July 12, 2019

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Total of 426 Entries
Congratulations to Shaelynn Mawson, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Too Hot to Handle Tote!

And Then Some Tote
Selina Jacobson
 [07/14 8:45:18AM]

Handles Everything Holdall
Selina Jacobson
 [07/14 8:43:04AM]

Pack It In Tote
Selina Jacobson
 [07/14 8:41:38AM]

Pack it Up Tote
Selina Jacobson
 [07/14 8:40:34AM]

Love Handles Tote
Selina Jacobson
 [07/14 8:34:30AM]

DayTimer tote
Holly McLean
 [07/14 8:29:02AM]

Grab and Go bag
Ashley Roberts
 [07/14 8:21:20AM]

The Sensibility Bag You Need
Karen Otsig
 [07/14 7:30:31AM]

Handle It All Handbag
Karen Carvell
 [07/14 7:13:07AM]

Classic Carry All
Randi Cookson
 [07/14 7:01:42AM]

Stow & Go Tote
Leslie Hane
 [07/14 6:40:50AM]

Tote-ally on Point
Kelly Porter
 [07/14 6:39:09AM]

Tot-ally Ah-mazing
Kelly Porter
 [07/14 6:38:05AM]

Dig Deep & Go
Bre Huopalainen
 [07/14 6:01:22AM]

Practically Perfect (in every.way)
Leslee Sanderman
 [07/14 5:28:15AM]

“Tote It All” Handbag
Rosa Bitonti
 [07/14 4:37:16AM]

It’s in the bag (like when winning a game “we’ve got this in the bag”)
Sherri Budgen
 [07/13 11:55:24PM]

Totes ma goats
 [07/13 11:17:05PM]

The “tote-all” package
Joanne Holliday-Scott
 [07/13 11:03:05PM]

Tote-ally worth it tote, summer vibes tote, tell me about it, tote. , tote is the word!, summer lovin tote,
Karen devouge
 [07/13 9:06:04PM]

The Audrey bag, the holly handbag, the golightly tote ( like holly golightly), the Gemma tote, Mimi's carry all bag, fashionista tote
Karen devouge
 [07/13 8:43:27PM]

Straps n stripes
Karen Brown
 [07/13 8:25:05PM]

SIphistication Bag
Karen devouge
 [07/13 8:19:40PM]

From fab to fabulous tote
Karen devouge
 [07/13 8:10:06PM]

Pure sophistication handbag, Audrey chic handbag ( like Audrey Hepburn), Tiffanys tote, breakfast at SI bag,tote,
Karen devouge
 [07/13 8:04:33PM]

Tote in style, summers all tote, totally styling tote, tote perfection, she's all that tote,
Karen devouge
 [07/13 7:56:23PM]

Simplicity tote
Karen devouge
 [07/13 7:52:01PM]

Totes Adorbs
Shauna Lehmann
 [07/13 4:33:54PM]

Got it Handled
Shauna Lehmann
 [07/13 4:32:36PM]

Tote Me With You
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 2:43:19PM]

Tote-ally Worth It
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 2:42:46PM]

Born To Stand Out Tote
Alyssa Fahie
 [07/13 2:06:37PM]

Christina tote
Catherine Walsh
 [07/13 1:51:19PM]

Marcano Bag
Catherine Walsh
 [07/13 1:50:55PM]

keep it simple tote , on the run tote, you had me at strips , run my errands tote.
Natalie Ransom
 [07/13 1:04:01PM]

Tote-ally Handle It Handbag
Karen Carvell
 [07/13 1:02:54PM]

Too Hot To Handle Bag
Karen Carvell
 [07/13 12:47:30PM]

Get a Handle On It Bag
Karen Carvell
 [07/13 12:45:25PM]

I like to bag it bag it
Judith Feltus
 [07/13 12:17:23PM]

Can You Handle It Bag
Karen Carvell
 [07/13 12:04:39PM]

Purseonality Pluse
Linda Hillmer
 [07/13 11:50:39AM]

On the go bag
Linda Hillmer
 [07/13 11:44:36AM]

The Cove
Tracy Chapin
 [07/13 11:02:29AM]

Lush Double sided handle tote
Rashmi Krishna
 [07/13 10:58:20AM]

Tote me to the city, take me to the city tote
Liza Brind
 [07/13 10:52:52AM]

The handle it all tote bag
 [07/13 9:39:01AM]

Summerilicious Bag!!
Joan agius
 [07/13 9:25:07AM]

You Had Me at Stripes Handbag
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 9:17:16AM]

Lotsa loot fun bag
Nancy Campbell
 [07/13 9:04:33AM]

La Bella bag ; The Essential Companion; Stylin’ I am
Chantal LaRoche
 [07/13 8:51:26AM]

"The "GRABALL" Bag
Debby Lanman
 [07/13 8:43:48AM]

Nicole H. Wain
 [07/13 8:25:20AM]

The must have handbag
Diana Schmidt
 [07/13 8:24:25AM]

Bright Lights Big Bag
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 8:19:42AM]

Jenny From the Block Handbag
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 8:16:23AM]

The 24-7 Handbag
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 8:15:27AM]

The 24-7
Kelly Porter
 [07/13 7:43:31AM]

Sil-Wag Bag
Tanya Sehn
 [07/13 7:38:33AM]

Totes Mcgoats Handbag
Ashley Lindbo
 [07/13 7:12:56AM]

The Business in the front, party inside bag!
Ashley Lindbo
 [07/13 7:11:12AM]

My Everything Carry It All Bag
Lori Schwenk
 [07/13 7:08:55AM]

C’est La Vie Handbag, It’s All In The Bag, City Slicker Handbag,
Christie Savioli
 [07/13 6:36:03AM]

Jet setter
Jackie Rhind
 [07/13 6:13:19AM]

Leaving on a jet plane
Jackie Rhind
 [07/13 6:12:33AM]

Handle Me Sophisticated
Jan Halushka
 [07/13 6:07:41AM]

Totes gorgeous bag
Ashley Sullivan
 [07/13 6:02:50AM]

Market to Mixer Bag
Amanda burt
 [07/13 5:58:03AM]

Beauty In&Out.
Lazina de Savoye
 [07/13 5:36:36AM]

City slicker
Jennifer Harris
 [07/13 5:25:03AM]

Sweet Caramel Handbag, Suburban Tote, She’s Got It All Handbag, I Want It All Tote
Krissi Martin
 [07/13 4:44:46AM]

Smooth Operator Handbag, Smooth Like Buttah Bag
Krissi Martin
 [07/13 4:41:29AM]

The Luxury Handbag, The Essential Handbag, All You Need Handbag, Simply You Handbag, Simply Chic Handbag, The Essential Handbag, The Only One You’ll Ever Need Handbag
Christie Savioli
 [07/13 4:31:05AM]

The Luxury Handbag, The Essential Handbag, All You Need Handbag, Simply You Handbag
Christie Savioli
 [07/13 4:27:53AM]

Simply Spectacular
Joan LeDrew
 [07/13 3:40:28AM]

The Well Handled Tote
Selina Jacobson
 [07/13 1:49:48AM]

Urbanus Tote; Au’Brene Tote
Tammy James
 [07/12 11:53:32PM]

Stylish Tote
Jean Zariski
 [07/12 11:44:12PM]

Too hot 2 handle tote
Shaelynn Mawson
 [07/12 11:25:34PM]

Your coming with me bag
Rebbecca Hill
 [07/12 11:11:19PM]

Carry it all, Carry me away
Emily Beukers
 [07/12 10:58:27PM]

On the Go Anywhere Handbag
Paula Manning
 [07/12 10:20:42PM]

On the Go Anywhere Bag
Paula Manning
 [07/12 10:19:18PM]

It's in the bag
Emily Beukers
 [07/12 10:14:33PM]

Tote-ally tote
Tara kaip
 [07/12 10:10:16PM]

"THE SINK" ,"Everything but bag" , "including the kitchen sink" "Big Bag" , " makes my Butt look small Bag" ,
Cindy Bailey
 [07/12 10:02:15PM]

Janis Waldegger
 [07/12 10:01:39PM]

Grab & Go Bag
Angela Loeschmann
 [07/12 9:59:05PM]

A Touch of Class
Melissa Blue
 [07/12 9:52:10PM]

Fill me up Buttercup
Megan Sparks
 [07/12 9:52:01PM]

Carry all tote
Karen devouge
 [07/12 9:40:13PM]

Tote-ally Herstory
Amanda Boates
 [07/12 9:35:43PM]

Korin Johnston
 [07/12 9:27:23PM]

It's All in the Bag
Jane Unsworth
 [07/12 9:26:50PM]

Anything Goes Tote, Bag and the City (play on Sex and the City), Mama's Got a Brand New Groove Tote, Grab and Go Tote, Stripes on My Mind Tote, Prison Break Tote, A little bit of Sass with a little bit of Class Tote, Take it and Go Tote
Rachel Morrison
 [07/12 9:14:27PM]

Handle It Handbag
Karen Carvell
 [07/12 9:09:52PM]

Keep it simple shirt
Gerry Jeffares
 [07/12 9:05:27PM]

City stripes handbag
Melissa Goldie
 [07/12 9:02:35PM]

It’s hip to be square
Kim Gamm
 [07/12 8:46:53PM]

“The 3 six 5” (a bag that can be used for any day and any occasion)
Maria Cristofaro
 [07/12 8:35:11PM]

"Let's go" handbag
Marguerite Rivard
 [07/12 8:25:54PM]

Totally squared
Dawn Enright
 [07/12 8:25:28PM]

Pan-yay! handbag (panier!)
Julie Brooks
 [07/12 8:05:45PM]

Satchel and the City
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [07/12 8:02:28PM]

Riziell Francisco
 [07/12 7:51:50PM]

Barcode bag
Lizanne Roy
 [07/12 7:43:34PM]

Keep calm and carry-all
Nicole Klassen
 [07/12 7:39:36PM]

“Take me out tote” “Totes the best” “You had me at tote” “Tote-ally chic” “Tote All Day”
Alexa Saylor
 [07/12 7:30:14PM]

She’s a Lady Tote
Candice Rohrbach
 [07/12 7:10:28PM]

Hard to Handle Bag
Candice Rohrbach
 [07/12 7:09:41PM]

Jenny From the Block
Kelly Porter
 [07/12 7:08:08PM]

Naomie Atagooyuk
 [07/12 6:40:29PM]

Tote-ally Savvy
Christine McCleary
 [07/12 6:40:26PM]

Get a handle handbag
Karen Carvell
 [07/12 6:30:27PM]

City Streets Purse
Krysten Monaghan
 [07/12 6:19:12PM]

Style me away purse
Krysten Monaghan-Mace
 [07/12 6:18:28PM]

Earn your stripes bag, stripe a pose handbag, all between the lines tote
Lauren James
 [07/12 5:58:29PM]

Market trending handbag, All you ever need handbag,
Sacha balaski
 [07/12 5:49:08PM]

Looking Sharp Bag
Shauns Morgan
 [07/12 5:42:52PM]

Steady Ready and Go Handbag, It is all in the bag handbag , My bucket list handbag,
Kym Readma
 [07/12 5:37:07PM]

I got Class
Becky Tougas
 [07/12 5:33:46PM]

Out on the Town
Erin Lendvoy
 [07/12 5:21:49PM]

Love Handles
Selina Jacobson
 [07/12 5:07:43PM]

Day on the Town Handbag, All I Need Handbag, All the Necessities Handbag, Chic and Stylin' Tote
Nicole Barlow
 [07/12 4:57:17PM]

City Chic Bag, Dawn to Dusk Handbag , Keep it Simple Handbag,
Julia Frederiksen
 [07/12 4:49:48PM]

Jane Meets Audrey-Practical but Classy
Jen MacQuarrie
 [07/12 4:43:36PM]

Baby got Stripes
Deb Lau
 [07/12 4:43:13PM]

It’s in the bag
Samantha Hermans
 [07/12 4:40:55PM]

Got it in the bag
Samantha Hermans
 [07/12 4:39:08PM]

Easy Pick Tote, Uptown Tote, First Love Tote, By My Side Tote, First Choice Tote,
Michelle Lowther
 [07/12 4:31:57PM]

She’s So Chic Handbag
Leanne Hopkins
 [07/12 4:31:47PM]

The city girl tote
Trissa Kantzas
 [07/12 4:30:59PM]

"Gimme the Scoop" (because when I go in my purses I have to 'scoop' around everything to find what I'm looking for! haha)
Deb Sebela
 [07/12 4:25:42PM]

What’s inside that counts handbag
Lisa Smit
 [07/12 4:23:35PM]

Tote the most!
Faye H
 [07/12 4:07:10PM]

Slay all day handbag, next level hand bag, not your basic bag, mostly classy and a little bit sassy bag
Jenessa Talbot
 [07/12 4:04:04PM]

Not afraid of those stripes
Patricia Thompson
 [07/12 4:01:21PM]

Toss and Trot
Ebonie Lutz
 [07/12 3:58:43PM]

Totes a lot
Nicole Burchell
 [07/12 3:54:50PM]

Sleek chic
Lisan Alexander
 [07/12 3:52:03PM]

Perfectly handled tote
Nicole Burchell
 [07/12 3:50:58PM]

All - in- one bag
Cara Rogers
 [07/12 3:46:04PM]

Any way you want it
Liana may
 [07/12 3:45:35PM]

Tote and dote
Tina Parish
 [07/12 3:42:46PM]

Keep calm and carry it on
Tina Parish
 [07/12 3:41:06PM]

The have it all bag
Ashley Posthumus
 [07/12 3:40:53PM]

City slicker, boss babe, workin mom bag, everyday bag
Gina Bergman
 [07/12 3:40:28PM]

Tote-ally The one, All For One Tote, Tote-ally striped
Liza Brind
 [07/12 3:37:36PM]

It's All In The Bag, Simply Bag It
Marla Brackenridge
 [07/12 3:30:04PM]

Chic got it all
Jana Dobson
 [07/12 3:28:31PM]

Style with Ease Handbag
Kayla Erlandson
 [07/12 3:28:17PM]

Tote to go, Tote-ally tote-able
Carey Hollinsky
 [07/12 3:27:31PM]

Legendary Handbag, Lady Boss Handbag
Whitney Anderson
 [07/12 3:25:30PM]

“My Choice” Classy Tote
Heather Nakrayko
 [07/12 3:20:15PM]

Got it all tote
Coreen Fisher
 [07/12 3:16:21PM]

City Stripes
Lauren simmonds
 [07/12 3:15:07PM]

Boss babe tote
Rachel Desrochers
 [07/12 3:04:41PM]

On A Mission
Britney Young
 [07/12 3:03:47PM]

Only the Essentials
Jessica Nakashimada
 [07/12 3:00:09PM]

Boss Lady Handbag
Randi Kozak
 [07/12 2:57:14PM]

Buckets of Fun Bag
Natasha Young
 [07/12 2:53:44PM]

Grab it and go bag
Victoria hacetoglu
 [07/12 2:47:37PM]

All you need bag
 [07/12 2:44:52PM]

Block it bag
Colleen Reddy
 [07/12 2:38:14PM]

Whimsical carry all
Karen Leith
 [07/12 2:37:36PM]

Simple style
Bronwyn wilson
 [07/12 2:35:42PM]

Simply Clasic Handbag
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [07/12 2:30:29PM]

Enchanted Dreamer
Wanda Hall
 [07/12 2:28:01PM]

Got me covered bag
Janessa calder
 [07/12 2:21:17PM]

To go bag
Joanne Wiseman
 [07/12 2:20:06PM]

Swag bag
 [07/12 2:18:38PM]

Get It Girl
 [07/12 2:18:23PM]

Beaches tote
 [07/12 2:17:40PM]

Bucket list tote
 [07/12 2:16:57PM]

Go babe tote
Geri kittle
 [07/12 2:16:34PM]

Get It Girl Bag
Kelly Porter
 [07/12 2:16:27PM]

My Bucket List Bag
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [07/12 2:11:07PM]

Smooth operator hand bag
Andrea Graham
 [07/12 2:10:26PM]

All in tote, packs a punch and pouch tote, interior by design tote
Amy Yewer
 [07/12 1:56:57PM]

Goody Bag
Jesse Thompson
 [07/12 1:54:28PM]

Bag to Basics
Carly Walker
 [07/12 1:50:59PM]

Stripe to It Handbag
Caroline Hultgren
 [07/12 1:41:03PM]

Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [07/12 1:38:20PM]

Ciao Bella
Shohreh Burchell
 [07/12 1:37:45PM]

Can You Handle It Handbag
Karen Carvell
 [07/12 1:36:28PM]

Way To My Heart Handbag
Megan Fristak
 [07/12 1:36:27PM]

“In the Nude” or “Bag N’ Bossy”
Nicole Fournier
 [07/12 1:36:19PM]

The envy bag
Marja van druten
 [07/12 1:30:54PM]

Tote-ally Awesome Handbag!
Paula Coverly
 [07/12 1:29:18PM]

Stripes n' Straps
Karen Carvell
 [07/12 1:24:39PM]

Everyday Tote
Sarah Bowen
 [07/12 1:22:59PM]

Take me everywhere!
Jean Gaudet
 [07/12 1:21:45PM]

Tote-ally chic
Kelsey Caston
 [07/12 1:19:43PM]

Go get it tote
Jackie Howard
 [07/12 1:17:37PM]

Simplicity tote
Kelsey Caston
 [07/12 1:16:36PM]

Class & Sass
Amie Kiteta
 [07/12 1:15:10PM]

Not your small town girl bag
Jennifer neumann
 [07/12 1:10:32PM]

Versatile Load n Go
Alty Kanten
 [07/12 1:01:24PM]

You Rule Trendy tote!
Cindy Danaher
 [07/12 1:00:25PM]

Summer in the City Handbag
Catherine Casper
 [07/12 12:59:20PM]

On my bucket list bag
Christina Arneson
 [07/12 12:56:54PM]

Uptown girl tote
Sherri Budgen
 [07/12 12:56:20PM]

Bryn Bring Along.
Renae Dumont
 [07/12 12:47:24PM]

Solid stripes
Sherry Bone
 [07/12 12:45:52PM]

Alice Tote
Karli Menagh
 [07/12 12:45:38PM]

Fill My Bucket Bag
Nikki Graveline
 [07/12 12:39:11PM]

Totting around hobo bag
Alicja Carreiro
 [07/12 12:35:36PM]

Purdy Sturdy Handbag
Bal Grewal
 [07/12 12:33:35PM]

The Marcano Tote
Marie Tichborne
 [07/12 12:32:22PM]

On a Stroll with my Bucket Tote Bag
Laura Manganaro
 [07/12 12:32:10PM]

All In Tote
Marie Tichborne
 [07/12 12:30:07PM]

Hidden Talents
Yea Li Sim
 [07/12 12:28:45PM]

Hidden Agenda Handbag
Tracey Marcil
 [07/12 12:27:03PM]

Stripendipity Handbag
Tracey Marcil
 [07/12 12:24:14PM]

Chic in the City Handbag
Tracey Marcil
 [07/12 12:22:57PM]

Hidden Stripes
Tracey Marcil
 [07/12 12:22:35PM]

Totes in Love handbag
Crystal Schouten
 [07/12 12:22:30PM]

Urban Chic
Crystal Schouten
 [07/12 12:21:44PM]

Retail Therapy Bag!
Cindy Bond
 [07/12 12:17:09PM]

Coast to Coast
Elena Corbin
 [07/12 12:14:02PM]

Get in Line
Genevieve Mulholland
 [07/12 12:12:58PM]

Stripe it Up
Genevieve Mulholland
 [07/12 12:12:39PM]

Diva in the Daytime
Tina Parish
 [07/12 12:09:46PM]

Even the Kitchen Sink Tote
Carrie Tellier
 [07/12 12:08:53PM]

Show your Stripes
Genevieve Mulholland
 [07/12 12:07:10PM]

Pick Me Up Nic
Brittaney Pregizer
 [07/12 12:05:23PM]

Chic, sweet & sleek - straps 2 go - strapping chic - straps and stripes
Samantha Crowe
 [07/12 12:01:16PM]

Take Me With You
Monique Foster
 [07/12 12:01:15PM]

Carried Away Handbag
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [07/12 12:01:01PM]

High alert handbag
Samantha benson
 [07/12 12:00:34PM]

Classy Carry All
Shannon Arends
 [07/12 11:57:25AM]

Shop till you drop
Lee Elsasser
 [07/12 11:54:33AM]

Totes of fun!
Mercedes Kovacs
 [07/12 11:53:05AM]

The Holly-go-Spritely tote
Shannon Lahti
 [07/12 11:50:32AM]

Stripe In And Hold On Handbag
Natalie Condon
 [07/12 11:47:58AM]

Carry All Handbag
Kaeli Seward
 [07/12 11:43:51AM]

Chic, sweet & sleek
Samantha Crowe
 [07/12 11:43:23AM]

Love Handles Handbag
Angela Kerluke
 [07/12 11:39:57AM]

All In A Day's Purse
Jill Roque
 [07/12 11:34:46AM]

All you need tote
Jennifer Costa
 [07/12 11:34:00AM]

Totes the Most
Yanelys Adkins
 [07/12 11:30:26AM]

City Life handbag
Shelley Kuzio
 [07/12 11:25:14AM]

The Classic Beauty
Jessica Bohnert
 [07/12 11:24:33AM]

Fun On The Inside
Wendy Trask
 [07/12 11:21:44AM]

The everything bag
Keree LaBelle
 [07/12 11:21:44AM]

Sleek and Striped Tote
Leslie McEachern
 [07/12 11:21:36AM]

Smooth and Striped Handbag
Leslie McEachern
 [07/12 11:20:36AM]

Take me out tonight tote
Maggi Bruce
 [07/12 11:19:37AM]

City Slicker Purse
Leslie McEachern
 [07/12 11:19:00AM]

Simply striped satchel, around the town tote, classically chic carryall
Hannah poulin
 [07/12 11:18:11AM]

The Forever Ready Purse
Judy Hackman
 [07/12 11:18:02AM]

Weekender tote
Angela Siemens
 [07/12 11:17:17AM]

Around Town Tote
Robyn Anders
 [07/12 11:16:43AM]

Talk Of The Town Tote Bag
Kellie Wray
 [07/12 11:15:11AM]

Bring'n It Babe
Connie Dykstra
 [07/12 11:14:58AM]

My hand “bae”
Shaylene mancin
 [07/12 11:14:56AM]

My Bae purse
Shaylene mancin
 [07/12 11:14:05AM]

Sleek Sophistication Handbag
Kelly Gallagher
 [07/12 11:13:20AM]

Around Town shopper
Teresa Blades
 [07/12 11:10:49AM]

Cool Comfort
Kimberly Hazelwood
 [07/12 11:10:48AM]

You Can Handle It
Selina Jacobson
 [07/12 11:10:22AM]

Stripes to Riches tote
Liza Brind
 [07/12 11:03:21AM]

Susan Robertson
 [07/12 11:02:20AM]

Back To Basics Bag
Meagan Hirsekorn
 [07/12 11:02:12AM]

Unique bag
Cynthia Dreier
 [07/12 11:01:56AM]

Queen of stripes bag
Victoria Kovecses
 [07/12 11:01:37AM]

Work to play tote
Liza Brind
 [07/12 11:00:51AM]

Go everywhere Tote
Liza Brind
 [07/12 11:00:14AM]

Saddle bag
Cynthia Dreier
 [07/12 10:59:48AM]

Day to night bag
Jen Evans
 [07/12 10:59:33AM]

Arrive in style
Alisha Carroll
 [07/12 10:59:32AM]

Kangaroo ? pouch handbag
Yvette Reid
 [07/12 10:59:02AM]

Grab & Go Bag
Alisha Carroll
 [07/12 10:58:30AM]

Fill Me Up Bag
Alisha Carroll
 [07/12 10:57:36AM]

Luxury on the go
Alisha Carroll
 [07/12 10:56:53AM]

Bring it all Bag
Shauna Park
 [07/12 10:56:33AM]

It's in the Bag
Heather Liddle
 [07/12 10:53:38AM]

Do it all day
Kimberly Gleave
 [07/12 10:51:29AM]

Take Me With You bag
Susan Severns
 [07/12 10:47:19AM]

Night on the town handbag
Jamie Ellis
 [07/12 10:46:25AM]

Double Duty Beauty, Versatile Style Handbag
Jacqueline Qaqqasiq
 [07/12 10:44:28AM]

The Go about
Michele Robinson
 [07/12 10:43:58AM]

You Can Handle It Handbag
Mary Peters
 [07/12 10:43:23AM]

Summer fun bag
Sherry sproul
 [07/12 10:43:07AM]

Endless Summer Bag
Vic Moreira
 [07/12 10:43:00AM]

On and Off the Clock Handbag
Tannin Bojarski-Jarrett
 [07/12 10:41:24AM]

Side Swipe
Kaleigh Yugai
 [07/12 10:40:40AM]

Looking Pretty in the City Handbag
Tanja Tomlinson
 [07/12 10:39:59AM]

Endless Love
Antionette Payne
 [07/12 10:39:23AM]

Shopping Spree Tote, Off To The Market Tote, Glamor Girl Bag,
Jennifer Nickerson
 [07/12 10:38:42AM]

Christine McCleary
 [07/12 10:38:10AM]

City swag bag
Natasha Lang
 [07/12 10:38:08AM]

Big city handbag
Holly Brenneman
 [07/12 10:38:07AM]

Armed and ready to go bag
Shelley Gordon
 [07/12 10:36:35AM]

Mamma Chic
Alexandria Bay
 [07/12 10:32:37AM]

Two in the Hand
Shannon Frew
 [07/12 10:30:37AM]

Hot off the press handbag
Erika Glocker
 [07/12 10:30:07AM]

About town tote
Christine Kazakevicius
 [07/12 10:27:23AM]

The Chique business tote
Becca Schonewille
 [07/12 10:22:45AM]

The Everythang Tote
Liza Brind
 [07/12 10:18:01AM]

Tote-ally essential
Liza Brind
 [07/12 10:16:33AM]

Have It Your Way Handbag
Kayla Lutz
 [07/12 10:15:39AM]

Amazaballs bucket bag
Hermine Hill
 [07/12 10:15:28AM]

Fancy Free Hand Bag
Fancy Free Hand Bag
 [07/12 10:13:58AM]

This Bag Means Business!
Amy Beekers
 [07/12 10:12:58AM]

the Duchess
Christine Michie Brown
 [07/12 10:12:55AM]

The Bucket Bag
Brenda Davis
 [07/12 10:12:27AM]

Tre Chic
Kimberly Badry
 [07/12 10:11:47AM]

Versa-style bag
Virginia Myrah
 [07/12 10:09:52AM]

Tote-ally perfect
Nicole Burchell
 [07/12 10:08:52AM]

Smooth Stripes Handbag
Lindsay Holt
 [07/12 10:08:33AM]

Stripe it Lucky
Kristi van Diemen
 [07/12 10:08:14AM]

Everyday essential satchel, heaven in a handbag, Sunday satchel
Angela Yamaoka
 [07/12 10:07:59AM]

She’s Got Swag Handbag
Julie Nally
 [07/12 10:05:49AM]

Jenny Perreault
 [07/12 10:05:26AM]

Always By My Side bag
Tanis Boyd
 [07/12 10:04:14AM]

Daily Go to
Jackie Morin
 [07/12 10:03:52AM]

On my level
Darsie Smith
 [07/12 10:02:29AM]

Carry on
Candice Stuifbergen
 [07/12 10:01:45AM]

Tote-ally YOU handbag
Cori Harcourt
 [07/12 10:00:20AM]

Summer striped tote bag
Kim Dixon
 [07/12 10:00:03AM]

I got you babe Handbag
Morgan smale
 [07/12 10:00:00AM]

All in one bucket bag
Joan Barnscher
 [07/12 9:59:05AM]

Classic Carryall
Nicole Biever
 [07/12 9:58:29AM]

Uptown girl
Michelle Noel
 [07/12 9:54:01AM]

The Kitchen Sink
Breann LaaPlante
 [07/12 9:53:14AM]

"Tote"ally Handy bag
Vanessa Ford
 [07/12 9:52:20AM]

Chelsea Chic
Jenna Beharrell
 [07/12 9:52:01AM]

Out on the town handbag, Style on the go handbag, City style handbag
Jenn Vibert
 [07/12 9:51:49AM]

Handle On Style
Leilani Eckert
 [07/12 9:51:34AM]

That's My Bag
elaine moore
 [07/12 9:51:21AM]

Boho chic
Tara therrien
 [07/12 9:51:04AM]

Tote(ally) Striped!
Genista Richards
 [07/12 9:50:19AM]

Satchel me up Handbag
Megan Adelman
 [07/12 9:50:15AM]

Tote Me Away Bag
Katrina Bernardi
 [07/12 9:50:03AM]

Conversion piece handbag
Veronica Keenan
 [07/12 9:49:36AM]

Around town bag
 [07/12 9:47:21AM]

Sleek and Sassy bag; Miss Business handbag; Mom life handbag
Amy Boughen
 [07/12 9:47:15AM]

Happy Hip Handbag
Tanya Marlatt
 [07/12 9:47:03AM]

Tote Me With you
Julie Marshall
 [07/12 9:46:37AM]

The basket purse (reminds me of a wicker basket purse)
Erika Vasquez
 [07/12 9:46:13AM]

Getting It Done
Desire Crowe
 [07/12 9:45:42AM]

Got it in the Bag Handbag
Tara Bertling
 [07/12 9:45:07AM]

Natural Persuasion
Kaysi Strome
 [07/12 9:43:57AM]

Leave Nothing Behind Handbag
Tara Bertling
 [07/12 9:43:20AM]

Business as usual handbag
Laura Foxwell
 [07/12 9:42:41AM]

It's all in the bag
Teresa Jeang
 [07/12 9:42:35AM]

Tote-ally Perfect handbag, Pulling Double Duty Tote/Crossbody bag
Sam Pokrant
 [07/12 9:42:01AM]

Bring It All Handbag
Tara Bertling
 [07/12 9:41:51AM]

Working Mom handbag
Erica Duggan
 [07/12 9:41:33AM]

Get up and Go Handbag
Megan Curry
 [07/12 9:41:25AM]

Earn Your Stripes
Lesley Cooper
 [07/12 9:40:20AM]

Tote-ally Yours
Paula Bass
 [07/12 9:39:59AM]

Hidden Stripe Handbag
Janet Sanders
 [07/12 9:39:49AM]

Hidden Passion Crossbody
Brittany Small
 [07/12 9:38:54AM]

Business as usual
Laura foxwell
 [07/12 9:38:42AM]

Handle with Care
Paula Bass
 [07/12 9:38:25AM]

Double Take; Take Two; Party on the Inside; Surprise Inside; Inside Stripe;
Susan Constantine
 [07/12 9:37:39AM]

Duplicity tote
Veronica Keenan
 [07/12 9:37:18AM]

Savvy & Chic Crossbody
Brittany Small
 [07/12 9:36:55AM]

Savvy & chic Saddle Bag
Brittany Small
 [07/12 9:36:13AM]

Stripe a pose handbag
Natalie Condon
 [07/12 9:35:59AM]

Chic Crossbody
Brittany Small
 [07/12 9:35:44AM]

It’s the cats meow
Sandy Sedgwick
 [07/12 9:35:41AM]

Uptown chic
Dianna Korol
 [07/12 9:35:33AM]

Savvy Saddle Bag
Brittany Small
 [07/12 9:35:16AM]

On my Side Walk bag
Shannon Emerick
 [07/12 9:34:59AM]

Sleek lines
Danica brennan
 [07/12 9:33:29AM]

Purse attraction
Heather Isaac
 [07/12 9:32:36AM]

In purse of you
Heather Isaac
 [07/12 9:31:27AM]

Girl on the Go Tote
Lisa Kelly
 [07/12 9:30:38AM]

For the Love of Leather
Madison Wagner
 [07/12 9:30:17AM]

To the Market bag
Jennifer Stevens
 [07/12 9:30:15AM]

My “ on the go” bag
Angela Chen
 [07/12 9:30:11AM]

Snap to It Handbag; Worldly Wonders Handbag; To Tote or Not to Tote Handbag
April Hunt
 [07/12 9:29:59AM]

Stripes so chic handbag
Esther Neufeld
 [07/12 9:29:16AM]

Double Duty Handbag
Sara McLean
 [07/12 9:28:29AM]

Big Bag Theory Handbag
Heather Hillier
 [07/12 9:28:15AM]

Jayne Eyres
 [07/12 9:26:52AM]

Got you covered tote bag
Amanda whelihan
 [07/12 9:26:26AM]

Grab and Go Tote
Ashton Rowan
 [07/12 9:26:21AM]

Party On the Inside Handbag
April Hunt
 [07/12 9:26:19AM]

Sleek and chic handbag
Meagen Pearson
 [07/12 9:26:19AM]

Truth or Daring handbag
Lisa Van de Kerckhove
 [07/12 9:25:59AM]

Keeping Secrets Handbag; Mrs. Bond Handbag
April Hunt
 [07/12 9:25:41AM]

Everything you need handbag
Amanda whelihan
 [07/12 9:25:38AM]

Stripey little Secret
Charlene Penner
 [07/12 9:23:52AM]

Business on the outside
Brenda Kowbel
 [07/12 9:23:34AM]

Don't Sugar Tote It
Kristine Brams
 [07/12 9:23:04AM]

The Kitchen Sink Handbag; She’s Got This! Handbag; Evermore Handbag; Infinity Handbag
April Hunt
 [07/12 9:22:51AM]

In The City Tote
Miranda Phoenix
 [07/12 9:22:45AM]

Emmerson Bag
 [07/12 9:20:29AM]

Sturdy and flirty handbag
Allison Richardson
 [07/12 9:20:11AM]

Never Misses Handbag; Misses Nothing Handbag; Mrs. Nothing Handbag; Mrs. Everything Handbag; Leave Nothing Behind Handbag
April Hunt
 [07/12 9:18:43AM]

Tote-ally Yours Handbag
Bettina Allen
 [07/12 9:18:36AM]

“Totes” amazing Tote
Desiree Symon
 [07/12 9:17:26AM]

Stripe the Town Bag
Amie Heaslip
 [07/12 9:17:23AM]

Stripes and straps handbag, No totes about it handbag, Handles with care handbag, Strap To It Handbag
Lesley Geraghty
 [07/12 9:17:21AM]

Ready when u r
Angela Ivany
 [07/12 9:16:48AM]

Handle it Handbag
Sarah Sinton
 [07/12 9:16:43AM]

Earn Your Stripes Tote
Heather Vita
 [07/12 9:15:20AM]

Two sided story bag or striped carrier bag
Shelly Davidson
 [07/12 9:14:05AM]

Secret Stripes Tote
Lindsay Faid
 [07/12 9:13:47AM]

One Size Fits All Handbag; Got the Goods; The Multitasker; Baby Got Bag
Caroline Bernard
 [07/12 9:10:55AM]

Handle It Handbag
J Raylene Marengere
 [07/12 9:10:18AM]

Bring with Bag; Pick me up bag; Mamas got a brand new bag; everything bag
Morgan Gebhardt
 [07/12 9:09:59AM]

Boss Bae Bag
Jina Clarke
 [07/12 9:09:34AM]

Simply fun tote bag
 [07/12 9:09:09AM]

Let’s Go !
Judy Morton
 [07/12 9:09:08AM]

Classy and chic
Ish Sehmbey
 [07/12 9:08:42AM]

Everywhere bag
 [07/12 9:08:38AM]

bff bag
Joni Smyth
 [07/12 9:08:33AM]

Everything tote bag
 [07/12 9:08:18AM]

The golden tote
 [07/12 9:07:48AM]

Boho Pixel
Leah Oliver
 [07/12 9:07:18AM]

Simple Elegance
Valerie Beauregard
 [07/12 9:06:04AM]

Hit the Town Handbag
Louise Vukas
 [07/12 9:05:49AM]

Hip and Happening Handbag, The Hip Handbag,
Louise Vukas
 [07/12 9:05:05AM]

The Uptown girl
Amy kazi
 [07/12 9:04:17AM]

Going my way
Tara Macaulay
 [07/12 9:03:56AM]

Wonderfly blitz
Caroline kelly
 [07/12 9:03:36AM]

Beauty In The Bag, Beauty of the Bag,
Louise Vukas
 [07/12 9:02:57AM]

Butter me up handbag
Ashlee Murray
 [07/12 9:02:55AM]

Back to Business
Shari MacLellan
 [07/12 9:00:39AM]

La Moda Crossbody Bag
Katrina Vailes
 [07/12 8:58:47AM]

Stripe a pose handbag
Andria Marcoux
 [07/12 8:58:21AM]

Playdate handbag, Along for the ride handbag,
Andria Marcoux
 [07/12 8:52:51AM]

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