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Holiday Dresses
October 29, 2021

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Holiday Dresses

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by Sunday, October 31st at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 1008
Congratulations to Karla Svensson, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Party like it's 2019!"

 [11/03 5:20:19AM]

CHSuser or 3816=8647
 [11/03 5:17:45AM]

 [11/03 5:17:29AM]

 [11/03 5:17:14AM]

 [11/03 5:16:59AM]

 [11/03 5:16:43AM]

 [11/03 5:16:43AM]

 [11/03 5:16:28AM]

Champagne taste
Janet George
 [10/31 9:00:19AM]

Sparkle and party
Ellen Hansen
 [10/31 9:00:06AM]

A little Sparkle and shine
Janet George
 [10/31 8:59:37AM]

Finally time to shine
Susan Mitchell
 [10/31 8:57:48AM]

Glam Gals
Mavis Conrad
 [10/31 8:56:23AM]

Festive and Fancy
Kerri Deane
 [10/31 8:55:08AM]

Merry Glitzdress
Teresa Peterson
 [10/31 8:54:19AM]

Jingle Belles
Vanessa Shanks
 [10/31 8:53:15AM]

Time to sparkle!
Stephanie coker
 [10/31 8:50:59AM]

Bubbly and Bling!!
Jane Mulligan
 [10/31 8:46:50AM]

The Festive Four
Samantha Dagenais
 [10/31 8:40:07AM]

All the Bells are Ringing while Silver Icing’s Blinging!
Kalyn Koch
 [10/31 8:38:38AM]

Let’s Get Together and Be All Bright
Sandra Maris
 [10/31 8:37:36AM]

Dishing the Dirt in Style
Sharon Franco
 [10/31 8:36:32AM]

Glitz & Glam
Haileigh Henrickson
 [10/31 8:36:28AM]

Party time!
Deena Sutherland
 [10/31 8:32:33AM]

Cheers to us dress
Sarah Bernard
 [10/31 8:30:54AM]

Let's deck these halls
Courtney Guderyan
 [10/31 8:25:00AM]

Bring on the Glam!
Lana Smith
 [10/31 8:24:34AM]

I’m dreaming of a sparkly Christmas!
Michelle Breker
 [10/31 8:23:24AM]

It Feels so good to be doing this again!!
Sarah Durrant
 [10/31 8:23:16AM]

I know, right! We’re the hottest babes at the party!! ?
Cheri Mactier
 [10/31 8:20:00AM]

Nice dress! Where did you get it? Silver Icing. Oh, me too! Me three! And me as well! (Giggles from all)
Louise Sylvestre
 [10/31 8:17:13AM]

Rocking around the Christmas tree
Sorelle Tapanila
 [10/31 8:11:04AM]

Let's celebrate cheers time!
Natalie Shaw
 [10/31 8:07:24AM]

The Icing on the Cake
Treena Itterman
 [10/31 8:03:21AM]

When the guests outshine the christmas tree at the Silver Boutique party!
Kathy Heaman
 [10/31 7:13:31AM]

Glitter, Glam & Silver
Breanna Enderson
 [10/31 7:00:05AM]

Chic, Sleek & Silver
Breanna Enderson
 [10/31 6:59:43AM]

Glitter and Gold
Tammy Abernethy
 [10/31 6:55:23AM]

We need more holiday punch ladies
Tammy abernethy
 [10/31 6:53:50AM]

OMG there he is. Laugh like I just said something funny.
Trish Marple
 [10/31 6:51:34AM]

The magic of Christmas never ends, and it’s greatest gifts, are family and friends.
Roxane Nicholson
 [10/31 6:38:41AM]

Ornamental Sparkles
Lisa Quesnelle
 [10/31 6:35:05AM]

Stars of the Party
Lisa Quesnelle
 [10/31 6:34:10AM]

Festive Friends
Katie Hergott
 [10/31 6:13:57AM]

Celebrate! Be the "Icing" on the Cake
Lisa Hamilton
 [10/31 6:06:31AM]

Shimmer, spice, and everything nice
 [10/31 6:03:15AM]

Razzle Dazzle
Sarah Pinsent
 [10/31 5:56:15AM]

Joy, laughter and friendship ever after
Leslie Pascal
 [10/31 5:37:48AM]

Sparkle all the way
Jennifer blom
 [10/31 5:20:42AM]

Shimmer and Shine, it's time to dine
Vicky Quipp
 [10/31 5:19:12AM]

Sleigh In It
Debbie Miller
 [10/31 5:13:03AM]

Ladies that shop Silver Icing together, stay together!!
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [10/31 4:36:35AM]

Bling bling
Kimberly Michaud
 [10/31 3:31:07AM]

Blight lights on the town
Andrea Marshall
 [10/30 11:53:38PM]

Cherished moments last forever
Andrea Marshall
 [10/30 11:51:46PM]

Melt your heart out
Andrea Marshall
 [10/30 11:50:42PM]

Lift your spirits
Andrea Marshall
 [10/30 11:49:58PM]

Magical in these times
 [10/30 11:48:37PM]

Making memories
 [10/30 11:44:37PM]

Sparkle and Shine
Kerri McNulty
 [10/30 11:38:06PM]

Holdiay Glam!
Lesley Thomas
 [10/30 11:11:05PM]

Girls night out
Nelle Pedersen
 [10/30 11:10:40PM]

Silver Icing, Just in Time
Dianne Jackson
 [10/30 11:06:36PM]

Just In Time
Dianne Jackson
 [10/30 11:04:20PM]

Talk of the Town!
Kristi Edwards
 [10/30 11:02:19PM]

We fancy like silver icing on a date night
Monica Jones
 [10/30 11:01:35PM]

Festive Sparkle - Fashionable Icing this Holiday season
Laura Jaji
 [10/30 10:56:01PM]

Blissfully Beautiful
Carol Hargraves
 [10/30 10:55:09PM]

Jingle Mingle
April Coombs
 [10/30 10:27:44PM]

Shine, Wine, & a little lady time!
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [10/30 9:52:22PM]

A wonderful time to sparkle and shine
Stacey Walker
 [10/30 9:50:06PM]

The Glam squad
Jenny Perreault
 [10/30 9:49:04PM]

Tis the Season to Sparkle with Silver Icing
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [10/30 9:47:52PM]

Tis the season to sparkle
Jodi McKay
 [10/30 9:16:37PM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Kim fabick
 [10/30 9:09:47PM]

Shimmer, shine ,& Sparkle
Loralee Herter
 [10/30 9:07:41PM]

The Icing on the party
Loralee Herter
 [10/30 9:04:51PM]

All that Glitters
Loralee Herter
 [10/30 9:03:14PM]

Shine Together Again
Laura Dickie
 [10/30 9:02:19PM]

Glitter & Glory!
Lyndsey Zepp
 [10/30 9:00:08PM]

We work for the BEST company!
Colleen Winter
 [10/30 8:49:55PM]

(This holiday season . . . ) Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!
Kathleen Fraser
 [10/30 8:47:10PM]

Silver Belles
Chelsea Taylor
 [10/30 8:40:48PM]

Silver Belles
Laura wentzell
 [10/30 8:34:13PM]

Holiday Dresses - The answer is Silver Icing!
Serena Bennett
 [10/30 8:12:48PM]

Tis the Season to Silver Icing
Serena Bennett
 [10/30 8:11:41PM]

Cheers to Silver Icing...
Serena Bennett
 [10/30 8:11:09PM]

Oh Karen, your too funny!
Darcie Hiebert
 [10/30 8:03:04PM]

Gurrl! You look amazing in that dress! I know right! I got an amazing deal on it ??
Cindy Warfield
 [10/30 7:58:02PM]

Sparkling Beauties
Kim Watt
 [10/30 7:42:57PM]

Celebrating BABES Supporting BABES!!! Cheers To Us All!!!
Kym Readman
 [10/30 7:39:21PM]

This champagne is Great but these Dresses make me feel so Bubbly
Marsha Foster
 [10/30 7:38:35PM]

Glitz, glam and a whole lotta fun!
Jennifer gibson
 [10/30 7:33:01PM]

Put the “Silver Icing” on the cake this season with these gorgeous holiday dresses!!
Jennifer Bryden
 [10/30 7:11:12PM]

“So I said, honey, does this dress make me look fat? And of course he knew not to say yes, and that’s how I got him to buy me this dress!”
Kayla Capogna
 [10/30 7:08:09PM]

Oh What Fun
Pamela Preibisch
 [10/30 6:58:33PM]

Embrace and Evening of Elegance
Margo Kindree
 [10/30 6:54:28PM]

Boss Babes Christmas Party
Cynthia Belfitt
 [10/30 6:54:03PM]

Sparkle in the friendship, delight in the moments
Natasha Hubley
 [10/30 6:53:14PM]

Holiday Sparkle & Cheer
Tara Marshall
 [10/30 6:53:02PM]

All Decked out!
Pamela Preibisch
 [10/30 6:51:06PM]

Tis the season to sparkle
Tracy Schmidt
 [10/30 6:43:01PM]

Glamour Girls
Natalie Goudreau
 [10/30 6:37:34PM]

Glitteratzzi Group
Natalie Goudreau
 [10/30 6:36:49PM]

Hot In the City
Christine O’Brien
 [10/30 6:35:27PM]

And the he said, "should we bring the KIDS to this party?!"
Gillian Martin
 [10/30 6:35:07PM]

Nothing better than getting dressed up with friends and a night out
Doris job
 [10/30 6:32:11PM]

“A-List looks without the A-List price tag”
Kathryn Sheridan
 [10/30 6:29:07PM]

“A-List looks without the A-List price tag”
Kathryn Sheridan
 [10/30 6:27:00PM]

New Years 2022, Looking fine but with no where to go!
Melissa Price
 [10/30 6:20:18PM]

Holiday hotties
Elyse connors
 [10/30 6:13:33PM]

Holiday Sparkles
Julie McGowan
 [10/30 6:11:42PM]

Tis the sexy season
Dana Bellagamba
 [10/30 6:10:45PM]

Getting back to that sparkle!
Michelle McGee
 [10/30 6:02:11PM]

Stunning elegance!
Linda Plant
 [10/30 5:28:04PM]

Shine, wine and holiday girl time!
Corinne Hearle
 [10/30 5:26:33PM]

Wine, smiles, a tree and oh my ithis dress has pockets!!
Janice Benner
 [10/30 5:20:36PM]

Cheers to a new year
Janice Benner
 [10/30 5:19:21PM]

Life is better when you are laughing
Jena Skappak
 [10/30 5:19:15PM]

Dressed up for a night on the town
Janice Benner
 [10/30 5:17:32PM]

Dressed with Cheer
Lydia Dixon
 [10/30 5:16:09PM]

Allana mullally
 [10/30 5:11:18PM]

Cheers to many more years of Friendship
Samantha Alexandra
 [10/30 4:59:35PM]

Shine Bright Like A Diamond
Samantha Alexandra
 [10/30 4:57:05PM]

Sparkle and Shine!
Samantha Alexandra
 [10/30 4:53:48PM]

You know what they say...”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
Samantha S
 [10/30 4:52:15PM]

Ooh la la, Fa, la, la
Diana Juse
 [10/30 4:35:27PM]

Precious moments
Cindy Carter
 [10/30 4:32:52PM]

"Anyone else whose tree isn't the only thing getting 'Lit' this Christmas!" ... I'll drink to that
Susan Foley
 [10/30 4:12:22PM]

A toast to friendship, holiday memories and glamorous dresses <3
Mary Thomson
 [10/30 3:43:58PM]

‘Silver’ belles! It’s Christmas time in the city!?
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [10/30 3:42:00PM]

Be Dazzled
Kristin Simms
 [10/30 3:37:42PM]

Kristin Simms
 [10/30 3:36:53PM]

Kristin Simms
 [10/30 3:35:59PM]

Holiday Girls night
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [10/30 2:32:12PM]

Spritz & Glitz
Vyctoria barling
 [10/30 2:31:41PM]

Bring on 2022
Sarah Budd
 [10/30 2:28:47PM]

Holiday Cheer
Sarah Budd
 [10/30 2:28:07PM]

Take me out! Anywhere!
Kathy Donaldson
 [10/30 2:05:42PM]

Glitz, glamour and gowns
Pamela Cummings
 [10/30 1:57:54PM]

Cheers to an amazing year ladies!
Brandy Bayley
 [10/30 1:46:48PM]

Cocktails, conversations and quality time!
Lisa Price
 [10/30 1:38:06PM]

Lisa Price
 [10/30 1:36:42PM]

Lisa Price
 [10/30 1:36:09PM]

Holiday sparkle
Sarah Khoury
 [10/30 1:34:16PM]

‘Tis the season to be stylish
Laura Cooke
 [10/30 1:31:21PM]

Holidays are more fun in silver icing!
Gina Bergman
 [10/30 1:30:42PM]

Sparkle & Shine
Tammy Anderson
 [10/30 1:29:40PM]

Sip and Sparkle with my girls!
Tiffaney Gamble
 [10/30 1:29:09PM]

Elegance Necessities
Laura Silvers
 [10/30 1:24:22PM]

I told my Hubby I am going to only have one drink and be home before 10pm! Hahaha!
Brandie Lovrencic
 [10/30 1:22:18PM]

Glamour Times!
Brenda Hopper
 [10/30 1:11:26PM]

Holidays are better when you're laughing together.
Cynthia Gray
 [10/30 12:57:00PM]

Happy Holidays
Kendra Flint
 [10/30 12:56:31PM]

Cheers and Cheer
Janet Therrien
 [10/30 12:53:42PM]

Welcome back Glitz and Glam and living it up with friends again!!!
Lori Martin
 [10/30 12:50:20PM]

Don’t let anything dull your Sparkle this year!
Marlene Amato
 [10/30 12:47:55PM]

Together at last!
Graziella Altamirano
 [10/30 12:44:18PM]

And then Santa said that I was good this year!
Sheila Lalonde
 [10/30 12:37:30PM]

Girls' Nighy Out!
Tricia Wood
 [10/30 12:24:12PM]

Friends sharing their sparkle.
Sharon Kusiar
 [10/30 12:19:25PM]

That's the funniest gift ever to give the hubby!
Heather-Rose Locken
 [10/30 12:17:38PM]

Holiday Happiness with Friends
Nikki DeWolfe
 [10/30 11:57:53AM]

Ignite the sparkle again this year
Sherry Moreland
 [10/30 11:57:14AM]

Smiles and sparkles
Sherry Moreland
 [10/30 11:56:48AM]

Laughter lights up the season
Sherry Moreland
 [10/30 11:56:32AM]

The year to mingle
Sherry Moreland
 [10/30 11:56:13AM]

It’s time to Shimmer!!
Andrea Bell-Perreault
 [10/30 11:51:51AM]

And it has pockets
Eliza Davies
 [10/30 11:41:51AM]

Sparkle me tonight
Jennifer owen
 [10/30 11:39:07AM]

Just wanna have fun, girls night out, party time, Christmas fun!
Christine Wilkinson
 [10/30 11:38:30AM]

Holiday glam
Marie-Pier Provencal Leclerc
 [10/30 11:30:04AM]

Cheers to our hot SI rep
Tammy Comtois
 [10/30 11:19:52AM]

Masks Off, Party On!
Rosanna Fiorino
 [10/30 11:17:54AM]

'Tis The Season For A Shopping Reason
Jennifer Calvelli
 [10/30 11:13:11AM]

Sparkles, Bubbles, Laughter
Sylvia Szeles
 [10/30 11:12:17AM]

Silvericing, shimmering, laughter with friends
Monica Mikolas
 [10/30 11:09:04AM]

“So then I said- ‘this outfit IS a gift for both of us honey!’”
Laura Eilers
 [10/30 11:06:21AM]

Dazzling Delights!
Chandra Madsen
 [10/30 11:04:28AM]

Oh friends, we finally can get together! Check out my new dress!
Sham Dhanji
 [10/30 11:00:06AM]

And I said, "Nobody ever expected the Spanish inquisition."
Amy Markin
 [10/30 10:58:46AM]

Twinkle Little Star Dress
Jennifer Charlton
 [10/30 10:48:05AM]

Toastin & Roastin
Amy Obirek Blatz
 [10/30 10:47:34AM]

Shine Together Again
Amy Forrest
 [10/30 10:42:18AM]

Deck the Halls with Glitz and Glam this Holiday Season!
Brooke Askew
 [10/30 10:40:30AM]

Shimmer and spice (and everything nice)
Amber Letourneau
 [10/30 10:38:54AM]

Wish you were here
Diane Hayes
 [10/30 10:37:38AM]

Add a little sparkle to your night, while enjoying Silver Icing.
Ashley Warkentin
 [10/30 10:32:30AM]

Beautiful people, beautiful dresses, beautiful times.
Ashley Warkentin
 [10/30 10:28:40AM]

Dress up for the season
Kristin Mackenzie
 [10/30 10:17:10AM]

“Chum”mies! ?
Lori Tompkins
 [10/30 10:09:58AM]

Midnight toasts
Brianna Reilly
 [10/30 10:08:17AM]

This is what it looks like when you deck the halls with Silver Icing! ?
Amanda Greenfield
 [10/30 10:02:09AM]

Finally a “Silver Lining” to celebrate!!
Julie-Anne Stangroom
 [10/30 9:50:28AM]

Deck the halls with Silver Icing
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [10/30 9:50:12AM]

Girls’ glitz and glam
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [10/30 9:49:37AM]

Finally a “Silver Lining” to celebrate!!
Julie-Anne Stangroom
 [10/30 9:49:34AM]

Friends that shop Silver Icing together, stay together!
Sangeeta Suri-Vevaina
 [10/30 9:48:01AM]

Festive Friends
Lisa Steenberg
 [10/30 9:42:27AM]

Girls night in!
Jenn Wilson
 [10/30 9:42:16AM]

Slaying in Silver Icing
Angela Mitres
 [10/30 9:38:35AM]

Sparkle Under the Christmas Tree ?
Linda Wilson
 [10/30 9:35:53AM]

Christmas Sparkles! Look out Santa!
Sarah Daley
 [10/30 9:31:09AM]

Time for Fizztivities!
Janine Lindemulder
 [10/30 9:30:04AM]

Champagne & Lace
Trac Wainright
 [10/30 9:19:37AM]

A December to Remember
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:18:06AM]

A dress to impress
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:17:31AM]

Hot Tottie by the tree
Alexis Shelly Hommy
 [10/30 9:17:24AM]

Blow them away this holiday
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:16:26AM]

Seasons babe meetings
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:14:58AM]

Oh my God we're back together again!
Valerie Deranja
 [10/30 9:14:26AM]

We've got you covered this season
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:11:37AM]

You don't need a reason this season
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:10:23AM]

"and then I told him I'd be home by 9!"
Staci Murray
 [10/30 9:09:48AM]

Spangle Chic
Alina Adjemian
 [10/30 9:09:31AM]

Shining through the holidays with my silver icing!
Josee Robert
 [10/30 9:09:09AM]

Silver Glam
Wendy Hanaka
 [10/30 9:06:50AM]

Twinkle Twinkle You're a Star
Maureen Iles
 [10/30 9:06:22AM]

 [10/30 9:06:13AM]

Shimmer, Glitter and Glam; Christmas is here - ohhh daaayumm!
Renee H
 [10/30 9:05:05AM]

SLAY bells ring
Lana de Bastiani
 [10/30 9:03:29AM]

Time to Sparkle & Cheer!
Lara Aydein
 [10/30 8:52:10AM]

“Sip, party in style with Silver icing classics”
Jackie Neilson
 [10/30 8:51:53AM]

Deck the halls with Silver Icing!!
Brooke Ziebarth
 [10/30 8:48:32AM]

The joy of the holiday season SI upon us!
Janique Grimard
 [10/30 8:48:20AM]

Who needs a Christmas party when you have your girls!!
Allison De Luca
 [10/30 8:44:32AM]

The Glam pack
Veronique Turcotte
 [10/30 8:43:06AM]

Love the look ,love the colors
Suzanne Arcand
 [10/30 8:42:42AM]

Joy to Glitter and Cheer
Patricia Kirk
 [10/30 8:39:28AM]

Sparkle and Cheer
Pauline McKone
 [10/30 8:37:23AM]

Sparkle and Shine
Lori Stefanishion
 [10/30 8:32:07AM]

Champagne and Friends
Chrystelle Clément-Karakach
 [10/30 8:30:11AM]

Cheers to the Season!
Kerri Deane
 [10/30 8:28:57AM]

Look amazing with amazing people
Cammi DeLuca
 [10/30 8:28:20AM]

Denyse Ramjit
 [10/30 8:26:25AM]

Champagne Sparkles
Carissa Hermary
 [10/30 8:26:19AM]

We’re looking nice, bring the vibes
Danielle Griffiths-Chin
 [10/30 8:21:47AM]

Mary Ellen Stinson
 [10/30 8:21:40AM]

Christmas Love
Karen Fehr
 [10/30 8:20:38AM]

Getting Iced!
Lyne Grimes
 [10/30 8:19:59AM]

Glitter and Glam around the tree with friends and fam
Cheri-Lee Smith
 [10/30 8:18:07AM]

Putting on the Ritz
Mavis Conrad
 [10/30 8:16:37AM]

Sleighing it
Kristina Van Egmond
 [10/30 8:15:58AM]

Silver icing sparkle and shine
Lindsay Chartier
 [10/30 8:15:57AM]

Glam Squad
Mavis Conrad
 [10/30 8:15:23AM]

Festive & Classy
Amber MacEachern
 [10/30 8:15:16AM]

The glitterati
Jaime Guthrie
 [10/30 8:14:07AM]

Shine Brighter
 [10/30 8:13:32AM]

I see you sparklin!
Lindsay Chartier
 [10/30 8:13:25AM]

Merry Dressmas to all
Sue Balbar
 [10/30 8:13:19AM]

Bring out the Sparkle in each other
Kim Smith
 [10/30 8:13:01AM]

Silver Icing Sparking Elegance
Kim MacLennan
 [10/30 8:12:59AM]

Silver & Glitz
Lori Friedrichs
 [10/30 8:12:48AM]

Cheers to Sisterhood
Kim Smith
 [10/30 8:12:24AM]

Sisterhood Sparkles
Kim Smith
 [10/30 8:12:05AM]

Cheer time
Jaime Guthrie
 [10/30 8:11:45AM]

Holiday glitter
Jaime Guthrie
 [10/30 8:10:44AM]

Sparkle and Style
Kim Stirling
 [10/30 8:09:57AM]

It's the most SPARKLE time of the year!
Kelly Lonh
 [10/30 8:05:34AM]

And then my husband asked me "well who do you think runs the world?" ....... Silver Icing My Darling..... ha ha ha ha ha
Erin Green
 [10/30 8:04:33AM]

Adding some sparkle to our Silver Icing
Tina Cimaglia
 [10/30 8:04:28AM]

Holiday sparkle a la Silver Icing
Tina Cimaglia
 [10/30 8:03:52AM]

Style that brings us together
Tina Cimaglia
 [10/30 8:02:55AM]

We all bought our dresses from silver icing
Rhobinn Hartwell
 [10/30 7:57:24AM]

Sparkle and shine this holiday time
Erica Cooke
 [10/30 7:51:50AM]

Who needs men when with have drinks in our hands and friends by our sides
Allison Shunamon
 [10/30 7:49:29AM]

No Such Thing As Too Much Sparkle
Kaycee Hecht
 [10/30 7:43:35AM]

Everything shiny and nice!
Lana Keirstead
 [10/30 7:43:32AM]

I already got lit before I got here!
Patricia Merrick
 [10/30 7:42:04AM]

Feeling festive and fabulous
Teri Pound
 [10/30 7:32:17AM]

Slaying in Silver!
Kassandra Girard
 [10/30 7:30:22AM]

Twinkle all the way!
Heather Stanley
 [10/30 7:26:23AM]

Festive Beauties Collection
Linda Marion
 [10/30 7:24:15AM]

Celebrate in style this holiday season!
Anita Lee
 [10/30 7:24:12AM]

Time to Sparkle
Deanne Hunter
 [10/30 7:16:04AM]

always classy,never trashy with a bit of sassy!!!
ashley robson
 [10/30 7:15:06AM]

he just messaged me and said the kids are driving him crazy. Lol
 [10/30 7:01:44AM]

" and then my husband asked me .....when did you get that ? And I said " oh that old thing, I've had it"
Nikki Hartley
 [10/30 7:01:18AM]

Holiday Smashin Dresses
Kim McIntyre
 [10/30 6:52:47AM]

Laughter is good for the soul
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:50:47AM]

Did you hear that Santa brings Silver Icing? Get it on your list!
Denise Hextall
 [10/30 6:47:57AM]

Bling bling shimmer and shine
 [10/30 6:47:37AM]

Get your shine on this holiday season with Silver Icing!
Thea Carlson
 [10/30 6:47:33AM]

Dress for the holidays!
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:46:10AM]

"I don't need alot for Christmas, my stocking holds a Silver Icing gift certificate perfectly!"
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:45:19AM]

Shimmer through the holidays!
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:44:59AM]

Surround yourself with positive people..... who also happen to dress amazing!!
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:43:47AM]

Soul Food
Stacey Flint
 [10/30 6:42:50AM]

Jump into the holiday spirit with Silver Icing.
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:41:37AM]

New year, New dress, New you
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:40:29AM]

Good thing we have the same stylist, we could've came to the party in the same outfit.
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:39:44AM]

Shine bright like a diamond
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:38:30AM]

Beautiful bright Christmas night
Laura woollam
 [10/30 6:36:08AM]

Cheers to a Silver Icing Christmas!!
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:35:13AM]

Merry and bright
Tonya Diamond
 [10/30 6:34:07AM]

Show a Little Leg Holiday Dressing
Jocelyn Olson
 [10/30 6:32:57AM]

Silver Icing Christmas Cheer.
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:31:57AM]

The beauties of Silver Icing
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:30:47AM]

Ain't no party like a Silver Icing Party!!!
Shelly Kupschus
 [10/30 6:30:07AM]

Making Spirits Bright
Debbie Pollard
 [10/30 6:29:23AM]

You said that? Yes! And Look at us now. The Fab Four Silver Icing models!
Liz Strong
 [10/30 6:16:49AM]

“So then I said- This outfit IS a gift for both of us, Honey!”
Laura Eilers
 [10/30 6:14:32AM]

If they only knew our SI secret!
Donna Humber
 [10/30 6:10:36AM]

All glitz and glam
 [10/30 6:06:55AM]

All Glitz and Glam
Gloria Catherall
 [10/30 6:05:22AM]

Did you hear about the time I missed a presale? Said no one ever!
Lyanne Campbell
 [10/30 5:57:27AM]

Seize The Moment
Nikki McKenzie
 [10/30 5:56:43AM]

You look fabulous!
Sandy Richardson
 [10/30 5:51:57AM]

Icing on the cake!
Kim Smail
 [10/30 5:50:22AM]

Vanessa Marrs
 [10/30 5:50:13AM]

Dress to impress for the holidays
Lori O’Connor
 [10/30 5:42:14AM]

Dressing for fun
Angela McIntyre
 [10/30 5:39:52AM]

Let’s go all out this year!
Shannon ridding
 [10/30 5:26:48AM]

Everyday is a celebration when you work with such great women
Deanne Jancar
 [10/30 5:23:05AM]

Omg, Karen did not say that girl!
Jodie Johnson
 [10/30 5:20:30AM]

Silver Christmas
Brittany Jossa
 [10/30 5:17:13AM]

Pure Bliss!
Marilyn Benoit
 [10/30 4:49:55AM]

Together Again
Patricia Noga
 [10/30 4:36:44AM]

Girls Night In
Faye hobbs
 [10/30 4:34:54AM]

Fabulous Festive Four
Stephanie Neville
 [10/30 4:34:04AM]

Ice & Play Nice
Stephanie Neville
 [10/30 4:32:46AM]

Merry and …..GORGEOUS!
Orianna Graham Evans
 [10/30 4:32:10AM]

Ice Queens
Stephanie Neville
 [10/30 4:31:59AM]

Holiday spirit and style
Karla Ryan
 [10/30 4:30:16AM]

Time to shine
Kelly Sage
 [10/30 4:25:49AM]

Cheers to a New Year!
Sarah Blumsom
 [10/30 4:17:47AM]

Cheers to a New Year!
Sarah Blumsom
 [10/30 4:16:27AM]

All dolled up
 [10/30 4:15:12AM]

Little bit of glam
Karen Smith
 [10/30 4:14:43AM]

Tis the season to be sexy…
Dana Hendry
 [10/30 4:06:34AM]

Holidays filled with Friendship, Laughter and Glitter
Kristy Stebbings
 [10/30 1:32:11AM]

A little Christmas sparkle
Alison Valcamp
 [10/29 11:15:09PM]

Life of the party
Jennifer Saville
 [10/29 11:09:49PM]

Let’s get this party started
Mary Devitt
 [10/29 11:05:51PM]

Friends, Wine, Matte or Shine!
Robyn Grant
 [10/29 10:59:55PM]

Shine on!
Ronaleen Carlson
 [10/29 10:21:50PM]

Imagine us 90 years old, still friends, still loving Silver Icing fashions, looking and feeling youthful and amazing!
Jannette Riedel
 [10/29 10:15:12PM]

Sprinkled With Icing.....silver icing
Gwenda Sibley
 [10/29 10:13:33PM]

Glitz & Glam,
Jessica Leone
 [10/29 10:10:51PM]

Nothing gonna stop you!
Jessica leone
 [10/29 10:09:58PM]

Places to go, people to see
Jessica Leone
 [10/29 10:09:22PM]

Silver Belles!
Elizabeth Petrie
 [10/29 10:08:28PM]

No masks or Social distancing... just in time to show off our fabulous silver icing apparel
Vickie Beckett
 [10/29 10:08:00PM]

Silver Icing: All about the glitz and DAYUM ?
Amanda Bulger
 [10/29 10:01:51PM]

Glamour and Shine
Jana M
 [10/29 9:38:22PM]

Glitter and glam girls, OR all is merry and bright
Carolyn kenney
 [10/29 9:32:31PM]

Season’s Best
Jeanne Mitchell
 [10/29 9:30:40PM]

Sip and sparkle
Carly Taylor
 [10/29 9:30:36PM]

These are the moments we’ve missed and cherish.
Alicia de Jager
 [10/29 9:10:43PM]

Girlz Just Want to have fun!
Debra skelhorne
 [10/29 9:09:06PM]

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing for all to hear!
Shawna Comey
 [10/29 9:04:12PM]

All spruced up?
Breanna Ryan
 [10/29 9:03:25PM]

Shining Good Time
Heather Fowler
 [10/29 9:01:05PM]

And then I told him…I’m just going to have one glass of wine. ?
Katherine Hay
 [10/29 8:52:13PM]

Sip, sparkle and shine
Pamela Cummings
 [10/29 8:43:31PM]

Icing Gotta Haves for the Holidays!
sueann fietkau
 [10/29 8:36:36PM]

Whoever said money cannot buy happiness, hasnt tried online shopping with Silver Icing
Lacey Frazer
 [10/29 8:36:05PM]

...and guess what ladies? They thought I was joking!!
Amy Sinclair
 [10/29 8:28:35PM]

Putting on the glitz!
Amanda Eberhardt
 [10/29 8:28:10PM]

All that glitters, is gold
Amanda Eberhardt
 [10/29 8:27:29PM]

Holiday Cheers to being Enticing, in Our Silver Icing
Korinne Horlick
 [10/29 8:26:19PM]

Ocassions worth celebrating
Shantel Hrytsak
 [10/29 8:25:47PM]

"Where did you get your dress?" , "Really? You're cut off!"
Kim Shields
 [10/29 8:25:07PM]

Share what matters the most this holiday season, love and fashion!
Julie Piechotta
 [10/29 8:24:20PM]

Fun & Festive
Patricia Boguski
 [10/29 8:24:00PM]

Merry and bright, inside and out.
Erika Just
 [10/29 8:22:30PM]

Ladies Night Out... Finally!
Miriam Hoolahan
 [10/29 8:18:42PM]

Loving Life and the SI choice
Alicia fisher
 [10/29 8:09:19PM]

Merry & Bright
Melanie Bellows
 [10/29 8:09:16PM]

Silver Icing Sparkle & Style
Susan Schmidt
 [10/29 8:08:35PM]

Blitz, Glitz & Glamour!
sara doolittle
 [10/29 8:08:10PM]

Bling is on ladies … Bring on the men !!
 [10/29 8:06:27PM]

I don’t care if it’s Christmas or Tuesday - I’m just happy to wear something other than sweatpants!
Jamie Whitteker
 [10/29 8:00:57PM]

Holiday Shimmer & Shine
 [10/29 7:59:01PM]

'Tis the season to sparkle!
Crystal Vandermeulen
 [10/29 7:58:49PM]

Shine Bright
 [10/29 7:58:23PM]

Shimmer & Shine **
Cassidy Kelliher
 [10/29 7:57:53PM]

Live, Laugh, Love
Sherri Kohle
 [10/29 7:49:57PM]

Slivericing makes you feel naughty and nice
Liz Carballo
 [10/29 7:47:12PM]

Jingle and mingle all the way!
Shauna Swanson
 [10/29 7:47:07PM]

From head to feet, SI for the treat
Alicia fisher
 [10/29 7:45:06PM]

All that glitters is gold
Amanda Eberhardt
 [10/29 7:34:33PM]

Deck the halls with belles of glamour
Tamara Zaretski
 [10/29 7:33:47PM]

“Silver Belles”
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [10/29 7:32:21PM]

Tis the season for Glitz and Glamour
Laura Moore
 [10/29 7:25:46PM]

Merry & Bright Girls Night Out!
Sarah Burton
 [10/29 7:24:07PM]

Tis the season for Glitz and Glamour
Laura Moore
 [10/29 7:22:03PM]

Glitz and Glamour
Laura Moore
 [10/29 7:19:18PM]

Let’s toast the season in Silver Icing!
Amber Stevens
 [10/29 7:18:40PM]

Shimmer and shine, time for some wine
Jeanine morin
 [10/29 7:18:23PM]

Tis’ the season to jingle & mingle in Silver Icing! , Tis’ the season to jingle & wear your best dress from Silver Icing!
Amber Stevens
 [10/29 7:16:49PM]

Add a little Sparkle and joy to your holiday season
Ann Marie Saunders
 [10/29 7:16:23PM]

Shining beauties inside and out!
Sabrina Stephen
 [10/29 7:15:54PM]

Smiles, sequins, and sparkles
Jeanine morin
 [10/29 7:15:39PM]

Silver Icing Out, All Iced Out In Silver Icing, Deck the Silver Icing, Happy, Merry & Silver Icing
Daniela R
 [10/29 7:14:25PM]

Having fun and looking fabulous!
Ann Marie Saunders
 [10/29 7:13:59PM]

All Dressed up! Where should we go? Wherever it is will be great because we are in this together!
Sabrina Stephen
 [10/29 7:13:49PM]

Eat, Drink & wear Silver Icing!
Amber Stevens
 [10/29 7:12:52PM]

The holiday season is the perfect time to wear Silver Icing!
Amber Stevens
 [10/29 7:11:01PM]

The more the merrier
Sabrina Stephen
 [10/29 7:10:57PM]

Ring in the holidays in Silver Icing!
Amber Stevens
 [10/29 7:10:01PM]

Be the Glam in Glamorous
Lisa McGregor
 [10/29 7:06:25PM]

Sparkling Belles
Tamara Suh
 [10/29 7:06:04PM]

Merry Stylishness and a Happy Swanky new year!
Laura Cooke
 [10/29 7:03:46PM]

Merry Stylishness and a Happy swanky new year!
Laura Cooke
 [10/29 7:02:51PM]

Why don’t we all have wine?
Tracy Hodel
 [10/29 6:57:59PM]

Sparktacular Let’s PARTY
Nancy Grinwis
 [10/29 6:50:19PM]

Frost yourself this season with silver icing... Tis the season to let you beautiful self shine!!.
Michelle Mallard
 [10/29 6:49:02PM]

Love all the dresses
Lisa Regular
 [10/29 6:48:46PM]

Merry & Bright Beauties
Tracy Wiebe
 [10/29 6:48:45PM]

Ring a ding ding! let’s bring in the new year in style!
Brenda Erlandson tough
 [10/29 6:46:28PM]

No ugly Christmas sweaters here!
Michelle Provenza
 [10/29 6:40:06PM]

Jackie Neilson
 [10/29 6:38:02PM]

laughs, love and luxury
Sharon Endacott
 [10/29 6:38:01PM]

Let’s Get Lit - Sparkles & Spirits
Carla Landry
 [10/29 6:37:18PM]

Jackie Neilson
 [10/29 6:36:04PM]

Glitzy Glamour Time
Cathy Quane
 [10/29 6:33:13PM]

Glitzy Glamour Time
Cathy Quane
 [10/29 6:32:45PM]

Fun & Festive - get your "Frock" on!!
Jane Kennedy
 [10/29 6:32:09PM]

Dazzling Occassion Dresses
Cathy Quane
 [10/29 6:31:33PM]

The bombshell
Kelly Cresswell
 [10/29 6:23:11PM]

Glitzin' Around The Christmas Tree
Amanda Clarke
 [10/29 6:22:16PM]

Did you guys see how many amazing deals I got !!!
Michelle Arnett
 [10/29 6:15:45PM]

Icing All Evening Long
Shannon Scott
 [10/29 6:14:37PM]

May the best of the past be the worst of the future
Beverly Falkenholt
 [10/29 6:14:09PM]

May the best of the past be the worst of the future.
Beverly Falkenholt
 [10/29 6:13:28PM]

Icing All Evening Long
Shannon Scott
 [10/29 6:13:24PM]

Sparkle in the night
April Brown
 [10/29 6:13:01PM]

Shimmer & Spice
Jamie Thiemann
 [10/29 6:08:34PM]

Joan Barnscher
 [10/29 6:03:52PM]

Just some girls having some fun
Valerie Dietrich
 [10/29 6:01:27PM]

A little bubbly, a little sparkly and a lot of jolly!
Cat Affleck
 [10/29 5:57:42PM]

We lit, ladies!
S Bourke
 [10/29 5:55:03PM]

Holidaying it up dresses!
Louise weiss
 [10/29 5:51:54PM]

Shinning around the Christmas tree
Nicole Jean
 [10/29 5:51:35PM]

Life is better with friends
Nicola Dent
 [10/29 5:50:35PM]

It’s time to get festive!
Louise Weiss
 [10/29 5:49:28PM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Spring D'Lugos
 [10/29 5:44:27PM]

Glitz and glam
Michelle Horton
 [10/29 5:41:47PM]

Let's celebrate returning back to in-person gatherings!
Kimberley Flood
 [10/29 5:36:59PM]

Girls, we are hot to trot in these outfits!
Joanna Miles
 [10/29 5:34:23PM]

Tis the season to sparkle!
Jaiye abiodun
 [10/29 5:31:12PM]

All I want for Christmas is a New Years dress!
Natalie Ingelbeen
 [10/29 5:30:38PM]

Dressed in Holiday Style
Carol Closson
 [10/29 5:28:57PM]

Blinging in the Holidays
Dominique Lachapelle
 [10/29 5:28:35PM]

Who's ready to sparkle this holiday?
Stephanie Bailey
 [10/29 5:26:56PM]

Sparkles for the holidays
Stephanie Bailey
 [10/29 5:26:27PM]

All spruced up and somewhere to go
Darcie Spence
 [10/29 5:23:39PM]

Sparkles & Spirits Ladies Night
Carla Landry
 [10/29 5:22:17PM]

Shimmer & Shake
Tori Spanton
 [10/29 5:21:43PM]

Shiny & Bright
Kim Hladun
 [10/29 5:19:41PM]

Finally We Meet in Person
Marie Shinde
 [10/29 5:19:19PM]

Silver Iced Ladies!
Danielle Tetrault
 [10/29 5:18:47PM]

A twinkle, a sparkle, and that Silver Icing shimmer!
Rebecca Archer
 [10/29 5:16:59PM]

Sparkle and shine, Let’s have a good time!
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:15:16PM]

That time of year to spread the cheers!
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:14:28PM]

Classy and a bit Sassy
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:14:05PM]

Twinkle little star how beautiful you are
Louise Gray
 [10/29 5:12:41PM]

Who said it had to be a little black dress
Julie Odia
 [10/29 5:12:33PM]

Classy and a bit Sassy!
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:12:20PM]

The time of year for Holiday cheer!
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:11:06PM]

Who said it had to be a little black dress
 [10/29 5:10:38PM]

Lookin' fine and having the best time!
Nicole Whiticar
 [10/29 5:10:30PM]

The time of year for holiday cheer!
Candace Woollam
 [10/29 5:10:00PM]

Gather 'Round
Jennifer Chartrand
 [10/29 5:07:37PM]

With Class and a little Sass!!!
Kimberley Vidito
 [10/29 5:06:39PM]

Shine Bright Tis Season
Melissa Short
 [10/29 5:01:53PM]

Mingle & Jingle
Melissa Short
 [10/29 5:01:27PM]

Little bit of Icing & Sparkle
Melissa Short
 [10/29 5:00:22PM]

Jingle the night away
Melissa Short
 [10/29 4:59:13PM]

Feeling Dashing & Bright
Melissa Short
 [10/29 4:58:20PM]

Sparkling Glamour
Kelly Chipman
 [10/29 4:56:48PM]

Work to Holiday Party Fun
Kathleen Parlee
 [10/29 4:53:24PM]

Feeling Festive & Flirty
Shelley Shackelton
 [10/29 4:51:31PM]

Sparkle and Smile in Holiday Styles
Ashley Hoffmann
 [10/29 4:48:12PM]

Patricia Noga
 [10/29 4:42:46PM]

Look .. no mask needed.
CIndy Phillips
 [10/29 4:42:15PM]

Merry & Iced in Silver Icing
April Jones
 [10/29 4:33:49PM]

Tis’ the season
 [10/29 4:32:45PM]

It's the most glam time of the year.
Carla Mulholland
 [10/29 4:31:38PM]

Classy sassy and ready to party
Kate Regan
 [10/29 4:31:34PM]

Wow, we are babes!
 [10/29 4:28:43PM]

Holly and Bright
Julie MacKenzie
 [10/29 4:23:31PM]

Girls night out
Amanda Madill
 [10/29 4:23:19PM]

We’ve got this girl
Lisa york
 [10/29 4:22:35PM]

Girls night out
Lisa York
 [10/29 4:20:55PM]

Girls night out
Lisa york
 [10/29 4:20:25PM]

Beautiful ladies and all dressed to the “nines” in Silvericing dresses ?
Joan Quinn
 [10/29 4:19:17PM]

‘Tis the season to sparkle and shine.
Melanie Ellis
 [10/29 4:15:22PM]

Dress the Halls
Jayme Cammaert
 [10/29 4:13:40PM]

Let's shine together
Cindy Grondin
 [10/29 4:11:12PM]

Silver bells and Christmas cheer Silver Icings style
Brittaney Pregizer
 [10/29 4:06:33PM]

Yule look fabulous!
Tammy Tutkaluk
 [10/29 4:05:49PM]

All that glitters
Marcelle Lingl
 [10/29 4:00:49PM]

Festive Friends - Time to get together
Jackie Heffner
 [10/29 3:59:58PM]

Festive Friends - Time to get together again
Jacqueline Heffner
 [10/29 3:57:01PM]

We can be the Queens of Tiktok
Rebecca Garrard
 [10/29 3:54:26PM]

Glitz and Glam Style
Carla Fedchuk
 [10/29 3:53:50PM]

Holiday elegance made simple - SI has your next level holiday glam Covered- You can cross holiday party dress off your list, we got you!
Lee-Ann Tranmer
 [10/29 3:53:28PM]

I’m dreaming of a bright Christmas, Lovely weather for some champagne together with you
Diana Stephens
 [10/29 3:52:07PM]

Sparkly clothes and mistletoes!
Brayell Dengler
 [10/29 3:51:43PM]

Sparkle time girls!
Helen pereira
 [10/29 3:49:24PM]

Twinkle the night
Justi Reimer
 [10/29 3:48:03PM]

Christmas trim and love
Karen pettigrew
 [10/29 3:47:15PM]

Silver Smiles
Karly Hood
 [10/29 3:46:04PM]

Meghan watt holiday shine ?
Jill MacCharles Crain
 [10/29 3:37:53PM]

Mega watt holiday shine ?
Jill MacCharles Crain
 [10/29 3:36:52PM]

Party Time
Shirley Evenson
 [10/29 3:32:53PM]

Sparkle & Cheer
Samantha Sorensen
 [10/29 3:31:32PM]

Holiday Glam Dress
Rona Sterling-Collins
 [10/29 3:31:14PM]

“Moments with the girls are timeless”
Jenna de Corte
 [10/29 3:27:54PM]

“Deck the halls in Silver icing style with your girlfriends”
Jackie Neilson
 [10/29 3:26:46PM]

Get your glam on, get your bling on,
Renee Zimmerman
 [10/29 3:25:45PM]

“Everyone needs a girls night out”
Jacki Neilson
 [10/29 3:23:50PM]

"...and he believed me when I told him it wasn't a Silver Icing package that came!"
Aubrey Thompson
 [10/29 3:23:39PM]

Sparkle and shine, it's holiday time!!!!
Alicia Taylor
 [10/29 3:22:27PM]

We look great.
Melissa McCrystal
 [10/29 3:20:45PM]

Cheers and Sparkle!
Tammy Bain
 [10/29 3:18:23PM]

Belle’s of the Ball Sleighing it!
 [10/29 3:13:17PM]

Christmas, New Years... We got this Glam thing figured out
Kyla Janzen
 [10/29 3:11:56PM]

Sparkle & Shine Bright like a Diamond
Jamie Stanners
 [10/29 3:07:19PM]

Good tidings of glitter and cheer
Amie-Rae Zaborniak
 [10/29 3:06:19PM]

Time to Shine Dress
Sarah Verschuere
 [10/29 3:05:46PM]

Oh darlings, we do look luscious!
Loriann Hucik
 [10/29 3:05:38PM]

Shimmer and wine!
Jessica Feser
 [10/29 3:04:30PM]

Sparkling into the New Year!
Bobbie Shaw
 [10/29 3:03:22PM]

Glittering Beauty for Glamorous Nights
Brooke Ronan
 [10/29 3:02:22PM]

Life is a party. Dress like it.
Bobbie Shaw
 [10/29 3:02:03PM]

Girls Night Out? I call it, Therapy!
Bobbie Shaw
 [10/29 3:01:13PM]

Friends and Fashion is our Passion. We cannot do without!
Kelly Christine Reimer
 [10/29 2:45:25PM]

This year at Christmas, sparkle
Catherine Schalk
 [10/29 2:44:34PM]

Glamorous Gatherings!
Melanie Bain
 [10/29 2:43:32PM]

Fun, flirty and festive!
Sandra Godin
 [10/29 2:39:15PM]

Cheers to a Silver Icing Holiday Season!
Deidre Swird
 [10/29 2:35:12PM]

Christmas Lights and New Years Nights
Christine Parfitt
 [10/29 2:32:32PM]

Dressed to Impress ?
Tonya Dicks
 [10/29 2:32:14PM]

"Glam Glitter Glow-up Dress"
Kathi Haugh
 [10/29 2:30:57PM]

You don't need a Bow to dress these up!
Lyndsay Russell
 [10/29 2:30:50PM]

Oh Holy NIGHT your dress is shining Bright!
Lyndsay Russell
 [10/29 2:29:50PM]

Tinsel Town
Candice Rohrbach
 [10/29 2:29:38PM]

Office Party Level 100!
Lyndsay Russell
 [10/29 2:28:57PM]

"Talking" around the Christmas Tree ... Squirrel?!
Bettina Allen
 [10/29 2:23:45PM]

Together again for the holidays!
Bettina Allen
 [10/29 2:21:31PM]

Baby It’s Cold Outside
 [10/29 2:14:25PM]

Baby It’s Cold Outside
 [10/29 2:13:36PM]

Holiday Girl Squad!
Sarah Anderson
 [10/29 2:12:22PM]

JOY TO THE WORLD let the dresses sing
Kerry Young
 [10/29 2:11:54PM]

Getting back to Style!!
Melissa Parasco
 [10/29 2:09:24PM]

Va va va boom
Nicole Gordon
 [10/29 2:06:24PM]

Sparkle in a winter wonderland
Heather Howarth
 [10/29 2:04:53PM]

‘Girls just want to Glam!’
Edna Kosik-Harvey
 [10/29 2:02:39PM]

Time with my ladies
Jenn Kuhlmann
 [10/29 2:02:07PM]

Holiday glitz and glam
Carly smith
 [10/29 2:01:50PM]

Jennifer Stewardson
 [10/29 2:01:40PM]

“Making Memories”
Michelle Thesen
 [10/29 2:01:23PM]

Happy Holiday's Bitches!
Sharlene Desbiens
 [10/29 2:00:15PM]

‘tis the season of confidence that sparkles
Bianca Schiavone
 [10/29 1:57:26PM]

“And then he said What’s a Wanakome?!?”
Bonnie Fouladi
 [10/29 1:55:21PM]

Hallmark hasn't got anything on us!
Terri Johnston
 [10/29 1:54:40PM]

All glammed up and ready to go.
Gillian Kalman
 [10/29 1:51:24PM]

And the he said not to buy any more clothing!
Rebecca Davey
 [10/29 1:51:06PM]

Wait, was this a Halloween party?
Emily Lee
 [10/29 1:49:32PM]

The three S's of the season.... Shimmer, Softness and smiles.
Terri Johnston
 [10/29 1:47:50PM]

Fantastic Four
Lena Gilbert
 [10/29 1:47:39PM]

An Evening Full Of Special Delights “Ladies Night”
Cheryl Stewart
 [10/29 1:46:41PM]

Happy Holiday's Collection, Silver Icing style!
Nicole Johnston
 [10/29 1:45:41PM]

Bringing beauty of the season back
Marie Neil
 [10/29 1:44:37PM]

After wearing pjs the past 2 years I forgot how much I love dressing up!
Tamara scutt
 [10/29 1:44:24PM]

Tis the season to be fabulous!
Carol Huynh
 [10/29 1:43:48PM]

Michelle Thesen
 [10/29 1:43:33PM]

Glam Networking Squad
Tawny Rother
 [10/29 1:42:22PM]

Glitz and Glam Holiday 2021
Jennifer Pedersen
 [10/29 1:41:35PM]

Cheers to the return of in person gatherings
Rachel DAntuono
 [10/29 1:41:09PM]

Fun and Flirty dresses
Paula Rosborough
 [10/29 1:40:14PM]

Light up the Night
Jennifer Pedersen
 [10/29 1:40:09PM]

Baby it’s cold outside
Bianca Schiavone
 [10/29 1:40:07PM]

Good times and great laughs with friends
Lindsay hooper
 [10/29 1:40:01PM]

Jolly and Bright
Jennifer Pedersen
 [10/29 1:39:43PM]

Girls gotta have fun!?
Christine Booi
 [10/29 1:39:43PM]

Glitz glam thank you ma’am
Kathleen Gibson
 [10/29 1:39:17PM]

Did you see how gorgeous she looks in that dress in that dress”. They all say at the same time and laugh
Shelly coates
 [10/29 1:38:14PM]

Not this Year Covid
Jennifer Pedersen
 [10/29 1:38:10PM]

Glam Mom's Holiday party
Cathy Husband
 [10/29 1:35:53PM]

Cool Mom's Christmas party ?
Cathy Husband
 [10/29 1:34:49PM]

Who run the world girls
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:33:37PM]

To hot to handle
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:32:45PM]

Glam up the night
Jennifer Whiting
 [10/29 1:32:44PM]

To hot to handle
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:31:40PM]

Black in Glam Holiday Collection
Lauren Urbonas
 [10/29 1:31:37PM]

To hog to handle
 [10/29 1:30:36PM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Dawn Young
 [10/29 1:28:23PM]

Wine Dining
Deb Inglis
 [10/29 1:28:08PM]

Looking fab and don’t give a damn
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:27:36PM]

Ring in 2022 with Silver Iicing
Eileen Dennis
 [10/29 1:27:00PM]

Icing all the way
Tanya Macdonald
 [10/29 1:26:54PM]

Bring on the new year with cheer
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:26:49PM]

Shine bright like a diamond
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:26:12PM]

Bling in the New Year! / Welcome Back Socials!!/ “So much better than Zoom!”
Nicole Gregg
 [10/29 1:25:30PM]

Shine bright like a diamond
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:24:33PM]

Time to sip, sizzle and sparkle
Lori houde
 [10/29 1:24:28PM]

Bring on the new year with cheer
Julie bell
 [10/29 1:23:03PM]

Tis the season to sparkle!
Sherilyn Glover
 [10/29 1:22:43PM]

Glam girls living the best life!
Shelley Busch
 [10/29 1:21:59PM]

Sparkling Night Out
Hayley Waycott
 [10/29 1:21:54PM]

“Silver Belles”
Miranda Phoenix
 [10/29 1:21:53PM]

“Silver Belles”
Miranda Phoenix
 [10/29 1:21:38PM]

All that glitters is not always gold!! Happy Holidays. Cheers ?
Charlena Harvey
 [10/29 1:20:55PM]

Glitz ‘n Glam
Sandra Albrecht
 [10/29 1:18:58PM]

Holiday Cheer
Sarah O'Driscoll
 [10/29 1:17:25PM]

Glam it Up...Silver Icing Style
Wendy Vollans
 [10/29 1:16:09PM]

Cheryl Hughes
 [10/29 1:15:46PM]

We have definitely been GOOD this year
Karen Bemister
 [10/29 1:11:46PM]

Just gals having fun , the smiles say it all ,classy and glam,girl time equals fun time,girl time matters,we all need girl time smiles and laughter,girl galm heart good ,wine and dine night
Melina Tatchell
 [10/29 1:10:05PM]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Tegan Gislason
 [10/29 1:10:02PM]

*Sparkle* all the way ?
Vanessa O’Connell
 [10/29 1:09:28PM]

Good friends good times
Michele schwing
 [10/29 1:09:13PM]

Celebrating the new normal
Jinnell Gunn
 [10/29 1:07:00PM]

Time to Shine
Meredith Mantle
 [10/29 1:03:56PM]

Holiday bash ready. Sparkle & shine, anytime!
Valery Knoop-Robinson
 [10/29 1:03:36PM]

Glitz Night out
Tamara Caswell
 [10/29 1:00:58PM]

Sparkle and Shine Inside and Out this Holiday Season!
Jill Tutty
 [10/29 12:58:24PM]

Dressed in holiday style
Kira Paterson
 [10/29 12:56:21PM]

Missing you in 2020 only made seeing you in 2021 better!
Maggi Bruce
 [10/29 12:54:31PM]

I told you buying stock in batteries would pay off.
DeeDee Burke
 [10/29 12:53:38PM]

For girls night holiday edition
Alora fisher
 [10/29 12:53:26PM]

For moments with your girlfriends
Alora Fisher
 [10/29 12:52:53PM]

Girls smile when we wear silver icing not just for the holidays!
Audrey Johnston
 [10/29 12:51:24PM]

"and then I said to my son in law, move your clothes from the closet I need room to buy Lauren Apps more silver icing stuff!"
Grace dumonceaux
 [10/29 12:47:17PM]

Seasonal Sparkles
Karen Quinlan-Sutherland
 [10/29 12:47:06PM]

Holiday Happiness
Angie Aiken
 [10/29 12:45:45PM]

Seasonal Sparkles
Karen Quinlan-Sutherland
 [10/29 12:45:04PM]

Sparkle Holiday Cheer
Kim Loof
 [10/29 12:43:20PM]

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence!
Nikkita Da Silva
 [10/29 12:42:58PM]

"...and then he said, 'is that new?'"
 [10/29 12:42:46PM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Brigette luca
 [10/29 12:41:33PM]

Shimmer and shine this season!
Kathy Santrock
 [10/29 12:36:10PM]

Our smiles sparkle when we're together
Alexandria Testani
 [10/29 12:31:50PM]

Glitz and Glam together this season
Alexandria Testani
 [10/29 12:30:56PM]

Shimmer me timbers!
Molly Middleton
 [10/29 12:30:49PM]

"Life is a party, dress like it!" "Anything is possible with a little lipstick and champagne."
Ruth Buhler
 [10/29 12:30:46PM]

Shimmer me timbers
Molly Middleton
 [10/29 12:30:22PM]

Night of memories made.
Rebecca Welch
 [10/29 12:25:28PM]

Glitter and Cheer looking forward to a New Year.
Christy Fell
 [10/29 12:25:17PM]

Girls night
Laura Thomas
 [10/29 12:20:20PM]

Dorothy Baker '' Smile, just smile, even though our feet are killing us, we Look Fab"
Dorothy Smith
 [10/29 12:18:22PM]

Emily Beukers
 [10/29 12:16:13PM]

Mingle all the way!
Heather Stanley
 [10/29 12:16:02PM]

Break out the bubbly!
Amanda Hynes
 [10/29 12:10:56PM]

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.
Beverly Falkenholt
 [10/29 12:10:55PM]

SI Squad Goals
Amanda Hynes
 [10/29 12:09:49PM]

Glam slam!
Shawna Kendi-McDonald
 [10/29 12:07:05PM]

Gather and shine!
Deanna Sievers
 [10/29 12:06:48PM]

Tis the season for sparkly silver icing shopping!
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 12:03:26PM]

Keep your besfriends close and your silver icing closer this holiday season!
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 12:01:59PM]

Holiday Happiness
Robyn Hoffman
 [10/29 12:00:40PM]

Be sure to make your holidays shimmer with Silver Icing!
Valene Blocksidge
 [10/29 11:59:22AM]

Enjoy the silver icing sparkle this holiday season!
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 11:59:06AM]

Tis the Season to be Sparkly
Catherine Marchioro
 [10/29 11:58:21AM]

Random Acts of Wineness
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 11:57:09AM]

Cheers!, All that Sparkle, Sparkle and Glam, Friends Sparkle and Champagne, Holiday Sparkle, Sparkle Season, Champagne and Sparkle
Sarah Armstrong
 [10/29 11:56:51AM]

Jolly night
Miyuki Black
 [10/29 11:56:19AM]

It was all a dream
Julie Thompson
 [10/29 11:55:39AM]

Remember that time when we were in quarantine?
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/29 11:55:37AM]

Give the Gift of Glitz
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 11:55:27AM]

Girls just wanna have holiday fun
Julianne Traczuk
 [10/29 11:54:46AM]

Holiday sparkle!
Josephine Doyle
 [10/29 11:53:59AM]

Sparkling Around The Christmas Tree
Krista Quinn
 [10/29 11:53:42AM]

Holiday Happiness
Robyn Hoffman
 [10/29 11:53:37AM]

Glam the Halls
Bri Freethy
 [10/29 11:51:53AM]

Light it Up with Sparkles and Bows!
Erin Talbot
 [10/29 11:51:52AM]

Cheers with your Best Friends!
Charlene Loberg
 [10/29 11:50:54AM]

Add some glitz to your next Girls Night In!
Heather Pehowich
 [10/29 11:47:51AM]

Girls Night In just got whole lot better!
Heather Pehowich
 [10/29 11:47:19AM]

Party like it’s 2019!
Karla Svensson
 [10/29 11:46:55AM]

Glam it up!
Heather Stanley
 [10/29 11:46:35AM]

Top your holiday season with a dash of Silver Icing
Angele Taylor
 [10/29 11:45:59AM]

Now that we are all dressed up, let’s find a Fancy restaurant to eat at. Then go to a club that we can go dancing at.
Lynda Bourdages
 [10/29 11:45:14AM]

Glitz, Glam and Girlfriends
Kate Underwood
 [10/29 11:44:04AM]

Let's toast the holidays
Michele Sydorko
 [10/29 11:43:44AM]

I just told hubby that this dress is the only Silver Icing purchase that I have made this year!
Linda Beamish
 [10/29 11:43:31AM]

Wine, Friends and SI clothes make a great blend
Krista Measures
 [10/29 11:42:19AM]

Now that we are all dressed up, let’s find a club that
Lynda Bourdages
 [10/29 11:41:10AM]

It’s time to frost your closet this holiday season!
Kristin Kominko
 [10/29 11:39:54AM]

Deck the Halls with Sequence and Style!
Allison Blundon
 [10/29 11:39:36AM]

Your the silver to my icing happy holidays
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 11:39:24AM]

Here comes silver icing right down Santa Claus lane
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 11:38:45AM]

Shine Bright this holiday season!
Kelly Beaton
 [10/29 11:37:43AM]

Deck the Halls with Sequence and Style!
Allison Blundon
 [10/29 11:37:36AM]

"No masks needed here, let's party ladies!"
Whitney Dillon
 [10/29 11:37:32AM]

Sparkle & Shine
Monica Meyers
 [10/29 11:36:08AM]

Deck the ladies with Silver Icing.......
Sharie Rea
 [10/29 11:35:48AM]

tis the glamorous season upon us
Maria Choquette
 [10/29 11:34:41AM]

Cheers to being beautiful!
Rona Roth
 [10/29 11:33:13AM]

Glam Girlz
Jill Tremblay
 [10/29 11:33:10AM]

Sparkling Silver
Maria Eden
 [10/29 11:32:28AM]

All Iced and ready to go!
Joy McLean
 [10/29 11:32:21AM]

Silver sparkles
Maria E
 [10/29 11:31:30AM]

"And then my husband said I didn't need more Silver Icing"
Nicole Barrett
 [10/29 11:31:08AM]

Shine inside and out!
Monica Sczyrba-Davis
 [10/29 11:31:02AM]

Glam Girlz
Jill Tremblay
 [10/29 11:30:22AM]

All the bubbly and all the sparkle
Malita Eck
 [10/29 11:29:53AM]

Glamour Joy
Jill McCarthy
 [10/29 11:29:26AM]

Here’s my long caption. “Remember that time I told you my husband got me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas? I just bought him a SI dress in my size!!”
Katie Becker
 [10/29 11:29:12AM]

Glam squad
Maria Choquette
 [10/29 11:27:24AM]

Sparkle and shine with a bottle of wine
Leaha Woods
 [10/29 11:26:51AM]

Styled, Merry & Bright
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [10/29 11:26:05AM]

It feels great to get together again!
Nicole Ferreira
 [10/29 11:25:58AM]

Dazzling sparkle
Riekje van Delst
 [10/29 11:25:27AM]

“Oh darlings you all look fabulous “ Champaign anyone
Loralie Rodgers
 [10/29 11:24:49AM]

Tinsel Town
Dawn Forsey
 [10/29 11:24:07AM]

Glitter Girls
Angie Aiken
 [10/29 11:23:33AM]

Sparkle and Shine dress
Riekje van Delst
 [10/29 11:22:53AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Angie Aiken
 [10/29 11:22:43AM]

My pandemic loungewear is calling my name!
Jennifer Simpson
 [10/29 11:20:16AM]

Holiday Glamour At It's Finest
Brenda Bancescu
 [10/29 11:18:49AM]

How long before I can put my Keep It Light Joggers and BTL sweatshirt back on?!
Jennifer Simpson
 [10/29 11:18:29AM]

Flashy Snap Chat
Heather Schimelfenig
 [10/29 11:17:53AM]

Shiny and bright
Jadean Spencer
 [10/29 11:17:52AM]

Dressed to impress, sparkle and bright, glam and glowing.
Chelsea Lund
 [10/29 11:17:31AM]

Silver Icing Holidays
Julie Hoar
 [10/29 11:15:51AM]

Nothings gonna slow us down!!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/29 11:15:26AM]

Glamming up the Holidays with Silver Icing Sparkle
Julie Hoar
 [10/29 11:15:15AM]

“New year, no lockdown, time to shimmer & shine with our SI attire”
Stephanie Gemmell
 [10/29 11:14:50AM]

Tamara McDonald
 [10/29 11:14:42AM]

Girls just wanna have fun ?
Lori Christianson
 [10/29 11:12:02AM]

Tidings of Comfort & Joy
Jody Chatman
 [10/29 11:11:19AM]

Girls night! ? And we all left our kids home with our husbands… ?
Tanya Hofstede
 [10/29 11:11:10AM]

keep shining, the world needs your light
claudine boterman
 [10/29 11:10:35AM]

See Me Shine dress
Brittany Wylie
 [10/29 11:06:10AM]

Can't dull this sparkle !!
claudine boterman
 [10/29 11:04:17AM]

“My husband bought me this for the holidays!” “He just doesn’t know it yet!”
Sue-Ann Van Tunen
 [10/29 11:03:05AM]

Glitter Bombshells
Amy Ryan
 [10/29 11:01:53AM]

Perfect picture of elegance
Andrea Grawbarger
 [10/29 10:56:51AM]

Perfect picture of elegance
Andrea Grawbarger
 [10/29 10:55:59AM]

Life is a party, arrive in Silvericing
Cynthia Smith
 [10/29 10:55:56AM]

Party Pride
Lynette Lohr
 [10/29 10:55:35AM]

Wearing her favourite dress, she’s bright like glitter. It’s called confidence.
Karen Neumann
 [10/29 10:51:46AM]

When the other boutiques cost twice as much to look half this good!?
Caitlin Gillis
 [10/29 10:51:07AM]

Trish Kirk
 [10/29 10:50:39AM]

Bold and Bubbly
 [10/29 10:50:35AM]

When the other boutiques cost twice as much to look half this good!?
Caitlin Gillis
 [10/29 10:49:53AM]

“And then he said it’s either me or the Wanakome sweatshirts…. So I showed him the door”
Leaha Woods
 [10/29 10:48:36AM]

Time to sparkle and shine!
Deanna Stelting
 [10/29 10:48:08AM]

Sex in the City...make room for Silver Icing in the City!
Melissa McCracken
 [10/29 10:46:36AM]

Girls just want to have fun
Desiree MacKay
 [10/29 10:44:03AM]

Glitzy and Glam Feels So Good
Julia Graham
 [10/29 10:40:25AM]

Tis the season to sparkle and shine
Julie Howes-Rousseau
 [10/29 10:40:04AM]

Silver icing sip and sparkle
Mackenzie Papp
 [10/29 10:39:53AM]

Sparkle this holiday season!
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [10/29 10:39:41AM]

Party anyone
Nicole Toy
 [10/29 10:38:59AM]

Silver Bells, Silver Icing!
Emily Langman
 [10/29 10:38:28AM]

Goodbye covid.....hello glam!
Dana Lean
 [10/29 10:38:27AM]

Who’s ready?
Nicole Toy
 [10/29 10:38:11AM]

Get your Silver Icing on, cheers to the holidays!
Lauri Wagner
 [10/29 10:37:52AM]

Good Tidings and Silver Icing
Emily Langman
 [10/29 10:37:01AM]

Sip Sparkle & Shine Time
Jodi Pearson
 [10/29 10:35:42AM]

Silver and Sparkle
Ashlee Quintal
 [10/29 10:32:20AM]

Shine bright like a diamond
Natalie Labranche
 [10/29 10:31:27AM]

Silver Icing and Cheer
Emily Langman
 [10/29 10:31:08AM]

Holiday Spice
Miranda Strydhorst
 [10/29 10:30:08AM]

So, if you are wearing a sparkly dress then you don’t get a glass of wine?!
Charlotte McKenna
 [10/29 10:29:37AM]

Girl Glam Gala
Diane Puim
 [10/29 10:28:59AM]

No matter what a women looks like, if she's confident, she's sexy!
Stephanie Schuurman
 [10/29 10:28:19AM]

Tis’ the season for gals and glam.
Lynnelle Friesen
 [10/29 10:27:00AM]

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear, is confidence.
Stephanie Schuurman
 [10/29 10:26:02AM]

Silver & Gold Glam & Glitz
Laura Love
 [10/29 10:25:54AM]

Party All Night Long
Melanee Rogers
 [10/29 10:25:07AM]

Deck the halls with Silver Icing
Lynnelle Friesen
 [10/29 10:24:20AM]

Holiday Sparkle
Jacqueline Weed
 [10/29 10:24:12AM]

Sparkle The Night Away
Heather Cody
 [10/29 10:24:05AM]

Shine bright like Christmas lights
Paige Bonner
 [10/29 10:23:57AM]

Party Time
Jane Atkinson
 [10/29 10:23:13AM]

Silver Icing Belles, it's Christmas time in the city!
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [10/29 10:22:31AM]

It's the most wonderful time of the year... An excuse to buy more silver icing!
Amanda Nadon-Langlois
 [10/29 10:21:50AM]

Silver Icing Belles
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [10/29 10:21:42AM]

Glitterin' Girl Gang - Holiday Dreaming
Samantha Brighton
 [10/29 10:20:46AM]

Dashing with a glow
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [10/29 10:20:34AM]

All dressed up and ready to thrill
Shawna Wagner
 [10/29 10:20:23AM]

Girls just want to have sparkles!
Erica Cameron
 [10/29 10:20:11AM]

Cheers to Friendship
Lynne Horning
 [10/29 10:18:14AM]

So many sparkles!
Erica cameron
 [10/29 10:18:02AM]

Sparkle and comfort in these holiday dresses
Frances Cartier
 [10/29 10:16:33AM]

When someone asks you where your dress is from...As if your answer is going to be anything other than SILVER ICING! Ready for the holidays!
Amanda Nadon-Langlois
 [10/29 10:15:49AM]

Ice the holiday with a little sparkle
Frances Cartier
 [10/29 10:14:47AM]

Bubbly, sparkles and confidence
Lauren Smith
 [10/29 10:14:17AM]

Holiday Favourites
Frances Cartier
 [10/29 10:13:15AM]

Here’s to good friends, good dresses and good drinks!
Crystal Mackie
 [10/29 10:13:11AM]

Let the in person festivities begin! Can you believe we get to dress up and wear pretty dressing again?!
Crystal Mackie
 [10/29 10:12:48AM]

Sparkle and glam
Kristy bouius
 [10/29 10:12:47AM]

Stress free Holiday outfits .
Frances Cartier
 [10/29 10:12:13AM]

Let's get lit ladies!
Lacey Whitt
 [10/29 10:08:24AM]

Shining into the new year
Kaitlyn hornsby
 [10/29 10:08:10AM]

"And then I told my hubby that all of the Silver Icing packages were for customers!"
Cherie Inwood
 [10/29 10:07:58AM]

Gather in style
Angela Roberts
 [10/29 10:07:32AM]

And he thinks he's sleeping in tomorrow
Joni smyth
 [10/29 10:07:15AM]

 [10/29 10:07:11AM]

Glitz & Glam
Alicia Borle
 [10/29 10:06:56AM]

Shine On
Caroleen Dyball
 [10/29 10:05:48AM]

Dazzling Nights dresses
Amy Grieve
 [10/29 10:04:08AM]

Shimmery joy
Cheryl hughed
 [10/29 10:03:52AM]

Jingling mingling
Nancy Miller
 [10/29 10:03:32AM]

Time to celebrate?
Melanie Brandt
 [10/29 10:03:05AM]

Time to celebrate?
Melanie Brandt
 [10/29 10:02:42AM]

Classy and Bold
Terry Becker
 [10/29 10:02:31AM]

The husband is getting spit up on tonight
Kim gowan
 [10/29 10:01:48AM]

We should have wore our silver icing jeans!!!!!
Nicole wiens
 [10/29 10:00:51AM]

“We should have wore out silver icing jeans”
Nicole wiens
 [10/29 9:59:40AM]

Shimmer and Shine Silver Icings Divine
Randean Coady
 [10/29 9:58:17AM]

Have yourself a Merry Little Silver Icing
Randean Coady
 [10/29 9:56:40AM]

Girls night
Rita Rossignol
 [10/29 9:56:15AM]

Silver and Bold
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:55:03AM]

Glam Gals
Jacqueline MacMunn O'Neill
 [10/29 9:54:23AM]

We've successfully spent all their money!
Sara mackin
 [10/29 9:53:46AM]

Silver Belles
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:53:28AM]

Friends, Fashion and Fun!
Emily Hoffman
 [10/29 9:53:15AM]

All I Want For Christmas, Is Silver Icing!
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:52:11AM]

The moment you find out you are all wearing Silver Icing. How could anyone think we were just an athletic wear company?
Sheryl Kuiper
 [10/29 9:51:15AM]

Better in Glitter
Mélanie Martel
 [10/29 9:50:55AM]

Its time to put the sparkle back in your holiday season!
Candace May
 [10/29 9:50:38AM]

Better in Glitter
Melanie Martel
 [10/29 9:50:20AM]

All is Merry and Bright
Lauren Sigouin
 [10/29 9:50:16AM]

Smashing Holidays
Arran Reid
 [10/29 9:47:59AM]

We are the presents this year
Carrie Lessing
 [10/29 9:47:18AM]

Happy Shiny People, Sparkle and Shine,
Andrea Rempel
 [10/29 9:47:00AM]

All Spruced Up!
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:46:27AM]

silver to glam
Tania Blackburn
 [10/29 9:46:24AM]

Happy Shiny People
Andrea Rempel
 [10/29 9:46:18AM]

Cheers! May your Holiday shine like our dresses!
Elizabeth Ames
 [10/29 9:45:50AM]

Stylist=forever friends
Debbie Gustafson
 [10/29 9:45:44AM]

Get your bling on!
Jessica Towell
 [10/29 9:45:43AM]

Glitz to glam
Tania blackburn
 [10/29 9:45:23AM]

Ice, Ice, Baby!
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:43:41AM]

Razzle, dazzle and shine for the holidays with silver icing
Bobbi McCormick
 [10/29 9:43:16AM]

Deck the Halls with Silver Icing, Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:39:48AM]

Let's Go, Girls!
Patti Hall
 [10/29 9:39:04AM]

Silver Belle's
Angela Kerr
 [10/29 9:38:32AM]

The holidays are such a perfect time to catch up!
Stefanie LeBlanc
 [10/29 9:38:19AM]

I told him I’ve been good this year!
Lenora Bufalino
 [10/29 9:38:11AM]

Cheers to the holiday season and to looking good!
Erin Shantz
 [10/29 9:38:02AM]

Get Ice'd this Season
Angela Kerr
 [10/29 9:37:47AM]

Friends, family, festivities, and fabulous dresses
Kim Luciuk
 [10/29 9:37:02AM]

Feeling Fabulous!
Beth Mills
 [10/29 9:36:48AM]

Belles and Holly
Angela Kerr
 [10/29 9:36:40AM]

Sparkle and Shine are Favourite Colours of Mine.
Bal Grewal
 [10/29 9:35:56AM]

All dressed up and finally someplace to go!
Whitney Vallentyne
 [10/29 9:35:12AM]

Sparkle and Joy
Angela Kerr
 [10/29 9:34:53AM]

All That's Merry
Angela Kerr
 [10/29 9:33:22AM]

Holiday dressed to impress
Melisa Gordon
 [10/29 9:32:56AM]

Sparkle & Shine
Jennifer Harrison
 [10/29 9:29:37AM]

Life is better with good friends and great clothes
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [10/29 9:29:34AM]

Making Spirits Brighter with Silver Icing!
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:28:43AM]

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice (aka everyone got SI this year!)
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:28:23AM]

So Glammed To Be Back Together!
Shelby Schmidke
 [10/29 9:28:19AM]

Twinkle Time! Or Sizzling Sisterhood or Hot Harmony
Gina Beeley
 [10/29 9:27:55AM]

All that’s Merry & Bright
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:27:48AM]

Ice to Meet You!
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:27:34AM]

Glits and Glam for Holiday Time
Lauren petersen
 [10/29 9:27:33AM]

More Silver Icing in 2022?! Wine not!
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:27:30AM]

Making Spirits Brighter with Silver Icing
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:26:36AM]

Silver Fab & Glam
Joy Torrejas
 [10/29 9:26:05AM]

Glamor gals!
Dianna korol
 [10/29 9:25:57AM]

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice (aka Silver Icing for everyone’s gifts this year!)
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:25:50AM]

All That’s Merry & Bright
Marissa Berdan
 [10/29 9:25:10AM]

Holiday cheers with Silver Icing
Leonor von Baer
 [10/29 9:24:27AM]

That Look Soots You!
Sara Lahaie
 [10/29 9:24:24AM]

Style, Elegance and Comfort who says you can't have it all?!
Tina Stalker
 [10/29 9:23:59AM]

Champagne Sparkle
Lea Lianza
 [10/29 9:23:38AM]

Silver Icing...Sprinkle that **** on every holiday!!
Daphne Deeble
 [10/29 9:23:22AM]

Glitter and Fun, it's about time!
Melissa Renyard
 [10/29 9:22:36AM]

Christmas Cheer!
Lori Benko
 [10/29 9:21:15AM]

Be the sparkle this Holiday Season
Alison Boczulak
 [10/29 9:21:00AM]

Wear the Cheer This Year
Bethany White
 [10/29 9:20:16AM]

Glitz & Glam for the Holidays
Kira Glas
 [10/29 9:20:10AM]

‘Tis the Season to Sparkle ?
Roni Vanderstelt
 [10/29 9:16:28AM]

Looking classy, add the wine, it’s Holiday time!
Katelyn Johannesson
 [10/29 9:15:19AM]

Take off the mask, put on the dress!
Cori Simmonds
 [10/29 9:13:54AM]

Silver Holiday Time
Debra Cox
 [10/29 9:13:29AM]

Fancy like Apple Bee's on a date night!
Cori Simmonds
 [10/29 9:12:16AM]

I get by with a little help from my friends
Megan Wever
 [10/29 9:11:09AM]

Dressed to impress!
Cori Simmonds
 [10/29 9:11:00AM]

Shimmer & Shine it's time for wine!!!
Cori Simmonds
 [10/29 9:10:03AM]

Cheers to all babes in all shapes and sizes
Sonja Vanderwood
 [10/29 9:08:48AM]

Glitter and Glam
Natalie Wudrich
 [10/29 9:08:28AM]

Holly your jolly look!
Carole StJohn
 [10/29 9:08:04AM]

Festive and flawless
Michelle Withers
 [10/29 9:07:23AM]

Tis the season to sparkle.
Angela Smiley
 [10/29 9:06:32AM]

'Tis The Season for laughter,sparkles and best friends
Candice gould
 [10/29 9:06:21AM]

My girls and I sparkle and shine silver icing style!
Maria Lento
 [10/29 9:05:14AM]

“What did one ornament say to another? ‘I like hanging with you.’”
Angela Smiley
 [10/29 9:04:10AM]

Shimmer and Shine
Andrea meredith
 [10/29 9:03:05AM]

Everyday is a sparkle party!
Andrea meredith
 [10/29 9:02:42AM]

You have a calf cramp? Me too!!
Allison Freedman
 [10/29 9:02:33AM]

May the only pain in your life, be champagne! ? ? ?
Terry McBride
 [10/29 9:02:05AM]

The Girls are Back!!
Rose LaFreniere
 [10/29 9:01:18AM]

Shimmer, sparkle & icing
Tory Struyf
 [10/29 9:00:15AM]

Let your light shine
Cheryl Bowlier
 [10/29 8:58:53AM]

Silver icing in the City
Faith Lepoudre
 [10/29 8:57:10AM]

All is merry and bright
Jennifer Pugh
 [10/29 8:57:02AM]

Dress to Interest
Shannon Greene
 [10/29 8:56:44AM]

Ooh La La Mamacitas!
Sylvie Smyl
 [10/29 8:56:19AM]

That shine and sparkle says it all!
Cathy Pike
 [10/29 8:55:10AM]

I put a bunch of SI for myself under the tree from Santa, so my husband can't get mad or else he'll ruin Christmas.
Laurie Vaughan
 [10/29 8:54:58AM]

Not all stars belong in the sky
Lindsay Retallick
 [10/29 8:54:24AM]

Star light, star bright, we're making up for missed celebrations tonight!
Erin Sharma
 [10/29 8:53:30AM]

Glittery Glam Girls
Natasha Clarke
 [10/29 8:52:41AM]

She's bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne
Lindsay Retallick
 [10/29 8:52:37AM]

And when all the glitter fades, there'll still be glitter in her veins
Lindsay Retallick
 [10/29 8:51:49AM]

Snap, Crackle, Sparkle
Kerri King
 [10/29 8:50:03AM]

Glam & Glitz
Vanessa David
 [10/29 8:49:29AM]

Some girls are born with glitter in their veins
Lindsay Retallick
 [10/29 8:49:22AM]

Holiday Bliss
Tanya Seymour
 [10/29 8:48:54AM]

Jess Garrick
 [10/29 8:48:41AM]

Not all that sparkles is on the Christmas tree
Cheryl Bowlier
 [10/29 8:48:08AM]

I told my husband I only spend $50 a month on Silver Icong
Mandy Duyvestyn
 [10/29 8:47:57AM]

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
Lindsay Retallick
 [10/29 8:47:46AM]

Finally together
Darlene Biemans
 [10/29 8:47:22AM]

Razzle Dazzle
Juanita Skruibis
 [10/29 8:46:46AM]

Glam and glitz girls
Joanna McMaster
 [10/29 8:46:20AM]

Festively Fierce Females
Tesa Steinke
 [10/29 8:46:05AM]

And that’s what she told Santa; hey, let’s make a Christmas TikTok
Liz Roy
 [10/29 8:45:15AM]

Share your Sparkle!
Angela Walker
 [10/29 8:45:10AM]

Glitter Girls Gone Glam
Tesa Steinke
 [10/29 8:44:13AM]

Oh Her Eyes Shone Like Diamonds
Rita Young
 [10/29 8:44:01AM]

I’ve missed you
 [10/29 8:43:57AM]

Time to make the holidays shine!
Kristy Sargent
 [10/29 8:43:34AM]

Together at last
 [10/29 8:42:48AM]

A little silver icing delight
Alycia Reynolds
 [10/29 8:42:05AM]

And that’s what she told Santa! We should make a Christmas TikTok,
Liz Roy
 [10/29 8:41:57AM]

Cheers, shine and sparkle this holiday
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [10/29 8:41:54AM]

Cheers to cute shoes and fabulous dresses
Danielle Logue
 [10/29 8:41:46AM]

Look great in silver icing this holiday season
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:41:42AM]

And that’s what she told Santa! We should make a Christmas TikTok,
Liz Roy
 [10/29 8:41:37AM]

Merry Berry and Bright!
Mavis Conrad
 [10/29 8:41:23AM]

A little icing to top off the holidays
Amand Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:40:31AM]

Let's celebrate 2022 with silver icing
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:39:38AM]

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"
Lisa Brown
 [10/29 8:39:37AM]

Party Dress Passion
Stacey Garton
 [10/29 8:39:20AM]

"Cheers to a new year and new beginings"
Lisa Brown
 [10/29 8:38:52AM]

Celebrate right in silver icing
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:38:36AM]

Shimmer and shine, Silver Icing women are so divine!
Jennifer Barone
 [10/29 8:37:56AM]

‘Tis the season to be GLAMOROUS!
Stacey Garton
 [10/29 8:37:48AM]

Sparkle & Glitter
Ralna Fowler
 [10/29 8:37:25AM]

Looking great to celebrate ?
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:37:13AM]

Glamming up the holidays
Stacey Garton
 [10/29 8:37:02AM]

Looking beautiful as always
 [10/29 8:37:00AM]

Most beautiful Christmas ever
 [10/29 8:36:20AM]

Happy holidays from silver icing
Amanda Jakubowski
 [10/29 8:36:12AM]

Where's The Party?
Kerri Deane
 [10/29 8:35:39AM]

Girls and glitz!
Shauna Brady
 [10/29 8:34:51AM]

Amanda Williams
 [10/29 8:34:50AM]

Holiday Shimmer
liz de Jong
 [10/29 8:34:30AM]

Festive Cheer
Nadia Olheiser
 [10/29 8:32:45AM]

Shimmery Surprise
Nadia Olheiser
 [10/29 8:32:23AM]

Twinkle Lights
Nadia Olheiser
 [10/29 8:31:48AM]

“‘‘Tis The Season”
Melanie Davis
 [10/29 8:31:45AM]

Stunning dresses, good friends, great shoes. Happy holidays! Nice to party again!
Stephanie adkins
 [10/29 8:31:39AM]

Holiday Sparkle
Nadia Olheiser
 [10/29 8:31:18AM]

Holiday fun full of Cheer, So excited the holidays are near!
Elizabeth Irving
 [10/29 8:30:59AM]

Return to joy
Donna Leonzio
 [10/29 8:30:35AM]

Any excuse to dress up and party!! I'm in! Cheers!!
Kari Lewis
 [10/29 8:30:03AM]

Dress to impress this Holiday season
Carey Brodner
 [10/29 8:28:57AM]

Dress it up with sparkles this holiday
Kristen Slade
 [10/29 8:28:32AM]

All dolled up
Erin Mills
 [10/29 8:28:16AM]

Be the sparkle
Anne Nameth
 [10/29 8:28:14AM]

It's Sparkle time!
Erin Mills
 [10/29 8:27:37AM]

Fa-la-la ladies
Kallyn strichen
 [10/29 8:27:11AM]

Cheers ladies
Peaches grant
 [10/29 8:26:50AM]

Happy holidays with silver icing style
Ashley Domagala
 [10/29 8:24:45AM]

Sparkle and Shine Time
Joanne Rose
 [10/29 8:23:55AM]

Silver, Ice and everything nice
Ashley Domagala
 [10/29 8:23:19AM]

“Put on your dancing shoes, it’s girls night out!”
Marla Ferraro
 [10/29 8:21:52AM]

Oh Hello Festive
Joanne Rose
 [10/29 8:21:36AM]

Glitz ‘n’ Glam
Christine Polak
 [10/29 8:21:00AM]

Let’s Party Again!
Lisa Cleveland
 [10/29 8:20:46AM]

We’re here to for the cheer
Crystal gall
 [10/29 8:20:21AM]

Time for All things Glitter and Shine
Grace Young
 [10/29 8:20:11AM]

Snowflake Kisses
Andrea Sardinha
 [10/29 8:19:54AM]

Making Bright Spirits
Adele Danis
 [10/29 8:19:26AM]

Sparkly toes & mistletoes
Andrea Sardinha
 [10/29 8:19:06AM]

Social circle, not social distance!
Rachelle Douglas
 [10/29 8:17:27AM]

We are sparkle boss babes
Suzanne Kempton
 [10/29 8:17:23AM]

Glitter and Glam!
Theresa Sayers
 [10/29 8:17:18AM]

Let it glow
Amanda Wilson
 [10/29 8:16:58AM]

Ring in 2022
Andrea Sardinha
 [10/29 8:16:39AM]

Light up your evening wear
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [10/29 8:16:33AM]

Remember the days when we had a place to where these?!
Krista Dumas
 [10/29 8:14:42AM]

Christmas Sparkle
Carolyn Stewart
 [10/29 8:14:33AM]

Highlight your décolletage with pure elegance this holiday season
Tessa bouvier
 [10/29 8:13:55AM]

Jingle Bell Babes
 [10/29 8:13:21AM]

Sparkle and cheer, bring on the New Year!
Brayell Dengler
 [10/29 8:12:55AM]

Spirit of the Season
Trisha Tahouney
 [10/29 8:12:34AM]

Look Your Best in Christmas Glam!
Mary Vasko
 [10/29 8:11:26AM]

Merry and Bright
Brayell Dengler
 [10/29 8:11:19AM]

Chic & classy holiday dresses
Chantal Ethier
 [10/29 8:11:09AM]

Belles will be ringing!
Rana Thomas
 [10/29 8:10:14AM]

Let the holidays begin
Chantal ethier
 [10/29 8:10:13AM]

Here we come 2022
Karon Durand
 [10/29 8:10:04AM]

Sparkle and bright
Jessica Bracher
 [10/29 8:10:00AM]

Time to Sparkle and Shine!
Kate Rosenthal
 [10/29 8:08:47AM]

Make it a December to remember
Farrah Schmidt
 [10/29 8:08:29AM]

Ring in the holidays in all the ways
Nicole Doucet
 [10/29 8:06:36AM]

Glamour and Glitz Girls
Alisha Tatlock
 [10/29 8:06:34AM]

“Girls just wanna have fun!”
Veronica kish
 [10/29 8:06:32AM]

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
Sara Lawson
 [10/29 8:04:48AM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Lisa Stuart
 [10/29 8:04:41AM]

Cheers ladies! Here's to all of us boss babes!
Whitney Dillon
 [10/29 8:04:22AM]

Sip Sip Hooray! Finally celebrating holiday cheer!
Sara Brown
 [10/29 8:03:37AM]

Cheers to Better Years!
Kaija Riabov
 [10/29 8:02:23AM]

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