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Cozy Cardigan
September 13, 2019

Silver Icing Cozy Cardigan

Get the Look: Elaine is wearing the Young at Heart Cardigan (Oatmeal, S), Effortless Tank (White, S), Darkest Hour Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 3), Shoot for the Stars Hoops (Silver) and Change of Direction Necklace (Silver).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Cozy Cardigan

Get the Look: Elaine is wearing the Young at Heart Cardigan (Oatmeal, S), Effortless Tank (White, S), Darkest Hour Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 3), Shoot for the Stars Hoops (Silver) and Change of Direction Necklace (Silver).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Cozy Cardigan

Get the Look: Elaine is wearing the Young at Heart Cardigan (Black, S), Effortless Tank (White, S), Darkest Hour Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 3), Finest Hour Watch (Black), I Can & I Will Necklace (Rose Gold), Inspire Bracelet (Rose Gold) and Shoot for the Stars Hoops (Rose Gold).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Cozy Cardigan

Get the Look: Elaine is wearing the Young at Heart Cardigan (Black, S), Darkest Hour Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 3) and Shoot for the Stars Hoops (Rose Gold).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Cozy Cardigan

Get the Look: Elaine is wearing the Young at Heart Cardigan (Dark Mustard, S), Effortless Tank (White, S), Darkest Hour Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 3), Shoot for the Stars Hoops (Rose Gold) and In the Stars Gold Necklace (Gold).

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these cozy cardigans that feature two front pockets.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, September 15 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will get to select their choice of colour / size (Black, Oatmeal, Dark Mustard / XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL). This cardigan will Presale for $54.99 (Retail $59.00). Good luck! ♥️

*Elaine is wearing the size XS*

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Total of 700 Entries
Congratulations to Amy Tekatch, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Young at Heart Cardigan
Cozy To The Top
Celeste Kallis
 [09/15 8:59:42AM] Any color medium

Weekend whimsy cardigan
Melinda Jayne Gilmour
 [09/15 8:55:35AM] Oatmeal Large

Fireside toasty
Candice Bartlett
 [09/15 8:55:33AM] Oat /med

Can’t Get Comfier Cardi
Kriston Cote
 [09/15 8:23:21AM] Dark mustard, size XS

Cuddle cardi
Leanne Cassell
 [09/15 7:37:32AM] Black medium

Hug Me Cozy Cardi
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [09/15 7:36:39AM] Black size L

Get Cozy Cardi
Tracy Calver
 [09/15 7:30:08AM] Black, L

Wrapped in a Hug Cardigan
Sherrie Liedeman
 [09/15 7:13:29AM] Oatmeal XL

Snuggle and Spice
Kayla Smith
 [09/15 7:03:35AM] oatmeal, small

Shorter days cardi
Dana billett
 [09/15 6:29:16AM] Gold/yellow xs

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket Cardigan
Karen Hladych
 [09/15 6:22:35AM] Oatmeal Small

Work Hard Play Hard cardi
Ann Green
 [09/15 6:09:40AM] Oatmeal XS

Cozy comfort
Susan Drechsler
 [09/15 6:08:45AM] Black size small

Classy in my cardi
Lisa Nesbitt
 [09/15 5:43:55AM] Dark Mustard, Large

Warm hug cardi
Bev Pugsley
 [09/15 4:37:54AM] Oatmeal/L

"Cozy Cargo Cardigan", "Fall is in the Pocket"
Anita Starret
 [09/15 4:14:24AM] Oatmeal, Large

Scholarly Cardi, Teacher's Pet Cardi
Jessica Curran
 [09/15 12:54:34AM] Dark Mustard XL

Fall all over cardi. Falling into you cardigan. Crisp mornings Cardi.
Kristi Caron
 [09/14 11:43:55PM] Black large

Favoured Friend
Carla Niemi
 [09/14 11:09:52PM] Gold, Large

Carly Durnin
 [09/14 11:00:16PM] Large black

Comfort Zone Cardigan
Colleen McLellan
 [09/14 10:17:20PM] black/size small

Hold-me Cozy Cardigan
Marina Zimich
 [09/14 9:57:50PM] dark mustard in small

Alice Meilleur
 [09/14 9:25:47PM] Black XS

Backyardigan,,,, CWP(cardigan with pockets),,,
Michelle Gonsalves-Profeiro
 [09/14 9:22:02PM] Mustard Size Small

Snuggle Me In
Lori Shewan
 [09/14 9:20:25PM] Dark Mustard - size small

Put it in my pocket cardi
Karen Wallis
 [09/14 9:05:21PM] Oatmeal xs

Feeling Fall Vibes, Sunshine in my pocket, toasted Cardi, Cabin fever, Feelling fine,
Crystal Wilson
 [09/14 9:04:08PM] Dark Mustard 2XL

Sweater Weather Cardigan
Gabrielle Maltais
 [09/14 9:02:49PM] XL mustard

Fall into Cozy
Lindsay Kooger
 [09/14 8:51:11PM] Black XS

Fall is coming cardi
Denise Howat
 [09/14 8:26:59PM] Dark mustard size small

Not Your Grandpa’s Cardigan
Melissa Robertson
 [09/14 8:21:35PM] Oatmeal. XS

Cuffing Season Cardigan, Coupled Up Cardigan
Alicia Van Dyk
 [09/14 8:18:56PM] Yellow, small

Pocket Up
Laura Kent
 [09/14 8:04:35PM] Black large

On the go cardigan
Denise Howat
 [09/14 8:02:26PM] Dark mustard size small

Pocket Full of Cozy
Lexi seida
 [09/14 7:55:15PM] XL Mustard

Home comfort cozy sweater
Ramona Lang
 [09/14 7:50:03PM] Oatmeal - large.

West Coast Cardi
Jan Halushka
 [09/14 7:45:28PM] Oatmeal, size small

100% that CARDI
Lisa Moschonas
 [09/14 7:42:34PM] Mustard & small

Gotta have it cardigan
Josee Bazinet
 [09/14 7:38:39PM] Oatmeal size large

Corporate Comfort
Leilani Eckert
 [09/14 7:37:40PM] Oatmeal in Medium please!

Ready for the Fallidays Cardigan
Kara Leweni
 [09/14 7:36:44PM] Mustard 1xl

Cuddle up sweater
Gloria Jensen
 [09/14 7:29:06PM] Medium in mustard,

Cozy On Up
Selena Yates
 [09/14 7:26:52PM] Gold xs

Short and sassy cardi
Karen McCarville
 [09/14 7:25:43PM] Xl oatmeal

Feelin Cozy Cardigan
Heather Davies
 [09/14 7:23:28PM] Oatmeal Small

Pumpkin spice & everything nice
Natasha MacKinnon
 [09/14 7:12:38PM] Dark mustard & small

Harvest cardigan, pocket the cozy, toss the leaves cardigan, thankful for pockets cardi
Erin McCarthy
 [09/14 7:12:20PM] Mustard in xl

Cozy and starry nights cardi
Cara Rogers
 [09/14 7:04:06PM] Musturd - medium

Crazy for pockets cardigan , pockets for you cardigan, Best Cardi Pockets Down!, coziest cardi
Marilyn Newton
 [09/14 7:00:27PM] XXL dark mustard

Leafs you smiling cardigan
Caitlin Mann
 [09/14 6:57:21PM] Dark mustard small

Thanks it’s got pockets Cardi
Caitlin Mann
 [09/14 6:55:21PM] Dark mustard small

Fall in love with fall cardigan
Amanda Sauve
 [09/14 6:51:53PM] Black and large

The Bianca Cardigan
Kelly Porter
 [09/14 6:44:23PM] Black, Small

Love It A Latte Cardi
Kelly Porter
 [09/14 6:42:21PM] Black, Small

Be Like Bianca Cardi
Kelly Porter
 [09/14 6:41:04PM] Black, Small

Hello Fall Cardi
 [09/14 6:40:02PM] Black, Small

Sweater Weather
Kelly Porter
 [09/14 6:34:32PM] Black, Small

Sweet Caroline Cardigan
Kelly Porter
 [09/14 6:30:24PM] Black, Small

Fallen for you cardi
Julie Gilbert
 [09/14 6:28:28PM] Black xs

You’re my teddy bear
Aimee Proulx
 [09/14 5:37:37PM] Size large brown

Posh-ket cardi
Beth Mah
 [09/14 5:14:52PM] Mustard xl

Just in Case Cardigan
Amy Casimir
 [09/14 4:52:30PM] Dark Mustard Small

Be Cozy Cardigan
Rachelle Parsonage
 [09/14 4:36:56PM] Oatmeal & L

Bianca (after Bianca Andrescu Canada’s tennis champ)
Val Graf
 [09/14 4:18:00PM] Small oatmeal

Chic Comfort Cardigan
Melanie Rumley
 [09/14 4:11:51PM] Oatmeal, XS

Cozy up Cardigan, pocket cardigan
Heather Brown
 [09/14 3:56:31PM] Black large

Kookom* Sweater (grandmother in Cree*)
Gail Gosse
 [09/14 3:36:01PM] Beige - Medium

Classy Sassy sweater
Sue Tegart
 [09/14 3:13:33PM] The pumpkin colour medium

Wear it again cardigan
Jennifer Jones
 [09/14 2:43:43PM] Dark mustard, size small

leaves lattes and lazy days
Melissa Parks
 [09/14 2:38:31PM] Black XS

Comfy Cozy Cardigan
Tracy Calver
 [09/14 2:37:52PM] Black, L

‘Teach in me’ cardi
ronna parsons
 [09/14 2:17:34PM] black medium

CardiGet Cozy
Jessica Eben
 [09/14 2:17:33PM] Mustard, medium

Toasty Tea Cardigan
Michelle Mulder
 [09/14 2:16:50PM] Oatmeal, XS

Wool You Be Mine? Cardigan
Nicole Fraser
 [09/14 2:15:20PM] Size Medium Colour Oatmeal or Black

The Cardi Life
Tracy Calver
 [09/14 2:14:59PM] Black, size L

Cloud 9 Cardigan
Cindy Palmer
 [09/14 2:08:16PM] Black M

Coming up Cozy
Shari MacLellan
 [09/14 2:03:42PM] oATMEAL SMALL

Dalhousie Dream Cardigan
Alicia Knabenschuh
 [09/14 1:59:12PM] Oatmeal 2XL

Cabin days cardigan, falling leaves cardigan
Tamara Zaretski
 [09/14 1:56:12PM] Oatmeal large

Cuddle up cardi
Kristy DelGrosso
 [09/14 1:47:33PM] Mustard xs

Eight Ball in the Corner Pocket Cardigan
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 1:31:11PM] Oatmeal Small

Fall cozy coverup
Angela Ricketts
 [09/14 1:23:12PM] Mustard size large

Mary had a little sweater
Natasha Fisher
 [09/14 1:21:21PM] Oatmeal small

I truthfully cannot outname ANY OF THE SUGGESTIONS, but love all of them!
Edith Dagmar Redekop
 [09/14 1:20:57PM] In XL a dark Cardi would be my choice!

Hot Toddy Cardi
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 1:12:45PM] Oatmeal Small

Keep it Close Cardigan
Becky Tetreault
 [09/14 1:11:19PM] Dark Mustard, Large

Knit Happens Cardigan
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 1:09:41PM] Oatmeal Small

Fall La La La La Cardi
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 1:08:05PM] Oatmeal Small

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Cardi
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 12:56:34PM] Oatmeal Small

Leaf It To Me Cardigan, Chiling In Autumn Cardigan
Brittany Pasqualetto
 [09/14 12:30:43PM] Black 2XL

Leaf Me Out of It Cardi
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 12:21:55PM] Oatmeal Small

Warm ‘n Toasty, Cozy Comfort, Morning Snuggles
Maria Boonstra
 [09/14 12:19:44PM] Large black

Oh So Autumn Cardigan
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 12:19:07PM] Oatmeal Small

Fall all over you cardigan
Pam Walsh
 [09/14 12:10:29PM] dark mustard, med

Cute n Cozy Cardigan
Lesley Willford
 [09/14 12:05:23PM] Black 2XL

Comfy snuggles
Linda Assiginack
 [09/14 12:05:22PM] Black. Xxl

Cuddle Up and Cozy Cardigan
Kathryn Crystal
 [09/14 12:03:05PM] Medium Oat

It’s Fall Y’all Cardigan
Karen Hladych
 [09/14 11:52:03AM] Oatmeal Small

Simply Awesome Cardi !
Brenda Thorne
 [09/14 11:45:16AM] Black Medium

Hopelessly Versatile Cardign
Jenn Roth
 [09/14 11:42:42AM] Oat size small

Hooked on cozy
Jenn Roth
 [09/14 11:40:08AM] Oat size small

Casual Comfort Cardigan
Michelle Hefford
 [09/14 11:26:12AM] Black large

Lynda Dewit
 [09/14 11:20:44AM] s mustard

Lynda Dewit
 [09/14 11:20:21AM] s mustard

Making A Statement Cardi !!!
Kym Readman
 [09/14 11:19:35AM] Dark Mustard size XL please and thank you!!

Not So Basic Cardigan
Mandee Seaberly
 [09/14 11:11:43AM] Dark Mustard, xs

Autumn Perfection Cardi!!! or Fall Perfection Cardi !!!!
Kym Readman
 [09/14 11:09:02AM] Dark Mustard size XL please and thank you!!

Saturyay Cardigan, Sunday Funday Cardigan, Weekend is Cozy Cardigan, Cozy is Bliss Cardigan, Cozy Weekender Cardigan,
Jennifer Barone
 [09/14 10:50:41AM] Large Oatmeal

Change of season cardi
Angela Siemens
 [09/14 10:35:27AM] Oatmeal large

Autumn leaves cardi
Angela Siemens
 [09/14 10:34:00AM] Oatmeal large

Smartie cardi
Teryl Ziprick
 [09/14 10:26:38AM] XL DARK MUSTARD

Fall Casual Go To Cardigan
Carol Sieben
 [09/14 10:22:06AM] Oatmeal Large

Pockets Full of Cozy
Nicki Fraik
 [09/14 10:15:55AM] Oatmeal/small

Pick your Pocket Cardi; Autumn Comfort;
Caroline Bernard
 [09/14 10:12:48AM] Oatmeal, Medium

Cozy All Day Cardi
Diana Fournier
 [09/14 10:07:10AM] Black / Medium

Fireside Hotshot
Laura Eilers
 [09/14 9:56:19AM] Black 2XL

Crazy for Cozy Cardi
Trish Miller
 [09/14 9:55:13AM] Black S

Cuddle Me Cozy Cardi
Bailey Andrusiak
 [09/14 9:33:40AM] Beige Small

Time to get cozy cardi
Evonne Rohatinsky
 [09/14 9:22:38AM] Oatmeal/ M

Cozy and cuddley
Leigh Wells
 [09/14 9:19:48AM] XL tan or gold

Fall onto your arms
Monique Lieuwen
 [09/14 9:18:45AM] Mustard small

Wrap me up
Larissa Wudrick
 [09/14 9:18:02AM] Oatmeal medium

Cuddle up with me or wrap me in a hug
Norma Darnel
 [09/14 9:17:54AM] Beige L

Love me tender
Brenda Fisher
 [09/14 9:08:45AM] Black medium

Snug Bug Cardi
Nicole Netrefa
 [09/14 9:06:57AM] orange, medium

All the Feels Cardi
Roxanne Mascarenhas
 [09/14 9:05:48AM] Oatmeal medium

Snuggli Cardi
Roxanne Mascarenhas
 [09/14 8:58:40AM] Oatmeal medium

Fall over it; warm me up
Laura Green
 [09/14 8:58:39AM] Dark mustard/small

Love My Pockets
Joan Landry
 [09/14 8:44:10AM] Black , medium please.

Coveted Cardi
Christy Bergen
 [09/14 8:38:40AM] Cream coloured in medium.

CarZy CoMfy CarDy
Stephanie Nowaczyk
 [09/14 8:32:47AM] Oatmeal size small

Fall into fall
Chantelle Chandra
 [09/14 8:31:54AM] Medium mustard

Layer it on or layer me up
 [09/14 8:30:12AM] Mustard Medium

CraZy CoMfy CarDi
Stephanie Nowaczyk
 [09/14 8:30:00AM] All

'Snug in pockets cardi'
Alison Lystiuk
 [09/14 8:29:44AM] Size small and blue

CraZy CoMy CarDy
Stephanie Nowaczyk
 [09/14 8:27:57AM] All ?

Go to Cardi
 [09/14 8:26:03AM] Large black ?

Comfy, cozy Cardi. Cozy on up Cardi.
Hilda Dyck
 [09/14 8:25:07AM] Black. Small

Touch of Class Cardi
Dawn Terry
 [09/14 8:21:57AM] Oatmeal size small

"Falling for fall"
Katelin Wilson
 [09/14 8:20:31AM] Orange medium

It's in the Cardi
Lisa Cornell
 [09/14 8:20:07AM] Large Orange

Cardi B Cozy
Kristin Marchand
 [09/14 8:16:55AM] Oatmeal, Large

Fall Into Place
Rona Tepper
 [09/14 8:16:36AM] Oatmeal size small please:)

Pockets full of comfort Cardi
Kristin Marchand
 [09/14 8:15:57AM] Oatmeal - Large

Falling in love cardigan
Patricia Carruthers
 [09/14 8:12:10AM] XL oatmeal

Fall into it Cardigan
Lindy Schneider
 [09/14 8:05:22AM] Dark Mustard & XS

Pocket Like it's Hot
Stephanie Gould
 [09/14 7:59:17AM] Mustard, XL

Warm Your Heart cardigan
Jennifer Sebok
 [09/14 7:58:05AM] Black, small

Cuddle me up cardigan
Véronique Ménard
 [09/14 7:39:13AM] Black medium

Falling for Me Cardi
Jennifer Anderson
 [09/14 7:37:11AM] Oat Medium

Fun for "F'all" Cardi
Vickie Bath
 [09/14 7:26:32AM] Mustard Size Large

Fall Submersion
Kari Cartwright
 [09/14 7:26:02AM] Mustard 2XL

Savvy Sister Cardigan
Nevada Hewitt
 [09/14 7:12:08AM] XS dark mustard

Comfort Basic Cardigan, Get Closer Cardigan, Cuddle Up Cardigan and Cozy Cardigan, Cozy Basic Cardigan.
Danielle Butterwick
 [09/14 7:07:53AM] Black & S

My new cover up
Trudy jones
 [09/14 7:06:26AM] Black xl

Easy Street Cardigan
Lauralee Simms
 [09/14 7:03:50AM] Black L

Simple warmth
Joyce Sunde
 [09/14 6:52:10AM] CD oatmeal

Falling hard cardi
Cindy Binette
 [09/14 6:44:23AM] Dark Mustard L

Fall for it
Sara Cope
 [09/14 6:32:17AM] Blue, large

Fall Fave Cardi, You’ve Got It Covered Cardi/Cardigan, Top It Off Cardi/Cardigan
Andrea Hennel
 [09/14 6:29:12AM] Dark Mustard XS

My bliss
Anna Young
 [09/14 6:26:37AM] Black large

Play"fall" pockets cardi
Jennifer Thomas
 [09/14 5:42:59AM] Dark mustard, small

Perfect for fall cardigan
Ashleigh Mather
 [09/14 5:28:52AM] Oatmeal and small

Southern comfort, all the feels cardigan
Tina cimaglia
 [09/14 5:21:00AM] Extra small, mustard

O So Cozy
Maureen Lowden
 [09/14 4:52:48AM] Burnt Orange, Large

Tweed & victory
Amanda Frost
 [09/14 4:43:43AM] Oatmeal and small

Fireplace cozy
Katrina crouch
 [09/14 4:29:29AM] Oat and med

Rock the Pockets Cardigan
Julie Brooks
 [09/14 1:08:30AM] Dark mustard M

"Two is better than one"
Gabrielle Wolfe
 [09/14 12:49:09AM] Oatmeal size small

Get This Cardi Started
Jenn Haviland
 [09/14 12:21:38AM] Black XL

Housewarming Cardi
Jenn Haviland
 [09/14 12:12:51AM] Black xL

Life of the Cardi
Jenn Haviland
 [09/14 12:12:21AM] Black xl

Cardi Animal
Jenn Haviland
 [09/14 12:08:31AM] Black XL

Cozy Cardi
Vanessa Foster
 [09/13 11:41:13PM] Black XL

It's Fall Y'all Cardi
Ashley Foulon
 [09/13 11:30:43PM] Black & 2XL

Artisan Cardigan, bipartisan cardigan, I heartie my cardie, not so tardy cardi, the guardian cardigan
Shawna Kowalchuk
 [09/13 11:27:55PM] Black-Large

Autumn Breeze Cardigan
Ashley Foulon
 [09/13 11:27:49PM] Black & 2XL

"Sweater Weather" Cardi
Ashley Foulon
 [09/13 11:26:07PM] Black & 2XL

Fall into cardi
Ashley Foulon
 [09/13 11:19:57PM] Black & 2XL

Warm hug Cardi
Larissa Warford
 [09/13 11:03:27PM] Oatmeal size M

Autumn Begins Cardigan
Haley Boland
 [09/13 10:57:23PM] Black XL please

100% that cozy cardi
Amanda Davis
 [09/13 10:39:36PM] Oatmeal Xl

Tina Searcy
 [09/13 10:32:23PM] Beige large

Keep me Cozy Cardigan
Marion Yun
 [09/13 10:28:54PM] Mustard size Large

Feelin' Fine Cardi, Fall Heart Cardi, Cardilicious Cardi, Fall in to Autumn Cardi, Turn over a new Cardi
Selinda Lye
 [09/13 10:28:40PM] Black XL

Campfire Casual
Santana Oommen
 [09/13 10:26:19PM] xs Mustard

Snuggle me cozy cardigan
Marion Yun
 [09/13 10:26:10PM] Mustard in Large

Snuggle Into Fall
Chantel McArthur
 [09/13 10:22:02PM] Black & Size L

All wrapped up
Heather Dailey Johnson
 [09/13 10:18:22PM] Black 2xl

Miami Nice sweater
Sabrina Chapman
 [09/13 10:18:03PM] Dark mustard medium

Cozy into me cardi
Jocelyn Sarver
 [09/13 10:17:26PM] Dark mustard L

Pocket Full of Cardigan
Brianna McRae
 [09/13 10:16:11PM] Black - large ?

Fall Girl Cardi, Fall Flare Cardi, Flaunting Fall Cardi
Selinda Lye
 [09/13 10:12:47PM] Black XL

Comfy cozy cardi
Deborah Elliott
 [09/13 10:07:31PM] Dark mustard 2xl

It's Fall Y' all Cardigan
Susan Schmidt
 [09/13 9:55:37PM] Oatmeal 2x

Cardi B Blazer
Willene Hasenkox
 [09/13 9:51:47PM] Beige XL.

4 the love of Cardi
Danielle Baker
 [09/13 9:39:43PM] Oatmeal Large

Nana cardi
Maria Siritoudis
 [09/13 9:36:50PM] Brown (lg)

Tecia Beulens
 [09/13 9:36:45PM] M oat

Here we go cardi
Tanya Odelein
 [09/13 9:20:55PM] Black or oatmeal size xs

Fall in Love cardigan
Lori Bramah
 [09/13 9:20:47PM] Black large

Cozy Cardi
Leah Reimer
 [09/13 9:19:49PM] Dark Mustard -Medium

Let’s pocket around cardigan
Tia fredsberg
 [09/13 9:17:05PM] Oatmeal medium

Fireside cardi
Nicole Burchell
 [09/13 9:10:04PM] Oatmeal, m

Sweater weather cardi
Nicole Burchell
 [09/13 9:09:18PM] Mustard, m

Cut the cable cardi
Nicole Burchell
 [09/13 9:08:47PM] Black, m

Party cardi
Nicole Burchell
 [09/13 9:07:58PM] Oatmeal, m

In Your Arms Cardi
Fenna Poelzer
 [09/13 8:53:08PM] Dark mustard Large please

Pockets full of love cardigan
Terri Grey
 [09/13 8:52:50PM] Black and size medium.

Falling for you cardi, snuggle next to me cardi
Carrie Bell
 [09/13 8:49:27PM] Mustard or Oatmeal size medium (I think)

Cozy me up cardi, Falling for you cardi, snuggle next to me cardi
Carrie Bell
 [09/13 8:48:39PM] Mustard or Oatmeal size medium (I think)

Dreamin of you cardi
 [09/13 8:42:54PM] Size large dark mustard

Stay Classy Cardi
Lana Prall
 [09/13 8:42:12PM] Mustard large

The boss
 [09/13 8:42:08PM] Dark mustard in small

Komfy Karen kardigan
Jennifer Jackson
 [09/13 8:41:05PM] Black, 2xl

Cozy Me Up Sweater
Alice Meilleur
 [09/13 8:39:33PM] Black XS

Cuddle Cardi
Veronique Dube
 [09/13 8:24:39PM] Black large

It's all about comfort cardigan, cozy weekend cardi, Pocket full of warmth cardigan
Terri Grey
 [09/13 8:06:06PM] Black and size medium

Wrap around me Cardigan
Angela Rodgers
 [09/13 8:05:23PM] Black large

The London Look
Carol Collison
 [09/13 7:57:29PM] Oat size medium.

Keep It Kozy Cardigan
Sarah McIntyre
 [09/13 7:47:41PM] Black Large

It’s all in the Pocket Cardi
Linnea Hannigan
 [09/13 7:43:46PM] Black | Med

In the pocket Cardigan
Lucia Terlouw
 [09/13 7:38:12PM] mustard xs

Snuggles with Pockets Cardi, Fall into Cozy Cardi
Lucia Terlouw
 [09/13 7:24:31PM] mustard xs

Falling for you cardigan
Erin Legare
 [09/13 7:23:09PM] Black XL

Snuggle Up Pocketed Cardi, Pockets full of Cozies Cardi
Lucia Terlouw
 [09/13 7:19:46PM] mustard xs

Cozy on up; fall into cozy
 [09/13 7:19:37PM] Xl, black

Keeping if cardinal
Holly Pinto
 [09/13 7:17:32PM] Cream, XL

Granddad's Cozy Cardi
Lauren James
 [09/13 7:10:02PM] Oatmeal XL

Thankful for coziness cardigan
Molly Bennet
 [09/13 7:09:54PM] Dark mustard, XL

Cozy up Cardi
Gale Andrews
 [09/13 7:08:55PM] Black, 3xl

Start the car-digan!
Holly Pinto
 [09/13 7:08:39PM] Cream, XL

Effortless Comfort Cardigan
Wendy Sharp
 [09/13 7:07:27PM] Oatmeal, Large

Fall into Fall Cardi
Lindsey Hoar
 [09/13 6:58:00PM] 2XL black

Pumpkin Patch Cardigan
Susan Schmidt
 [09/13 6:56:54PM] Oatmeal 2xl

Fall into me cardi
Kelsey caston
 [09/13 6:55:02PM] M- dark mustard

Pocket Full of Cozies
Shauna Lehmann
 [09/13 6:51:01PM] Oatmeal 2XL

Won’t you be my neighbour cardigan
Zoe hemphill
 [09/13 6:50:03PM] Black size large

The Real Cardi-al
Shauna Lehmann
 [09/13 6:49:01PM] Oatmeal 2XL

Warm & Toasty autumn cardigan
Hailey St Amour
 [09/13 6:48:15PM] Black size large

Fall into me Sweater
Kaitlyn Trinca
 [09/13 6:47:46PM] Medium - light brown/tan or black!

Fall into Comfort Cardi
Susan Schmidt
 [09/13 6:45:22PM] Oatmeal 2xl

Wool you be mine cardigan
Nicole Fraser
 [09/13 6:42:12PM] Black, m

Pullover! No it's a Cardigan
Nicole Freake
 [09/13 6:28:15PM] Oat, medium

Cozy Cuddler Cardi
Nicole Freake
 [09/13 6:27:42PM] Dark mustard, medium

Cuddle Up Cardi
Carrie Osborne
 [09/13 6:27:18PM] Black x/l

Carolyne Park
 [09/13 6:24:40PM] Black small

Call me cozy cardigan
Natalie wall
 [09/13 6:17:55PM] Dark mustard M

Autumn warmth
Luann By
 [09/13 6:14:35PM] Mustard in medium

Autumn warmth
 [09/13 6:13:56PM] Medium black

Cozy up to me cardigan
Barbara Paul
 [09/13 6:06:22PM] Oatmeal and small

Cardi B...eautiful!
Tracey hawley
 [09/13 6:04:52PM] Black small

Not Your Grandpa's Cardigan
Allison Treble
 [09/13 6:02:14PM] Mustard m or l depending on fit.

cozy cardigan
tracy elmsley
 [09/13 5:58:53PM] mustard xl

Perfect pocket cardi
Tanis Twiddy
 [09/13 5:56:24PM] Black M

Free Fallin’ cardi
Tanis Twiddy
 [09/13 5:54:55PM] Mustard M

Cosy Cardi
 [09/13 5:54:20PM] Black small

Curl up cardi
Kyra Schultz
 [09/13 5:53:17PM] Medium mustard

Paige McConnell
 [09/13 5:52:09PM] Dark mustard. Medium.

Cozy cardi
Lisa Falls
 [09/13 5:51:42PM] Beige, medium

Eleni gitersos
 [09/13 5:51:29PM] Black XL

Can’t hold me in sweater
Laura Gray
 [09/13 5:50:14PM] Black large

Run Away Cardi
Angèle deBoer
 [09/13 5:40:05PM] Dark Mustard large

Just cas u l cardi
Cindy Bird
 [09/13 5:35:31PM] Size large oatmeal

Fall Classic Cozy Sweater
Kelly Combdon
 [09/13 5:30:36PM] Black - Medium

Autumn Mood
Rita Wouters
 [09/13 5:30:00PM] Oatmeal & small

Casually Cozy cardigan
Lisa Funk
 [09/13 5:27:46PM] Oat large

Cardi Like a Rockstar
Bettina Allen
 [09/13 5:27:15PM] Black, XL

Warm Me Up Cardi
Jennifer Durasin
 [09/13 5:23:42PM] Black, small

Fall into You Cardi
Jennifer Durasin
 [09/13 5:22:38PM] Oatmeal, small

Kimber Dawn
Kim Hladun
 [09/13 5:22:37PM] Small - Mustard

Calling for Cardi sweater
Kristen O'Hanley
 [09/13 5:21:23PM] Black l/g- xlg

Teacher's Favourite
Elizabeth Clark
 [09/13 5:09:28PM] Oatmeal & large

Daily Cardigan
Michelle Blake
 [09/13 5:08:05PM] Oatmeal XS

Correction: don’t Leaf me behind cardigan
Natasha mayes
 [09/13 5:05:04PM] Oatmeal large

Pockets full of cozy cardigan
Cassandra Stevens
 [09/13 5:04:23PM] Dark mustard XS

Autumn glory cardigan, Autumn sunset cardi, Don’t Leaf me begins cardigan
Natasha mayes
 [09/13 5:04:14PM] Oatmeal large

Everything’s better with pockets cardigan
Lisa Betts
 [09/13 5:04:14PM] Oatmeal medium

Sorry, not sorry Cardi
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [09/13 5:04:05PM] Oatmeal medium

Yes please cardi
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [09/13 5:03:38PM] Oatmeal medium

After 8 Cardigan, The Weekender Cardi, The Blanket Cardigan
Shannon Tersigni
 [09/13 5:02:51PM] oatmeal, small

Double trouble cardigan
Lisa Betts
 [09/13 5:01:30PM] Oatmeal medium

Pockets of fun
Kayleigh Anderson
 [09/13 4:58:40PM] Small mustard

Fall Bliss Cardi, Cool Vibes Cardi
Lana Dobrinski
 [09/13 4:57:43PM] Mustard & Large

Just so Cardi in Love, Literary Life Cardigan, English Professor Cardigan, Pocket Perfection Cardi
Jessica Bustard
 [09/13 4:57:07PM] Mustard, large

Easy Livin’ Cardi
Sara Lotter
 [09/13 4:54:09PM] Oatmeal XL

Fall Cozy
Janelle Lawrence
 [09/13 4:54:09PM] Black XL

Twin peaks cardigan
Kristy Unruh
 [09/13 4:53:05PM] Black & XL

Cardi Chic
Cheryl Weir
 [09/13 4:50:18PM] Mustard Small

This is bliss
Lisa Stephenson
 [09/13 4:47:43PM] Black large

"Cardi Be Cozy" Cardigan
Catherine Walsh
 [09/13 4:46:08PM] Caramel? color...size XS

This Cardi B Cozy AF
Robena Baynton
 [09/13 4:42:31PM] Oat, size medium

Jackie ohanley
 [09/13 4:20:13PM] Blue and small

Fall into Cozy Cardigan
Jolene McLeod
 [09/13 4:19:06PM] Oat, size Medium

Cool Nights Cardigan
Nicole Mason-Zimmerman
 [09/13 4:18:41PM] Tan Black Copper XS-XL

Pockets full of cozy
joanne dondale
 [09/13 4:15:27PM] m dark mustard

Hands in my pockets
Valerie Costello
 [09/13 4:14:38PM] Oatmeal size m

Fall Explorer Cardi
Jennifer Daeninck
 [09/13 4:05:44PM] Black 2xl

Catch a cozy Cardi
Jennifer Daeninck
 [09/13 4:02:35PM] Black 2xl

Grand-daddy Cardi
Kathy Pirone
 [09/13 4:01:08PM] Mustard XL

Cuddle me close cardi
Jennifer Daeninck
 [09/13 4:00:00PM] Black 2xl

Cozy comfort Cardigan
Anita Lee
 [09/13 3:57:54PM] Oatmeal Size L

Pick a Pocket
Kaitlin Lord
 [09/13 3:54:00PM] Oatmeal Large

Not Your Nana’s Cardi
Victoria Melbourne
 [09/13 3:47:33PM] Dark mustard- mdm

Fall in the City Cardi
Lisa Kelly
 [09/13 3:46:44PM] Oatmeal; Small

Long sleeve fall open cozy cardi
Marnie Allen
 [09/13 3:45:43PM] Small oatmeal

cozy fall stroll cardigan
Lillian Squires
 [09/13 3:45:20PM] black, xl

Everyday cardi,
Jolene stewart
 [09/13 3:41:43PM] Mustard yellow xl/1x

Fall flare, fall fun, soft and sweet, cozy cuddle
Gina Bergman
 [09/13 3:39:57PM] Oatmeal med

Pocket Full of Fall Cardi
Amanda Asturias
 [09/13 3:38:57PM] Dark Mustard Medium

Susan in honour of my aunt in hospital on her last days. She loves wearing warm sweaters
Joanne Godin
 [09/13 3:38:52PM] Oatmeal medium

It Has Pockets! Cardigan
Jennifer Konyha
 [09/13 3:36:21PM] Black Large

One Hand in My Pocket, Pocket Love, It Has Pockets, Perfect Pocket
Jessie Deyo
 [09/13 3:28:52PM] Mustard in Medium

Sarah Hiltz
 [09/13 3:28:22PM] Oat size small

Cozy Cardigan
Stesha Beischer
 [09/13 3:25:22PM] grey XL

Creature of Comfort Cardi
Sarah Skillen
 [09/13 3:24:28PM] Mustard/medium

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Marg Harper
 [09/13 3:20:24PM] Oatmeal XL

Cuddle Me Cozy Cardigan
Liz Roy
 [09/13 3:18:10PM] Oat large

Totally Fall Cardigan!
Vanessa Rolfe
 [09/13 3:17:53PM] Black size large

Let's Cardigan all the way!
Vanessa Rolfe
 [09/13 3:12:10PM] Black size large

Falling for you cardi
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [09/13 3:10:38PM] Dark mustard in medium

Has pockets cardigan
Jaycille Neville
 [09/13 3:08:39PM] 2XL in mustard

Back to basics cardi
Michelle Kenny
 [09/13 3:02:08PM] Black xl

Falling for You Cardi
Kerri-Anne Gundersen
 [09/13 3:01:47PM] Oatmeal XS

Fall into you Cardi
BJ Kitt
 [09/13 3:00:57PM] Black in xl

Fall Around You Cardi
Jennifer Durasin
 [09/13 3:00:03PM] Oatmeal Small

Feel me fall in love cardi
Melissa Short
 [09/13 2:59:57PM] Size Small & Mustard

Embracing Fall Cardi
Jennifer Surasin
 [09/13 2:59:00PM] Black Small

Keep me warm and cozy cardi
Melissa Short
 [09/13 2:58:58PM] Size Small & Mustard

Falling for you !
Sherri Coldwell
 [09/13 2:57:52PM] Black medium

Fall into Cozy Cardi
Melissa Short
 [09/13 2:57:34PM] Size Small & Mustard

That Cozy Cardi Vibes
Melissa Short
 [09/13 2:56:47PM] Size Small & Mustard

In or out cozy Cardi!
Kim Searle-McGrath
 [09/13 2:52:01PM] Dark Mustard 2xl

envelope me
Dianna korol
 [09/13 2:44:51PM] Oatmeal large

Fancy cozy
Jacynthe Fournier
 [09/13 2:43:39PM] Oat xl

Country comfort
Mélissa Forsyth
 [09/13 2:40:54PM] Harvest gold and XL

Snuggle me autumn cardi
Maria orosz
 [09/13 2:40:15PM] Black large

Fall snuggles cardigan
Jessica Main
 [09/13 2:32:48PM] Oatmeal medium

Wear it Warm
Donna Hancock
 [09/13 2:28:00PM] Medium in Oatmeal

Babes With Carditude
Lisa DaCosta
 [09/13 2:25:37PM] Small mustard

Fall Feels
 [09/13 2:25:04PM] M Black

Wrap me up cardi
Rebekah Pannell
 [09/13 2:24:39PM] Black, Large

Fall into it cardigan
Rebekah Pannell
 [09/13 2:23:08PM] Black! Large :)

Cardi B Cozy
Kali Bernst
 [09/13 2:22:34PM] Mustard Sm/Med

Cozy in Love
Kali Bernst
 [09/13 2:21:10PM] Mustard sm/med

Keep it Cozy
Kali Bernst
 [09/13 2:20:30PM] Mustard Small/medium

Walking through the seasons cardi
Shaylene mancin
 [09/13 2:17:58PM] Beige XL

Autumn splendor
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/13 2:17:02PM] Oatmeal small

Sweater weather cardi
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/13 2:14:20PM] Oatmeal small

Autumn Comfort Cardigan
Kim reisig
 [09/13 2:13:58PM] Dark mustard

Fall breeze autumn leaves cardi
Sonja Vanderwood
 [09/13 2:13:17PM] Mustard small

Autumn Classic Cardigan
Kim Reisig
 [09/13 2:12:37PM] Dark mustard small

Knit wit cardi
Lyndsy Wendorf
 [09/13 2:12:17PM] Oat xs

Kalm&Kozy Cardigan
Laurie Collazzo
 [09/13 2:04:45PM] Large Black

Cardi All Night Long
Bettina Allen
 [09/13 2:03:42PM] Black XL

Chunky Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 2:01:41PM] Black small

It's a Staple Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:59:04PM] Oatmeal small

I Need This In My Life Cardigan
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:58:21PM] Oatmeal small

The Only Cardi You'll Ever Need
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:56:51PM] Black small

Snuggle me up
Jessi senkoe
 [09/13 1:55:26PM] Black & Med

Boyfriend Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:54:35PM] Oatmeal small

You Can Never Have Too Many Cardigans
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:52:19PM] Black small

Seasonal Bliss
Krista Pike
 [09/13 1:49:47PM] Xl black

THE Perfect Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:49:17PM] Black small

Cozi Cardi
Kerri-Anne Gundersen
 [09/13 1:48:53PM] Black, Sm / XS

Grab & Go Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:48:41PM] Oatmeal small

Cardigan mustard
Bea langeweg
 [09/13 1:48:06PM] Mustard. Size XL

Easy Breezy Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:47:47PM] Oatmeal small

Perfectly Cozy Cardigan
Jaylene Blum
 [09/13 1:47:38PM] S mustard

Pocket full of fall cardigan
Alisha Thompson
 [09/13 1:47:11PM] Black Large

Get Your Cozy Cadi On
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:45:45PM] Black small

Cozy shack Cardi
Sherry Wideman
 [09/13 1:44:25PM] Black small

Wrapped In Comfort Cardi
Tracy Howitt
 [09/13 1:42:28PM] Black, small

To do? Not Today!
Annaise Coote
 [09/13 1:41:08PM] XL black

Short yet sweet cardi
Christa Skwarchuk
 [09/13 1:41:01PM] M black

Cardi Me Up
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:37:21PM] Oatmeal small

Keeping Up With The Kardigans
Kelly Stover
 [09/13 1:36:28PM] Dark Mustard medium

Just Dive Right in Cardi
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:36:09PM] Black small

Cozy shakes cardigan
Ish Sehmbey
 [09/13 1:34:47PM] Oat x-small

Wrap Me Up Cardigan
Katie Gasemy
 [09/13 1:34:19PM] Oatmeal small

Crush me Cardi
 [09/13 1:32:48PM] Oatmeal -L

Fall Over You Cardigan
Karen Otsig
 [09/13 1:32:43PM] Dark Mustard, Size M

Cozy up cardigan
Randi cookson
 [09/13 1:25:54PM] Beige xs

Hand in my pocket(s)
Jena Ryan
 [09/13 1:24:49PM] Size M, dark mustard

Cynthia Dreier
 [09/13 1:21:18PM] Black Large

Cozy Days Cardi, Relax Retreat Cardi, Warm Wecome Cardi, Sweet Retreat Cardi,
Kelly Ford
 [09/13 1:19:58PM] Black large

Fall Breeze
Samantha Johnson
 [09/13 1:18:09PM] Mustard large

Spice up your life Cardi
Lisa Van de Kerckhove
 [09/13 1:15:13PM] Oatmeal XL

Fall into comfort cardi
Cara Huseby
 [09/13 1:13:22PM] XS oatmeal

Embrace falling in love cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:13:22PM] Black medium

Cozy Shack
 [09/13 1:12:04PM] Black small

Embrace me cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:11:53PM] Black medium

Weather it’s cozy or pockets cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:10:28PM] Mustard medium

Cozy about you cardigan
Sherry Wideman
 [09/13 1:10:04PM] Black Small

Like me a lot cardigan
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:08:39PM] Black medium

Hold my hand in my pockets cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:08:01PM] Black medium

Think of me cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:04:37PM] Black medium

Fall for you Cardi
Gina Colombe
 [09/13 1:04:06PM] Oatmeal in large

Crotch me fall love cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:03:51PM] Black medium

Goes with everything cardigan
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:02:17PM] Black medium

Roll With Me Cardigan
Ashley Heggs
 [09/13 1:01:35PM] Oatmeal. XS.

Wear Me Close cardigan
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 1:00:11PM] Oatmeal medium

Choose me cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:58:04PM] Black medium

Fallen close to you cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:56:30PM] Mustard medium

Yvonne haggard
 [09/13 12:55:16PM] Black medium

Like you a latte cardigan
Diana Unger
 [09/13 12:53:56PM] Mustard in large

“Won’t you be MY neighbor” cardigan
Melissa LaPlante
 [09/13 12:52:35PM] Black XL

Fall for Me Cardi
Mariann Edmunds
 [09/13 12:51:11PM] Oatmeal size XL

Cozy Up Cardi
Brittany Smith
 [09/13 12:50:36PM] Large Dark Mustard

Cardi Me Cardigan
Diana Unger
 [09/13 12:50:15PM] Mustard size large

Everyone needs pockets cardigan
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:49:23PM] Oatmeal medium

Comfy cozy cardigan
Diana Unger
 [09/13 12:48:50PM] Large in mustard colour

Cozy Up Cardi
Angela MacKenzie
 [09/13 12:48:05PM] Taupe 2 or 3xl

Just chillin’
Diana Unger
 [09/13 12:47:51PM] Large in mustard colour

Curl up with me
Jenna Paradis
 [09/13 12:47:46PM] Black L

Cozy Up Cardi
Shannon Seward
 [09/13 12:46:14PM] Black 2X

GGS- girl got swag
Amanda McCormick
 [09/13 12:46:13PM] Beige size medium

The cardigo
Natalie Dunlop
 [09/13 12:44:07PM] Oatmeal & large

Falling for you cardigan
Lesley Gilbert
 [09/13 12:44:02PM] Beige large

Pockets of Fall Cardi
Tammy Flynn
 [09/13 12:43:46PM] Oatmeal/medium

Sweater weather cardigan
Mallory Chambers
 [09/13 12:41:42PM] M oatmeal

Knit happens cardigan
Mallory chambers
 [09/13 12:40:56PM] M oatmeal

Classic Chic Cardi
Kayla Lutz
 [09/13 12:40:53PM] Oatmeal small

Mallory Chambers
 [09/13 12:39:47PM] M OATMEAL

Cozy on Over Cardigan
Rachel Tourville
 [09/13 12:38:37PM] XL, Dark Mustard

Midday Snack Cardigan
Sandi Hillier
 [09/13 12:38:26PM] Beige xL

Harvest Moon Cardi
Sheena-Rae Phillippe
 [09/13 12:37:03PM] Dark Mustard & Large

Can’t leaf the house Without cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:34:58PM] Oatmeal medium

Full of fall leaf Cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:33:48PM] Black medium

Come a little closer cardi
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:32:28PM] Oat small

Snuggle up cardigan
 [09/13 12:32:00PM] Oat small

Cardi up close
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:31:44PM] Mustard medium

I Like You a Latte Cardigan
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:31:22PM] Mustard Large

Can’t go wrong cardigan
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:30:31PM] Oat small

Pocket Full of Fall Sunshine Cardigan
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:30:28PM] Mustard Large

Pockets full of love cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:30:15PM] black medim

Pocket Full of Sunshine Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:29:55PM] Mustard Large

Knit Me Warm for Fall Cardi
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:29:35PM] Mustard medium

We should probably cuddle now cardi
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:28:46PM] Oat small

Snug as a bug cardigan
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:28:09PM] Oat small

Sweater Weather Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:28:05PM] Mustard Large

Cuddle up cardi
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:27:21PM] Oat small

Fireside glow cardigan
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:26:49PM] Oat small

Fall for the crochet way
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:26:20PM] White Medium

Let’s cuddle s’more cardi
Stacey Firth
 [09/13 12:26:05PM] Oat small

Pick Your Pocket Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:25:55PM] Mustard Large

Pockets Full of Sunshine Cardigan
Faith Johnson
 [09/13 12:25:15PM] Dark Mustard/S

Breath of Fall Air Cardigan
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:24:55PM] Mustard Large

Cuddle Me Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:23:59PM] Mustard Large

Crochet Me Tightly
Courtney Parker
 [09/13 12:23:23PM] Black & Medium

Sweet As Honey Cardigan
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:23:23PM] Mustard Large

Baby It’s Cold Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:22:47PM] Mustard Large

Fall Into Winter Cardi
Brooke Derksen
 [09/13 12:21:46PM] Mustard Large

Harvest moon cardigan
Kristen martens
 [09/13 12:21:38PM] Black medium

Cozy up cardigan
Kristen martens
 [09/13 12:18:47PM] Oat medium

Everyday’s a cardi, cardi
Breanna Frank
 [09/13 12:15:23PM] Mustard, M

Apples in the Orchard Cardigan
Kim Dilney
 [09/13 12:14:50PM] Mustard XL

Fall into cuddles cardi
Breanna Frank
 [09/13 12:13:34PM] Mustard, M

Fall Flavours Cardi
Barb Courteen-Nurse
 [09/13 12:13:11PM] Mustard L

Snuggle Me Softly Cardi
Kim Dilney
 [09/13 12:12:26PM] Mustard XL

Fall in love with Winter Cardigan
Shannon Stenson
 [09/13 12:12:16PM] Black medium

Fall in Love Cardi
Kim Dilney
 [09/13 12:11:28PM] Mustard XL

Oh autumn cardi
Braelyn Taks
 [09/13 12:09:53PM] Brown xl

Pumpkin spice cardi
Michelle Hymers
 [09/13 12:09:30PM] Black large

Keep you cozy cardi
Amanda Rose
 [09/13 12:07:40PM] Beige or black in XL

Swaddle me
Cindy Mazan
 [09/13 12:06:32PM] Lg black

love them
Eileen Randell
 [09/13 12:06:20PM] Black size 1x

Beautiful love to win
Eileen Randell
 [09/13 12:05:29PM] Black size 1x

Harvest moon
Brenda Semko
 [09/13 12:05:13PM] Xl mustard

Cardi P
Lacey Siemens
 [09/13 12:04:14PM] Beige & Medium

Cozy up crisp
Cheryl Galbraith
 [09/13 12:02:53PM] Oat small

cozylicious cardigan
Katie Chypyha
 [09/13 12:02:49PM] brown/beige Lg

You had me at Cardigan
Kristin barnes
 [09/13 12:02:03PM] Black xl

Fall in love cardi
Jaimi Skelly
 [09/13 12:00:38PM] Black Medium

Pocket me up and go cardigan
Sarah Chapman
 [09/13 12:00:29PM] Dark Mustard & small

Cozy up Crispy
Cheryl Galbraith
 [09/13 11:59:31AM] Oat small

Border open cardigan
Vanessa barry
 [09/13 11:56:51AM] Tan and size xl

Fall into fashion cardigan
 [09/13 11:55:51AM] Large black

Start cozy cardi
Maggi Bruce
 [09/13 11:52:43AM] Brown

I’m feeling comfy cozy
Meghan Friesen
 [09/13 11:48:23AM] Small black

Cuddle me softy cardigan
Jamie Fogen
 [09/13 11:48:16AM] Black / 2xl

Snug as a bug cardi
Deanna White
 [09/13 11:45:19AM] Oat medium

Day to night cardi
Jasmine Knutson
 [09/13 11:44:19AM] Black large

Layers of Fall Cardigan
Catherine Williams
 [09/13 11:43:02AM] Oat, Size M

Autumn Comfort
Danielle Landreault
 [09/13 11:42:57AM] Black 3x

A cozy hug cardigan
Susan Clarke
 [09/13 11:42:00AM] Oat, XL

Wrapped and Ready Cardi!
Stacey Flint
 [09/13 11:41:05AM] Oat, small

Nicole Benoit
 [09/13 11:40:40AM] Small Oat

FALL in love Cardigan
Lauren Aktkinson
 [09/13 11:39:41AM] Oat XL

Rochelle Sammel
 [09/13 11:38:10AM] Black, XL

Autumn Vibes Cardi
Mandy MacWilliams
 [09/13 11:36:51AM] Black large

Coffee date cardigan
Hanna Bryant
 [09/13 11:34:47AM] Dark mustard xs

Can’t help falling in love
Jaime-lyn Bouffard
 [09/13 11:34:05AM] Oat/Large

One Hand In My Pocket Cardi
Lesley Skinner
 [09/13 11:33:43AM] 2XL Mustard

Fall for me Cardigan
Kirsten Confectioner
 [09/13 11:32:23AM] Mustard, small

Get Cozy Cardigan
Tara LeBlanc
 [09/13 11:30:35AM] 2xl. Black

Wrapped in Love cardigan
Bonnie Willson
 [09/13 11:30:19AM] Oat, 2xl

Fall into me cardi
Shayla guy
 [09/13 11:29:24AM] Black medium

Feels like a hug
Nancie Scott
 [09/13 11:29:24AM] Dark mustard XL

Coziest of Cardi's
Vanessa Carr
 [09/13 11:28:40AM] Black XL

Enrapture cardi
Kirstyn Edgar
 [09/13 11:28:25AM] Oat medium (or large if fit is small)

Autumn hug
Alison Lahti
 [09/13 11:27:06AM] Oat large

The snuggle is real
Ngaire Leaf
 [09/13 11:26:07AM] Black or mustard in Large

Cozy Spice Latte Cardigan, Curl Up Cozy Cardigan, Fireside Cardigan
Nicole Barlow
 [09/13 11:25:48AM] Black, Small

Cardi On, Garth!
Jenn Haviland
 [09/13 11:23:22AM] Black XL

Cardi On
Jenn Haviland
 [09/13 11:22:43AM] Black XL

Party Cardi
Kailynn Wilson
 [09/13 11:22:22AM] Black, XS

Cozy Cardigan
Rhonda Bzdel
 [09/13 11:22:19AM] Black 2x

Here for the Cardi
Jenn Haviland
 [09/13 11:20:50AM] Black XL

Keep your hands to yourself cardigan
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [09/13 11:20:16AM] Black size small

Came to Cardi
Jenn Haviland
 [09/13 11:19:56AM] Black XL

Cardi Hardy
Jenn haviland
 [09/13 11:17:19AM] Black XL

Flounce with me Cardi
Sabrina Stephen
 [09/13 11:17:09AM] Black large

Easy like Sunday Mornin’
Jaime-lyn Bouffard
 [09/13 11:14:35AM] Oat/Large

The Everyday Essential Soft and Cozy Cardigan
JoAnn White
 [09/13 11:12:08AM] Mustard 2XL

Casually cozy Cartigan, Cozy up Cartigan, Cozy up to fall Cartigan
Elyse Lafortune
 [09/13 11:09:37AM] Medium black

Fall Bliss
Candace Carriere
 [09/13 11:09:28AM] Dark Mustard Large

Whole Latte Fall
Heather Isaac
 [09/13 11:06:23AM] Dark mustard- L

Knits About Sweaters
Kelly Fitzpatrick
 [09/13 11:05:39AM] Xl mustard

Kickin Back Cardigan
Janna Dieleman
 [09/13 11:05:32AM] Black XL

Kickin’ It new school cardi
Lisa Hewer
 [09/13 11:05:31AM] Tan sz large

Start the Cardi
Kelly Gallagher
 [09/13 11:05:14AM] Oat, xs

Pocket full of fall
Heather Isaac
 [09/13 11:02:28AM] Spiced mustard L

Pocket full of Cozy OR Pocket Full of Sunshine
Raina Brugger
 [09/13 11:02:27AM] Black or mustard size small

Snug as a bug cardigan
Gail Sexton
 [09/13 10:58:58AM] Black medium

Pocket Full of Sunshine Cardi
Samantha Hermans
 [09/13 10:53:16AM] Dark Mustard, M

Cozy Up For Fall Cardigan
Jaimee Dreger
 [09/13 10:53:10AM] Dark mustard small

Fireplace Nights Cardigan
Jessica Nakashimada
 [09/13 10:52:20AM] Black XL

Cozy up
Donna koehler
 [09/13 10:50:07AM] Black - 2xl

Cozy in Knit Cardigan
Charly Zemlak
 [09/13 10:49:47AM] Black medium

One Look Fits All
Rose Morrison
 [09/13 10:48:22AM] mustard small

couch or party cardi
Jenna Thomson
 [09/13 10:47:21AM] Mustard Medium (if a relaxed fit!)

Give Me All the Fuzzies Cardigan
Leslie Dunseath
 [09/13 10:46:07AM] Mustard M

Getting cozy with it
Chelsea Walter
 [09/13 10:45:32AM] Dark mustard , sm

Cuddle With Me Cozy Cardigan
Lyndsie Smit
 [09/13 10:45:02AM] Oat/Small

Snuggle Bug Cardigan
Jennifer Pittman
 [09/13 10:44:55AM] Mustard S

The Extra Hardy Cardi
Sara Brown
 [09/13 10:42:56AM] Dark Mustard in L

Autumn Delight
Ruth Gledhill
 [09/13 10:40:32AM] Oat Size XL

Fresh for fall
Jen van esch
 [09/13 10:40:03AM] Oat lrg

Fall into my arms
Amy chow
 [09/13 10:36:51AM] Xs oat

Let's Stay in and Cuddle Cardi
Vanessa Engel
 [09/13 10:34:08AM] Oat extra small

Cozy in Comfort Cardi
Mindy Lea
 [09/13 10:33:00AM] Black xs

Fall breeze autumn leaves
Courtney Loitz
 [09/13 10:32:18AM] Oat small

Boucle all day cardigan
Liv Scurr
 [09/13 10:32:11AM] Dark mustard xl

Snug as a Hug Cardigan
Manmeet Gill
 [09/13 10:32:06AM] Oat medium

Leaves are falling autumn is calling cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [09/13 10:30:14AM] Oat small

warming up fall
sherry sproul
 [09/13 10:29:49AM] black and medium

Fall is in the air cardigan
Courtney Loitz
 [09/13 10:29:26AM] Oat small

Date night cozy
Christine Richardson
 [09/13 10:29:08AM] Medium black

Fall in love cardi
Courtney Loitz
 [09/13 10:28:49AM] Black small

Cardi clouds, cloud of cardis
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/13 10:28:22AM] Xl mustard

My Comfy Cozy Cardy !
Judy Holmes
 [09/13 10:27:29AM] Oat , xl

Sweater Weather, Cozy Pocket, Fall Vibes, Sunshine in my pocket
Hannah Bassett
 [09/13 10:27:27AM] Oat, Small

Heaven on earth cardi
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/13 10:26:09AM] Xl mustard

Tweed and victory cardigan
Amanda frost
 [09/13 10:23:02AM] Oat and small

Gotta have it!!
Mandy Bergen
 [09/13 10:22:23AM] Black size Large

They Call Me Cardi, Cardi
Carrie-Ann Sakaki
 [09/13 10:22:13AM] small/black

Snow comfy
Kristin Johansen
 [09/13 10:22:03AM] Beige Large

It’s all about the pockets
Jamie Ellis
 [09/13 10:21:57AM] Beige and medium please

Kicking into fall
Jamie ellis
 [09/13 10:20:39AM] Black and medium please

Love Me Cozy Cardigan
Cora Cull
 [09/13 10:19:40AM] Black M

Call Me Cozy
Carrie-Ann Sakaki
 [09/13 10:19:16AM] small/black

Get toasty
Jessica De Palma
 [09/13 10:18:45AM] Dark Mustard Small

Pocket Full of Cozy
Kimberly Holbrook
 [09/13 10:18:38AM] Dark Mustard XL

Colours are changing Cartigan
Raquel Siemens
 [09/13 10:17:45AM] Dark mustard in small

Open Book Cardi, Fireside Cozy Cardi, Falls Among Us Cardi, Changing Seasons Cardi, Cozy Fireside Cardi
Jessica Derksen
 [09/13 10:17:36AM] Beige L

Knit You Cozy Cardi
Melissa Bishop
 [09/13 10:14:30AM] Oat in size small!

Meet me at the cafe cardi
Shohreh Burchell
 [09/13 10:14:26AM] Black small

Sippin on Ma Cardi, Cardi Be Lovin, Cardi Time, Classy Time Cardigan, Free Essence Cardi
Kristi Pianka
 [09/13 10:14:07AM] Oat medium

Let's Get Cozy Sweater
Tara Bertling
 [09/13 10:13:23AM] Black, small

Cozy up cardigan
Courtney Loitz
 [09/13 10:12:05AM] Oat small

Pockets Full of Confidence Cardi
Gina Caron
 [09/13 10:12:04AM] Black M

“Mums cuddle”sweater
Lucy weber
 [09/13 10:11:05AM] Oat lg

Not your grandpa's cardi
Krystle MacDonald
 [09/13 10:10:39AM] Oatmeal, Lg

Cozy Cardi
Liana May
 [09/13 10:10:33AM] Large black

Fair weather sweater, after work cardigan, hot toddie cardigan, sofa-time sweater, Rocky Mountain cardigan,
Megan wever
 [09/13 10:10:22AM] Black small

Pocket Full of Sunshine Cardigan
Tara Bertling
 [09/13 10:09:28AM] Black, small

Warmer Days Cardigan
Haley Strother
 [09/13 10:07:43AM] Med mustard

Cocoon Sweater
Kirstie Chitticks
 [09/13 10:07:38AM] Mustard Size S

Get Cozy Cardigan
Tara Bertling
 [09/13 10:07:29AM] Black, small

Fall-ing in Cozy Cardi
Kelly Mitchell
 [09/13 10:07:04AM] Black in M

Snuggle me
Christina staples
 [09/13 10:05:28AM] Black, L

Wear Everywhere Cardi
Nicole Graveline
 [09/13 10:03:56AM] Oat, L

Cozy up Cardi, Fall-ing for you Cardi, Just My Type Cardi, Into You Cardi, Into Fall Cardi, Cuddle Me Cardi, Cuddle Up Cardi, Wrap Me Up Cardi
Taylor Samuels
 [09/13 10:03:32AM] Dark Mustrad Small

Cardi Party
Shannon Greene
 [09/13 10:02:12AM] Dark mustard, M/L?

Cuddlebug Cardi
Leah Byrne
 [09/13 10:00:49AM] Dark Mustard - XL

Cuddle up Cardigan
Susan Pope
 [09/13 10:00:15AM] Black size small

Classy and Sassy Cardigan
Laura Penny
 [09/13 9:59:23AM] Oat size Large

Is She Famous?
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:59:16AM] Dark mustard S

Hands in my pockets cardi | Leaves & Lattes it’s sweater weather!
Jamie Miller
 [09/13 9:59:11AM] X sm in gold/pumpkin color

Fall-ing for days, Fall-ing into warmth, Fall-ing for fall, fall-ing for change cardi
Maria pucci
 [09/13 9:58:04AM] Mustard

Suzanne Truchon
 [09/13 9:57:47AM] Dark Mustard Medium

Jen van esch
 [09/13 9:57:45AM] Oat lrg

Fuzzy Wuzzy Cardi
Amy montgomery
 [09/13 9:57:36AM] Medium and Black

Where’d You Get That Cardi?
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:57:13AM] Dark Mustard S

Hip to be cool Cardi, Beautiful day Cardi, Bring on Fall Cardi, Top it off Cardi, Free FALLing Cardi
Angela Grocholski
 [09/13 9:56:40AM] Dark Mustard XS

The Bliss Cardi , Winter Bliss
Erin Pyne
 [09/13 9:56:38AM] Mustard medium

Cuddles in my Cardi, Be my Neighbour Cardigan
Claire Disher
 [09/13 9:56:01AM] 2x oat

The Everyday
Roslyn campbell
 [09/13 9:55:58AM] Mustard S

The just right everyday cozy cuddle me cardigan
Bernice Fehr
 [09/13 9:55:54AM] Mustard / Medium

Knit your average cardigan,
Kohdi McMurray
 [09/13 9:54:38AM] Oat, size XS

Blazin Cardigan
Wendy Skoda
 [09/13 9:54:19AM] Black & Medium

Front and center cardigan
 [09/13 9:54:00AM] Tan medium

Keep me Close Cardi, Cuddle me Softly Cardi, Lazy Sunday Cardigan, Warm and Cozy Cardigan, Sunday Afternoon Cardigan,
Gina Bolton
 [09/13 9:53:30AM] Dark mustard XL

Not Your Grandmas Cardigan
Sara Irving
 [09/13 9:53:20AM] Dark Mustard. Medium

Granny who? Cardi
Maria pucci
 [09/13 9:53:16AM] Mistard

Call Me Cozy, Warm Delights Cardigan
Tara Bedford
 [09/13 9:53:01AM] Dark mustard size medium

Cuddle up cardi
Carly gerein
 [09/13 9:52:45AM] Black xs

Borderline Cozy Up Cardigan
Angela Kerluke
 [09/13 9:51:30AM] XL Oat

Comfy Cozy Cardi
Genista Richards
 [09/13 9:50:55AM] Black large

Changing Seasons Cardigan
Tawnee Mihalcea
 [09/13 9:50:22AM] Mustard XS

Warm me up Scotty/Silver cardi
Maria Pucci
 [09/13 9:50:14AM] Dark mustard

“In The Pocket” Cardi
Catherine Friesen
 [09/13 9:50:01AM] Black 2XL

Jump into comfort cardigan
Shelby Herring
 [09/13 9:48:48AM] Black. XL.

The Mrs.Rogers Cardigan
Amandah Domovich
 [09/13 9:48:08AM] Mustard, small

My gramps cardi
Mercedes Kovacs
 [09/13 9:47:23AM] Dark mustard. Size Small

The Sheffield Cardigan
Joanna Ritchie
 [09/13 9:47:12AM] Size Large, colour: mustard yellow

Comfy Cardi
Shauna Sorensen
 [09/13 9:46:13AM] Black & XL

Cozytime cardigan
Penny adams
 [09/13 9:46:05AM] Mustard 2xl

Daydream Cardigan
Richanda Zurowski
 [09/13 9:45:58AM] Black medium

Come To Me Cardi
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [09/13 9:45:32AM] Black, Large

Basic Babe cardigan
Richanda Zurowski
 [09/13 9:45:02AM] Medium dark mustard

Cozy cardi or WOVEN COMFORT cardi
Lori bennett
 [09/13 9:44:34AM] Mustard and 3x

Lazy Daze Cardi
Ashley Strome
 [09/13 9:43:52AM] Oat/ Large

Not your grandmas cardi
Danielle Clark
 [09/13 9:43:21AM] Black L

Slice of Life Cardi
Ashley Strome
 [09/13 9:42:56AM] Oat/ Large

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Cardi
Angela Smiley
 [09/13 9:42:06AM] Black XL

Fall into you, fall into Fall cardigan
Ashley quinn
 [09/13 9:42:01AM] Mustard L

Fall snuggles
Michelle Fitton
 [09/13 9:41:58AM] Mustard and large

Pockets full of cozy cardi, call me crazy for my cardi, can't stop the feeling of the cardi
Nicole Smith
 [09/13 9:41:53AM] Yellow and large

Harvest, Harvest Time, Harvest Moon, Change of Seasons, Seasons Change, Warm Me Up, Fall Into Me, Hello Fall, Falling Leaves, Fall For It, Falling For It, Autumn Skies & Pumpkin Pies, Call Me Pumpkin, Autumn Vibes
Maria Wilson
 [09/13 9:41:46AM] Oat, Small

Sweater weather
Stephanie Lai
 [09/13 9:41:29AM] The burnt orange and XL

Kick'n it cozy cardigan
Debra leadsom
 [09/13 9:41:25AM] Mustard, xlg

Pockets Full Of Posies Cardi
Lindsay Mackie
 [09/13 9:40:44AM] Small in Black

Take me anywhere cardi
Charlie Fraser
 [09/13 9:39:35AM] Beige colour in a large

‘Fall’ into comfort cardigan
Niki McCrindle
 [09/13 9:38:23AM] Black, medium

Pocket full of cozy cardigan
Nicole Smith
 [09/13 9:38:06AM] Yellow and large

Pockets and More cardi!
Tina MacDonald
 [09/13 9:37:47AM] Black medium

Pocket full of Pozies Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/13 9:37:27AM] Oat, Small

Full Daze cozy cardi
Ashley friesen
 [09/13 9:35:57AM] Mustard xs

comfy and you know it
Paula hrynkow
 [09/13 9:35:28AM] Large black

Corner Pocket Cardigan, In The Pocket Cardigan, Double Down Pocket Cardigan
Robyn Hucik
 [09/13 9:34:20AM] Black XL

Fall'n Love Cardi
Chantal Sekura
 [09/13 9:32:52AM] Oat, M

Choco-latte Cozy Cardi
Jane Janzen
 [09/13 9:31:24AM] Oat sz small

Hugging me softly cardigan
Amanda Grant
 [09/13 9:31:24AM] Oat medium

Not your grandmother's cardigan, autumn breeze cozy cardigan, pumpkin spice and everything nice Cardi, chic debut, snug as a bug, autumn air effortless cardi
Chelsea Larsen
 [09/13 9:30:44AM] 2xl black or mustard

Cozy up
Larissa Schartner
 [09/13 9:30:18AM] Dark mustered xs

Feeling like Fall
Sandy Richardson
 [09/13 9:29:42AM] Oatmeal ( beige) size medium

Cozy Business Cardi
Amy Standcumbe
 [09/13 9:29:38AM] Oat, M

Be cozy cardigan, cozygan, weekend wear Cardi,
Tina cimaglia
 [09/13 9:29:36AM] Xs, beige

The snuggle is real cardi
Ashley Parsons
 [09/13 9:29:13AM] Black small

Louella Anderson
 [09/13 9:26:23AM] Yellow/Xl

Too Cozy for Comfort
Carly archer
 [09/13 9:25:52AM] Black Large

Fall Away Cardi
Leticia Kristensen
 [09/13 9:24:51AM] Black size large

Not just grandpas cardi
April king
 [09/13 9:24:50AM] Oat XL

Fiber Envy
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:24:44AM] Oat S

Get Cozy With Me Cardi
Marie Nieva
 [09/13 9:24:17AM] Mustard in L

No just grandpas cardi
April king
 [09/13 9:23:59AM] Oat and XL

It Chose Me Cardi
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:23:01AM] Oat S

Hand in my pocket
Vicky McCahon
 [09/13 9:22:42AM] Mustard med

Cozy Pozy Cardi, All Wrapped Up in You Cardi, Keep me Warm Cardi, Crazy Over You Cardi, Cozy Corners Cardi, I Got You Babe Cardi, Come On Over Cardi, Feels like Home Cardi, All the Feels Cardi, You Can Call on Me Cardi, Count me In Cardi, Hug on You Cardi
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/13 9:22:02AM] Oat, Small

Definition of cozy , soft-phisticated
Melanie Bennett
 [09/13 9:21:08AM] Black MED

Hipster Cardi
Cassandra Briltz
 [09/13 9:19:59AM] Black medium

Fall into love cardigan, cuddle me cardigan, too comfy to care cardigan, all wrapped up cardigan,
Andrea Meyer
 [09/13 9:19:35AM] Dark mustard, large

Good Karma Cardi
Emily Buss
 [09/13 9:19:30AM] XL black

The Snuggle is Real
Tracy Gagnon
 [09/13 9:19:29AM] Oat & XS

 [09/13 9:19:25AM] Black & large

Can't Stop Cardi
Rikki-Lynn Shellito
 [09/13 9:19:01AM] Oat & XL

Talk Cozy To Me
Jennifer Klassen
 [09/13 9:18:54AM] Dark mustard xl

Knit to it Cardi
Sabrina Bryan
 [09/13 9:18:14AM] Oak & Small

Get Your Own, This One’s Mine!
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:18:13AM] Oat S

Hold Me Closer Cardi
Kelly Neufeld
 [09/13 9:18:02AM] Black Large.

Falling Leaves Cardigan, Harvest Moon Cardigan
Taneill Selinger
 [09/13 9:17:53AM] Mustard, medium

Double up cardi
Julia Schellenberg
 [09/13 9:17:10AM] Black small

Fall into comfort
Jackie fletcher
 [09/13 9:16:29AM] Black medium

My Favorite Cardigan
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:16:13AM] Oat S

Cozy in pockets
Crystal mackie
 [09/13 9:13:29AM] Oat Small

Pull Me Closer Cardigan
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:12:45AM] Oat S

Look! It has Pockets!!
Alison Burgess
 [09/13 9:12:13AM] Medium oat, or medium black

Fall into cozy
Crystal mackie
 [09/13 9:11:30AM] Oat Small

Cardi-o Warmup
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:11:27AM] Oat S

Young at Heart Cardigan
Amy Tekatch
 [09/13 9:10:18AM] Black M

Chic Fall Cardi, Fall Chic Cardigan, Casual Pocket Me Cardi
heather Miousse
 [09/13 9:10:11AM] Mustard size large

Hold me close
Janessa calder
 [09/13 9:09:24AM] Large and mustard yellow

Knit your Grandma’s cardigan or Purls of Wisdom Cardi
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [09/13 9:09:22AM] Large dark mustard

Cuddle me cozy
Erica French
 [09/13 9:09:17AM] Black xl

Comfy cardi
Diana thiele
 [09/13 9:08:57AM] Black

Heartwarming Cardi-o
Chantalle Gauthier
 [09/13 9:08:36AM] Oat S

Cozy cardigan
Teresa Jeang
 [09/13 9:08:05AM] Dark mustard XL

Cozy Up Cardigan
Alyssa Potter
 [09/13 9:07:22AM] Medium, beige

Pocket Perfection Cardigan
Charlene Penner
 [09/13 9:06:54AM] Mustard XL

Pumpkin Spice Season Cardi
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/13 9:06:39AM] Mustard and xs

Cuddle cardigan
Michelle neuffer
 [09/13 9:06:34AM] Xs oat

The perfect pocket cardi
Marysia Waritsky
 [09/13 9:05:59AM] Oat - XL

Not Your Grandpa’s Cardigan
Amy Tekatch
 [09/13 9:05:47AM] Black M

Fall into my pockets Cardi
Alyssa Fahie
 [09/13 9:04:26AM] Mustard and xs

Fall me Cozy Cardigan
Randice Quick
 [09/13 9:04:01AM] L Oat

Bear Hug Cardi
Lizanne Roy
 [09/13 9:03:49AM] Oat Large

Crazy for cozy
Vicki Hanson
 [09/13 9:03:25AM] Mustard 2xl

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