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Lace Top
July 16, 2021

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Total of 406 Entries
Congratulations to Rana Thomas, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Lace You to the Top!

Lace is More
Heather Loewen
 [07/18 8:59:21AM] L, blush

Lady in Lace T
Tasha Burnside
 [07/18 8:47:48AM] XL Black

Ace of Lace
Leanne Gawley
 [07/18 8:22:49AM] XL Black

Work to Date Night Lacey V Tee : Classy but a little bit Sassy Lacey V Tee
Dana Hascher
 [07/18 7:57:29AM] Medium & Black

Lacey or Lacey Vee
Christine Irish
 [07/18 7:51:10AM] 2XL/3XL Black

For the love of the lace T
Amy Ryan
 [07/18 7:43:58AM] Medium black

Lace It Up Top
Lindsay Barnes
 [07/18 7:07:38AM] Black large

Everything’s Prettier With Lace Top
Simone Tuininga
 [07/18 6:46:53AM] Blush Small

Comfy Elegance T
 [07/18 6:35:45AM] XXL Black

The Ace of Lace
Diana Murray
 [07/18 6:08:17AM] 2x black

The Lacey Plunge
Jamie Smith-Wilson
 [07/18 5:12:29AM] Black Medium

Cozy In Lace
Jamie Smith-Wilson
 [07/18 5:09:54AM] Black Medium

Place the Lace
Dawn Fesik
 [07/18 2:07:16AM] XL black

Lacey Plunge Top
Amanda Lipinski
 [07/18 12:27:04AM] Black and large

Lacey Vee Tee; Pri-vee to Lace top; Lacey En-vee top
Candice Daniels
 [07/17 11:08:01PM] Medium black

Ladies love lace, lively in lace, light and lacy, life in lace, dress it up with lace,
Brittany Hunter
 [07/17 8:36:56PM] Medium pink

Loads of Lace
Jessica Clark
 [07/17 8:28:18PM] XL, pink

Love Me Lace
Tracey Dunlop
 [07/17 7:17:21PM] L black

Blush and lace
Chantal Malboeuf
 [07/17 6:45:05PM] black, xl

Live and Let’s Lace Tee, Lost in Lace Tee, Traces of lace Tee
Marni Bodnarchuk
 [07/17 6:09:23PM] Black XL

Sassy summer T
Erin McFarlane
 [07/17 5:54:13PM] Pink small

Lace for Days
Daylene Morton
 [07/17 5:44:38PM] Black, medium

Chantilly clad
Sarah Mason
 [07/17 5:06:26PM] Blush, large

Casually laced
Julie Hoar
 [07/17 5:02:13PM] Xl black

Lace top
Tanya Penney
 [07/17 5:01:43PM] Black size Medium

Lace is More
Sarah Mason
 [07/17 4:58:10PM] Blush, large

Vivacious sculpted Tee
Teresa Brown
 [07/17 4:49:28PM] Blush 2XL

Fanning the Lacey flames
Julie Rodger
 [07/17 3:38:34PM] Black 2x

Feeling edgy. Linen and lace. take V- Plunge.
JoAnne McLean
 [07/17 3:36:21PM] Black XL

Touch of Lace
Valery Knoop-Robinson
 [07/17 3:06:03PM] Small, Pink

Sexy Casual
Cindy Barkley
 [07/17 2:39:59PM] Large & Black

Lace You To It Top, Lace is More Top, Lacy V Top,
Liz Roy
 [07/17 2:34:56PM] Medium Blush

Lace Envy
Joanne Harris
 [07/17 2:02:02PM] L Blush

Small town romance tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [07/17 1:50:55PM] Medium black

La Femme Tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [07/17 1:46:50PM] Medium black

Lace me call you Sweetheart; And Lace too, Sweet Lace
Lee-Ann Tranmer
 [07/17 1:17:26PM] Black XL

Lacy in Love
Cindy Bennett
 [07/17 12:58:58PM] Pink XL

Neck lace tee, flirty and free, let there be lace, lady in lace
Shannon Paquette
 [07/17 12:52:15PM] Black XL

Grace and Lace Top
Sophie Lott
 [07/17 12:51:03PM] M Black

Garden party
 [07/17 12:47:37PM] Small black

Lacy Days Tee
Alison Govan
 [07/17 12:01:19PM] Black large

Lace in style
Jazmin Higgins
 [07/17 11:59:25AM] Blush XL

Classy is Lace
Melanie Molloy
 [07/17 11:32:02AM] Black medium

Sassy but classy
Brenda Goodnough
 [07/17 11:13:04AM] Blush large

Lucky in Lace, Lacey days ahead, love it and lace it
Lindsey Merrells
 [07/17 11:09:13AM] L Black

It's in the Details, Laced with Style, Looking Lovely in Lace
Heather Y
 [07/17 10:55:33AM] Black M

Flirting with lace
Sharon Machina
 [07/17 10:54:35AM] 3xl, black

Lace it Be
Michelle Morgado
 [07/17 10:45:38AM] L black

Grace in Lace
Amanda Toll
 [07/17 10:44:50AM] Black xs or s if no xs

Vivacious V-neck
Pamela Richards
 [07/17 10:36:25AM] 2XL

Saving Lace v-neck top
Melanie Rumley
 [07/17 10:36:12AM] S, black

Lovely Lacey
Tracy Marcotte
 [07/17 10:10:53AM] Large, blush

Flirty Lace Top
Brenda Gairrusso
 [07/17 10:08:13AM] Large. Blush

Lacy Can Handle It
Marnie Doucette
 [07/17 10:02:18AM] Black XL

Who needs a necklace
Paula Fulthorpe
 [07/17 9:56:01AM] 2XL black

Lace all day
Roxanne Muizelaar
 [07/17 9:48:18AM] Black, 2XL

Lacey whisper
Linda Giorgio
 [07/17 9:47:38AM] Small black

“Lace is Grace”
Linda Wilson
 [07/17 9:44:40AM] Black L

Susan Letowski
 [07/17 9:42:30AM] Medium black

Practical pretty
Denise Starling
 [07/17 9:37:22AM] large black

Lace Impressions
Tina Thomas
 [07/17 9:31:56AM] Black and small please

Lace me up
Alyson Cranshaw
 [07/17 9:29:05AM] Black XL

Lacey Days
Rebeka Taylor
 [07/17 9:22:22AM] Black, xl

Feeling fancy
Gloria Terhaar
 [07/17 9:21:38AM] Large, black

Sassy Lady
Heather Schimelfenig
 [07/17 9:18:39AM] Do black

Favourite T
Mary Coan
 [07/17 9:14:30AM] Black small

For the lace of it top
Patricia Merrick
 [07/17 9:02:56AM] Black, M

Racey in laey top
Jennifer Jones
 [07/17 8:59:26AM] Small blush

Living in lace
Desiree Stewart
 [07/17 8:54:51AM] 1X, black

Fake it till you lace it
Kara McIntosh
 [07/17 8:51:42AM] Large black

Let’s Get Lacey
Diana Merhi
 [07/17 8:42:54AM] XS Black

V-eautiful Top
Jill Stewart
 [07/17 8:39:59AM] Small Black

Ooh lalaaalace
Marie Danirl
 [07/17 8:35:08AM] Lg blush

Touch of Romance
Tina Stalker
 [07/17 8:25:23AM] Lg, either colour

Romantic Touch
Tina Stalker
 [07/17 8:24:43AM] Large either cour

va-va- voom
Rebecca Rea
 [07/17 8:15:34AM] black 2xl

Make It Lace
Debra Cox
 [07/17 8:15:21AM] XL Blush

Dress up or down
Marilyn Greening
 [07/17 8:08:43AM] Size small colour black

Lace Call It a Day Top
Karen Carvell
 [07/17 7:43:24AM] 2XL Black

Lace love
Stacey Rodel
 [07/17 7:40:44AM] Medium black

Fitt and Flatter Top
Tammy Psiurski
 [07/17 7:40:12AM] Black 3x

Lots of Lace and Grace Top
Karen Carvell
 [07/17 7:40:03AM] 2XL Black

The sassy classy essential
Amanda roca
 [07/17 7:37:29AM] Large in grey

Thw sassy classy essential
Amanda roca
 [07/17 7:36:29AM] Large in grey

Beautiful feeling top
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 7:30:45AM] Sm black

Lovely top
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 7:29:33AM] Sm black

Lace me all night long
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 7:27:44AM] Small black

Simply Elegant
Amanda Gould
 [07/17 7:23:37AM] XS blush

Lovely Lace
Somer Dingman
 [07/17 7:14:47AM] Medium black

Romance Me
Michelle Piggott
 [07/17 7:08:15AM] Black XL

The Thrill of the Frill
Samantha Sham
 [07/17 6:58:55AM] Black XL

Embrace the lace
Darlene Ellis
 [07/17 6:16:33AM] Black in Medium

Pretty in Lace
Kimberly Twyman
 [07/17 5:28:01AM] Blush XL

Looking lovely in lace
Michelle Horton
 [07/17 4:48:14AM] Medium, black

Sassy and Sexy!
Sandra Devost
 [07/17 4:09:28AM] L Black

Let there be Lace
Trina Selgensen
 [07/16 11:50:32PM] 1x black

Let there be Lace
Trina Selgensen
 [07/16 11:48:09PM] 1x black

Take the Plunge
Katherine Cowan
 [07/16 10:32:23PM] Size L colour Black

Fun and Fancy Free
Sherry Wentland
 [07/16 9:55:52PM] 2xl black

Venezia; Florentine; Milano; Berlin Nights
Katy Geh
 [07/16 9:46:21PM] XL, Black

Girlfriends night out top
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 9:44:56PM] Black 2x

Ponte Vecchio
Katy Geh
 [07/16 9:44:07PM] XL, Black

Game changer
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 9:43:45PM] Black 2x

Chantilly and Lace
Katy Geh
 [07/16 9:41:26PM] XL, Black

Love you forever top
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 9:36:49PM] Black 2x

Irresistible Lace, Ave of Lace, Wanna V Starting Something
Nina Perazzo
 [07/16 9:33:10PM] Black Medium

Trace of lace
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 9:27:48PM] Black 2x

Sexy in the city
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 9:26:47PM] Black 2x

Lacey Double V
Tara McDonald
 [07/16 9:24:02PM] 2xl Black

Love it or lace it tee
Bobbi Janzen
 [07/16 9:23:37PM] S/M

Better Lace then Never
Bobbi Janzen
 [07/16 9:20:42PM] M

Oh my gracious
Barb Mills
 [07/16 9:19:44PM] Xl Black

Flirty in lace tee
Vanessa Foster
 [07/16 9:16:59PM] Black XL

Flirty in lace top
Vanessa Foster
 [07/16 9:14:05PM] Black XL

You had me at hello
Barb Mills
 [07/16 9:13:48PM] Xl Black

Let There Be Lace
Heidi Sheard Kennedy
 [07/16 9:07:09PM] 2xl Black

Lace it Up
Michelle Antal
 [07/16 9:02:38PM] Medium/black

Back to Lace
Michelle Antal
 [07/16 8:59:18PM] Medium/black

Come A Little Closer top
Megan Staniforth
 [07/16 8:57:52PM] Black, M

Lady lace, lucky lace
Kerri Nielsen
 [07/16 8:55:58PM] Small blush

Lace of your dreams
Kerri Nielsen
 [07/16 8:51:01PM] Small blush

Laced and sassy
Andrea Marshall
 [07/16 8:29:39PM] Black lg

Sassy in lace
Andrea marshall
 [07/16 8:26:30PM] Black lg

Lace it up tee
Jennifer Demontigny
 [07/16 8:14:36PM] Black in large

All laced up, Date night lace, Lacey-T
Corie Weisgerber
 [07/16 7:55:35PM] 2xl black

Stephanie Neville
 [07/16 7:38:30PM] Large Pink

Stephanie Neville
 [07/16 7:37:11PM] Pink size Large

Lace is More Top
Trina Martin
 [07/16 6:45:17PM] Peach and Large

Lace’n grace
Bronwyn Vasilkioti
 [07/16 6:43:23PM] Black large

Lace me around tee
Pamela Cummings
 [07/16 6:21:55PM] 2xl black

Living the perfect life lace top
Erin Shantz
 [07/16 6:15:23PM] Small, blush

Touch of class
Shelley Dawn Penhale
 [07/16 6:02:29PM] 2xl black

Beautiful moment top
Jennifer smith
 [07/16 5:57:44PM] Black 2x

Lush n lacey
Cathie Pardy
 [07/16 5:53:10PM] Xl black

Class and sass
Jena Thue
 [07/16 5:49:01PM] Small and black

Lace out top
Addison kimberley
 [07/16 5:44:22PM] 3x black

Lacey Night Out
Alison Ingertsa Kimberley
 [07/16 5:43:14PM] Medium Black

Love n Lace
Nancy Baily
 [07/16 5:39:21PM] Large black

Lovely in Lace
Ashley McCall
 [07/16 5:37:59PM] Black 2XL

 [07/16 5:10:49PM] Black small

My V Lacey comfy top
Chantal Lindsay
 [07/16 5:09:40PM] Large black

Lace be a Lady
Kaeli Seward
 [07/16 5:07:12PM] Black medium

Megan Kohler
 [07/16 4:41:03PM] Black in Large

BeeYoutiful lace
Cindy wiebe
 [07/16 4:27:22PM] 2xl black

Lacing on the Edge Top
Mallory Emond
 [07/16 4:19:37PM] Large black

I’ll Lace You Back!
Lily Parrouty
 [07/16 3:58:20PM] L/Blush

Vivacious Vneck tee
 [07/16 3:43:06PM] Large, blush

Sexy lacy summer Top
Bernice Twomey
 [07/16 3:25:02PM] 2XL Blush

Blushing lace Tee
Laura Axford
 [07/16 3:23:01PM] Small black

Livin on Lace
Gina Hove
 [07/16 3:20:07PM] XL Black

First Lace
Christina Spadafora
 [07/16 3:08:59PM] M & Pink

Heart in the Right Lace Top
Jenn McCarl
 [07/16 3:06:29PM] L blush

Icing on the Cake
Jennifer McCarl
 [07/16 3:03:27PM] L blush

Classically Cute Top
Jenn McCarl
 [07/16 3:02:50PM] L blush

Ladylike Top, Ladylike Lace, Cherry on Top, Southern Belle, In the right lace top, All over the Lace Top, Pride of Lace Top, Your Lace or Mine Top
Jennifer McCarl
 [07/16 2:59:57PM] Grey L

Sweetness and Lace
Susan Boulanger
 [07/16 2:46:58PM] XL Black

Darling Lace, Lily & Lace, Miss V
Laura Love
 [07/16 2:40:47PM] 2x blush

Come Go with Me Top
Natasha MacKinnon
 [07/16 2:39:20PM] Black Small

Party in the back tshirt
 [07/16 2:16:23PM] xs pink

Double V Lacy T
Kelly Kornylo
 [07/16 2:14:11PM] Large blush

Lace Lace Baby
Amber MacEachern
 [07/16 2:13:17PM] Blush 2XL

Best Lace to Be Top
Stacey Ashurst
 [07/16 2:13:07PM] XL Black

It’s great to vee lace
Kelly Gallagher
 [07/16 2:02:50PM] Black xs

lace it up(top)
Heather MacKenzie
 [07/16 2:01:42PM] black, large

Flying V
Danielle Jackle
 [07/16 2:00:56PM] L black

Lace it or love it
Sandy Trentalance
 [07/16 1:55:50PM] XL black

Living on the Edge
Ana Kalanj
 [07/16 1:54:47PM] Black med/lg

 [07/16 1:54:10PM] Black 2xl

Peak a boo momma night out
Angela Dempsey
 [07/16 1:50:52PM] Black and XL

Free to be Me Top
Melissa McCracken
 [07/16 1:39:15PM] Medium Black

Enjoy the Moment Top
Melissa McCracken
 [07/16 1:38:12PM] M Black please

Lace mode tee
Tara Macaulay
 [07/16 1:37:05PM] Black medium

Art Déco-lletage
Rebecca Fortin
 [07/16 1:37:04PM] M Black

Lady of the Lace
Kristen Robson
 [07/16 1:35:47PM] XL pink

Hot mom summer tee
Jenna presley
 [07/16 1:33:38PM] XL blush

Love & Lace Tee; Time for Lace Tee; Gimme Lace Tee; Feel the Lace Tee;
Maxine Mathews
 [07/16 1:33:29PM] Black, Size Small

Beauty N' Lace tee
Jenna Presley
 [07/16 1:33:06PM] XL, blush

Double-oh-lace tee
Amanda grant
 [07/16 1:27:55PM] Black medium

Not your granny’s lace tee
Lene Rounis
 [07/16 1:23:12PM] 2xl blush

More or lace
Diana Mazzuca
 [07/16 1:20:42PM] Black xl

A Little Bit Naughty
Kate Martin
 [07/16 1:18:18PM] Large Black

Pretty in lace
Melisa Gordon
 [07/16 1:15:54PM] Black, medium

Lace to embrace
Courtney Streeter
 [07/16 1:12:17PM] Xl black

Embrace the Lace
Ana Kalanj
 [07/16 1:12:12PM] Black med/lg

All Laced Up to a V
Sheryl Kuiper
 [07/16 1:12:03PM] XL Black

Touched with Lace
Grace Young
 [07/16 1:10:20PM] Xs-sm black

Entwined in Lace
Margarita Camera
 [07/16 1:08:33PM] Medium Black

Lacy Outback plunge V
Michelle Turner
 [07/16 1:03:41PM] L Black

Lace Be Simple or Simply Lacey
Kelly Lizotte
 [07/16 1:02:06PM] S, black

Locke, Luce
Donalda Anderson
 [07/16 1:00:54PM] Black, M (but Im not sure of size)

Lace Me Pretty
Brooke Burke
 [07/16 1:00:02PM] Black xl

Ooo La-La Lace
Alexx Matthews
 [07/16 12:59:15PM] Medium & Black

Ooo La-La Lace
Alexx Matthews
 [07/16 12:57:18PM] Black Medium

Lacy Daze
 [07/16 12:57:14PM] Black 2X

V-Lace Date Night Tee, V-Lace Tee
Serena Bennett
 [07/16 12:56:42PM] 2XL black

Elegantly Chic , Chic & Classy T, fierce & feminine
Lauren Dool
 [07/16 12:54:59PM] Black - large if roomy, if fitted XL

Romantic Lacey V Tee
Serena Bennett
 [07/16 12:54:57PM] 2xl black

Double V Lace Top
Serena Bennett
 [07/16 12:53:28PM] 2xl black

Love Me Lace
Michelle Mayer
 [07/16 12:45:55PM] 2XL Black

Believe it Vee
Kim Freeman
 [07/16 12:44:33PM] Med Black

Lace Me Up
Alexandra Columb
 [07/16 12:39:42PM] XXL black

Lace to my heart tee
Tara Macaulay
 [07/16 12:32:09PM] Black medium

Lady in Lace Tee, Lavish Lace Tee, Lively in Lace, Lovable Lace Tee,
Jennifer Bien
 [07/16 12:30:46PM] XL blush

Romantic Lace Tee
Lori Campbell
 [07/16 12:29:08PM] XL, pink

Romantic Whisper Tee
Lori Campbell
 [07/16 12:28:11PM] XL, Black

Pretty in lace, lovely in lace
Laurisa Bonk
 [07/16 12:27:12PM] Black small

Racy and lacy tee
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [07/16 12:26:53PM] Blush XL

Datnight casual
Jazmin Higgins
 [07/16 12:26:12PM] Blush XL

Classic Peek-a-boo Tee
Meghan Boast
 [07/16 12:18:16PM] Black 2XL

Lace to my heart T
Amanda Madill
 [07/16 12:13:46PM] xs, blush

Lush in Lace top, Lace dreams top, Lace Love top, Lace kisses top
Sarah McDuff
 [07/16 12:13:22PM] Small blush

All about that lace
Stephanie Gilbert
 [07/16 12:12:51PM] XL black

All about that lace
Stephanie Gilbert
 [07/16 12:09:13PM] XL black

Looking Lovely in Lace, Lovely & Lacey, Lovely in Lace
Jackie Sanford
 [07/16 11:58:44AM] XL black

Peek-a-boo comfort top
Tara Mccord
 [07/16 11:58:32AM] XL Black

Cute and Classy Top
Stephanie Enright
 [07/16 11:56:42AM] Black M

Too hot to Lace
Samantha Federowich
 [07/16 11:50:45AM] Pink and med

All about the lace top, Lacey dreams
Natasha Mayes
 [07/16 11:50:24AM] Large black

Lacey Tee
Kimberly Miller
 [07/16 11:49:01AM] 2XL Black

Lacey Day
Jen Belsito
 [07/16 11:45:17AM] Grey M

It’s All About the Lace Top
Lisa Mann
 [07/16 11:44:25AM] Medium & Black

Just lacing around
Jen Belsito
 [07/16 11:44:00AM] Grey M

Bringing sexy back
Donna Gould
 [07/16 11:41:30AM] Black small

Flirty V
Chantalle Gauthier
 [07/16 11:39:47AM] Blush m

Lace You To The Edge
Chantalle Gauthier
 [07/16 11:38:43AM] Blush m

Lace with grace
Linda hunt
 [07/16 11:38:42AM] Large black

V’s the tee
Nicole Burchell
 [07/16 11:37:09AM] Black l

Sneak peek
Nicole Burchell
 [07/16 11:35:46AM] Black large

Veelicious top
Nicole Burchell
 [07/16 11:34:20AM] Black m

Lace Embrace
Karen Bodenheimer
 [07/16 11:33:43AM] Black, size large

Lacey Days of Summer top
Trisha Ciarlo
 [07/16 11:27:50AM] Medium black

Lace Is More
Nicole Conway
 [07/16 11:27:49AM] Black extra small

Ace the lace tee
Jen smith
 [07/16 11:25:06AM] L black

V the lace, keep it lacey Tee, double V lacey T
Sarah Hamilton
 [07/16 11:23:13AM] Black XL

Lace is for me, perfect lace, lace away, why not lace? Lace around town
Shontelle Benard
 [07/16 11:22:32AM] X large black

True romance
Ruthann knox-Lee
 [07/16 11:19:56AM] Black 2xL

Lacy Nights Tee
Jenna Carruthers
 [07/16 11:19:38AM] Small Black

Keep it simply lace
Heather Stanley
 [07/16 11:13:47AM] 2XL blush

Pretty Causal,
Danyell Ochocki
 [07/16 11:12:10AM] XL Black

Lace it or Love it
Lindsay Lefave
 [07/16 11:10:58AM] Large black

Feeling Pretty Lacy
Denise Cox
 [07/16 11:01:54AM] L Black

Loving Lace Top, Loving the Lace Top, Lacy Summer Nights Top
Rachael Code
 [07/16 11:00:10AM] XL Blush

Lace you later
Ashlie McBryan
 [07/16 10:51:25AM] Black Large

Sky is the Limit Lace Tee
Chereen Koza
 [07/16 10:46:57AM] Either colour. Size L

Lacey wonder land
Amanda Jakubowski
 [07/16 10:44:12AM] Large black

Chantilly Lace
Carla Bilyea
 [07/16 10:44:07AM] 2XL Black

Lacey winder land
Amanda Jakubowski
 [07/16 10:43:11AM] Large black

On The Fringe Tee
Nancy Wardell
 [07/16 10:42:14AM] Xl black

Lace Me Up
Heather Fowler
 [07/16 10:42:03AM] Size S, blush

Come on over
Shauna Brady
 [07/16 10:40:13AM] Medium blush

Double V Lacey T
Jeannette Kramer
 [07/16 10:40:01AM] Black/Large

Cute N' Lacy Tee
Mandi Karn
 [07/16 10:35:47AM] black XL

Lacy day T
Pamela Lookman
 [07/16 10:35:07AM] Small pink

Lace Dreams, Lacey Days Top, Chantilly Lace,
Angelee Mora
 [07/16 10:32:00AM] S

First p-lace
Candace Grady
 [07/16 10:30:55AM] Black . Xxl

Lace Love
Rachelle Douglas
 [07/16 10:27:28AM] XL Black

All About That Lace
Sarah Elsasser
 [07/16 10:25:13AM] Small black

Loads of lace
Sonja Vanderwood
 [07/16 10:21:23AM] Small black

Sweet yet Sassy
Tara Parker
 [07/16 10:18:42AM] M black

Love N Lace, Sweet N Lace, Sweet but Lacey,
Laura Stachera
 [07/16 10:14:50AM] Black Xlg

So Vintage T, Feelin Pretty Lacey
Debbie Partridge
 [07/16 10:10:40AM] Black XL

Intriguingly Intricate Top
Kristy Stebbings
 [07/16 10:06:51AM] XL Blush

Lace'n around tee
Tracey Crispin
 [07/16 10:01:02AM] Black - medium

Lace Is More / Lace Is More Tee
Val Catellier
 [07/16 9:59:41AM] XL black

I feel pretty
Diana Cant
 [07/16 9:53:18AM] Black Large

Lace It Up T
Ny Franklyn
 [07/16 9:49:11AM] Black XL

Lacy Drop Top
Ashlee Murray
 [07/16 9:43:53AM] 2X black

A Lace in the Sun Top
Bettina Allen
 [07/16 9:38:46AM] XL, Black

Date Night Top
 [07/16 9:37:31AM] Black, 2XL

Villainous Vixen
Sarah Wright
 [07/16 9:37:13AM] L-Black

Demure Dream
Sarah Wright
 [07/16 9:35:10AM] L-Black

Lacey Grace
Amanda Friesen
 [07/16 9:34:03AM] Black & 2XL

Lovely in Lace
Carolee Malley
 [07/16 9:33:00AM] Size xl in Blush

Little Bit of Lace Top
Becky Harnett
 [07/16 9:30:43AM] 2XL black

Make my heart lace
Elaine Keras
 [07/16 9:29:58AM] XL black

Lace Is Life Top
Emily Langman
 [07/16 9:29:30AM] XL, blush

A little bit lacey
Carla Cook
 [07/16 9:28:14AM] Xl black

So Soft, So Lacy Top
Emily Langman
 [07/16 9:24:56AM] XL, blush

Lace V Mine
Jeanette Mills
 [07/16 9:23:29AM] Black large

Lace You to the Top
Emily Langman
 [07/16 9:23:07AM] Xl, blush

Luscious Lace Top
Emily Langman
 [07/16 9:21:56AM] XL, blush

Go Anywhere Lace Top
Brooke Derksen
 [07/16 9:19:06AM] 2X Black

Butterfly Lace Top
Jessica Peever
 [07/16 9:17:19AM] M - blush

Lace with Grace, Chase the Lace
Brittany Cotter
 [07/16 9:15:54AM] 2xl - Black

Lace it up
Jennifer Price
 [07/16 9:15:47AM] Black medium

Romance the lace
Tracy MacAulay
 [07/16 9:15:26AM] Black XL

A woman's touch
Jennifer Price
 [07/16 9:14:52AM] Black medium

Lace go out
Candace Payne
 [07/16 9:14:30AM] XL black

Straight laced tee
Alyssa Quick
 [07/16 9:11:58AM] Grey, L

The One your Mama warned you about Top, Thank you, Next Top, Stiletto to the Heart Top, Laced with Poison Top, Killer Queen Top
Aubrey Price
 [07/16 9:10:14AM] Large blush

Pretty and lace
Melinda wood
 [07/16 9:09:29AM] Black large

Talk Lacey to me
Kaylee Moerman
 [07/16 9:09:16AM] Black 2XL

Embrace the Lace Top
Sarah Blondheim
 [07/16 9:07:54AM] Black Large

Lovely in lace
Natasha Lloyd
 [07/16 9:06:44AM] Large blush

Cover me in lace
Natasha Lloyd
 [07/16 9:06:18AM] Large Black

Laced to perfection
Angela Moore
 [07/16 9:06:15AM] Black Large

Lovin’ Lace to the V
Angela Moore
 [07/16 9:04:30AM] Black Large

Lace up, to dress up Tee
Hillary Campbell
 [07/16 9:01:44AM] Large & Black

Lovin’ Lace /Simple elegance
Angela Moore
 [07/16 9:00:46AM] Black Large

For the love of lace
 [07/16 8:58:47AM] Black medium

Lacing Around * Lace it on me *
Cassandra Massena
 [07/16 8:58:44AM] Medium Black

Lacy Days of Summer
Stella Madsen
 [07/16 8:58:19AM] Large Black

Lacy summer nights, falling for lacy, lace expectations
Kristin Frombach
 [07/16 8:53:35AM] Black large

Lace Talk Sexy Top
Julie Odia
 [07/16 8:52:58AM] Pink 2xl

Feelin’ Flirty
Angela Moore
 [07/16 8:52:44AM] Black L

Lush and Lacey top
Barb Dancey
 [07/16 8:52:42AM] Lge black

Lacey VT
Jeannette Kramer
 [07/16 8:52:32AM] Black/Large

Super fly Lacey V, Lively Lacework T,
Sarah Hattie
 [07/16 8:52:28AM] Large, pink

UpTown Lacey Top
Abbey Dakers
 [07/16 8:51:55AM] Black large

Lace it up
 [07/16 8:51:32AM] Small & black

Lace and Grace top/ have a little lace top
Nicole Gregg
 [07/16 8:50:36AM] Large blush

Simply elegant
Angela Moore
 [07/16 8:49:39AM] Black L

Would love to name it after my late neice. I love Lacey!
Clarice Chafe
 [07/16 8:48:50AM] L in black

Simple Elegance
Angela Moore
 [07/16 8:47:46AM] Black L

Loving in Lace
Tanya Stene-Connell
 [07/16 8:47:16AM] Blush, Xl

Lacy days
Erin Mills
 [07/16 8:47:11AM] Black L

Lacey Stylish Top
Tracey Bergerson
 [07/16 8:46:48AM] xlg purple/burgundy black grey camo

Déjà Vu top, Now and then Top, glory days top, social season top, my season top
Nicole Gregg
 [07/16 8:46:37AM] Large Blush

Lace in love,
Angela Moore
 [07/16 8:46:23AM] Black L

Lacy Days Top
Fiona Hetherington
 [07/16 8:45:35AM] Small black

Lace with grace,
Angela Moore
 [07/16 8:44:49AM] Black,

Lacy Sunday top
Fiona Hetherington
 [07/16 8:44:47AM] Small black

Feeling lacey
Rachael Bonato
 [07/16 8:44:41AM] Black XL

Feeling a little lacy
Michelle Bauer
 [07/16 8:43:41AM] Black xl

Lace you to it top / All you need is lace top/
Bianca Easter
 [07/16 8:43:04AM] Black S

Reverse the V tee
Debra Skelhorne
 [07/16 8:42:55AM] Medium black

Lace you to the top
Rana Thomas
 [07/16 8:42:35AM] Small blush

Fierce and Lacy Top
Tamara Kramer
 [07/16 8:42:32AM] Black/Small

Lacey Dreams
Tanya Stene-Connell
 [07/16 8:41:37AM] Blush, Xl

Lace in the Place Top
Zach Kramer
 [07/16 8:41:30AM] Black/Small

Sexy Sleek T
Dana Wright
 [07/16 8:40:52AM] Black XL

Feelin’ Fancy
Marina Paternoster
 [07/16 8:38:00AM] XL Black

Lace be friends
Erin Mills
 [07/16 8:37:30AM] Black L

Pretty in Lace / sophisticated lace / Lace over Me /
Lynne Burnham
 [07/16 8:37:00AM] Blush size large

Lace get together top
Melissa Cumming
 [07/16 8:36:26AM] L blush

Lace it Away
Marlee Huebner
 [07/16 8:36:22AM] Black XL

Lace me tender
Erin Mills
 [07/16 8:35:53AM] Black L

Lace to meet you
Erin Mills
 [07/16 8:35:28AM] Black L

Lace lined tee, Vee Romanced
Kimberly Dennis
 [07/16 8:35:23AM] Pink, large

Embrace the Lace, Lace Night Out, Simply Sweet Lace Top, Elegant but Fierce Top
Brayell Dengler
 [07/16 8:34:23AM] Medium, Black

Lace Dreams
Melissa Cumming
 [07/16 8:33:55AM] L black

Lace is More
Kate Rosenthal
 [07/16 8:33:16AM] Black, size medium

Beautifully unique with lace and V strong
Amanda Gillespie
 [07/16 8:33:03AM] Black small

feeling frilly
sharmelle best
 [07/16 8:32:32AM] black, medium

Double V Lacey top
Lisa Cleveland
 [07/16 8:31:56AM] XL black

Love in Lace Top
Mackenzi Costello
 [07/16 8:31:23AM] XL Black

Class is in Session
Kaija Riabov
 [07/16 8:31:20AM] M Black

All About the Lace Top
Shelly Pelley
 [07/16 8:30:59AM] Black Large

not looking back top
Candace Theberge
 [07/16 8:30:57AM] Large black

Double V Top
Kari Moyer
 [07/16 8:30:42AM] XL Black

Bringing Lacy Back
Amy Vanderlende
 [07/16 8:29:30AM] Black XL

Pretty in Lace
Paula Bass
 [07/16 8:29:21AM] Black 2xl

Lace to Meet You
Sharon Pugh
 [07/16 8:29:02AM] Medium & black

Fun and Flirty
Ellen Hansen
 [07/16 8:28:17AM] Medium / Blush

Peekaboo lace
Andrea Stewart
 [07/16 8:25:50AM] Black XL

Hint of Lace top, Kiss of Lace top, Laced with Love top
Angela Smiley
 [07/16 8:24:16AM] Black xl

Showered in Lace Top
Gina Caron
 [07/16 8:23:01AM] Medium in Black

Fanning the Flames
Julie Rodger
 [07/16 8:22:31AM] black 2xl

Love-Lace Top
Melissa Cumming
 [07/16 8:21:57AM] L black

Lace Your Summer Top
Teal Hallaby
 [07/16 8:21:36AM] Black Small

Lace have some fun
Melissa cumming
 [07/16 8:20:47AM] L black

Girls Just Wanna have fun tops
Kelly Strickland
 [07/16 8:20:25AM] Large in black ???

Bringing Sexy Back Top
Kassandra Girard
 [07/16 8:19:56AM] XS - Black

Scalloped Lace V-Neck
Diana Fournier
 [07/16 8:19:53AM] Large, Blush

Lacey In Love Top
Haley Boland
 [07/16 8:19:17AM] XL Black

Lace it down town
Krista Grenier
 [07/16 8:19:09AM] Black, XL

Laced To Perfection
Susan Ventimiglia
 [07/16 8:18:39AM] 2XL Black

Isn’t she beautiful top
 [07/16 8:18:13AM] Black 2xl

Lace to my heart
Sharmayne Colvin
 [07/16 8:18:09AM] Black XL

Let's V Friends Top
Tracy Fisher
 [07/16 8:17:02AM] Small - Blush

Lace It Up
Susan Ventimiglia
 [07/16 8:16:57AM] 2XL Black

Lace it up top
Stephanie coker
 [07/16 8:15:54AM] Xl black

Lace for Days, ‘V’ Mine
Jody Ergang
 [07/16 8:15:40AM] Blush, XL

Lace Event
Chelsea Black
 [07/16 8:14:43AM] Black XL

In it to win it
Christine Clements
 [07/16 8:14:35AM] Pink, medium

Lace Effects
Christiane lagace
 [07/16 8:13:55AM] M pink

Casual elegance top
Nicolle Parsons
 [07/16 8:13:47AM] Black, 2XL

Embrace Lace
Mélanie Leblanc
 [07/16 8:12:49AM] Black / small

Sophistication & Lace
Angela McLellan
 [07/16 8:11:52AM] Black M

Peep the lace
Valarie Alliet
 [07/16 8:11:48AM] Xl black

Amazing Lace
Angela McLellan
 [07/16 8:10:53AM] Black M

Double Trouble Lace Top
Monica Dion
 [07/16 8:10:06AM] Medium & black

Flowered in lace
Julie Hoar
 [07/16 8:09:28AM] Xl black

It's behind you
Carrie Coburn
 [07/16 8:09:24AM] M

Lacey Days
Cheryl Roddis
 [07/16 8:09:18AM] Black, M

Lace Oasis
Jennifer Fort
 [07/16 8:09:17AM] Medium blush

Sophisticated Summer top
Julie Hoar
 [07/16 8:08:58AM] Xl Black

Lace & Summer
Julie Hoar
 [07/16 8:08:20AM] Xl black

More than Basic Tee
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [07/16 8:08:08AM] Small black

Laced with Class
Kendra Olson
 [07/16 8:07:48AM] M Pink

Dainty in lace
Julie Hoar
 [07/16 8:07:20AM] Xl black

Pretty in lace
Paula Bass
 [07/16 8:06:58AM] 2xl black

sweet summer top, love & lace,
Veronica kish
 [07/16 8:06:30AM] Xs, any.

Lacey Days
Tesa Steinke
 [07/16 8:05:38AM] Black 2X

Loving on the outside
Shandea Patras
 [07/16 8:05:20AM] Large Blush

Framed in lace
Cheryl Roddis
 [07/16 8:04:59AM] Black, M

dentelle top
Josée Bazinet
 [07/16 8:04:44AM] Black large

Lace Up
Sherry Crewdson
 [07/16 8:04:42AM] L Black.

Love Lace Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/16 8:04:35AM] Black 2xl

V’s All That
Tesa Steinke
 [07/16 8:03:43AM] Black 2X

Very Lacey
Tasha Mark
 [07/16 8:03:29AM] Xl pink

Lacerback Around Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [07/16 8:03:15AM] Small black

Lovely in lace
Louise vukas
 [07/16 8:02:27AM] Xs blk

Very Lacey
Tasha Mark
 [07/16 8:02:17AM] XL Black

Fall From Lace
Tamara Morrison
 [07/16 8:01:47AM] 2XL black

Lacey Days ahead
Nicole Smith
 [07/16 8:01:24AM] Blush small

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