoulder Top
Neely Harding
 [05/31 9:51:43AM]

Summer Days Off The Shoulder Top
Pamela Forbes
 [05/31 9:51:24AM]

Sunkissed Shoulders
Arwen Hirte
 [05/31 9:51:10AM]

Shoulder on to Summer Top
Laura Kent
 [05/31 9:51:09AM]

Feelin’ Fresh Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:50:55AM]

Stripes of summer
Alysha Eichel
 [05/31 9:50:20AM]

Summer T Perfection
Shannon Wade
 [05/31 9:50:07AM]

Pretty in Frills
Sarah Sinton
 [05/31 9:49:37AM]

Soft Sassy Summer
Kim Weishuhn
 [05/31 9:48:16AM]

Into the Sunset Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:47:32AM]

Sunset Beach Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:47:09AM]

Sweet Summer Nights Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:46:48AM]

Summer Breeze Top
Amanda Worden
 [05/31 9:46:31AM]

Sailors Delight Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:45:36AM]

Cold Shoulder Top
Jodi Miller
 [05/31 9:45:34AM]

Summer Solstice Top
Sarah Sinton
 [05/31 9:44:57AM]

Brunch a Bunch Top
Sarah Sinton
 [05/31 9:44:07AM]

Shoulder Breeze
Tracey Hayman
 [05/31 9:43:44AM]

Brunches and Bunches Top
Sarah Sinton
 [05/31 9:43:43AM]

Beachy Keen Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:43:41AM]

Sun kissed Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:42:53AM]

'I'm crushing on you'
Kathi Haugh
 [05/31 9:42:17AM]

Summer Fun Top
Tara LeBlanc
 [05/31 9:42:10AM]

Bare Minimum Top
Brooke Derksen
 [05/31 9:42:03AM]

Flirty beach top
Haley Boland
 [05/31 9:41:58AM]

Weight off my shoulders top
Haley Boland
 [05/31 9:40:11AM]

No Frills Tank Top,
Jennifer Vibert
 [05/31 9:39:59AM]

Frill of the chase top, ruffle me up top, frills and chills top, summer frills top, Between the lines top, She’s got frills top,
Nikki Weightman
 [05/31 9:39:37AM]

Sorbet today
Meghan Conniff
 [05/31 9:39:07AM]

Candy stripes off the shoulder T
Cheri Mansfield
 [05/31 9:38:27AM]

True Stripes Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:38:17AM]

Summer Bliss Top
April Fairless
 [05/31 9:37:40AM]

Kamaljit Basra
 [05/31 9:37:02AM]

Back at the Beach
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/31 9:36:59AM]

Striped Delight Top
Darla Nellis
 [05/31 9:35:52AM]

Stripe Me Along Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [05/31 9:35:37AM]

Ruffle me pretty
Laina Rodney
 [05/31 9:35:07AM]

A Fine Line Top
Marie Tichborne
 [05/31 9:34:54AM]

Ruffles and Stripes
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:34:22AM]

Sun on your shoulders
Katrina Gosset
 [05/31 9:34:16AM]

Summer Stripes Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:32:58AM]

All the Right Lines Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:32:54AM]

Line in the Sand
Janice Gagne
 [05/31 9:32:44AM]

Strike a Pose Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:31:37AM]

Slay It with me
Shari maclellan
 [05/31 9:31:06AM]

Summer Cutie Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:31:00AM]

Free for all ,
Celine Park-Beaupre
 [05/31 9:30:00AM]

Perfectly Pretty and Playful
Jackie Morrell Berthelot
 [05/31 9:29:56AM]

Put your shoulders on the line Top, Shoulder to Shoulder Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:29:44AM]

Bare your beauty top
Chantel Purves
 [05/31 9:28:21AM]

Summer Breeze Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:27:43AM]

Just Breezing Through Top
Andrea Ciotti
 [05/31 9:27:34AM]

rounded shoulder top
vicki beechin
 [05/31 9:25:39AM]

Summer days, breezy, stripe into the weekend, summer frills,
Lacey Wagner
 [05/31 9:25:18AM]

Sunny Days Ahead Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:25:16AM]

Summer Stripes
Janet Walker
 [05/31 9:25:10AM]

A Little Off The Top
Nicole Friesen
 [05/31 9:24:05AM]

Summer Lovin’ Top
Julia Souliere
 [05/31 9:23:55AM]

Off The Hook Top
Chantal Moll
 [05/31 9:23:05AM]

Sassy Class
Amy Speager
 [05/31 9:22:53AM]

Chillin in Linen Top
Samantha Hermans
 [05/31 9:22:48AM]

Summer Fling
Deanna Freiburger
 [05/31 9:22:47AM]

Desert Escape
Laurie Holland
 [05/31 9:22:27AM]

Hook, lines, & shoulder top (like hook, line and sinker)
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:22:26AM]

The cold shoukder
Cindy Gledhill
 [05/31 9:21:57AM]

Sun Your Shoulders Top
Jenelle Millar
 [05/31 9:21:55AM]

Sun Kissed Shoulders
Samantha Hermans
 [05/31 9:21:46AM]

Spring Fling
Amy Speager
 [05/31 9:21:00AM]

Shoulder Summer Nights
Tanya Rogers Reimer
 [05/31 9:18:49AM]

Simple with Class
Melody Willier
 [05/31 9:18:14AM]

Sunshine on my Shoulders top
Channelle Zaichkowsky
 [05/31 9:17:58AM]

Easy Breasy off the shoulder top
Samantha Krump
 [05/31 9:17:41AM]

Scrunchy summer top
Athena Schwan
 [05/31 9:17:16AM]

Fresh shoulder top
Michelina Morsillo
 [05/31 9:17:10AM]

Sugar and Stripes and Everything Nice
Sarah Grayman
 [05/31 9:17:03AM]

Stripingly Sassy top
Linsey DeMontigny
 [05/31 9:17:01AM]

Show a little shoulder top
Jennifer Kennedy
 [05/31 9:16:29AM]

Sunny Shoulders
Chantal Beaver
 [05/31 9:16:09AM]

Stripes in Bloom Top or Serious Love Affair With Stripes Top
Nicole M Goodwillie Gauthier
 [05/31 9:15:47AM]

Sun Kissed Top
Chantal Beaver
 [05/31 9:15:22AM]

Stripe a pose, Flirt Factor, On The Side Lines
Shari Maclellan
 [05/31 9:15:21AM]

Can’t Ruffle Me Tank
Emily Buss
 [05/31 9:15:10AM]

Summer Sass Top
Ashley Strobel
 [05/31 9:14:41AM]

Beauty lines top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:14:29AM]

Sassy Sweet Striped Top
Lisa Gosse
 [05/31 9:13:31AM]

Summer Beach Top
Kim Loof
 [05/31 9:12:56AM]

Hello Poppy, Spring Fling
Amandah Domovich
 [05/31 9:12:41AM]

In the Linelight Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:11:43AM]

Soft the Shoulder Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:11:37AM]

Sunny stripes
Tina MacDonald
 [05/31 9:11:26AM]

Frill Seeker
Cherie ferguson
 [05/31 9:11:19AM]

Striped to Perfection Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:11:15AM]

Sun-Kissed Shoulder Top
Robin Stoodley
 [05/31 9:11:09AM]

Summer Fever Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:10:44AM]

Striping a Pose Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [05/31 9:10:30AM]

Summer Breeze Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:10:29AM]

Off the shoulder dainty fling shirt
Laura bradey
 [05/31 9:10:13AM]

Ruffled to Perfection Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:10:08AM]

Summer sass top
Stephanie Formo
 [05/31 9:10:04AM]

Stripe a pose
Sarah Forster
 [05/31 9:09:51AM]

Striped Perfection Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:09:46AM]

Strips a breeze
Jennifer freamon
 [05/31 9:09:27AM]

Summer love top
Stephanie Formo
 [05/31 9:09:18AM]

Sun kissed & stripes, Havana nights shirt, no cold shoulder, sunkissed shoulder shirt,
Ashley Dobias
 [05/31 9:09:16AM]

Beach Bliss
Shannon Laderoute
 [05/31 9:09:10AM]

Stripe Tease Top
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:09:02AM]

Beach Stripes
Shannon Laderoute
 [05/31 9:08:15AM]

Barely There
Carolyn deVries
 [05/31 9:08:12AM]

Frill seeker
Vicky McCahon
 [05/31 9:08:03AM]

Soft Shoulder Top
Jill Gelston
 [05/31 9:07:59AM]

Fun & Flirty
Selinda Lye
 [05/31 9:07:55AM]

Tulip Off The shoulder Top
Leanne Hopkins
 [05/31 9:07:41AM]

Stripes and ruffles top or ruffles and stripes top
Kelly Chaulk
 [05/31 9:07:15AM]

Summer boyfriend stripes
Shannon Laderoute
 [05/31 9:07:06AM]

Free the shoulders too
Robyn hollohan
 [05/31 9:05:32AM]

Summer waves top
Erin Levesque
 [05/31 9:04:50AM]

Sweet Summer off the shoulder top
Susan Remmer
 [05/31 9:04:38AM]

Girl Crush Top
Pam Ralston
 [05/31 9:03:33AM]

Summer Lovin’
Courtney Hamilton
 [05/31 9:03:06AM]

Summer Bloom
Jody Brisebois
 [05/31 9:03:03AM]

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